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In a certain village there lived two men, two native brothers: one was poor, the other rich. Rich moved to live in the city, he built himself a large house and enrolled in merchants; but poor at other times, no bread, and the kids - one smaller than the other - cry Yes there are asking. From morning till night beating a man like a fish on ice, and all nothing. He says odnov his wife:

"Let me go in the city, ask brother: will what?

Came to the rich:

"Oh, brother darling! Help some my grief; the wife and children without bread sit for whole days starve.

- Work for me this week, then I will help!

What to do? Started poor to work: and the yard clean, and horses cares, and the water carries, and chops wood. After a week gives him a rich one loaf of bread:

"Here's for your work!

- And thank you! said poor, bowed and wanted to go home.

"Wait a minute! Come tomorrow to visit me and the wife result: after all, tomorrow is my birthday.

- Oh, brother, where am I? You know come to you merchants in boots Yes coats, but I'm in sandals go Yes in thin gray catanescu.

"Nothing, come on! And you will place.

- Well, brother, I will come.

The return of the poor home, gave the wife a loaf and says:

"Listen, wife! The next day the two of us to visit was called.

- In guests? Who called?

Brother: he's birthday tomorrow.

"Well, let's go.

Next morning got up and went to town, came to the rich, congratulated him and sat down on the bench. At the table so many distinguished guests were seated; all of them treats the owner of glory, but about the poor brother and his wife and forgot to think - nothing gives; they sit but look how others are drinking Yes eat.

Over lunch; were guests from the table vylazit Yes master with the hostess to thank, and the poor also rose from the bench and bows brother in the zone. Guests went home drunk, funny, loud, sing songs. And poor goes back with an empty belly.

- Give, " says the wife, " and we start singing a song!

- Oh you, fool! People sing because that is sweet ate Yes, a lot of drinking; and you sing what he meant?

"Well, after all the brother on the day was; without a song I'm ashamed to go. How I will do it, so everyone will think that I have treated...

- Well sing, if you want, and I won!

The man sang a song, and I heard him two votes; he stopped and asked his wife:

It's you I was podavlyala to sing in a thin voice?

What is wrong with you? I never thought of.

- So who is?

I don't know! "Baba said. "Booze, I'll listen.

He sang again: sings one, and heard two voices; stopped and asked:

- It's you. Woe, is me singing help?

Grief said:

"Yes, master! I help.

"Well, Woe, come with us together.

"Come, master! I now you won't lag behind.

Came the man home, and the Grief was calling him in a tavern. He says:

- I have no money!

"Oh, man! Yes what do you want money? See you coat wearing, but what can he do? Soon summer will still wear will not! Let's go to the pub, Yes the coat is unimportant...

The man and the Mountain went to a pub and drank his coat.

The next day the Grief he groaned with a hangover headache, and again calls the owner of wine to drink.

- There is no money, " says the man.

Yes that us money? Take sledge Yes the cart with us and pretty!

Nothing to do, not to defend the man from Grief: he took a sledge and a cart, dragged him to a pub and drank together with the Grief.

The next morning the Mountain further groaned, calls the owner sober; man propyl and harrow and plow. Not a month passed, as he lowered; even the house of his neighbor laid, and money in the pub was demolished. Grief again sticks to it:

"Come let us go to the tavern!

"No, Woe! Your will, and nothing to drag more.

- Nothing? Your wife's two dress: one leave, and the other need to drink.

The man took the dress, propyl and thinks: "that's when clean! No stake, no court, nor myself, nor my wife!"

In the morning woke up the Mountain, he sees that the man has nothing more to take, and says:

- The owner!

- What Mountain?

- Here's what: go to the neighbor to ask him a couple of oxen and cart.

The muzhik has gone to the neighbor.

- Give, - asks - her pair of oxen with a cart; I'm at least a week for what will work.

- What do you want?

- In the wood to go.

- Well take; not only the great one who.

And that you, the supporter!

Got a couple of oxen, sat down with Grief at the cart and drove in an open field.

The host asks the Mount, " do you know in this field a large rock?

- How can it not know?

And when you know, you go straight to him.

They have arrived at the place, stopped and got out of the cart.

The mountain tells the man to lift the stone. Guy raises, Mountain posibley; that's raised, and under the stone pit gold filled.

"What look? - said, Woe to the man, " tacky rather in the cart.

The man went to work and filled the cart with gold; all from the pit povybral to the last piece, sees that nothing more remained, and

- Look, Grief, in any way, there's still money left?

Sorrow leaned:

- Where? I did not see anything!

- Yes, there in the corner glowing!

"No, you can't see.

- Get in the pit and you will see. Mountain climbed in the hole; just went down there, and the man and covered him with a stone.

- Like that-it will be! "said the man. - Not if you take you with us, so you. Mountain miserable, at least not soon, still propyl and money!

Came the man home, dumped the money into the basement, oxen were taken to a neighbor and began to think like myself to arrange. Bought the forest, built a big mansion and lived twice richer than his brother.

Sooner or later - he went to town to ask his brother with his wife on his birthday.

- That's what's up! "said the rich brother. - We have nothing, and you still celebrate birthday!

"Well, once there was nothing there, and now, thank God, have not less than yours; come and you will see.

"Okay, come!

The next day the rich brother got together with his wife, and went to the birthday party; look, and the poor-the pebble mansion new, high, not every merchant they are! The man gave them, optonal all nadkami, drink all sorts of honey and wine. Asks rich brother:

"Tell me, perhaps, how rich are you?

The man told him in a pure conscience, as attached to him Grief miserable as propyl he with Grief in the pub all their possessions to the last threads: only remained that the soul in the body; as the Mountain showed him the treasure in the field, as he took the treasure Yes from Sorrow freed.

Savista became rich. "Give me that thinks, " will go in the open field, will raise the stone Yes I will release Grief - let it completely ruin the brother that did not dare in front of me his wealth to sanitise".

He dismissed his wife home, and himself in the field drove; came to a big stone, and turned it to the side and leans over to see what was under the rock. No sooner had the order to bend head - and the Grief jumped out and sat him on the neck.

"Ah, " cries, " you wanted me here to kill! No, now I you will never lag behind.

"Listen, Grief, ' said the merchant, " you didn't I put you under a stone...

- And who else but you?

- That's my brother you planted, and I have purposely come to you to release.

"No, you're lying! Once deceived, the other did not disappoint!

Hard nasello Woe to the rich merchant's neck; he brought him home, and he went all economy wrongly Yes random. Mount it in the morning for their accepted; every day is calling merchant sober; a lot of good in the pub was gone.

"That way dissimilar to live! - the merchant thinks about itself. - I think I have enough amused Grief; it was time to part ways with him, Yes?"

Thought, thought, and invented: went on an extensive yard, cut two oak wedges, got a new wheel and firmly drove a wedge at one end into the sleeve. Comes to Grief:

"What are you, the Mountain, all on one side lie?

- And what to me to do more?

- What to do? Let's go to the backyard golucky to play.

And the Grief and Rado. Came to the yard. At first the merchant hid - Grief now found; after the turn Grief to hide.

"Well, " he said, " I don't find out soon! I though what the gap will be hammered!

"Where are you! - responsible merchant. "You're in this wheel will not fit, and then - crack!

In the wheel will not fit? Look, even as I will hide!

Climbed a Mountain in the wheel; the merchant took from the other end scored in the sleeve in an oak wedge, picked up the wheel and threw it together with Grief in the river.

Sorrow drowned, and the merchant began to live in the old way, still.

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