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In a certain Kingdom, in a certain country there lived a king, he was the son of Ivan Tsarevich and beautiful, and smart, and nice; it was singing songs about him of a fairy tale they say he red the girls in the dream was just a dream. It's the desire to look at the white light; he takes the king-father's blessing, and the permission and goes on all four sides, people to see, to show themselves.

Long traveled, I have seen a lot of good and bad and stuff, and finally came to the chambers of the high stone. Sees: on the porch sitting three sisters-beauty and talk to each other. Senior says:

"If I married Ivan Tsarevich, I b he spun on his shirt thin, smooth, what in the world will not spreadout.

Ivan Tsarevich listened.

"And if they took me, " said the middle - I would weave him a robe of silver, gold, and shone, he would like the Firebird.

"I neither spin nor weave't know how, " said lesser, and if I liked, I would have born him sons that no clear Sokolov: in forehead of the sun, and on his head a month, on the sides of the star.

Ivan Tsarevich all heard, remembered it all came back to her father, and begged permission to marry. The father agreed. Married Ivan Tsarevich on the lesser sister, and I went with her to live-live soul to soul; and older sisters were angry and jealous smaller sister, began her evil work. Bribed they nanosec, mamochek and when Ivan Tsarevich son was born and he was waiting for, that he receive a child with the sun in the forehead, with the month on the back of the head, with stars on the sides, - gave him just a kitten. Strongly Ivan Tsarevich was upset, and was angry, finally began to expect another son.

The same nurse, the same mamuski were a Princess again they stole her real child with the sun in the forehead and planted a puppy.

Ivan Tsarevich was sick with grief-sorrow: he really wanted to look at the good child. Began to wait for the third.

The third time he showed a simple child, without stars and months. Ivan Tsarevich not stand, abandoned wives, ordered her to judge.

Sobralia, was attended by older people - not numbers! Judge-ragat, invent-prikatyvajut, and came up with: Princess cut off his head.

"No, " said the chief judge, " listen to me or not, but here's my speech: to poke out her eyes, to pitch with a child in a barrel and let in the sea; fault - sink, the right will come up.

Put out the Princess's eyes, samulili with your child in a barrel and thrown into the sea.

And Ivan married her older sister, the same one that his children have pokela Yes hid away from the king in his father's garden in the gazebo.

There the boys were growing up-growing up, our beloved mother did not see, did not know; and she, miserable, sailed across the sea on the ocean with podkidysha, and grew this polkituser not by days but by hours; soon came into the meaning, is reasonable and says:

"Madam mother! If my petition, we hit the beach!

The barrel stopped.

"Madam mother, if my petition, our barrel burst!

Only he said, the barrel broke in two, and he and mother went out to the coast.

"Madam mother! What a fun, nice place; it's a pity that you don't see no sun, no sky or grass little herb-superb anyway. In my application, when there was the bathhouse!

That minute as from the land rose bath: the doors themselves have melted, the furnace stabilise, and the water is boiling. They were gone, he took the whip and began a warm water rinse sick mother's eyes.

In my application, if the mother is peeking!

"Son! I see, I see, my eyes were opened!

In my application, when b, Madam mother, thy father's Palace and we went and garden with your children.

Whence neither did the Palace, in front of the Palace a garden in the garden on the branches the birds are singing, in the middle of the gazebo, and in the gazebo three brother live. Boy-polkituser ran to him. Went in and saw a table laid on the table three of the instrument. Returned home and he quickly says:

- Dear Madam dear mother! Bake me three laesecke on their milk.

The mother listened to. Has he suffered three laesecke, spread out on three plates, and hid himself in a corner and waits: who will come?

Suddenly the room lit up, walked three brothers with the sun, with the month, with stars; sat, ate biscuits and learned of our beloved mother's milk.

- Who brought us these laesecke? If he appeared and told us about our mother, we'd kiss, zamiloval and brothers to his adopted.

The boy came and took them to his mother. Then they hugged, kissed and cried. Well it was to live, and good people to treat. Once passed by the poor elders; they were encouraged, fed, watered and with bread and salt were released. Happened, those same elders passed by the Palace of Ivan Tsarevich; he stood on the porch and began to ask them:

- Poor elders! Where have you been-visited that saw-saw?

- And there we were-visited, saw-saw: where before there was moss da swamp, stump da deck, there is now a Palace in a fairy tale to tell, nor pen to write, there's a garden in the whole Kingdom could not be found, there are people in this world can not see! There we were visited, three blood brother we were treated: in forehead of them the sun, at the nape of the month, on the sides of the frequent star, and lives with them and admires them mother Princess beautiful.

Listened to Ivan-tsarevitch and thought... pierced his chest, Sabrosa heart; he took his trusty sword, took a well-aimed arrow, saddled setevogo horse, and, without telling his wife, "goodbye!", flew to the Palace that no tale to tell, nor pen to write.

Got there, looked at the children, looked at the wife found out, and his soul is enlightened!

At this time I was there, honey saw, saw everything, everyone had fun, bitterly just one older sister.

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