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In a certain country there lived a king; he had three daughters shop undescribed. King beach their Pushcha his eyes, made underground chamber and put them in there, like birds in a cage, so that no violent winds they are not admitted, nor the red sun beam is not seared. Time somehow read the Princess in one book that has wonderful white light, and when the king came to visit them, they immediately started him with tears to beg:

- You are our sovereign father! Let us into the light to see in the green garden walk.

The king did was to dissuade them, " where! - and do not want to hear; more than denies, the Pushcha stick to it. Nothing else to do, agreed the king on their persistent request.

Here is a great king's daughter went out into the garden for a walk, saw the red sun, and trees, and flowers, and was unspeakably glad that they are free white light; running around the garden - have fun with all the grass admiring, as suddenly picked up their violent whirlwind and carried high-far - off somewhere.

Nurses and midwives vspoloshila, ran to the king to report; the king immediately sent out to all of his faithful servants: who is on the trail of the attack, that promised a large reward to. Servants as we travelled, nothing dropped in to see what went so ago and was turned back.

The king summoned a great Council, became the Duma of boyars to ask, will not take anyone to find his daughters? Who it will do for any Princess to marry and give a rich dowry for life will give.

Once asked boyars are silent, the other did not respond, in the third - none the most trivial scrap of information! Burst into the king bitter tears:

Apparently I have no friends, no intercessors! and ordered throughout the state cry to click: not trying to find anyone to such a thing from ordinary people?

And at that time there lived in a village a poor widow, and she had three sons selenology heroes; all of them were born in one night, senior night, mid at midnight, and the youngest in the early morning ezzor, and called them by: Vyachorka, Polunochi and dawn. As he reached them the Royal cry, they immediately took the mother's blessing, took the road and went to the capital city. Came to the king, bowed him low, and said:

- Large Hello, sir! We come to you not feast to feast, service to serve; let us go, Your Princess to find.

- Isolate1 to you, good fellows! As you name call?

"We are three brothers family: Zorka, Vyachorka and Polunochi.

- What are you on the road to?

- We, your Majesty, nothing need; do not leave only our mother, look down in her poverty Yes in old age.

The king took the old woman, placed in the Palace and told him to feed her and to drink from his table, dress-Shoe of their pantries. Went good fellows in their way; they're coming months, and another, and the third, and came in a wide desert steppe. For the steppe dense forest, and the forest stands the house, and knocked at the window - there is no feedback came through the door - and in the hut there is none.

"Well, mates, stay here while I take a break from the road.

Undressed, prayed to God and went to sleep. The next morning youngest brother Zorka says the elder brother, the Vyachorka:

We are two in a hunting we will go, and you stay at home and prepare us for dinner.

The older brother agreed; near the hut was Glivec full of sheep; so he, not long thinking, was that there is no best sheep, slaughtered, cleaned and cooked for dinner. Have prepared everything you need and lay down on the bench to rest.

Suddenly rattled, rattled - opened the door and entered the old man himself with a nail, beard with locoloc, glanced angrily and shouted at Vyachorka:

How dared in my house hosting, how dare my sheep to slaughter?

Responsible Vyachorka:

First grow, and then you from the earth not to see! I will take the soup spoon Yes bread crumbs - all eyes will salesno!

The man with the nail more wroth:

- I'm small but fine!

Grabbed a crust of bread and let his head beat to death nailed, a little bit of live left and threw it under the bench; then ate roasted lamb and disappeared in the forest. The Vyachorka was tied around the head cloth, lies Yes gasps.

The return of the brothers, I ask:

"What pedalos?

"Ah, brother, I flooded the stove, Yes from the great heat had my head all day like crazy lain, could not cook or fry!

The next day the sunset with a Vyachorka hunting went, and Polunochka have left at home: let de lunch cook. Polunochi lighted a fire, chose the fatty sheep, killed it, put in the oven; managed and lay down on the bench.

Suddenly rattled, rattled - entered the old man himself with a nail, beard with locoloc and let him beat-pounding; a little bit not to be wasted! Ate roasted lamb and disappeared in the forest. Polunochi tied a handkerchief head, lying under the bench and moaning.

The return of the brothers:

What is wrong with you? asks dawn.

- Fumes, mates! The whole dead broke, and lunch you are not prepared.

On the third day elder brothers went hunting, and dawn left the house; was chosen as the best of the sheep, slaughtered, cleaned and cooked. Managed and lay down on the bench.

Suddenly rattled, rattled - goes to the yard, the old man himself with a nail, beard with locoloc, on his head a haystack drags, and in the hands of a large VAT of water bears; put the bowl of water, pitched hay in the yard and began sheep to count. Sees - again, not enough of one sheep, angry, ran into the house, rushed to Dawn and hard hit him in the head. Dawn jumped up, grabbed the old man with the long beard and well to carry Povolotsky in all directions; carried yeah sentences:

Without knowing Ford, not poke your nose into the water!

Cried the old man himself with a nail, beard with locoloc:

"Have mercy, selenology hero! Curse me death let my soul to repentance.

Dawn pulled him out into the yard, led to an oak post and in that post he scored his beard big iron wedge; after it was turned back into the house, sitting Yes brothers waiting.

Brethren came from hunting and devouts that he whole-unharmed. Dawn grins and says:

- Come on, folks, because I'm your killer caught, to a pole tied.

Overlook the courtyard, watching the old man with a long fingernail ran away, only half of the beard on the pole is wound; and where he fled, then the blood flowed.

According to the trail got brothers to profound failure. Dawn went into the forest, kicked Lykov, weaved the rope and told him to pull himself into the ground. The Vyachorka and Polunochi let him down under the ground. Got it in the other world, got rid of the chain and walked aimlessly. Went-went - worth of copper Palace; the Palace, meets his youngest daughter - beautiful scarlet color. whiter snow white, and gently asks:

How come, my good fellow, by the will of al in captivity?

"Your parents sent you, the king, to find.

She immediately put him at the table, fed-watered and gives him a bottle of strong waters:

- ISPA me this water, you have the force will increase.

Dawn drank the vial and sensed in himself the power of great. "Now, " thinks, " at least someone will overcome!"

There arose a violent wind, the Princess was frightened:

"Now, " he said, " my snakes will fly!

She took him by the hand and buried in another room. Flew a three-headed serpent, hit the dirt, turned to the man and shouted:

"Ah! Russian spirit smells like... who you are?

- Who I be? You flew over Russia, where the Russian spirit gained because here you fancy.

The serpent asked to eat and drink; she brought him a different Kosarev and drinks, and the drinks poured a sleeping-draught. Snakes ate-drank, became his dream to quit; he forced the Princess to look at myself in the head, fell to her knees and fell fast asleep. She called the Dawn; he came out, he rosmanol sword and chopped off the snake all three heads; then kindled a fire, burned nasty snake and threw the ashes into the net field.

"Now farewell, Princess! Will look for your sisters, and how to find - you will return.

Said dawn and went to the road; went-went - sees silver Palace, in the Palace lived serednaya Princess. Zorka slew Shestopalova snake and went on.

Sooner or later - he got to Golden Palace, in the Palace lived the eldest Princess; he killed dvenadcatiletnego snake and released her from detention. She rejoiced, and became home to gather, came the wide courtyard, waved a red handkerchief - the Golden Kingdom in the testis travelled; and he took the egg, put it in his pocket, and went with Dawn hero for his sisters. Those did the same thing: rolled up his Kingdom in the testicles, took with them and went to failure. The Vyachorka and Polunochi pulled his brother and three Princess in white light.

Come together in our state; the young king rode in an open field his testicles and immediately appeared three kingdoms: copper, silver and gold. The king was delighted, and to tell you; immediately married the Dawn, Vyachorka and Polunochka on their daughters, and death made the Dawn, as his heir.

1 Isolate you - praise you, glory.

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