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Lived a king and Queen, they were not. The king went again to hunt the red beast Yes migratory birds to shoot. Became hot, I wanted him water to drink, saw the side of the well came over, bent down and only wanted to drink - king-bear and grabbed him by the beard.

- Let, - asks the king.

"Give me something in the house I do not know; and then the forest. "Why would I in the house didn't know, thinks the king, " seems to know everything..."

"I better, " he said, " I will give thee a herd of cows.

"No, I don't want two herds.

"Well, take a herd of horses.

- It is not necessary and the two herds; and give something in the house don't know.

The king agreed, released his beard and went home. Enters the Palace, and his wife bore him twins: Ivan Tsarevich and Marju-Princess; that's what he knew not in the house. Her king hands and wept bitterly.

"What are you killing? asked the Queen.

- How can I not cry? I gave my kids loved the king-bear.

- What case?

- And so, - said the king.

Yes we will not give them!

"Oh, no way! It will completely ruin the whole Kingdom, and they will still take it.

So they thought and thought, how can that be? Yes and came up with: dug preglubokaya hole, cleaned it, painted on, like the chamber, have brought there any stocks that had something to eat and drink; after put in that hole of his children, and over did the ceiling, threw earth and sarunai smoothly-nakladka.

Soon the king and Queen died, and their children grow Yes grow. Came after them the king of the bears, looking here and there: no one! Opus
tel Palace. He walked in, walked in, the whole house went out and thinks: "Who me about the Imperial children will tell you where they went?"

Lo and behold - the bit stuck in the wall.

- Chisel, chisel, asks the king-bear, " tell me where the king's children?

- Take me to the yard and throw it to the ground; where I will stuck there and Roy.

King-bear took a bit, went out and threw him to the ground; the bit was spinning, spun and right in the place I get where they were hidden Ivan and Marya-Princess. Bear dug up the earth with hoes, broke the ceiling and says:

"Ah, Prince Ivan, and, Marja-Princess, here you are!.. Decided to hide from me! Father-your mother had tricked me, I eat you for it.

"Oh, king-bear, don't eat us, our priests have a lot of chickens and geese and of all good; have something to eat.

- Well, so be it! Sit on me; I have you to myself in the service will take.

They sat down, and the king-bear brought them under such steep and high mountains under the sky go; everywhere here empty, no one lives.

- We are-thirsty - say Ivan and Marya-Princess.

"I'll come, get you to eat and drink, ' says the bear, " and you're here to stay Yes, relax.

Ran the bear for food, and the Prince with the Princess standing and tearful cry. Whence came from bright Falcon, waved his wings and said this is the word:

"Ah, Prince Ivan and Marya-Princess, how you got here?

They told.

- Why did you bear?

- On all sorts of services.

- You want me you'll take? Sit with me on the wings.

They sat down; bright Falcon rose above the tree standing, below the cloud walking and flew back to the country. At that time the king-bear came running, saw a hawk in the sky, hit his head in the dirt and stung him in the flame of wings. He burned the Falcon wings, he omitted the Prince and Princess to the ground.

"Ah, " said the bear, " you wanted me to go; eat you for that and with bones!

- Don't eat the king-bear, we'll serve.

Bear forgave them and took in his Kingdom: the mountains are higher than Yes steeper.

It took much time.

"Ah, " said Ivan, " I'm hungry.

And I! says Mary-Princess.

King-bear ran to get food, and they are severely punished nowhere to go. They sit on the grass on Moravce Yes tears ronat. Whence came from the eagle descended from the clouds and asks:

"Ah, Prince Ivan and Marya-Princess, what fate has found you here?

They told.

- You want me you'll take?

"Where are you! Bright Falcon was taken away, but couldn't, and you can't!

- Falcon - bird small; I fly above it; sit on my wings.

The Prince with the Princess sat down; the eagle flapping its wings and soared even higher.

The bear came running, saw the eagle in the heavens, hitting his head on the cheese land and burnt his wings. Pulled the eagle Prince Ivan and Marya-the Princess to the ground.

"Ah, you again want to leave! "said the bear. "I you eat!

- Do not eat, please us the eagle has Usmani! We will serve you faithfully.

King-bear forgave them for the last time fed was drunk and drove on...

It took much time.

"Ah, " said Ivan, " I'm hungry.

And I! says Mary-Princess.

King-bear left them, and the food ran. They sit on the grass on Moravce Yes crying. Whence neither did the bull, shook his head and asks:

- Ivan, Marja-Princess! You fancy meeting you come here?'

They told.

- You want me you'll take?

"Where are you! We took the bird-Falcon Yes the bird is an eagle, and I couldn't; you certainly can not! - and themselves and spread, almost in tears the word let fall.

- Birds are not killed, and I will take! Sit me on his back.

They sat down, the bull ran not hurt swiftly. The bear saw that the Prince with the Princess began to leave, and rushed after them.

"Oh, bull, " shouted the king's children, bear chases.

"How far is it?

"No, close!

Only had the bear jumped Yes wanted to get was bull varyl land hooves and covered him with both eyes. Ran the bear in the blue sea with eyes, rinse, and bull all along Yes go ahead! King-bear washed again in pursuit.

"Oh, bull! The bear chases.

"How far is it?

- Oh, close!

The bear jumped and bull again varyl land hooves and covered him with both eyes. While the bear was running around the eyes, wash, calf forward all forward Yes! And the third time he invaded the eyes of the bear; and after giving Ivan-Tsarevich scallop Yes towel and says:

- If you become bored king-bear close for the first time, drop the scallops and the other mahni the towel.

Bull run farther and farther. Looked Ivan-tsarevitch, and behind them a king-bear chases: 's grasp! He took the comb and threw posed himself suddenly rose, rose so thick, dense forest that not a bird not to fly, nor beast not to climb or not go Hiking or equestrian not to drive.

Big bear grizzly-grizzly, it was hardly ate itself narrow track, slipped through the dense forest and rushed to catch up; and the king's children far, far away! Was the bear catch up with them, Ivan looked back and waved posed themselves towel - suddenly became the lake of fire: this wide-wide! Wave from end to end strikes. King-bear stood, stood on the shore and turned homewards, and steer with Ivan Tsarevich Yes with Mary-the Princess came running into the clearing.

That the meadow was a large nice home.

- Here is the house! said the bull. - Live - not twice. And the yard prepare now fire, slaughter me Yes on fire and burn.

"Ah! "they say the king's children. - Why are you cutting? Better live with us; we'll take good care of, will you feed freshen grass, drink spring water.

"No, burn me, and ashes sow three rows: one row POPs up a horse, on the other dog, while the third will grow an Apple-tree; on that horse you go, Ivan, and with that dog go hunting.

And so it became. Once she mean by Ivan Tsarevich go hunting; said goodbye to the sister, he sat on his horse, and rode into the forest; killed the goose that killed the duck Yes caught a live wolf and brought home.

Sees the Prince that hunting is in his hand, and went there again, got all birds and caught a live bear.

The third time gathered Ivan hunting and the dog had forgotten to bring with you.

Meanwhile, Mary-Princess went linen to wash. Is she, and on the other side of the lake of fire flew towards the shore seemigly snakes, spread handsome, saw the Princess and so sweet says:

"Hello, fair maiden!

"Hello, my good fellow!

I heard from old people that in the old days, this lake is not used; if, through him, Yes, over the bridge, I would have passed on the other side and married you.

"Wait a minute! The bridge now is, " answered Mary-the Princess and threw the towel in that minute towel arc stretched and hung over the lake, tall, beautiful bridge.

Snakes moved across the bridge, spread in the former view, the dog Ivan Tsarevich was locked and the key in the lake dropped; after seized and carried away the Princess. Comes Ivan from hunting - sisters no, the dog locked up howls; saw the bridge over the lake and says:

- True, the serpent took my sister!

Came to find. Went-went in the net field is a hut on chicken legs, dog heels.

- Hut, hut! Turn to the forest, in front of me.

The hut turned; Prince Ivan walked in, and in the hut lies Baba Yaga bony feet from corner to corner, nose to the ceiling rooted.

- Fu-fu! - she says. - Doseluva Russian spirit was not to hear, and now the Russian spirit personally manifests itself in the nose rushes! What came, Ivan Tsarevich?

- Yes, if you my grief has posobie!

- What's your mountain?

The Prince told her.

"Well, go home; in your yard there is yablonka, Shlomi with her three green twig, spliti together and where the dog locked up, hit them in the castle: the castle immediately smashed to pieces. Then boldly on the snake go, you will not stand against you.

Ivan Tsarevich went home again, released the dog ran out she's evil, evil! I took one with a wolf and cub and went to the snake. The beast rushed at him and ripped to shreds. And Ivan Tsarevich took Marju-Princess, and they lived happy ever, kind to acquire.

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