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Once I was a Cossack by-way and drove into a great forest, in the forest on Protamine is the haystack. Stopped Cossack relax a little bit, went around and lit his pipe; smoked, smoked and not seen as sown spark in the hay. Sat Cossack on a horse and started off; did not have time and ten steps to do burst into flame and the entire forest was covered. Looked Cossack looks - haystack lit, and the fire is red girl and says in a loud voice:

- Cossack, good man! Deliver me from death.

- How do you save? Around the flame, not for you to access.

- Sun fire its peak, I will get out.

Cossack put the peak in the fire, and himself from the great heat turned away.

Immediately the fair maiden turned by a snake, and he stood on the peak, slipped Cossack on the neck, wrapped around his neck three times and took the tail in his teeth.

Cossack was frightened; you can imagine what he must do and how he should be.

Give the utterance a snake with a human voice:

- Fear not, my good fellow! Bring me on the neck seven years Yes look for tin Kingdom, and will arrive in the Kingdom of - stay and live there for seven years desperate. Serve this service will be happy!

Went Cossack to find tin Kingdom. A lot of wasted time, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, at the end of the seventh year reached a steep mountain; on the mountain stands a tin castle, all round high white stone wall.

Rode Cossack on the mountain wall in front of him opened, and he entered the wide courtyard. That minute was ripped from his neck by a snake, hit the dirt, turned soul-the girl and the eyes disappeared as if it was not.

Cossack put her horse into the stable, and went into the Palace, and began to examine the room. Everywhere mirrors, silver Yes velvet, and I see no single human soul.

"Oh, the thinks Cossack, where I went? Who me to feed and water will be? Shows need to die of starvation!"

Only thought that was in front of him, the table is set on the table and drink and there is just enough; he ate and drank and decided to go to the horse show. Comes in the stables - horse is in the stall Yes eats oats.

"Well, it's a good thing: it is possible, therefore, without the need to live.

For a long time remained Cossack in the tin castle, and took his bored to death: the joke is always here all by yourself! Not with anyone and word to throw. It occurred to him to go on the boundless light; only where no rush - all the walls are high, there is neither input nor output. For the annoyance of it pokazalosy, grabbed my good fellow stick, entered the Palace and come on mirrors and glass to beat, velvet tear, to break the chairs, silver throw: "Maybe de owner will be Yes to the will of release!" No, no one is.

Went Cossack to sleep. He woke up, walked-walked and decided to eat; here and there looks no he did! "Oh, he thinks, is itself a slave beats, as unclean shakes! That was the mischief yesterday, and now starve!" Only repented, as it is now and eating and drinking - all ready!

Three days passed; woke up Cossack in the morning, looked in the window on the porch it is a good horse saddled. What would this mean? Washed, dressed, took his long spear and went wide of the court. All of the sudden she does was the fair maiden:

"Hello, my good fellow! Seven years ended freed me from ultimate destruction. Know: I am a king's daughter. Took me Kashchey the Immortal father, mother, wanted to take for themselves married, but I'm over him nasmeyalsya; here he became embittered and obratil me fierce snake. Thank you for long service! Now go to my father; he will reward you with a Golden Treasury and semi-precious stones, you don't take it, and ask yourself a barrel of that in the basement is.

- What kind of selfishness in it?

- Rolled the barrel in the right side immediately the Palace are rolled to the left is the Palace of the lost.

"Good, " said the Cossack.

He sat on the horse, planted with yourself and the beautiful Princess; high walls themselves before them paraspinals, and they went in the way.

Sooner or later, comes the Cossack with his daughter to the king.

The king saw his daughter, rejoiced, and began to thank and gives the Cossack full bags of gold and pearls.

Says good fellow:

- I don't need gold or pearls; give me Bochonok that in the basement is.

- Want a lot of things, brother! Well, Yes there is nothing: a daughter to me, just more expensive! For her and the barrel is not bad. Beri.

Cossack took a Royal gift, and went to wander in this world.

Rode, rode, and there came to him an ancient old man. Asks the old man:

- Feed me, good fellow!

Cossack jumped off his horse, untied the barrel, pushed him right that minute beautiful Palace appeared. They both climbed in the painted chamber, and sat down at the dinner table.

"Hey, my faithful servants! - cried the Cossack. - Nourish-drink my guest.

Have not had time to utter - are servants of the whole bull and three of the boiler water. The man said is Yes to pohvalivaet; ate an entire bull, drank three boilers, grunted, and said:

- Too there is nothing! Thanks for the bread and salt.

Out of the Palace; the Cossack rode his barrel to the left side and the Palace as usual.

"Let's pomenyaemsya, " says the old Cossack, I'm the sword will give, and you give me the barrel.

"What good is the sword?

"But this sword Samarov: only stands to wave - whether any power is infinite, all beat! Here you see a forest grows; want a sample will do?

Here the old man drew his sword, waved to them and said:

"Go ahead, sword Samarov, chop forest!

The sword flew and well to cut trees Yes in fathoms laying; has chopped and back to the owner came back. Cossack didn't have to think, he gave the old man a barrel, and he took the sword Samarov, he sat on his horse, and had taken to the king to return.

But under the capital town of the king came a strong enemy; Kazak saw the army-power untold, waved at her with the sword:

- Sword Samarov! Soluri-ka service: chop the army Frazee.

Flew head... And less than an hour, as the enemy forces did not.

The king went to Cossack forward, hugged him, kissed him and then decided to marry him to marry the beautiful Princess.

The wedding was rich; at the wedding and I was, honey drink would flow through moustache mouth was not.

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