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In a certain Kingdom, in a certain country there lived a king; the king had three sons.

The children and say to him:

"Sir-sir! Bless us, we a-hunting we will go.

The father has blessed, and they went in different directions.

The younger son went, went and zaputalsya; leaves on the meadow, in the meadow lies a fallen horse, about this fell gathered all sorts of animals, birds, reptiles. Rose Falcon, flew to the Prince sat on his shoulder and says:

- Ivan, stripped us this horse; it lies here thirty-three years, and we all argue, and how to share - you can imagine.

Prince of tears with his good horse and divided carrion: animals - bones, poultry meat, skin, reptiles, and head - ants.

"Thank you, Prince Ivan! 'said Falcon. For this service you can contact clear the Falcon and the ant whenever you want.

Ivan Tsarevich hit the dirt, he became a Falcon, flew and flew in trilisate the state; and the state more than half dragged at crystal mountain.

Flew right into the Palace, turned good lad and asks the court watch:

- Do not take if your Majesty I work for yourself?

- Why not take a man?

Here he came to that king, and live in his week, another and a third.

Begged the Princess:

- Sir, my father! Let me with Ivan Tsarevich on the crystal mount to a walk.

The king granted. They sat on good horses and went. Drive up to crystal mountain, suddenly, out of nowhere, popped the Golden goat.

The Prince drove her; rode, rode, goats are not produced, and turned back and Princess nope! What to do? As to the king on the eyes to seem?

Put it this ancient old man, and to recognize you; come into the Palace and said to the king:

- Your Majesty! Hire me to graze herd.

- Well, be a shepherd; if you are flying snakes of three heads - give him three cows, if six heads - give me six cows, and sorry about the twelve heads - Uscita twelve cows.

Prince Ivan rode herd on mountains, valleys; suddenly flies from lake snake about three heads:

"Ah, Prince Ivan, for what you did? Where would fight the good fellow, and he herd grazes! Well, " he said, " cast me three cows.

- Nonfat it be? - meets the Prince. - I myself in stocki eat one duck, and you three cows wanted... you have No one!

Snakes have sercal and instead of three captured six cows; Ivan immediately turned clear Falcon, took the serpent with three heads and drove the cattle home.

That, grandpa, " asked the king, flew to whether the three-headed serpent, gave him three cows?

"No, your Highness, none gave!

The next day chases the Prince of the herd in the mountains and valley; arrives with lake snake with six heads and requires six cows.

- Ah, the whangdoodle gluttons! I myself in stocki eat one duck, and what you wanted! Not give you a single!

Snakes have sercial, instead of the six captured twelve cows: and the king turned clear Falcon, rushed to the snake and took him six goals.

Drove home the herd; the king and asks:

"What, grandpa, flew whether seemigly snakes, how many of my flock diminished?

- To fly-flew, but did not take anything!

Late in the evening turned Ivan Tsarevich in ant and through a small crack had crawled in crystal mountain, looking at the crystal mountain sits the Princess.

"Hello, " says Ivan, how did you get here?

- I took the serpent about the twelve heads; he lives remembered father on the lake. In fact the snake chest hidden in a trunk - hare, rabbit, duck, duck egg, egg - seed; if you kill him Yes get this seed, the pores can crystal mountain lime and me to deliver.

Prince Ivan climbed out of the mountains, has been filled by the shepherd and drove the herd.

Suddenly arrives snakes about the twelve heads:

"Ah, Prince Ivan! Not for your case you did; what would you, good fellow, to fight, and you herd graze... Well uscity me twelve cows!

- Greasy! I myself in stocki eat one duck, and what you wanted!

They began to fight, and sooner or fought - Ivan won the serpent about the twelve heads, cut his torso and on the right side found the chest; the chest - hare, rabbit, duck, duck - egg, egg - seed.

He took the seed, lit it and held it up to crystal mountain is a mountain soon melted.

Ivan Tsarevich went out the Princess and brought her to the father; the father rejoiced and said to the Prince:

- If you were my son-in-law!

Here they are, and married; the wedding and I was, honey-drink beer, beard flowed in my mouth was not hit.

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