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Passed urgent time served soldiers in the service of the king and began to ask home with family to see. Was first the king would not let him, but then agreed, gave him the gold-silver and turned him loose on all four sides.

That's got soldiers down and went with his friends to say goodbye, but comrades and said to him:

- Do prosting not take, but first we lived well?

Here's soldiers and started bringing his friends; brought-brought - lo and behold, and money was left to him only five nickels.

Here comes our soldiers. Close whether, how far it sees: stands back zucchini; soldiers went to the pub, penny drank, penny bit and went forth. Come a little way, he met an old woman, and began to beg; soldiers and gave her a Nickel. Went again a little, looks, and the same woman again going to meet and begging; soldiers filed another nickle, and divulsa: as the old woman again got ahead? Looks, and the old woman again ahead and begging; the soldier and the third patch was applied.

Went again with a mile. Looks, and the old woman again ahead and begging. Angry soldiers could not stand, ardent, pulled a knife and tried to cut her head, and only swung, the old woman threw at his feet pack, I disappeared. Took the soldier pack, looked, looked and said:

- What can I do with this stuff? I have and its pretty!

And wanted not to give up - all of a sudden appeared before him, as from the ground, two young man and said to him:

- What do you want?

The soldier was surprised and couldn't tell them, and then shouted:

What do you need from me?

One of them came closer to kurivou and says:

- We are servants of your submissive, but not obey you, and now this wonderful handbag, and if you need Prikazi.

The soldiers thought that all he dreamt about, rubbed his eyes, decided to try and says:

- If you are telling the truth, then I command you, that now was a bed, a table, appetizer, and pipe tobacco!

No sooner had the soldiers to finish, and it all appeared as if from heaven fell. Drank soldiers, ate, fell on the bed and lit his pipe.

Lay it so long time, then waved his Motomachi and when I was young (Minister of kolomoki), soldier and said to him:

'For how long I'll be here to lie on this bed and smoke tobacco?

- Whatever it is, " said the man.

"Well, take all, " said the soldier, and went on. Here was he, after this, close whether, how far is it, and came to the evening in one manor, and there is a nice manor house. And the master of the house is not lived, but lived in another - in a good house devils were found. That was the soldier of the men to ask:

- Where the gentleman lives?

And guys and say:

- Yes what's in our master?

- Yes, the night would have to ask!

"Well, " say the peasants, only come, he will send you to hell for lunch!

"Nothing, " said the soldier, " and a Pact with the devil to kill you. Now tell me, where the gentleman is living?

The men showed him the manor house, and the soldiers went to him and stood beside him all night to ask. Gentleman and says:

- Let I, perhaps, comin, but I have not quiet!

"Nothing, " said the soldier.

Here is a gentleman and led soldier in a nice house, and as led, the soldier waved his magic bag and when he was done, and commanded him to prepare a table for two people. No sooner had the master to turn, but so was everything. Gentleman, though rich was, and such snacks never have him gone! They began to eat, and the master and stole the Golden spoon. Finished the appetizer, the soldier waved again Motomachi and ordered to remove all and done says:

"I can't clean - not everything is on the table.

The soldier looked up and said:

"You, sir, for what spoon?

- I did not take, " says the gentleman.

Soldiers searched his master, he gave the spoon to his servant, and myself and began to thank the Lord for the night, so it was pretty damaged that the landlord in his anger he locked all the doors.

Soldiers locked all the Windows and doors from other rooms, sacristy them and became devils to wait.

Around midnight, he hears someone at the door squeaks. Waited another soldier a bit, and suddenly gained so much evil forces and raised the cry, though the ears satici!

One shouts:

- Napiri, napery!

And the other shouts:

- Yes where to press, if crosses trained!..

The soldiers listened, and at the very hair stand on end, though not cowardly dozen was. Finally, and cried:

"What you here from me, barefoot?

"Let go! - screaming at him from behind the door devils.

Yes I you comin here?

"Oh, come on!

The soldier looked around and saw in the corner of the bag with kettlebells, took the bag, shake weights and says:

"What many of you are there, barefoot, you'll come into my bag?

All will come in, " they said to him from behind the door devils.

The soldier has done on the bag crosses coal, has closed a little door and says:

"Well, I'll see the truth if you said that everything will go back?

Devils every one of them climbed into the bag, the soldiers blindfolded him, they were re-baptized, took dvadtsatipostovoy the weight and let the bag to beat. Beats, beats and your legs: gently? Here he sees the soldiers that finally gently began, opened the window, undid the bag and shook the hell out. Looks, and devils all disfigured, and no one not moving.

Now the soldiers will shout:

- What are you doing here, barefoot, they were lying? Other baths that do, wait?

Devils all somehow fled, while the soldiers and shouted after them:

- Still to come, so I'm not even going to ask!

In the morning the men came and opened the door, and the soldier came to barino and says:

"Well, sir, go now to the house and do not fear it, and me for the work necessary on the road to give!

The gentleman gave him much money, and soldiers went on.

Now did he dolganica, and to the house is not far left, just three days away! Suddenly met him a woman, so skinny, Yes terrible, is full cocomoco knives, Yes saws, and axes, and oblique built. Blocked it out of his way, and the soldier could not tolerate this, pulled a knife and shouted:

- What do you want from me, you old? Want your head to reveal?

Death (it was her) and says:

- I have been sent by the Lord to take you soul!

Startled soldier's heart, he fell on his knees and says:

"Have mercy, mother death, give me time for only three years; I served the king his long soldier's service and now I go with friends to see.

"No, " said death, " not to form thee with family and I will not give you the three year period.

- Give at least three months.

Not ladies and three weeks.

- Give at least three days.

- Not going to give you three minutes, " said death, waved his scythe and starved soldier.

That's got soldiers on the light and went over to Paradise, Yes it were not allowed there, unworthy, then was. Soldiers went from heaven and went to hell, and there came to him the devil and was going into the fire to pull, and the soldier and says:

- That you need from me? Oh you, barefoot, or have forgotten it Barsky bath, eh?

Devils all ran from him, and Satan and shouts:

- Where you, the kids, ran?

"Oh, father, say to him imps, because the soldiers that are here!

When they heard this is Satan, and he himself ran into the fire. Here's soldiers walked through hell - it became boring to it; went to heaven and says to the Lord:

- Lord, where are you I will send now? Paradise I do not deserve, and in hell all the devils ran away from me; I went up, went through hell, became bored, and went to thee, give me the service of any!

The Lord says:

- Go service, vyprosi Michael the Archangel rifle and stand hours on heaven's door!

Soldiers went to Michael the Archangel, begged his gun and began to watch the Paradise doors. There stood he, sooner or later, and sees that there is death, and straight to heaven. Soldiers blocked her way and says:

"What do you want, old? Went away! The Lord without my report, no one will!

Death and says:

"I came to the Lord to ask, what for this year tells people to starve.

Soldiers and says:

A time like this, and then you climb not spreas, and don't you know and I mean Yes there;-ka gun-hold, and I'll go ask.

Come guard in heaven and the Lord says:

"Why are you, the service come from?
- Come death. Lord, and asks: what do you next year, you want people to starve?

The Lord says:

- Let was the oldest!

Soldiers went back and think "oldest says the Lord people to starve; and that, if my father is still alive, because she will kill, like me. Well, perhaps I will not see more. No, the old, you didn't give me kolgotochki for three years, so podi pagrati oaks!"

Come and says death:

Death, the Lord commanded you at this time do not people to starve, and oaks to chew, such oaks, which is older no!

Went the death of old oaks to chew, and the soldier took her gun and began again at the Paradise doors to walk. Passed on in the world, year, death has come again to ask what this year she tells her Lord people to starve.

The soldier gave her the gun, and myself and went to the Lord to ask, what for this year tells of the death of the people to starve. The Lord commanded to exterminate the most hardened, and the soldier again and thinks:

"But there's still brothers and sisters and friends a lot, and death will kill, so I put up with them and not to see more! No, let another year will pariset oaks, and there, perhaps, our fellow soldier, and mercy will be!"

Come and sent death to gnaw the most vigorous, seasoned oak.

Passed and another year of death came for the third time. The Lord told her to starve the youngest, and the soldier sent her young oaks to chew.

Here, death came for the fourth time, the soldier and says:

"Why, you old, I suppose, if you must, itself, and I will not do: tired!

Went death to the Lord, and the Lord said to her:

"What are you, death, evil, this has become?

"How thin is something not to be, for three years oaks nagged, all teeth were polysomal! And I don't know, for that thou, Lord, on me so angry?

"What are you, what are you, a death, " said her Lord, where did you get it that I have sent thee oaks chew?

- So I soldier said, " says death.

Soldiers? How he dared to do it?! Angels, go here, bring me soldier!

Send angels and brought the soldier, and the Lord says:

- Did you, soldier, I ordered the death of oaks to chew?

Yes her little old for this! I asked her kolgotochki only three years, and she gave me three hours. This is what I told her three years oaks to chew.

"Well, come here now, " says the Lord, " Yes otkarmlivali me her three years! The angels! Print it on white light!

Brought the angels of the soldier in white light, and got soldiers on the very spot where starved him to death. Sees soldiers some kind of bag, he took the bag and says:

- Death! Get in the bag!

The village of death in the bag, and the soldier took another sticks stones Yes put in there, and then walked a soldier, and death's bones crunch!

Death and says:

- What are you, soldier, you devils!

Here is another, quieter, yet what you say, but I think so: Sidi, if planted!

Here he did so two days and on the third he came to the SWAT-Tselovalnik1 and says:

"What, brother, give me to drink; all the money lived, and I told you the other day will bring, here's my bag, let you have a lie down.

Tselovalnik took his bag and threw it under the counter. Came home soldiers; but the father is still alive. Happy and even more happy family. Here lived so soldiers and cool and fun the whole year.

Came soldiers in the tavern and began to ask his sack, and Tselovalnik and barely found it. Here are the soldiers untied the bag and says:

- Death is alive, do you?

"Oh, " says death, " almost sudokus!

"Okay, " said the soldier. Opened the snuff tobacco, sniffed and sneezed. Death and says:

- Soldier, let me!

She asked that will see the soldier.

Soldiers and says:

Yes that death, for you little one pinches, and go sit in the snuff and sniff as much as they want.

Only that death has climbed in the snuffbox, the soldier slammed and wore it for a whole year. Then he again opened the box and says:

- What death has inhaled enough?

"Oh, " says death, " hard!

"Well, " said the soldier, " let's go, I'm going to feed you!

He came home and planted it at the table, and death ate da ate for seven. Angry soldiers and says:

"Prorva, seven ate! That way you will not fill, whither shall I go with thee, accursed?

Put her in a bag and carried to the cemetery; dug into the side hole and buried it there. Now, three years later, the Lord remembered the death and sent angels to find. Walked, walked angels around the world, found the soldier and said to him:

"Where are you, soldier, death Deval?

- Where did you all go? And in the tomb were buried!

"But Lord her requires, say the angels.

Came the soldiers in the cemetery, dug up a pit, and death there really is a little bit breathing. Took the angels of death, and brought her unto the Lord, and he says:

"What are you, a death, so skinny?

Death and told the Lord, and he says:

- Shows you the death of the soldier is not bread, potica nurse herself!

Went again in death around the world, but that soldier is no longer dared to starve.

1 Tselovalnik - innkeeper, innkeeper.

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