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Far away, in the fairy country, there lived a king and Queen; they were not. Went to the king in foreign lands, far to the sides, for a long time the house had never been; at that time the Queen bore him a son, Ivan Tsarevich, and the king was about to say something and does not know. He began to keep the path in their state, began to come to their land, and the day was hot-hot, the sun and heat! And attacked him with great thirst; neither to give, if only water to drink! He looked around and sees near a large lake; drove up to the lake of tears from his horse, lay down on his belly and started to swallow the ice cold water.

Drink and not die of misery; and the king of the sea caught him by the beard.

"Let go! - asks the king.

- No means no, don't drink without my knowledge!

What I want take the mercy - only release!

"Come on then, what house do not know.

The king thought for what he house does not know? It would seem, knows everything, he knows, and he agreed. I tried the beard nobody holds; rose from the ground, sat on his horse and went home.

Now he comes home, the Queen meets his Prince, this joyful; and as he learned about his cute baby, and burst into bitter tears. Told the Queen what he was, cried together, but to do nothing, tears things are not correct.

They live in the old way; but the Prince grows grows itself Yes, if dough on the dough - not by days but by hours, and grew large.

"How much to keep to yourself, thinks the king, but to give you need: case naminoue!" Took Ivan by the hand, led directly to the lake.

- Look here, " he said, " my ring; yesterday I accidentally dropped.

Left one Prince, and he turned back again. Became the Prince to seek the ring, walking along the shore, and there came to him an old woman.

- Where are you going, Ivan Tsarevich?

- Fuck off, not tokuchi, old witch! And without you annoying.

"Well, stay... And the old woman went away. And Ivan-tsarevitch has parastatals: "what have I cursed the old woman? Give its free-for-all; the old people are cunning and quick-witted! Maybe as good say." And began to roll the old lady:

- Gates, grandmother, Yes forgive my stupid word! I've had anger said: made me the father of the ring to look, go-look out for, and ring not at all!

For the ring you're here; gave thee the father the sea king: will sea king and will take you with him in the underwater Kingdom.

Bitterly cried the Prince.

- Don't grieve, Prince Ivan! Will be on your side of the fence; just listen to me, old woman. Hide out for the currant Bush and pritish quietly. Will come here twelve pigeons - all red girls, and behind them and thirteenth; will be in the lake to swim; while you take the last shirt and until then don't give until you give it you your ring. If you will not be able to do that, you're lost forever; the Tsar of the sea around the entire Palace is a palisade high, the whole ten miles, and on each needle head stuck; only one empty, not Ugadi to get it!

Prince Ivan thanked the old woman hid behind the currant Bush and waiting for pore-time.

Suddenly arriving twelve pigeons; hit the cheese the ground and turned red girls, every one of the beauty ineffable, neither put nor shadat, nor pen to write!

Pocidalo dresses, and went into the lake: playing, splashing, laughing, singing.

After them came and thirteenth dove; hit the cheese the earth turned red girl, dropped with white body shirt and went to bathe; and she was all handsome and all beautiful!

Long Ivan could not take their eyes, for a long time the stewardess, Yes recalled that told him the old woman crept up and took the shirt.

Came out of the water the fair maiden, you have missed - no shirts, killed someone; he rushed all to seek, sought, sought - 't see anywhere else.

- Do not look, dear sisters! Fly away home; I'm to blame - have overlooked herself to answer will be. Sisters red girls hit the cheese land, became the pigeons, waved his wings and flew away. There was one girl, looked around and said:

- Whoever that is who my shirt, come over here; if the old man will be me my father, if middle-aged will be the brother
beloved, if a match for me will be my friend!

Only said the last word, thought Ivan Tsarevich. She has brought him a gold ring, and says:

"Ah, Prince Ivan! I've never come? Sea king you angry. That's the road that leads to the underwater Kingdom; go through it safely! There will find me; for I am the daughter of the sea king, Vasilisa the wise.

Turned into Vasilisa the wise by Golubka and flew away from the Prince. And Prince Ivan went to the underwater Kingdom; sees - and the light is the same as ours, and there are fields and meadows, and groves of green, and the sun warm.

He comes to the sea king. Yelled at him the sea king:

- So long not visited? For guilt here's your service: I have Heath thirty miles in length and breadth are some ditches, gullies Yes the stone sharp! In order to Zavtra was there as palm smoothly, and would be rye sown, and grown to early morning that she jackdaw could lay low. If that will not do your head from shoulders down with!

Is Ivan from the sea king, he tears pours. Saw it in the window of his tower high Vasilisa the wise and asks:

"Hello, Ivan! That tears poured?

- How can I not cry? - meets the Prince. - Made me the king of the sea for one night to raze ditches, gullies and the sharp stone and seed rye, so that by morning she grew up and could it jackdaw to hide.

Is not the trouble, the trouble ahead. Go with God to sleep; tomorrow is a new day, everything is ready!

Went to bed Prince Ivan and Vasilisa the wise came out on the porch and cried with a loud voice:

- Gay you, my faithful servants! Leveled me deep ditches, chip away the stone sharp, sow rye spiked, so that by the morning he arrived.

Woke up at the dawn of Ivan Tsarevich, looked all ready: no ditches or gullies, is the field of the palm is smooth, and emblazoned on it rye - so high that the jackdaw will chernitsa.

Went to sea with the king report.

"Thank you, " said the sea king, that managed service to do. Here's another: I have three hundred Skirrow, each Skardu three hundred stacks - all wheat belara; obsolote me to Zavtra whole wheat pure clean, single grain, and Skirrow not break and sheaves don't hit. If you don't do your head from shoulders down with!

'Yes, your Majesty! - said Ivan Tsarevich; again goes to court Yes tears pours.

"What cry bitterly? - asks him Vasilisa the wise.

- How can I not cry? Ordered me the king of the sea in one night all ricks corn, grain not to lose, and Skirrow not to break and sheaves not be broken.

Is not the trouble, the trouble ahead! Go to bed with God, tomorrow is a new day.

The Prince went to bed, and Vasilisa the wise came out on the porch and cried with a loud voice:

- You gay, ants creeping! How many of you in this world nor there - all crawl over here and polybasite grain from fatherís Skirrow pure clean.

In the morning calls of the sea Tsar Ivan Tsarevich:

- Concelebrated do you service?

- Served, your Majesty!

"Let's see.

They came to the threshing floor - all the stacks are intact, came in barns - all bins polphonic grain.

"Thank you, brother! said the sea king. "Make me another Church of pure wax that dawn was ready: it will be your last service.

Again there is Ivan Tsarevich in the yard, tears washes.

"What cry bitterly? asks him from the high towers Vasilisa the wise.

- How can I not cry, my good fellow? Ordered me the sea king for one night to make the Church of pure wax.

"Well, this is not the trouble, the trouble ahead. Lie down to sleep, tomorrow is a new day.

The Prince had gone to bed, and Vasilisa the wise came out on the porch and cried with a loud voice:

- You gay, hardworking bees! How many of you in this world nor there - all fly here and shape of pure wax the Church of God, that by the morning it was ready!

In the morning got up Ivan-tsarevitch, looked - the Church stands of pure wax, and went to sea with the king report.

"Thank you, Ivan! Any servants I have gone, no one has managed to please you. Be for my heir, of all the kingdoms of the custodian; choose any of the thirteen daughters of my wife.

Ivan Tsarevich chose Vasilisa the Wise; at once they were married and to celebrate, feasted for three days. Much time has passed, stockbase Ivan Tsarevich on his parents wanted him to Holy Russia.

That is so sad, Prince Ivan?

"Oh, Vasilisa the wise, groscolas father, mother, wanted to Holy Russia.

- This is trouble! If we go, we will chase the great; king of the sea will get angry and will betray us to death. It is necessary to manage!

Spat Vasilisa the wise in three corners, locked the door in his mansion and ran with Ivan Tsarevich on Holy Russia.

The next day, come early sent from the king of the sea - young to raise the Palace to the king to wait. Knocking on the doors:

- Pronites, provoditsya! You father is calling.

- Yet, we don't get enough sleep, come after! - responsible one slyunka.

Behold, the messenger went, waited for an hour or two and again knock:

- No time to sleep, time to get up!

- Wait a minute: stand up, get dressed! - meets second slyunka.

For the third time come sent: king de sea is angry, why so long they are lazing around.

"Now we'll! - meets the third slyunka. Waited-waited and sent come again to knock: no response, no feedback! Broke the door, and the house is empty. Reported to the king that the young ran; wroth, and he sent them the great chase.

And Vasilisa the wise with Ivan Tsarevich already far! Jump on the greyhounds horses without stopping, without rest.

"Well, Ivan, surrender yourself to the bare ground Yes look, there are no car chases from the sea king?

Ivan the Prince dismounted from his horse, kissed his ear against the damp earth, and says;

- I hear human molvi and horse top!

- Is this us driven! said Vasilisa the wise and immediately drew horses meadow, Ivan Tsarevich - old shepherd, and she became smirnow the lamb.

Pressing the chase:

"Hey, old man! 't seen if you're not rode there a good fellow with a red girl?

"No, good people, not seen, " replied Ivan-tsarevitch. Forty years as a shepherd in this place - none of the bird by not prolative, no animal by not Paraskevas!

The return of chase back:

- Your Highness! Anyone in no way ran, saw only a shepherd the sheep pastures.

- What was missing? Because that's what they were! - cried the sea king, and sent a new pursuit.

And Ivan Tsarevich with Vasilisa the wise a long time ago riding greyhounds horses.

"Well, Ivan, surrender yourself to the bare ground Yes look, there are no car chases from the sea king?

Ivan Tsarevich tears from his horse, kissed his ear against the damp earth and says:

- I hear human molvi and horse top.

- Is this us driven! said Vasilisa the wise; sama became a Church, Ivan Tsarevich drew the old priest, and horses - trees. Pressing the chase:

"Hey, father! Not whether you were not there the shepherd with the lamb?

"No, good people, not seen. Forty years of work in this Church - none of the bird by not prolative, no animal by not Paraskevas!

Turned the pursuit ago:

- Your Highness! Did not find a shepherd with sheep; only in the path and saw that the Church Yes Popa-old man.

- What are you the Church is not broke, priest is not captured? After all, they were the most! - cried the sea king himself rode ndogoni for Ivan Tsarevich and Vasilisa the Wise.

And they are far left. Again says Vasilisa the wise:

- Ivan Tsarevich! Surrender yourself to a wet ground not to hear whether the chase?

Tears Ivan Tsarevich from his horse, kissed his ear against the damp earth and says:

I hear human molvi and horse top than ever.

Is the king himself rides.

He obratil Vasilisa the wise horses lake, Ivan Tsarevich - Drake, and she became a duck. Rode the king of the sea to the lake, immediately guessed who are duck and Drake, hit the cheese the ground and turned into a eagle. Want the eagle to kill them to death, Yes there it was: that neither will break the top... is about to hit Drake and Drake dive into the water; is about to hit the duck, and the duck in the water dive! Fought, fought, so nothing could be done.

Rode the king of the sea in his underwater Kingdom, and Vasilisa the wise with Ivan Tsarevich waited for a good time and went to Holy Russia.

Sooner or later, they have arrived in trilisate Kingdom.

- Wait for me in this forest, " said Ivan Tsarevich Vasilisa the wise, " I'll go report beforehand father, mother.

"You'll forget me, Prince Ivan!

"No, I will not forget.

"No, Ivan, don't tell, will forget! Remember me though when it becomes two pigeons in the open to fight!

Came Ivan's Palace; he saw his parents threw him on the neck and began to kiss-have mercy on him. On the joys forgot Ivan Tsarevich about Vasilisa the Wise.

Lives the other day and to my father, mother, and on the third conceived in marriage to any daughter. Vasilisa the wise went into the city and went to Prosvirina the workers. Steel provery1 cook, she took two pieces of dough, cobbled together a couple of pigeons and put in the oven.

- Solve, mistress, what will become of these pigeons!

- What will happen? Eat them - that's all!

"No, no guessing!

Opened Vasilisa the wise oven, opened the window and at the same moment pigeons streetwise, went straight to the Palace and knocked at the window; how many servants of the Tsar tried, could do nothing to drive them away. Here only Ivan remembered Vasilisa the Wise, he sent messengers to all ends to question and to search for and found her at Provimi; took over the white arms, kissing lips sugar, led to the father, mother, and were all to live together and happily ever after.

1 Provera (prosphora) - white round bread made of steep test, is used in Orthodox worship.

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