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There was a king, he had a teenage son. The Prince was all good - and the person and character, and the father of it bad: all of his covetousness was tormented, as if the excess profits might be more the custom to break. When the king saw again the old man with Sables, Martens, beavers, foxes:

"Stop, man! Oduduwa you?

- Native of this village, the father, and now serve as the Goblin.

- How do you catch animals?

Yes Goblin guide hinge-line, the beast silly and fall.

"Well, look, old man! I drink wine and money dam: show me where the line set?

The old man was tempted and pointed. The king immediately ordered the Goblin to catch and iron pole put, and protected their forests forests wished. Here is the Goblin in the iron pole Yes on the window, glances, and the pole in the garden stood. Came the king's son with attendants, with mother, with faithful servants to walk in the garden, goes past the post, and the Goblin shouts to him:

Royal child! Let me out: I myself will come in handy.

Sorry the Prince of hell:

- Yes as I'll be releasing?

- And go to his mother, Oluchi minute, pull the key from her pocket Yes me and let.

The Prince did: pulled the key from the pocket of his mother, ran into the garden, made his arrow, put on a tight bow and threw it far away, and he was shouting that nurses and midwives caught an arrow; nurses and nurses have fled, at this time the Prince unlocked the iron column and freed the Goblin.

Went the Goblin tear of the Royal line! When the king saw the animals no longer come across, sercial and he snarled at his wife: why the key was given, the Goblin was released? And called the king of the boyars, generals and dumnyi people, as they will award: the head if she ascended the scaffold to remove Ali into exile to exile?

Bad had the king's son - sorry mother, and he told his father that it was his fault: that's so-and-so the whole thing was.

Was shorewall king: he with his son to do? Execute not. Awarded to release on all four sides, on all the winds of the South, all the blizzards of winter, all the vortices autumn; they gave him the sack and one uncle. Came the king's son with a crossbow in an open field. They went close whether, how far is it, low do, high do, and saw the well. Says the king's son uncle:

- Go for water!

- Nejdete! - responsible guy.

Went, went, went, again well.

"Go bring water! I want to drink, " asked uncle Royal son another time.

- Nejdete! "says the man.

Here's another go, went across the third well, uncle again no go, and went for the water itself, the king's son. Descended into a pit, and the man slammed his cap and says:

- Won't let go! Whether you are a servant, and I am a king's son.

Nothing to do, the Prince agreed. Then they changed dresses, and went on. Here they came in another state, go to the king's Palace - man front, and the king's son behind.

Was uncle to live with that king away: and eat and drink with him at the same table.

So says uncle to the king:

- Your Highness! Take my servant in the kitchen.

Took the Prince to the kitchen, make him the wood to wear, pots to clean.

A little time passed, taught the Prince to cook food better Royal chefs.

Learned about the Emperor, loved him and began to give gold. The cooks seemed hurt, and they began to look for a case like lime.

Once made the Prince cake and put in the oven and cook added poison, took and sprinkled on the cake.

Sat the king to dinner, serves pie; the king only was the knife came from, as runs the chef:

- Your Majesty! Don't get to eat.

And nasasl on Prince lot slander.

The king did not spare his beloved dog, cut a piece of the pie and threw it to the ground: the dog ate Yes immediately died.

Called the sovereign Prince, screamed at him in a menacing voice:

"How do you dare to poison pie to make, now I order you to execute the cruel death!

- I don't know, to know I do not know, your Majesty! - meets the Prince. Apparently the cooks offense was that you I favor: me on purpose
under the response failed.

The king pardoned him, he ordered the groom to be. He led the young horses to drink, and to meet him the Goblin:

- Wow, the Royal son! Come to visit me!

"I'm afraid, will drift apart.

"Nothing, let's go!

Hut immediately found myself. The Goblin three daughters; he asks the eldest:

- What are you going to award the Royal son, that my iron post released?

Daughter says:

- Give him a cloth-cloth.

Came the king's son from the Goblin with the gift and sees that the horses are all here; launched tablecloth - what do you want, ask: was drinking and eating!

The next day he drives the Royal horses at the watering places, and the Goblin again towards:

"Come to visit me!

Led and asks middle daughter:

- And you that the Royal son of awards?

I would present him the mirror: what you want, all in the mirror see!

On the third day again catches the Goblin king's son, leads to his guests and asks a smaller daughter:

- And you that the Royal son of awards?

I would present him to the tune of: only apply to lips, now are musicians and peselnick.

Fun was to live the Royal son: is eating and drinking well, knows everything, knows music all day thunders. What is better? And horses, horses! The miracle of it: and well fed, and stately, and the pace quick.

Said the king to boast of his beloved daughter that sent him the fate of the glorious groom. And a beautiful Princess herself a long time ago groom spotted: Yes as not to notice the red damsel good fellow! Become curious Princess: why the new groom horses and faster and statue than all the others? "Give me that thinks, " I'll go to his chamber, see how he, poor thing, is it?"

Took the time, when the king's son for watering the horses drove, came into his room, and as he looked in the mirror immediately all realized and carried a cloth-cloth, and a mirror, and a pipe.

At this time happened the king the trouble came in his Kingdom, the seven-headed Idolise, asked the Princess in marriage. "And if you will not give, and power take!" he said and put his army - darkness-several thousands. Bad had the king: has he clicked cry throughout his Kingdom, convokes princes and heroes: who will win the Idol seven-headed, that promises to give half the Kingdom and in addition daughter in marriage. Here are gathered the princes and warriors, went to fight against the Idol, went and uncle with the Royal army. And our groom sat on the Mare Siwa and trudged after the other.

Rides and meet him the Goblin:

"Where are you, the son of a king?

- Fighting.

Yes the horse does not go far! And even the groom! Come to visit me!

Led to his hut, filled his bucket of water. The Prince drank.

- Much will you give me the strength to feel? asked the Goblin.

- Yes if it was the Mace of fifty pounds, I used it up threw his head Yes framed, and blow not sensed.

Gave him another bucket to drink:

"Now how much power?

- Yes if it was the Mace in one hundred pounds, I used it above the clouds threw!

Scooped him a third bucket:

"Now what is your strength?

- Yes, if you approve post from the earth to the sky, I would whole universe turned!

The Goblin drew some water from another tank, and gave the Prince; the Prince drank and diminished his power if on the seventh part.

Then he brought him the Goblin on the porch and whistled valiant whistling; atkol she does - black horse runs, the earth trembles, from nostrils the flame from the ears is a lot of smoke from under the hooves of sparks. He ran to the porch and fell on his knees.

"Here's your horse!

Gave him another Mace-Buavita Yes whip silk. Left the Prince on his black horse, against the armies of the enemy; looks, and his uncle on birch got up, sitting Yes shaking from fear. The Prince was Sagnol his whip once or twice and flew on brazee hosts; many of the soldiers with a sword pyrobel, more horse has pretotal, very Idolise seven heads were demolished.

And the Princess had seen it all: could not bear it anymore, so as not to look in the mirror, to whom it will get. Immediately went forward and asked the king's son:

- What to say thank?

"Kiss me, fair maiden!

The Princess is not ustipraca, pressed it to retive heart and loudly kissed, so all the troops heard.

The Prince slapped his horse and was gone! Came home and sits in his room, as if the battle was not, and uncle all boasts, all says:

"I was, I Idolise won!

The king met him with great honor, showall him his daughter, and asked a great feast.

Only the Princess don't be stupid - take it and tell that her head hurts, ardent aches. How to be, what to do Maracanau son-in-law?

"Father, " he says to the king, " give me a ship, I'll go for medicines for his bride, Yes bid and groom with me to go: I painfully got used to it!

The king listened, gave him the ship and groom. So they went; close whether, how far it sailed - uncle ordered to sew Kul, to put him in the stable and let in water.

The Princess looked in the mirror, and saw the trouble! Sat in a wheelchair, and quickly to the sea, and on the shore so the Goblin sits Yes net knits.

- Man! Help my grief: the evil uncle of the king's son drowned.

- Yes, fair maiden! Here is the net ready! Add me herself to him white handle.

Now the Princess has launched a net into the deep sea, pulled away and drove with him, and the house all clean father said.

Now the fun percom and for Noces: the king nor honey cooking or wine to smoke - just enough! And uncle bought different potions and turned back: enters the Palace, and here he was captured. The wedding of the Prince was fun. And I was there, honey-drink beer, would flow through moustache and mouth did not hit.

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