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In a certain Kingdom, in a certain country there lived a king and Queen; they had a son, Ivantzarevich, and to look to look for a Prince of the charge was Catoma-uncle, oak cap. The king and Queen reached the ancient years, sick and do not require much recovery; encourage Ivan Tsarevich and punish:

- When we are dead men, you all listen to and honor your Katoa-uncle, oak hat; will obey - will be happy and will want to be disobedient - will disappear like a fly.

The next day the king and Queen died; Ivan buried parents and went to live according to their mandate: what does everything with uncle Council holds. Sooner or later - got the Prince to advanced years and have decided to marry, comes to the man and said to him:

- Katona-uncle, oak hat! Boring for me, I want to agentsa.

"Well, Prince! Why not? Thy are such that time and about the bride to think; go to the Grand chamber - there are all princesses, all the king's portraits collected, see select Yes: what you like, and for satisa.

Ivan Tsarevich went to the Grand chamber, began to reconsider portraits, and came to him in the thoughts of the Princess Anna Lovely - so pretty, what in the world no other! Her portrait is signed: if anyone will ask her riddle, and she will not answer, will she be married; and whose mystery will have guessed, from the head down. Ivan Tsarevich read this signature, rescrutinize and goes to his uncle.

Was I, " he said, " in the big house, who had watched his bride Anne Fine; only do not know whether it can viswanath?

"Yes, Prince! It is difficult to get; but if one will go - will never vishwatech, and take me with you Yes will do as I say, " maybe it will work out.

Ivan Tsarevich asks Katoa-uncle, oak hat to go with him and gives him the right word to obey him in sorrow and in joy.

Here they gathered in the road and went to find Anna the Beautiful Princess. They go year, and another, and the third, and I picked up a lot of land.

Says Ivan Tsarevich:

- We go, uncle, so much time, approaching the land of the Beautiful Anna the king's daughter, and don't know what to think of a riddle.

- Still have time to make up!

Go on; Katona-uncle, oak hat looked at the road - on the road lies wallet with money; now he rose, poured out all the money in your wallet and says:

- Here's your riddle, Prince Ivan! As will come to the king's daughter, make her these words: rode-de we-by the way, saw: on the road goodness lies, we kind took in his good to put down! This mystery in her life not to unravel; and all other now know - just look in your magic book; and as he learns, and wants to chop your head off.

Finally arrived Ivan with uncle to high Palace where lived a beautiful Princess; at that time-the time she was on the balcony, saw the visitors and sent to know: where are they and what profit? Meet Ivan Tsarevich:

- I came from that Kingdom, I would like to find for yourself the Beautiful Princess Anna.

Reported that the king's daughter; she ordered that the Prince of the Palace was Yes in all its Duma princes and Barah riddle made.

- I - said - this Testament put: if you don't guess whose riddles for me to marry, and whose will guess is that evil death to betray!

"Hey, beautiful Princess, my mystery, " says Ivan, - we went by-by the way, saw - on the road goodness lies, we kind took good put.

Anna Fine Princess takes his magic book, beginning to reconsider Yes reading to find; the entire book took over, and nothing was achieved. Here Duma princes and nobles was awarded the king's daughter to marry Ivan Tsarevich; though she is not happy, and nothing to do - was to prepare for the wedding. Thinking to herself she: how would the time to stretch and groom to leave? And decided to bother him with great services. Calling it Ivan Tsarevich and said to him:

- My dear Ivan, husband betrothed! We need for the wedding to be made: soluri me a small service: my Kingdom for such a place is a large iron post; drag it into the Palace kitchen, and cut into small logs - cook on firewood.

"Indeed, Princess! Nesto I came here to cut wood? My do it! Then my servant is: Katoma-uncle, oak cap.

Now calling the Prince a man and orders him to get into the kitchen cast iron pole and cut it into small logs to cook on the wood. Catoma-uncle went to the said place, grabbed the pole in his arms, brought into the Palace kitchen and broke into small pieces; four cast-iron sticks took in his pocket - "for good forehand!"

The next day says the Princess, Prince Ivan:

- My dear Prince, betrothed husband! Tomorrow us to the crown to go: I go to a stroller, and you're riding on a powerful stallion; you need ahead of time to ride that horse.

- Will I go round horse! Then I have a servant there.

Calls Ivan Tsarevich Katoa-uncle, oak cap.

"Go, " he said, " on the stable, led to the servants to bring powerful stallion, sit on it and objecti; tomorrow I am on it to the crown will go.

Catoma-uncle realized tricks the Princess, didn't have to talk, went to the stables and ordered the servants to bring powerful stallion. Gathered twelve grooms; unlocked twelve locks, opened twelve doors, and brought the magic of the horse on the twelve iron chains. Catoma-uncle, oak cap approached him; only managed to get a magical horse is separated from the ground, above the forest rises that higher forest standing, lower cloud walking. Catoma sits firmly, one hand behind his mane is kept, and the other pulls from his pocket a cast iron stick and starts this log bromide ears of the horse to settle. Beat one stick, took another, two beat, took third, three beat, went in the course of the fourth. And so saying he powerful stallion that could not stand the horse, Mozgovoi human voice:

- Father Of Catoma! Let go though living in white light. What I want Prikazi: everything will be as you wish!

"Hey, dog meat! - responsible to him Catoma-uncle, oak cap. Tomorrow will go to you to crown Prince Ivan. See also: how will you grooms the wide courtyard Yes come to thee Prince and put your hand - you stay still, the ear does not posively; and as he will sit astride you the brush into the ground podica Yes go underneath heavy step, like you have on the back of the excessive burden nachladen.

Powerful horse heard the order, and went down barely alive on the earth. Catoma grabbed him by the tail and threw him near the stables:

"Hey, coachmen and grooms! Clear the stall is dog meat.

Waited another day; it was time for the crown to go to the Princess carriage filed, and Prince Ivan powerful stallion failed. From all sides people came running - visible-invisible! Out of the chambers of the white stone the bride and groom; she sat in the stroller and waits for something to be with Ivan Tsarevich? Magic horse will carry his curls in the wind, surely would scatter his bones on Cisco field. Suitable Ivan Tsarevich to the stallion puts his hand on the back foot in Strelna - stallion stands as if rooted, the ear would not move their! Sat Tsarevich riding the magic horse brushes in the earth is gone, taking with him twelve chains - horse was to be smooth heavy step, and with the sweat and rolls.

- What a hero! What power overwhelming! - said the people, looking at the Prince.

He Provencale the bride and groom; they began to leave the Church, took each other's hands. It occurred to the Princess once again to try the power of Ivan Tsarevich, squeezed his hand so hard that he could not withstand: blood in the face rushed, his eyes under the forehead is gone. "So you're aware of it hero, thinks she, " glorious is your uncle I was entangled... only a gift you can't get over it!"

Live Anna Beautiful Princess with Ivan Tsarevich like a wife with a God-given husband in every way his words ulemae, and she one thinks: what would be the way lime Katoa-uncle, oak cap; Prince without uncles easily managed! No matter how much she made up all sorts of tales, Ivan didn't give her speech, all regretted his uncle. In a year time, he says to his wife:

"My my wife, the beautiful Princess! Wish me to go with you in your state.

"I guess I'll go; I had always wanted to see your state.

Now went; uncle Katoma for Kucher planted. Rode-rode; Ivan fell asleep on the way. Suddenly Anna Beautiful Princess began to Wake Yes complaint to bring:

"Listen, Prince, are you all asleep - I hear nothing. And your guy just doesn't listen to me, deliberately ruled by horses hummocks Yes ruts like lime us going; I was him good to talk, and he taunts me. Not want to live, if he is not punished!

Ivan Tsarevich hard half asleep, I became angry with his uncle and gave him the whole counsel of karolinina:

- Do with it what you know!

The Princess gave orders to cut off his feet.

Catoma was given to her shame. "Let's - think - will suffer; and the Prince know - how to mount Makati!"

Cut off Katame-uncle both legs. Has she looked around and saw standing at the side of the high stump; he called the servants and ordered them to put him on this stump, and Ivan Tsarevich tied the rope to the carriage, turned back and went in her Kingdom. Catamadca, oak hat sitting on a stump, crying bitter tears.

"Good - bye, " he said, " Ivan Tsarevich! Will remember me.

And Ivan skipping over the stroller runs; he knows that Mahu gave, Yes cannot be revisited. Came the king's daughter Anna is Beautiful in their country and forced Ivan Tsarevich cows graze. Every day in the morning he goes with the herd in the open field, and in the evening back at the Royal court drives; at that time the Princess on the balcony sits and checks whether all the expense of the cow? Recalculates and tells him their Prince to the barn to drive Yes last cow's tail to kiss; this cow so he knows you reach the gate, stop and tail will raise...

Catoma-man sitting on a stump day, and another, and the third not Beers, been hungry; peeling does not have to die hungry death.

Not far from this place was a dense forest, in the forest lived a blind selenology hero; only fed that as you will hear in the spirit, that by his what, the beast ran: rabbit, Fox, bear, whether now in pursuit of him; catch - and lunch is ready! Was the hero on foot soon, and any beast preskocimo could not escape from it. Here's what happened: snuck Fox; Hercules heard Yes behind her; she reached the high stump and gave a knee to the side, and the blind hero hastened Yes a run as he hit his forehead on a tree stump - so with his root and twisted.

Catoma fell to the ground and asks:

"You who is that?

- I am a blind hero, live in the woods for thirty years, only the fed, if any of the beast will catch on fire will be roasted; and that would long ago have died of starvation death!

- Don't tell me you old blind?

"No, not old; but I was gouged out his eyes Anne Fine Princess.

"Well, brother, " says Catoma-uncle, oak hat, and I through it without legs remained: both cut off the damned!

Talked heroes among themselves and agreed to live together, together the bread to get. The blind says legless:

"Sit down on me Yes affect the way; I will serve thee with their legs, and you my own eyes. He took legless and bore, and Catoma sits on both sides of glances Yes know shouts:

- To the right! Left! Right!..

They lived that way for some time in the woods and caught myself at lunch, and hares, and foxes, and bears. Says times legless:

- Really we all age without people to live? I heard that in this city lives a wealthy merchant's daughter, and the merchant's daughter as much mercy to the poor and maimed! I'm all alms delivers. Take me, brother! Let us for the owner lives. The blind man took the cart, put in her legs and drove into the city, right to the rich merchant in the yard; I saw them from the window of a merchant's daughter, immediately jumped up and went to dress them alms. Went to a legless:

- Receive, urozhenki, for Christ's sake!

He began to take alms, grabbed her hands, and into the cart, cried the blind man - he ran so quickly that horses don't catch! The merchant sent the chase - no, not caught up. Heroes brought a merchant's daughter in his forest hut and said to her:

- Be to us instead of the native sisters live with us, Hoseini; and we, maimed, no dinner to cook, shirts wash. God you don't leave!

Stayed with them merchant's daughter; her heroes are revered, loved, sister recognized; they are continually on the hunt, and my dear sister always at home: all the farm runs, lunch, cooking, linen washes.

Here and went to him in the hut to go Baba Yaga bony feet and suck the red girl, the merchant's daughter, white breast. Only heroes on the hunt will go and Baba Yaga here! Sooner or distance from the face of the fair maiden, thin-declined; the blind man sees nothing, and Catoma-uncle, oak hat to notice that something was amiss; said the blind man, and they both stuck to his sworn sister, began to interrogate, and Baba Yaga her firmly forbade to admit. Long feared she believe them her grief, had long been attached, Yes brothers finally persuaded her, and it all it said:

- Every time you go away you hunting immediately is in the hut ancient old face slushee, long hair, gray - and makes me in the head her look, and she sucks my breast are white.

"Ah, " said the blind man, is the Baba-Yaga; wait, with her own way to deal! Tomorrow we will not go on a hunting trip, and will try to entice her to catch...

In the morning the next day, the heroes don't go hunting.

"Well, uncle legless, " said blind - you get under the bench, smyrneika sit, and I will go out into the yard under the window, " she said. And you, sister, how come Baba Yaga, sit here by the window, in the head, then look at it Yes slowly strands, hair udelay Yes for iconico on the yard skip; I for gray-Cosmas and shravasti!

No sooner said than done. Caught blind Baba Yaga for gray Cosmas and shouts:

"Hey, uncle, Catoma! Get me out from under the bench Yes hold spiteful woman while I'm in the house will be included.

Baba Yaga heard trouble, wants to jump, head lift " you no go! Eager-eager - no posibley! And then crawled out from under the bench and my Katoma, leaned her like a stone mountain, began to choke Baba Yaga, the premiums sky with the game it seemed to her! Jumped into the hut blind, says legless:

"We ought now to breed a big fire to burn it, damn, on fire, and the ashes on the wind to blow!

Begged Baba Yaga:

- Well, darlings! Ask... anything, all you do!

- Well, you old witch! said Hercules. - Let us well Calusa and living water.

"Just don't hit, I'll show you!

Here Catoma-uncle, oak hat sat down on the blind; blind took Baba Yaga for the spit; Baba Yaga took them into the forest slum, led to the well, and said:

Is celusa and living water!

"Look, uncle, Catoma, " said the blind man, " don't let Mahu; if she will cheat - never not going to get well!

Catoma-uncle, oak cap broke from the wood green branch and threw him into a pit: no time line to the water to fly like all the fire broke out!

"Eh, another deception went!

Began heroes choke Baba Yaga, I want to throw it, damned in fire pit. More than ever prayed Baba Yaga gives a great oath, that now will not cheat:

- Right-word, will lead to good water. Agreed heroes to try again, and led them to Baba Yaga to another well. Uncle of Catoma broke from the wood dry twig and threw him into a pit: no sooner had the knot to the water to fly, as it sprouts blew, grew green and blossomed.

"Well, this water is good! said Katoma.

Blind has wetted her eyes - and suddenly had an Epiphany; he lowered his legs into the water and raised his legs. Both rejoiced and said among themselves:

- That's when we're going to get well! All his turn our only advance you need with Baba-Yaga to be decided; if we now forgive yourself good not to see - it's all life is evil to think!

They were turned back to the fire pit and threw Baba Yaga: so it vanished!

After Catoma-uncle, oak hat married a merchant's daughter, and all three of them they went to the Kingdom Anne Beautiful to rescue Ivan Tsarevich.

Began to come to the capital city, look: Ivan Tsarevich driving a herd of cows.

- Wait, the shepherd! says Catoma-uncle. "Where are you these cows persecute?

Replies the Prince:

- At the Royal court drive; the Princess every time itself checks whether all the cows.

"Well, shepherd, thee my clothes, put on myself, and I'm your wear and chase cows.

"No, brother, this cannot be done; if she uvidet - I'm in big trouble!

"Don't be afraid, nothing will! In fact you guarantee Catoma-uncle, oak hat!

Ivan Tsarevich took a deep breath and says:

"Ah, my good man! If alive was Catoma-uncle, I would not pass in the field of these cows.

Here Catoma-uncle, oak hat confessed him who he was there; Ivan hugged him tightly and burst into tears:

- Never thought to see you!

Have they changed their clothes; drove uncle cows at the Royal court. The Beautiful Anna went to the balcony, believed that all cows account, and ordered to drive them into the barn.

Here are all the cows in the barn entered, only the last at the gate stopped and the tail was octophylla. Catoma jumped:

- What are you, dog meat, wait? - grabbed her by the tail, pulled, and pulled the skin! She saw and shouts in a loud voice:

"What is that bastard shepherd does? Take it and bring to me!

Here the servant picked up Catoma and dragged him to the Palace; he is not ogovarivaetsja, a hope. Brought him to the king's daughter; she looked up and asked:

"You who is that? Where was?

And I am the one whom you legs chopped off Yes on a stump planted; call me Catoma-uncle, oak hat!

"Well, " thinks the king's daughter, when he his feet bigwigs, then, to think about nothing!" and it was he and the Prince to ask for forgiveness, repented all his sins and vowed eternal Ivan Tsarevich love and in all things to obey. Ivan Tsarevich forgave her and began to live with her in peace and harmony, they remained blind Hercules and Catoma-man went with his wife to a rich merchant and settled in his house.

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