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In a certain Kingdom, in a certain country there lived a king. He had a wife Nastasya - Golden scythe and three sons: Peter, Prince Vasily the Prince and Prince Ivan.

Went again the Queen with their mamuski and nanoscale to stroll in the garden. Suddenly came a Whirlwind picked up the Queen and took off somewhere. The king was alarmed, scrutinise, Yes does not know how to be.

Here grew the princes, he says:

- My children the kind who will go to his mother to look for?

Gathered two older sons and went. And the year they don't, and the other not, that's the third year starts... was Ivan the priest to ask:

- Let me go mother to look about older brothers to find out.

"No, " saith the king, is one you have left, do not forsake me, old man.

But Ivan says:

Anyway, let - go and let - go.

What can I do? He released his king.

Saddled Ivan Tsarevich his good horse, and in the path went. Rode-rode... Soon the story is told, but not soon do.

Drove up to the glass mountains. Is mountain high, the tip in the sky rested. Under the mountain - two tent spread: Peter, Prince da Basil-Prince.

"Hello, Ivan! You whither?

- Mother to seek, to catch up with you.

"Ah, Prince Ivan, Matushkin trail we have found, Yes on the trail legs are not. Come try on this mountain to climb, and we have already mechaniki no. We three years at the bottom of the stand, climb up can't.

"Well, mates, I'll try.

Climbed Ivan Tsarevich on the glass mountain. Step up on all fours, ten - and-down head over heels. He and day climbs, and other climbs. All hand sliced, legs scrofani. On the third day he reached the top.

Became top-brothers scream:

"I'll go mother look, you stay here, I wait three years and three months, and not going on time, and wait for nothing. And Raven, my bones will not bring!

He rested a little Ivan-tsarevitch and walked down the mountain. Went, went, went, went. Sees - the brazen Palace stands. At the gate terrible snakes on copper chains chained, fire breathe. And by well, well copper bucket on a copper chain hanging. Relocate the snake to water, Yes short circuit.

Took Ivan a bucket, scooped ice cold water, watered snakes. He lay still snakes, lay down. He walked into the copper Palace. Came out of the copper Kingdom Princess:

"Who art thou, good fellow?

I am Ivan.

"What, Ivan, and your hunting or unwillingly came here?

- Looking for his mother - Nastasya-Queen. Vortex dragged her here. Don't you know where she is?

"I don't know. And that's not far from here lives my middle sister, maybe she'll tell you.

And gave him a copper ball.

- Pakati the ball, " he said, " he give you a way to average the sisters will tell. And how will win the Whirlwind, don't forget me, poor.

- Well, - said Ivan.

Cast copper ball. The ball began to roll, and the king after him went.

Came in the silver Kingdom. At the gate terrible snakes on silver chains chained. There is a well with a silver ladle. Ivan Tsarevich scooped some water, gave it some water snakes. They went to bed and missed it. Ran out of the silver Kingdom Princess.

"It is nearly three years, " said the Princess, as keeps me here a mighty Whirlwind. I Russian spirit've not heard, not seen, and now the Russian spirit himself came to me. Who are you, my good fellow?

I am Ivan.

- How did you get here: your hunting or unwillingly?

His hunting - looking for native mother. She went to the green garden walk, came a mighty Whirlwind, bore her off somewhere. Don't know where to find it?

"No, I don't know. And lives near here, in the Golden Kingdom, my older sister, Elena the Beautiful. Maybe she'll tell you. Here's a silver ball. Pakati it in front of you and go after him. Yes, look, I kill Vortex, forget me not, poor.

Drove Ivan Tsarevich silver ball, he went after.

Sooner or later - see: Golden Palace stands as the heat is burning. At the gate teeming with terrible snake, gold chains chained. Fire full. Near the well, the well of the Golden ladle on gold chains chained.

Ivan Tsarevich scooped some water, gave it some water snakes. They went to bed, he lay still. Came Ivan's Palace; meet Elena Beautiful - Princess beauty undescribed:

"Who art thou, good fellow?

I am Ivan. Looking for my mother - Nastasya-Queen. Don't know where to find it?

- How can it not know? She lives not far from here. Here's a gold ball. Pakati him on the road he will lead you where you need to be. Look, Prince, how will you win Swirl, forget me not, poor take on the boundless light.

"Well, " he said, " the beauty of the beloved, will not forget.

Drove Ivan Tsarevich the ball and went after him. Went, went, and came to this Palace that no tale to tell, nor pen describe - so burns pitched pearls and precious stones. At the gate hiss Castiglia snakes, fire, fire, heat, breathe.

Gave them the Prince. He lay still a snake, missed him in the Palace. Was the Prince of large chambers. In the farthest found his mother. She sits on a high throne in Royal attire embellished, jeweled crown crowned. She looked at his guest, and cried out:

- Ivan, my son! How did you get here?!

- You came, my mother.

"Well, son, it's hard for you to be. The great power of the Vortex. Well, Yes I'll help you, forces you add.

Then she raised the Board, took him to the cellar. There are two tubs with water - one on his right hand, the other on the left.

Said Nastasya-Queen:

- Espa-ka, Ivanushka, the water that is on the right hand stands.

Ivan Tsarevich drank.

- Well, what? Added you strength?

He added, mother. I would now the entire Palace with one hand turned.

- Well, ISPA yet!

The Prince still drank.

"How much, son, now you force?

- Now you want all the light will powrotu.

"Here, Sonny, and stop. Well, we rearrange these tubs from place to place. That is right, take the left side, and one that stands to the right, take the right side.

Ivan Tsarevich took tubs, moved from place to place.

Says the Queen of Nastasya:

In one barrel of strong water, the other powerless. Whirlwind in battle strong drinking water, because it will not cope.

They were turned back into the Palace.

Soon the storm will come, " says the Queen of Nastasya. "You grab his Mace. Yes don't let off. The vortex in the sky will be soaring and you with him: he will become you over the seas, over mountains high above the deep chasms to wear, and you hold on tight, arms not decompresses. You will get tired Whirlwind want to drink strong waters, will rush to the barrel that on the right-hand set, and you can drink from a tub that on the left hand...

Only managed to say, suddenly the courtyard was dark, everything was shaking. Flew the Vortex in the upper room. Ivan Tsarevich rushed him, grabbed his Mace.

"You who is that? Where did that come from? - cried the Vortex. "I will eat you!

"Well, grandma in TWAIN said! Either eat or not.

Rushed vortex in a box Yes in the heavens. He wore wore Ivan Tsarevich... And over the mountains and over the seas, and over deep chasms. Does not release the Prince from the hands of Mace. All the light Whirlwind flew. He umalca from forces had escaped. Descended - and right into the cellar Ran to the barrel that on the right hand stood and let the water to drink.

And Ivan left rushed to the barrel has dropped. Drinking Vortex - every breath power loses. Drinking Ivan Tsarevich - with each drop, the force it arrives. Became a mighty warrior. Drew his sharp sword and suddenly compartment Vortex head.

Screamed behind the voices:

- Ruby again! Ruby again! And it will come alive!

"No, " answered the Prince, - powerful hand twice does not beat, once all ends.

Ran Ivan Tsarevich to Nastasya-the Queen:

"Come, mother. 's time. Under the mountain brethren waiting. Yes on the road have three princesses to take.

Here they are in the journey went. Went for Helen.

It is the Golden egg rolled, all the Golden Kingdom in the testis and shoved.

"Thank you, " he said, " Prince Ivan, are you me from the evil Vortex spas. Here's an egg, and want to be my restriction.

Took Ivan a Golden egg, and the Princess in scarlet lips kissed.

Then went for the silver Princess of the Kingdom, and then the copper Princess. Captured with a cloth woven and came to the place where it is necessary to descend from the mountain. Ivan Tsarevich was down on the canvas Nastasya-Queen, then Helen and her two sisters.

The brothers are at the bottom, waiting. Saw the mother was delighted. Saw Helen - went numb. Saw two sisters envied.

- Well, - said Vasily-Prince - young-green our Ivanushka forward older brothers to become. Take mother Yes princesses, to the priest shall take, say: our powerful hands produced. And Ivanushka may mount one walk.

"Well, " replies Peter, Prince of the business you're talking about. Elena Fine I will take the silver Princess of the Kingdom you will take, and the Princess of copper for the General surrender.

There is just gathered Ivan himself with a mountain to climb down; only was the painting to the stump to bind, and the older brothers from below took the cloth, pulled from his hand and tore. Now Ivan Tsarevich down will go down?

Left Ivan Tsarevich on the mountain one. Cried and went back. Went-went nowhere no soul. Boredom is death! Was Ivan with sadness-grief Vortex Mace to play.

Only swung the Mace with one hand to suddenly, out of nowhere, jumped Lame Yes Curve.

- What's the matter with you, Prince Ivan! Three times will order three charge your run.

Says Ivan Tsarevich:

- Hungry, Lame Yes Curve!

Out of nowhere - the table is set, buffet meals are the best.

Ate Ivan-tsarevitch, again with a hand on a hand swung the Mace.

Relax, " he said, " I want!

Not had time to utter - standing oak bed, her down Comforter, silk blanket. Slept Ivan Tsarevich - the third time threw the Mace. Jumped Lame Yes Curve:

"What, Ivan, want?

- I want to be in his Kingdom-state.

Only said at the same moment he found himself Ivan in his state. Right in the middle of the Bazaar has become. Stands and looks around. Sees: the Bazaar comes to meet him shoemaker, walks, sings, feet together preceptive - full of fun!

The Prince and asks:

"Where, man, go?

- Yes are the shoes to sell. I'm a cobbler.

- Take me to his apprentice.

"You know how the shoes to sew?

- Yes, I'm everything you can. Not that the shoes and dress to sew.

They came home, shoemaker says:

Here's a product the best. Sew shoes and see what you can do.

"Well what is this product?! Shit, Yes!"

At night, as everyone slept, took Ivan a Golden egg, drove off down the road. Stood before him a Golden Palace. Came Ivan into his room, took out the chest, boots, gold embroidered, rolled the egg on the road, hid in the testis Golden Palace, put shoes on the table, went to bed.

In the morning light saw the owner of the shoes, gasped:

- A sort of shoes just in the Palace wear!

And at this time in the Palace of the three weddings were prepared: takes Peter-the Prince for himself Elena Wonderful, Basil-Prince - silver Kingdom, the Princess and the copper Kingdom Princess for the General surrender.

Brought the shoemaker shoes in the Palace. Saw the shoes Elena Beautiful, I immediately understood: "to Know, Ivan, my betrothed, is alive and well in the Kingdom goes".

Says Helen king:

Will do me the shoemaker to Zavtra without measurements wedding dress, gold was sewn, semi-precious stones glossed over, studded with pearls. Otherwise, not going to marry Peter-Prince.

Called the king of the shoemaker.

- And so, " he said, " to-morrow Princess Elena the Beautiful Golden dress was delivered, not on the gallows!

Is the shoemaker home cheerless, grey head hung.

"Here, " said Prince Ivan, " that you were with me did.

"Nothing, " says Ivan, go to sleep! Tomorrow is a new day.

Night took Prince Ivan from Golden Kingdom wedding dress, on the table to the shoemaker put it. Woke up in the morning the shoemaker - dress lies on the table, as the heat is burning, the whole room lights. Grabbed his shoemaker, ran into the Palace, gave Elena the Beautiful.

The Helen gave him and orders:

- See to-morrow at dawn on the seventh mile, the sea was the Kingdom of the Golden Palace that grew there the wonderful trees and birds singing in different voices and I would be glorified. Not going to do is tell you a cruel death to be executed.

Went to the shoemaker home barely alive.

"Here, " said Prince Ivan, what are your shoes done! Not to be me now live.

"Nothing, " says Ivan, " you go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day.

As everyone fell asleep, went to Ivan on the seventh mile to the beach. Drove the Golden egg. Stood before him, the Golden Kingdom, in the middle of the Golden Palace, Golden Palace bridge, seven miles stretches around the wonderful trees grow, songbirds different voices sing.

Was Ivan Tsarevich on the bridge, in Perilla cloves scolacium.

Saw the Palace of Helen, ran to the king:

"Look, the king, what have we done!

Looked at the king and gasped.

And Helen says:

- Led, father, to harness a gilded carriage, go to Golden Palace with Prince Peter to get married.

So they went on the Golden bridge. On the bridge of the turned columns, gilded rings And each column of the dove with the honey sit, bow to each other and say:

"I remember you, honey, who saved you?

- Remember, dearie, ' saved Ivan Tsarevich.

And about railing Ivan Tsarevich stands, Golden pinks preclusive.

Cried Helen in a loud voice:

- Good people! Hold faster horses faster. No one saved me, who is sitting near me, and he saved me, who at parilized worth it!

Took Ivan by the hand, put a close, the Golden Palace took, then they and the wedding was celebrated.

He returned to the king, the whole truth told him. Wanted king eldest sons put to death, Yes Prince Ivan joy begged them to forgive. Gave Peter the Prince of the silver Princess of the Kingdom, for Basil-Prince - copper. There was a feast for the whole world! And that's the end of the story.

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