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In a Kingdom, far away - in the fairy country, there lived a strong, mighty king. And was in fact the king's Archer is well done, and Sagittarius-man heroic knight.

Time went Sagittarius on his powerful horse into the forest to hunt. It goes way, goes wide and ran on the gold feather of the Firebird: the fire feather glows!

Tells him powerful horse:

- Don't take gold pen. I'd mount you know!

And thought good fellow to lift the pen Ali not? If to raise Yes bring the king, because he will generously reward, and the king's mercy who is not a road? Did not listen Sagittarius his horse, picked up the feather of the Firebird, brought and brings the king a gift.

- Thank you! "says the King. - Yeah if you got a feather of the Firebird, then get me the bird. Not going to get my sword, your head from your shoulders!

Sagittarius burst into bitter tears and went to his powerful horse.

"What are you crying, my master?

The king ordered the Firebird to get.

"I'm told you: don't take the pen, grief find out! Well fear not, nor grieve: this is not the trouble, the trouble ahead! Go to the king, asking that for tomorrow hundred Cooley selected wheat was around the net scattered field.

The king ordered to scatter on the net field a hundred Cooley selected wheat.

The next day at dawn went Sagittarius-well done on the field, took the horse by the will to walk, and the tree hid.

Suddenly rustled the forest, rose the waves on the sea - flying the Firebird. Arrived, went down to the ground and began to eat wheat. Powerful horse approached the Firebird, stepped on her wing hoof and firmly to the earth pressed, and Sagittarius-man jumped out from behind a tree, ran up, tied the Firebird ropes, he sat on his horse and rode to the Palace.

Brings the king of the Firebird. The king saw it, they were glad, and thanked Sagittarius for service, bestowed his rank and immediately asked him another task:

- If you managed to get the Firebird, so get me a bride: far away, on the edge of the world, where the red sun rises, there is Fasilitelerine - its something I want." Get - gold-silver award, and will not take out my sword, your head from your shoulders!

Burst into Sagittarius bitter tears, went to his powerful horse.

"What are you crying, my master? asks the horse.

The king ordered to produce him Vasilisa-Princess.

"Don't cry, don't grieve. This is not the trouble, the trouble ahead! Go to the king, ask a tent with Golden domes and other supplies and drinks on the road. The king gave him and supplies, and beverages, and a tent with Golden domes.

Sagittarius-man sat on his powerful horse, and rode far away. Sooner or later, he comes to the edge of the world, where the red sun of the blue sea rises. Looks and floats on the sea Vasilisa-the Princess in a silver boat, the Golden oar rowing.

Sagittarius-man put his horse in the green meadows to walk, fresh grass to eat, and he pitched a tent with Golden onion dome, put different foods and drinks, sat down in the tent - podaetsya, Vasilisa-Princess waiting.

And Vasilisa-the Princess saw the Golden domes, swam to the shore, got out of the boat and admires the tent.

"Hello, Vasilisa-the Princess! says Archer. - Welcome of bread and salt dine, overseas wines to try.

Vasilisa-the Princess walked into the tent. They began to eat, drink, be merry. Drank the Princess of cups overseas wine, drunk and sound asleep fell asleep. Sagittarius-the man shouted to his powerful horse, the horse in an instant came. Immediately relieves Sagittarius tent with Golden onion dome, sits on a powerful horse, he taketh sleepy Vasilisa-the Princess and embarks on a journey, like an arrow from a bow. Came to the king. He saw Vasilisa-Princess, very happy, thanked Sagittarius for faithful service, awarded him the Treasury of the great and arrived in great order.

Vasilisa-the Princess woke up, learned that she was far away from the blue sea, began to cry, to grieve, just face had changed; how the king had persuaded all in vain.

That's decided the king to marry her, she said:

- Let the one who brought me here, will go to the blue sea, in the middle of that sea lies a large stone under the stone hidden in my wedding dress without dress marriage will not go!

The king immediately for Sagittarius to the audience:

- Go rather on the edge of the world, where the red sun rises. There on the blue sea lies a great stone, and hidden under the stone a wedding dress Vasilisa-Princess. Get this dress and get here - it's time the wedding to play! Get more still will be awarded, and will not take out my sword, your head from your shoulders!

Burst into Sagittarius bitter tears, went to his powerful horse. "That's when, he thinks, is not escape death!"

"What are you crying, my master? asks the horse.

The king ordered from the sea bottom to get a wedding dress Vasilisa-Princess.

"What did I tell you: don't take the Golden pen, the grief will end up being! Well fear not: this is not the trouble, the trouble ahead! Sit down on me, let's go to the blue sea.

Sooner or later, came Sagittarius-man on the edge of the world and stopped near the sea. Powerful horse saw that great big sea cancer in the sand creeps, and stepped on the neck of his heavy hoof.

Pleaded Maritime cancer:

- Do not destroy me, let me live! What do you want, do everything.

Replied the horse:

- In the middle of the blue sea lies a large stone under the stone hidden wedding dress Vasilisa-Princess; get this dress!

Cancer cried with a loud voice to all the blue sea. Immediately the sea was stirred up, and spatlese from all sides on the shore crabs large and small - abysmal! Senior cancer gave them the order, they rushed into the water and after an hour of time pulled from the bottom of the sea, from the great stone, wedding dress Vasilisa-Princess.

Come Sagittarius-well done to the king, brings carinena dress, and Vasilisa-the Princess again turned obstinate:

- I will not go, - said the king - marry you until you say Sagittarius-man in hot water for bathing.

The king ordered to pour a cast-iron pot of water to boil as hot water Yes in the boiling water Sagittarius throw. Everything's ready, the water is boiling, sprays and fly. Led a poor Archer.

"That's the trouble, trouble! - he thinks. "Oh, why did I put the gold feather of the Firebird! Why the horse did not listen?"

Remembered his powerful horse, and said to the king:

The king-Emperor! Let before his death, to go with the horse to say goodbye.

- Well, go say goodbye!

Came Sagittarius to his powerful horse and tearful cries.

"What are you crying, my master?

The king ordered in boiling water for a swim.

"Don't be afraid, don't cry, lives will be! - told him the horse and hurriedly spoke of Sagittarius, to the boiling water didn't hurt his white body.

Returned Sagittarius from the stables; immediately picked up its working people - and directly into the boiler. He once dived, jumped out of the boiler and became so handsome that no tale to tell, nor pen describe. The king saw that he was so handsome he made, he wanted to swim, foolishly climbed into the water and that minute is cooked.

The king was buried, and in its place chose strelamora. He married on Vasilisa-the Princess and lived with her for many years in love and harmony.

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