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Once there was a king, he had one son. When the Prince was small, nurses and midwives his privatively:

- Bayu-Bayu, Prince Ivan! Will grow up, will find himself a bride: far away, in the fairy state sits in the tower Vasilisa Kirbytown - from bone to bone cerebellum shimmers.

Gone are the Prince of fifteen years, became father to ask to go to look for his bride.

- Where will you go? You're too young!

"No, father! When I he was little, nurses and midwives me privatively and been told where my bride; and now I'm going to look for her.

Father blessed him, and gave to all States that his son Ivan Tsarevich went for a bride. Here comes the Prince in one city, gave away his horse, and went on the streets to walk. Goes and sees a square man with a whip to punish.

"What, " asks, " you beat him with a whip?

'But you say that he owed one eminent merchant of ten thousand Yes in the period not yet paid; and who will buy, Koschey Immortal wife will take.

- That the Prince thought for a while and walked away. He podhola city, goes again to the square, and that person all beat; pity was Prince Ivan, and he decided to buy it. "Me thinks, " wife no; take me some".

Paid ten thousand, and went home; suddenly runs after him the same man, which he bought, and he shouts:

"Thank you, Prince Ivan! If you have not bought, never would have got his bride. And now I will help you; buy me rather a horse and saddle!

The Prince bought him a horse and saddle and asks:

- And what is your name?

- My name is Bulat-well done.

They sat on their horses and went their way; as soon as he arrived in trilisate the state, says Bulat-well done:

"Well, Ivan, bid to buy Yes to fry chickens, ducks, geese - that was enough! And I will be your bride to get. Yes look: whenever I run to you, you cut any birds right wing and dinner on the plate.

Went Bulat-well done directly to the high tower, where he sat Vasilisa Kirbytown; regularly threw a stone and broke the tower gilt top.

Resorts to Prince Ivan, he says:

- Why are you sleeping? Give the chicken.

He cut off the right wing, and has served on a platter. Bulat-the man took the plate and ran to the tower and cried:

Hello, Vasilisa Kirbytown! Ivan Tsarevich ordered to bow down and asked me to give you this chicken.

She was scared, sit - says nothing; and he himself is responsible for it:

"Hello, Bulat-well done! Healthy whether Ivan Tsarevich? Thank God well!

Resorts Bulat-well done to Prince Ivan.

- What are you? says. - Give a duck.

He cut off the right wing, filed on a platter. Bulat took the plate and headed for the tower.

Hello, Vasilisa Kirbytown! Ivan Tsarevich ordered to bow down and sent you the duck.

She sits says nothing; and he himself is responsible for it:

"Hello, Bulat-well done! Healthy is the Prince? "Thank God, healthy!

Resorts Bulat-well done home and said again Prince Ivan:

- What are you? Give goose.

He cut off the right wing, put on a plate and gave it to him. Bulat-well done picked up and carried to the tower:

Hello, Vasilisa Kirbytown! Ivan Tsarevich ordered to bow down and sent you a goose.

Bulat-man grabs the girl by the right hand; and led her from the tower, planted to Ivan-Tsarevich on the horse, and they rode, good fellows, with soul red maiden in all of horse agility. Morning rises-wakes king Kirbit, sees that the tower top is broken, and his daughter kidnapped, became very angry and ordered to send a chase all the way roads.

Many do little or rode our knights - Bulat-well done shot off his hand a ring, hid it and says:

- Go, Ivan, and I will return, look for the ring.

Vasilisa Kirbytown started to beg:

- Don't leave us, Bulat-well done! Want, I give you my ring will give?

He answers:

"It is impossible, Vasilisa Kirbytown! My ring is priceless - I gave it dear mother; as it was given - saying: wear - don't lose it, mother don't forget!

Rode Bulat-well done ago and met on the road the chase, and he killed them all, leaving only a single person to whom the king to be on the air, and he hurried to catch up with Ivan Tsarevich. Many, little did they rode - Bulat-well done and shoved his handkerchief and says:

"Ah, Prince Ivan, I handkerchief lost; you go by-by the way, I'll catch up again soon.

Turned back, had driven a few miles and met chase twice; killed all and returned to Prince Ivan.

He asks:

"Did handkerchief?

- Found.

Overtook them dark night; they pitched the tent, Bulat-well done went to sleep, and Ivan Tsarevich on guard set, and said to him:

- What is the case - Wake me up!

He stood, stood, tired, began to tend his dream, he sat down at the tent and fell asleep.

Where she does Kashchey the Immortal - Vasilisa took Kirbytown.

At the dawn awoke Ivan Tsarevich; sees that his bride, and wept bitterly. Wakes up and Bulat-well done, asks him:

"What are you crying?

- How can I not cry? Someone took Vasilisa Kirbytown.

"I told you, stay on guard! It Kashchey the Immortal; let's go look.

For a long time they rode, watching two shepherd the flock graze.

- Whose is this stud?

Shepherds are responsible:

- Kashchey The Immortal.

Bulat-well done and Ivan asked the shepherds: far l Koschey lives, how you get there, when they herd home tossing and turning and where it locked? Then they climbed down from their horses, talked with shepherds, dressed in their dress and drove the cattle home; drove and stopped at the gate.

Ivan Tsarevich was on hand gold ring Vasilisa Kirbytown gave him; and Vasilisa Kirbytown was goat - milk from the goats it morning and evening washed. Resorted girl with Cup, milked the goat and bear milk; and Bulat-fellow took the Prince of the ring and threw it into the Cup.

"Oh, my dears, " said the girl, ' you naughty steel!

Comes to Vasilisa Kirpicheva and complains:

- Nonice shepherds over us laugh, threw in a milk ring!

The answers:

- Leave the milk, I'll filter.

Began to drink, saw his ring and told him to send to his shepherds.

The shepherds came.

Hello, Vasilisa Kirbytown! says Bulat-well done.

"Hello, Bulat-well done! Hello, Prince! As you God here has brought?

For you, Vasilisa Kirbytown, came nowhere Koschey from us will not disappear: it's on the bottom of the sea - and you will find!

She at the table sat, and all sorts of food fed and sweet drink.

Says she Bulat-well done:

How come Koschey with hunting him Vasilisa Kirbytown, where his death. Now, not bad for us to hide.

Only guests managed to hide, arrives with hunting Kashchey the Immortal.

- Fu-fu! says. First Russian spirit still was not to hear, not see, and nonice Russian spirit is personally, mouth is thrown.

Answers him Vasilisa Kirbytown:

'And you are in Russia naletale, the Russian spirit has picked up, so he you here, it would seem!

Koschey had dinner and went to rest; come to him Vasilisa Kirbytown, began to ask:

- Hardly waited for thee; I never thought to live to see, thought you fierce beasts ate!

Koschey laughed.

"Ah, you! Hair long, but the mind is short; why me fierce beasts to eat?

- Yes where is thy death?

Death in my Golike, under the threshold lies.

Flew Koschey, Vasilisa Kirbytown ran to Prince Ivan. Asks her Bulat-well done:

"Well, where death was?

In Golik under the threshold lies.

- No! I have to ask him better.

Vasilisa Kirbytown immediately came up with: took Golik, vytlacil, different ribbons decorated and laid on the table.

Here come the Kashchey the Immortal, saw on the table gilded Golik and asks why this is.

- How is it possible, " said Vasilisa Kirbytown - so that your death under the threshold lay; let lies on the table!

- Ha-ha-ha! Hair long, Yes the mind is short; have here my death?

- And where?

- My death in the hidden goat.

Vasilisa Kirbytown as soon as Koschey hunting went, took took the goat tapes Yes bells, and horns he vytlacil.

Koschey saw, laughed again:

- Long hair, Yes the mind is short; my death far: the sea on the ocean there is an island, on that island oak stands, under the oak chest buried in a trunk - hare, rabbit, duck, duck - egg, and the egg - my death!

Said and flew away. Vasilisa Kirbytown told all this Bulat-well done, Yes Prince Ivan; they took stock and went to look for Was death.

Sooner or walked, margin entire Priuli and began to starve. Catches them dog with puppies.

"I'll kill her, " said Bulat-well done, we have nothing.

- Don't hit me, " asks the dog, " do not make my children orphans; I will come in handy!

"Well, God be with you!

Go on sitting on the oak eagle pilots. Says Bulat-well done:

"I'll kill the eagle.

Meet eagle:

- Don't beat me, don't make my children orphans; I myself will come in handy!

- So be it, live it!

Come to ocean-wide sea; on the shore of cancer creeps. Says Bulat-well done:

I prescibe.

And cancer:

- Don't beat me, good fellow! In my self-interest is not a lot, at least eat can not eat. The time will come when I'll need it!

"Well, go up to God! said Bulat-well done. He looked at the sea, he saw a fisherman in the boat and shouted:

- Pricelevel to the Bank!

The fisherman gave the boat. Ivan Tsarevich Yes Bulat-well done we sat down and went to the island; got to the island and went to the oak.

Bulat-well done grabbed oak mighty hand, and with the root pulled out; pulled out from under the oak chest, opened it out of the box hare jumped out and ran what is spirit.

"Ah, " said Ivan Tsarevich, " if at this time Yes the dog was, she b hare was caught!

Lo and behold - and the dog really drags hare. Bulat-man took him Yes ripped - from hare flew a duck and rose high in the heavens.

"Ah, you said Ivan Tsarevich, " if at this time Yes the eagle was, he would duck caught!

And the eagle too carries a duck. Bulat-well done tore duck - duck popping out of the egg and fell into the sea.

"Ah, " said the Prince, " if his cancer has pulled out!

But cancer really creeps, egg drags. They took the egg, came to Kashchey the Immortal, hit the egg on the forehead - he immediately stretched out and died.

Took Prince Ivan Vasilisa Kirbytown, and went on the road.

Rode, rode, overtook them dark night; he had spread his tent, Vasilisa Kirbytown went to bed. Says Bulat-well done:

"Lie down and you, Prince, and I'll be on the watch to stand.

In the dead of midnight arrived twelve pigeons, struck wing to wing, and became twelve maidens:

"Well, Bulat-well done Yes Prince Ivan, killed you our brother Kashchey the Immortal, took our navestock Vasilisa Kirbytown not, and you will be good: how come Ivan Tsarevich home, tells him to bring his favorite dog; she will break Psara and tear him into little pieces. And who hears it he will say, those on the knee will be stone!

In the morning Bulat-well done woke the Prince and Vasilisa Kirbytown, went in the road. Overtook them the second night; and pitched his tent in an open field. Again says Bulat-well done:

Go to sleep, Ivan, and I'll watch.

In the dead of midnight arrived twelve pigeons, struck wing to wing, and became the twelve maidens:

"Well, Bulat-well done Yes Prince Ivan, killed you our brother Kashchey the Immortal, took our navestock Vasilisa Kirbytown not, and you will be good: how come Ivan Tsarevich home, tells him to bring his beloved horse from childhood accustomed to riding; horse will break from the groom and kill the Prince to death. And who hears it he will say, he will be waist-deep stone!

Morning came, went there again. Caught up with them the third night, pitched the tent and stopped to spend the night in an open field. Says Bulat-well done:

Go to sleep, Ivan, and I'll watch.

Again in the dead of midnight arrived twelve pigeons, struck wing to wing, and became the twelve maidens:

"Well, Bulat-well done Yes Prince Ivan, killed you our brother Kashchey the Immortal, took our navestock Vasilisa Kirbytown, and you well not to make: how come Ivan Tsarevich home, tells him to bring his favorite cow, which from childhood milk fed; it will break skotnica and lift him into the horn. And who sees us and hears he will say, that all will be stone!

Said, turned pigeons and flew away. Awoke in the morning Ivan Tsarevich with Vasilisa Kibitlewski and went on the road.

Came the Prince home, married Vasilisa Kirpicheva and a day or two later she says:

"I'll show you my favorite dog? When I was little, all of it played.

Bulat-the man took his sword, honed sharp-sharp and stood beside the porch.

Here are the dog; she burst out Psara, right on the porch runs, and Bulat-the man waved his sword and cut it in half.

Ivan Tsarevich he was angry, Yes for the old service did not reply - he said nothing.

The next day he ordered vyvesti his horse; the horse was tearing Arkan, had uttered the groom and jumps right on Prince. Bulat-well done cut off the horse's head.

Ivan Tsarevich more than angry, but Vasilisa Kirbytown said:

- If not, he said, " you b I never got!

On the third day told Ivan Tsarevich vyvesti his favorite cow; she burst out skotnica and runs straight at the Prince. Bulat-well done cut off and her head.

Then Ivan Tsarevich was so embittered that anyone and did not listen; summoned the executioner and immediately execute Bulat-fellow.

"Ah, Prince Ivan! If you want me executioner to execute, so it is better I die. Let only three of speech to say...

Told Bulat-well done on their first night in an open field flew twelve pigeons and what he said and immediately turned to stone by the tribe; told about the other night and turned to stone by the belt. Then Ivan started to beg, so did not finish it. Responsible Bulat-well done:

Now still half turned to stone, so not worth living!

Told about the third night and turned all into stone.

Ivan Tsarevich put it in a special chamber and each day was to go with Vasilisa Kibitlewski Yes bitterly cry.

Many years passed; once something is crying Ivan Tsarevich over the stone Bulat the audience hears - stone voice is heard:

"Why are you crying? Me so hard!

- How can I not cry? After all, I'm ruined.

And then fell flammable tear Ivan Tsarevich on the stone Bulat-fellow. Revived it. Ivan Tsarevich with Vasilisa Kibitlewski happy and joy asked a feast for the whole world.

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