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In a certain Kingdom, in a state lived a king Yes Princess. And raised their daughter is beautiful. Father and mother doted upon her, Halili and guarded the Princess Pushcha eyes.

Once came into the city of a foreign vessel. Came the people of the Marina. The owner of the vessel, trading guest, shows different curiosities and wonders, no one had ever seen.

Has come a rumor, and to carinena towers. I wanted the Princess to look at overseas wonders. She began to ask parents let me go to look at the overseas ship!

The king and Queen she was released, wet-nurses and nurses strictly ordered:

- Save the Princess! If the offense will cause you to answer.

Went the Princess with the wet-nurses-nurses. Come to the Marina, and hurries towards himself, a foreign merchant and says:

- Beautiful Princess, go to the ship! I have a cat Bayun, he sings and tells tales, there gusli-samgoody and Skatert-Samobranka. These rarities I've never shown anyone for you beach!

I want the Princess to go and afraid, however: "Well, what is wrong with will?" And the merchant persistent calls:

That liking will come, all will Palace be attributed as a gift to you!

Could not resist the Princess, and bade the wet-nurses-nurses on the pier to wait, and the trading with the guest went on deck. Led its owner rich in the cabin:

- Wait here, a beautiful Princess, and I will go wonders will bring.

Came on deck, locked the door tightly and gave the command:

- Loose ends!

And on the ship this order only waited. Quickly raised their sails and ran the ship into the sea. Nurses-nurses cry-the cry raised, thrash on the pier, crying, and the ship is getting further and further away. It was told in the Palace.

Came the king with the Queen, and ship it out of sight disappeared. What can I do? The Princess killed, and the king ordered the wet-nurses-nurses in custody to take. Then he ordered cry to click:

Who will find the Princess in Eugene on it and during the life of my Kingdom will accomplish your goal, and after my death, all the Kingdom of the son-in-law will get!

Many hunters have found. Around the world the Princess was looking for was not found.

At that time served as soldiers Ivan, son of a peasant. Came to him in turn the guard to go, the king reserved the garden to guard. It is the soldier under the tree, not sleeping. In the midnight arrived two crow sat on a tree, where soldiers stood and talked like human beings. One Raven said:

- The local king's only daughter was lost. Three years looking for is not found.

Another answer:

"Well, it's not rocket science! If to go right over the sea at noon, will enter the Kingdom of Great-Man. From the kidnapped Princess and keeps to himself. Wants to marry his nephew, dragon. To find the Princess easy, living not come out of there. Nobody has yet been able to overcome a Lot Man.

- There will be power and Great Man, " said the first Raven. - There is at sea island, living there for two sprites. Thirty years they fight among themselves, can not share a sword-samoset. Who would have been brave but fine, seized the sword, then would easily and with Considerable-Man did.

And flew away crows. As soon as the time has come to pass, Ivan soldiers loiter not, went to the Palace.

"Why, soldiers came? the king asks.

"I want the Princess look! Let me go!

Surprised the king:

- Many without've had hunters. Princes, nobles, merchants eminent Yes the generals were looking for the Princess around the globe - not found. Where are you, soldier, search will be, when he himself never visited, nothing seen!

- Proverb no wonder Kolvitsa: "he Who pays the Piper calls the tune," the soldier said. I, obviously, know how the Princess to find Yes to bring home.

- Well, look, soldier, my Royal word strong: find Princess - son-in-law will be and my Kingdom will give in life; and you will not find: my sword is your head from your shoulders!

Two deaths't happen, but one can not escape, " replies the soldier. - Led the ship to equip and tell the captain all listen to me.

The king commanded the ship equip, and soon Ivan the soldier went on his way.

Sailed close Lee, far whether short - swam to a deserted island. Said the soldier to the captain:

- Stay here and the whole team get ready. I'll go down to the shore, and as soon as you return to the ship, you pick up all the sails and go away as soon as possible.

Crossed Ivan soldiers on the shore, climbed the steep hill and walked along the island. So she walked, she heard a noise in the woods and suddenly ran towards the two sprites. Pull something from each other. One shouts:

- My! Still will not give up!

And the other to itself pulls:

"No, my!

Saw Ivan the soldier stopped, then with one voice cried out:

- Judge us, my good man! Got us a legacy of the sword-samoset. The sword one but us two, and that's thirty years of suffering, I - can not share.

Soldiers only were waiting for:

It's simple enough. I bolt the forest, and you run after it. Who is more likely to find that arrow return Yes, that sword-samoset will get.

And that was agreed. Flew the arrow, ran it both sprites, and Ivan the soldier grabbed the sword samoset and was gone. Only managed to get on deck, as hoisted the sails, and ran the ship into the open sea. Sailed for a day and night and arrived in the Kingdom of Great-Man.

Took Ivan soldiers sword-samoset and Princess went to look. Near the shore he saw a big house. Went up on the porch, opened the door and saw sitting in the upper room of the Princess, tears dropping, weeping. Looked at the soldier:

"Who art thou, good fellow? How I got here?

I Ivan the soldier, come you from bondage to rescue the Yes home to take.

"Oh, well done! Here the road is wide, hence nobody to turn off. Will kill you a Lot Man, the living will not be released.

Who will kill, we'll see, now to think of nothing, " answered Ivan.

Happy Princess, stopped crying.

- How would you me from bondage rescued Yes to the father with the mother was taken away, I gladly would marry you went!

- Well, look, giving the word, hold on! - said Ivan soldiers.

Filed Princess Ivan his ring:

"Here's my ring inscribed: I his word mistress.

Only had time to utter, as there arose a terrible noise.

- Charonis, well done, " cried the Princess, the - Great-Man is coming!

Jumped soldiers in the oven. At the same moment the door opened, he stepped over the threshold of a Great Man, overshadowed white light: everything went dark.

- Fu-fu-fu, long ago in Russia has not been, the Russian spirit did not hear, and the Russian spirit himself came! Come out, Zarechny hero, force Shou! Will put you on the palm of his hand, another murder, and will remain from you dirt Yes water.

Sooner, damn monster, boast: not for me, and you Wake celebrate!

Waved Ivan soldiers sword-samaskom and cut off a Lot of the Human head. Ran up the servants of the Great Man, fell on Ivan the soldier, and he and his servants with the same sword they decided, they fought and took the Princess on the ship. Blew the wind, and soon they arrived in their state.

King and Queen Princess hug, laugh and cry with joy. All the people praising Ivan-soldier. How did operovali, the king said to him:

"Now, Ivan, son of a peasant, was you a simple soldier, and now for thy prowess favor you General!

"Thank you, your Highness, is thanked Ivan.

It took many do, little time, asks Ivan king:

"But the orders the most expensive, the king-Emperor, isn't it time for the wedding to prepare?

- I remember, I remember, Yes I do not know how to be? You see, ever fancy another groom, a foreign Prince. To force the Princess won't. As she would say, so be it.

Showed Ivan carevin ring:

"She I promised and gave a wedding ring.

Didn't want the king to the peasant's son become close and pity to refuse the king's son, Yes there is nothing - said:

- My word is unbreakable: if the Princess you got engaged, become a wedding to play.

Only had time Ivan with the Princess to marry Yes sat at the wedding table, as has ridden the messenger with dismal tidings. Foreign Prince approached the Kingdom with the infinite army and ordered to say: "If you will not give good Princess in marriage, will take the whole Kingdom charred log rolled".

The king was sorry : not drinking, not eating. And boyars not sit their and the Princess thinks: "At the moment they are not smart enough, now age repent! If not then engaged with Ivan the peasant's son, would be out of the king's son, and parents would care." As Ivan says:

Not Kruchinina, the king-Emperor, and you boyars Duma! Will periodus I power with the king's son.

Came out from behind the table, he sat on his horse, and rode towards the enemy force.

Came with foreign troops and became the shelves sword-samaskom to beat. Just give up the street, back tmagnet - pereulok, and soon the whole army broke-they fought. Only the two generals managed to escape.

The return of Ivan victory. All the people it celebrates, and the king was heartened friendly son-in-law met.

Only Princess not in joy: "it seems to me a century to vekovete with man-redneck".

And mind no shows will attract a husband. A little time passed, and again the messengers convey to the king:

- Comes foreign Prince with a new army, threatening the whole Kingdom to conquer and force the Princess to beat.

"Well, zacusca kind, " said the king, " you all hope: go on the warrior!

Ivan jumped up on the horse - and only him, and have seen. Came with the king's son, drew his sword-samoset and beats the army as grass mowing.

Sees the Prince inevitable trouble, turned his horse and together with others generals ran off. From their state send the Princess a letter: "Wasprice with Ivan the peasant's son, what's his power, help me to beat, and I in thee to marry, and not to be you age magicboy wife". Princess Ivan caresss:

"Tell me, hubby dear, what you strength? How could you with a Lot of Man to cope with one or two countless troops to beat?

't know Ivan troubles on themselves:

- I have a sword samoset. With the sword I over every hero prevails and what not on there army will beat, and he will remain unharmed.

On another day, the Princess went to a gunsmith:

- Pick up my sword as my husband.

Picked up a gunsmith this sword, as Ivan, - it is impossible to distinguish. Replaced the Princess of the night sometimes the sword-samoset simple sword and secretly foreign Prince news submitted: "the Army pack, go to war, be afraid of nothing".

After a little time has passed - rode the messenger:

Again the Prince goes to war against our Kingdom.

Left Ivan to meet, fights with the enemy, and the damage in the enemy army is very little. Managed only three people to poseci to beat, as the wounded, knocked from his horse.

Soon the Prince the whole Kingdom was conquered. Met his Princess happy.

- Forever me from the man delivered!

And the king happy-redesined. Went in the Palace feast and a feast.

Ivan, son of a peasant, was bootlegers and only then remembered how the Princess to find out what his power is. "Someone, as she replaced the sword and gave it over to the king's son!"

Wiggled it deep in the dark forest, the wounds were bandaged, and he began to amend. Talking aimlessly. Hungry for him and thirsty. Saw the Bush of ripe berries yellow: "What kind of berries? Let me try it." Ate two berries, and all of a sudden headache. Patience not - so-ache. Touched by the hand and feels: he grew horns. Lowered Ivan head, sad: "it is Impossible now to the people on the eyes seem to have in the woods to live." Walked another near - met tree: grow it red berries large.

And thirst torments. "Let me pick a berry or two, eat". Ripped off one berry, ate - horn fell; ate another and another horn fell off. And feel the strength in him against former tripled. "Well, now I'm recovered! Have sword-Zamosc to mine". Wove two small basket, took a deep berry red and yellow.

Got out of the forest onto the road and went into the city. At the gates swapped your color gown and evil caftan Yes in sandals came to the Royal court:

- Berries are ripe, fragrant! Berries are sweet!

Heard the Princess and sends the maid:

Just know that over the berries. If sweet buy.

Ran out on the porch:

"Hey, trading people, sweet is your berries?

- Better my berries, beauty, 't find anywhere else! Eat-ka itself. And gave her a red healing berry.

Berry girl taste had. And gave her Ivan yellow berries. The return of the girl in the upper room:

"Oh, how sweet the berries from this dealer, century these had not eaten!

Ate the Princess berry-different - she was not on its own:

- So my head is sick?

Looks at her maid saw horns grow from the Princess, and from fear words cannot say. At that moment looked the Princess in the mirror and went numb. Then she remembered his foot stomped her:

Where is the merchant? Keep it up!

Came the cry of nurse-midwives, came the king with the Queen and Prince. Rushed out into the yard:

- Keep the merchant, catch him!

And the merchant was gone. Nowhere couldn't find. Steel Princess treat. How many kinds of healers nor used, nothing helps.

And Ivan, a peasant's son, grew a beard, pretended to be an old old man came to the king:

- I have the cure from all diseases helps. And I undertake to cure the Princess.

- If the truth you speak, " answered the king, and the daughter will get well, ask me whatever you want, and the king's son especially will reward you.

- Don't give me any reward. Lead me to the Princess Yes command, so no one dared to enter into the rest, as long as he will not call. If you become the Princess screaming - painful it will be, still get no one. And won't listen - a century from her horns not to get rid of.

Left Ivan's Princess eye to eye: he locked the door tightly, grabbed a birch rod and allow the rod Princess to regale. Birch rod - not alder: bent, but not broken, wraps itself around the body.

Here's the science! Do not lie ahead of anyone!

Learned the Princess of Ivan the peasant's son, began to scream, to call for help. And he know Yes hits sentences:

- I will not give my sword - death betray!

Shout Princess, shout, nobody Santa Claus came and cried:

- Will give the sword, just do not destroy me, dear Ivan!

Ran into another room, brought the sword-samoset. Took Ivan sword, ran out of carenini chambers, saw on the porch of the Prince closest generals, waved his sword and fell the two generals dead.

"No deception, the sword truly mine!" It was turned back into the house, gave the Princess of healing berries:

Eat, fear not! I without cheating!

Ate Princess red berry - one horn fell; ate the second is the other horn disappeared, and she became healthy. Cries and laughs with joy:

"Thank You, Ivan! Another time you got me out of trouble but in the end, the age of your kindness will not be forgotten! Chase away the king's son, and forgive me, and I will be to you a faithful wife.

Meets Ivan, a peasant's son:

The king's son thy already living there. And you father and mother go where you know that out of here! I did not have a wife, and you're not my wife!

Drove Ivan the peasant's son, the king with the Queen and Princess, and since then lives happily, the trouble is no one knows.

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