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One Prince married the beautiful Princess and did not have time on her drink, do not have time with her to stop talking and didn't naslushatsya, and so it was necessary for them to leave, it was necessary for him to go on a long journey, leaving his wife at the hands of others. What to do! Say, a century arms around each other to sit.

Many cried the Princess, much the Prince was persuaded, was commanded not to leave high towers, not to go into the conversation with ill people do not valaitis, thin speeches to listen to. The Princess promised to do. The Prince went away; she was locked in his peace and does not resume.

Sooner or later, came to her woman, it seemed so simple, heart!

"What, " he said, " do you miss? Though God's light looked, I would have walked through the garden, longing rajmakala.

Long Princess pleaded not wanted, at last thought: in the garden like no problem and went. In the garden flowed key crystal water.

"What, " says the woman, " such a hot day, the sun beats down, and the cold water and splashing, do not swim if we here?

"No, no, do not want! And then I thought: after all, swim is not a problem!

Threw the sarafan and jumped into the water. Only plunged, the woman hit her on the back.

- You go, " he said, " white duck!

And swam Princess white duck.

The witch immediately put on her dress, cleaned, nemaliales and sat down to wait for the Prince.

Only puppy wacol, the bell rang, she ran forward, threw himself to the Prince, kiss, have mercy. He was delighted, he hands held out and didn't recognize her.

And white duck inflicted testicular, brought children: two good, but the third, samoriski; and the children went - rabarocki.

She grew, they began on the river walk, the Golden fish to catch, patchwerk to collect, chattaniki to sew, Yes to pop up on the shore, Yes to look at the meadow.

"Oh, don't go there, kids! said the mother. Children are not listened to; now will play on the grass, tomorrow run by Moravce, on and on and climbed on Sherwood.

Witch flair they learned teeth squeaked. She called children, fed-watered and was put to sleep and had him spread out fire, hang boilers, to sharpen knives.

Lay two brother and fell asleep; and samoriski, so as not to chill, ordered by their mother in pasoski to wear - tamarisk and not asleep, hears everything, sees everything. At night came the witch under the door and asks:

- You sleep, little children, or not?

Tamarisk answers:

- We sleep - not sleeping, Duma think they want us all portati; lights put guelder rose, boilers hang vigorous, knives gochat damask!

- Don't sleep!

The witch was gone, he walked, again under the door:

- Sleep, kids, or not?

Tamarisk again says the same:

- We sleep - not sleeping, Duma think they want us all portati; lights put guelder rose, boilers hang vigorous, knives sharpen damask!

"What does it all with one voice?" thought the witch opened the door slowly, he saw two brothers sleep immediately looked them dead with his hand and they died.

In the morning the white duck calling kids; kids nejdete. He sasualo her heart fluttered and she flew at the princely court.

At the princely court, white as handkerchiefs, cold as plasticky, lay brothers side by side.

Rushed it to them, rushed, wings dissolved, children hugged and maternal voice yelled:

- Quack, quack, my children
Quack, quack, holubecki,
I need you nursed,
I tear you were drinking,
The darker the night was sleep,
Sweet cous underfed.

The wife, hearing unprecedented? Duck sentences.

Is you fancy! "Duck yard drive!

It'll run, she circled again to the children:

- Quack, quack, my children.
Quack, quack, dove-point.
Killed you old witch,
The old witch, fierce snake,
Snake fierce, in the grass.
Took you a father, mother,
Dear father, my husband,
Drowned us in rapid river,
Drew us in white ducks,
And it lives is magnified.

"Huh!" thought the Prince, and cried:

- Catch me white duck!

Threw everything but a white duck is flying and no one is given; ran the Prince himself, she to his hands fell. He took her by the wing and says:

- Become white birch from behind me, and the fair maiden to come!

White birch stretched out behind him, and the fair maiden was to come, and the girl in the red Prince recognized her as a young Princess.

Immediately caught the magpie, tied her two bubble ordered one to get water living, to another speaking. Forty flew, fetched some water. Adorning children living water they started, adorning govoryashie - they spoke.

And became the Prince of a whole family, all lived happy ever, good fortune, bad to forget.

And the witch was tied to a horse tail, rassykhali on the field: where broke leg - there was a poker; where hand - there is a rake; where the head - there is a Bush Yes deck. Bumped poultry - meat picked it up, podnyalsa winds - bones dispersed, and no place was found for her there was no trace, no memory!

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