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In the old ancient years in a Kingdom, not in our state, happened one soldier from the stone tower on the clock stand; the tower was on lock locked and sealed sealed, and it was night. Exactly at twelve o'clock heard a soldier, someone screams from the tower:

"Hey, guard!

The soldier asks:

- Who's calling me?

- This is me - hell, says a voice from behind the iron bars, thirty years as I sit here without having, been hungry.

"What do you want?

Let me out at will. As will be in need, I myself will be useful; only remember me - and I'm in the same moment will come to you rescue.

The soldier immediately broke the seal, broke the lock and opened the door - the devil jumped out of the tower rose up and vanished faster than lightning.

"Well, " thinks the soldier, " I've done things; all my service for nothing was lost. Now will plant me under arrest, will be occupied by a military court and they will force through a line to walk; it is better to run away until the time is".

Threw the gun and knapsack on the ground and walked aimlessly.

Was he day, and another, and the third; he dismantled his hunger, and eat and drink nothing; the villages on the road, wept bitter tears and razdelalsya:

"Well, not stupid, do I? He served the king for ten years, every day for three pounds of bread received. Now no! Ran on the will to die hungry death. Oh, shit, all you're fault!"

All of the sudden she does - stood before him unclean and asks:

"Hello, soldier! What grieve?

- How can I not grieve, if the third day of hunger disappear.

- Don't grieve, it poprawnie! "said the devil. Thither rushed, brought all sorts of wines and supplies, fed-drunk soldier and calls him to himself:

In my house you will have life freely; drink, eat and enjoy yourself as much as the soul wants, just watch for my daughters - I don't need.

The soldier agreed. Damn grabbed him under the arms, lifted high into the air and brought to distant lands, in trilisate the state in the white house.

The devil had three daughters - a beauty. He ordered them to obey the soldier and to feed and water him enough, and he went on to do mischief: you know - damn! The place never sits, and all over the world yaws Yes it bother people.

Left soldiers with red girls and such to him life was released, and that to die is not necessary. One of his crucini: every night go red girls at home, and where leave is unknown.

Was was about to ask, so don't say that are locked.

"Well, " thinks the soldier, " I will be all night to watch, and I'll see where you live". In the evening went to the soldiers on the bed, he pretended to be fast asleep, and he can't wait for something? Here's how it came time, he crept quietly to the girl's bedroom was at the door, bent over and looking in the keyhole skvazhina. Fair maidens brought magic carpet, spread out on the floor, hit the carpet and became golubki; perked up and flew out the window.

"What a miracle! thinks soldiers. "Let me try".

Jumped into the bedroom, hit the carpet and turned to Robin, flew out the window Yes after them in pursuit. Dove descended on the green meadow, and Malinovka village under Smorodinov Bush hid behind the leaves and looks out from there.

In that place came the pigeons visible-invisible, the whole meadow was covered; in the middle stood a Golden throne. A little later struck down and the sky and the earth - flying Golden chariot, harness six fiery serpents; on the chariot sits Princess Elena the wise - this indescribable beauty that neither put nor shadat, no tale to tell!

Came it from his car, sat on a Golden throne; beginning to call to himself the dove turns and teach them different wisdoms. Committed the doctrine, mounted on the car - and was gone!

Here every one dove was filmed with a green meadow, and went each to his side. The bird is the Robin fluttered behind three sisters, and together with them he found himself in the bedroom.

Dove hit the carpet became red girls and Robin hit - turned soldier.

"Where you from? ask his girl.

And I'm with you on the green meadow was, I saw the most beautiful Princess on the Golden throne and heard taught you the Princess of different tricks.

"Well, your happiness that survived! This Princess Elena the wise, our mighty lady. If when it was her magic book, and immediately she'd learned - and then don't pass you the evil of death. Beware, guard! Do not fly more on the green meadow, not Devis Elena the Wise, do not you put Bueno head.

Soldiers not discouraged, the speech deaf ears skips. Waited another night, hit the carpet and made bird-Robin. Flew a Robin on a green meadow, hid under Smorodinov Bush, looking at Helen Wise, admires her beauty beloved and thinks:

"If a wife like mine - nothing b in the light of the wish not ostalos! Fly me behind her Yes I know where she lives".

Here came Elena the wise with the Golden throne, sat down on his chariot and flew through the air to his wonderful Palace; behind her and Robin flew. Came the Princess in the Palace, ran out to meet her, midwives and nurses, grabbed her under the arms and took in the painted chamber. And the bird is the Robin fluttered away into the garden, picked a beautiful tree that stood under the window karolinina bedroom, sat on the branch and began to sing so well so plaintively that the Princess the whole night and my eyes didn't close all listened. Only rose red sun, cried Elena the wise in a loud voice:

- Babysitters, nurses, run away fast in the garden; ilowite me a bird-a Robin!

Midwives and nurses rushed into the garden, we began to catch a singing bird... Yes where them old women! Robin from Bush to Bush perepahivaet, not flies and handles are not given.

Not tolerate the king's daughter, ran out into the green garden, actually wants to catch the bird is the Robin, coming up to the Bush - bird from the branch not moving, after sitting for a moment, as if waiting for her.

Glad she took the bird in his hands, brought to the Palace, seated in a Golden cage, and hung it in his bedroom.

The day passed, the sun set, Elena the wise flew on a green meadow, came back, started making hats, undressed and went to bed. Once asleep, the Princess, bird-Robin turned into a fly flew out of the gilded cage, hit the floor and became a good man.

Came good fellow to karolinina crib, watched, looked at the beautiful, could not resist and kissed her on the mouth of sugar. Sees she wakes up, turned around quickly fly, flew into the cage and became a bird-Robin. Elena the wise opened his eyes, looked around - no one. "See - think - in my dream is dreaming!" He rolled over on his side and fell asleep again. And the soldier firmly't wait; I tried another and the third time - sensitive sleeping Princess, after all a kiss awakens. On the third time she arose from the bed and says:

Is there something for a reason, let's see in the magic book.

Looked in my magic book and immediately learned that sitting in a Golden cage is not an easy bird-a Robin and a young soldier.

- Ah! "cried Elena the wise. - Get me out of the cage. For your lies you're my life will respond.

Nothing to do - flew the bird-a Robin from a Golden cage, hit the floor and turned a good man.

- You have no forgiveness! - said Elena the wise and called to the executioner to cut the soldier's head. Where neither came from - before it became a giant with an axe and chopping block, knocked the soldier to the ground, pressed his stubborn head to the block and raised the axe. Now give up the Princess with a handkerchief, and roll valiant head...

"Have mercy, fine Princess, " said the soldier with tears, " let naposledy song to sing.

- Sing, Yes, hurry up.

The soldier struck up a song, so sad, so pitiful that Elena the wise cried herself; sorry it has been a good boy, she said to the soldier:

"I'll give you time ten hours; if you are able at this time so cleverly to hide that I don't find, I will marry you; and you will not be able in this case to make, I'll have to cut your head.

Came the soldiers of the Palace, wandered into the dense forest, sat down under a Bush, thinking he scrutinise.

"Oh, you unclean spirit! All because you lost.

In that minute came to him damn:

"You, soldier, you need?

"Ah, " he said, " my death comes! Where I'm from Elena the wise hide?

Shit hit the dirt and turned syzokryli eagle:

"Sit down, guard, me on my back, I'll take to the skies.

The soldier sat on the eagle; the eagle rose up and flew over the clouds-the clouds are black.

It took five hours. Elena the wise took the magic book, looked - and all as if on the palm of the hand saw; she cried with a loud voice:

"There, eagle, fly through the skies; get down to the bottom - from me because not hide.

The eagle fell to the ground. Soldiers more than ever has scrutinise:

- What to do now? Where to hide?

"Wait, " says the devil, " I'll help you.

I jumped to the soldier struck him on the cheek and obratil the pin, and he himself became one arm, grabbed the pin in the teeth, slipped into the Palace, found the magic book and stuck it in her pin.

He spent the last five hours. Elena the wise unfolded his magic book, we looked at the book does not show anything; hard angry Princess and threw it in the oven.

The pin fell out of the books, hit the floor and turned a good man.

Elena the wise took him by the hand.

I said, " Heather, you and me smarter!

Don't they long to think, provencales and healed himself happily ever after.

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