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In the old years appeared not far from Kiev terrible serpent. A lot of people from Kyiv Pataskala in his den, Pataskala and ate. Took the serpent and the king's daughter, but he didn't eat her, and tightly locked in his den.

Stuck on a Princess of the house small dog. How to fly the serpent on the craft, the Princess will write a little note to father, to mother, tie a note to the little female on the neck and send her home. Mutt note classifies the response will bring.

Once the king and Queen to write to the Princess: see de from the serpent, who is stronger. Was the Princess from the snake to find out and asked.

"Yes, " said the dragon, " in Kiev Nikita Kozhemyaka - the me stronger.

I went snake hunting, the Princess wrote to her father, to the mother of a little note: there is a de in Kiev Nikita Kozhemyaka, he is one stronger than the snake. Send Nikita me from bondage to help out.

Syscal king Nikita himself with the Queen went to plead with him to rescue their daughter from the heavy bondage. At that time, kneading Kozhemyaka time twelve cowhide leather. Saw Nikita king was frightened: hands Nikita trembled and broke it at once all twelve skins. Angry here Nikita that he was scared and he loss was done, and no matter how much I begged her king and the Princess to go to rescue the Princess, not gone.

They came up with the Tsar and the tsarina to collect five thousand young orphans - has left their fierce snakes, and sent them to ask Kozhemyako to release all the Russian land from the great disaster. Took pity Kozhemyaka on orphan tears, he wept. He took three hundred pounds of hemp, nasmail its resin, whole hemp was wound and went.

Suitable Nikita to the serpent's lair, and the serpent was locked, logs fell and it does not come out.

- Come out better on a clean box, and I all thy den AzMeCo! said Kozhemyaka and has already become the logs by hand to scatter.

Sees snakes trouble inevitable, nowhere him from Nikita to hide, came out in an open field.

Sooner or later they BelISA only Nikita threw the snake on the ground and wanted him to choke. Started snakes to pray Nikita:

- Don't beat me, Nikitski, to death! Stronger with you nobody in the world. Divide the light evenly: you will have one half, and I in another.

- Well, - said Nikita. - It must be the same between the first lay, then to the dispute between us was not.

Did Nikita plow, three hundred pounds, was placed in her snake and was from Kiev between lay, furrow to proprivate; the depth of the furrow in two fathoms and a quarter. Spent Nikita furrow from Kiev to the Black sea and the snake says:

- The ground we shared is now the sea to divide, to the water between us dispute did not.

Steel water - drove Nikita snake in the Black sea, Yes there it and drowned.

Making a sacred thing, the return of Nikita in Kiev became again the skin to wrinkle, took for his work nothing! The Princess had returned to the father, to the mother. Furrow Nikitin, they say, and now somewhere in the steppe visible; it is the shaft fathoms on two height Range of men plow and furrow not open: leave it to the memory of Nikita Kozhemyaka.

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