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In a certain Kingdom, in a state lived a king and Queen. And they had an only daughter Marja-beauty - long spit. They lived well and happily.

Suddenly came upon them terrible trouble. Bumped into the Kingdom horrible Serpent with nine heads, about nine trunks, about nine tails. Two sons of the Viper. The eldest of six heads, the youngest of the three. Cried Snakes these words:

"Listen, king and Queen and all the people! All I the Kingdom of fire will burn, the ashes will scatter. All forests will povider, all river-lake polyplane, all fields, meadows will picopsu, all people will kill! Do you want to be alive, feed me with sons on the death. So each day to evening dawn left on the brawler-Woe to the young girl. We are at the mercy of you for my salvation.

What can I do? Cried the whole nation bitterly, Yes nothing to do. Steel with the time each day to evening to take on the young girl, led her on brawler-mountain, centennial oak arrested.

Flew here snakes, girl devoured, stones in the lake was deserted.

At that time, at that time was poor grandmother-Sidorenko on the edge of town the favorite grandson of Ivan.

Saw time Ivan as the blue of the sea on the Golden sand Marja-beauty - long spit dances were taken, and loved her without memory.

Suddenly news came that tomorrow the Princess on the devoured by the Snake to go.

Get up in the morning Ivan, grandmother says:

- Prepare for me, grandmother, linen shirt is clean, I will go to fight with the Dragon fierce or alive will not, or Marju-Princess released.

Cried and then my grandmother, made him a linen shirt, ran into the garden, brought stinging nettle, was from stinging nettle second shirt plasty. Spins a shirt, she in pain crying.

"Here, " he said, " Vanya, you put this shirt. The dragon will bite you - languages will burn.

- Well, - said Ivan.

Here on the evening dawn donned Ivan. Took a sharp scythe, iron Mace, put on a linen shirt, top, nettle, said goodbye to his grandmother and went to a mountain Buster.

Standing on mount brawler hundred year old oak. The oak Marja-beauty - long spit gold chain chained. She saw Ivan wept.

- Why did you come, my good fellow? My turn death to take, hot blood to shed, and you for that to disappear? The dragon will arrive now and you will eat.

- Fear not, fair maiden! Perhaps I will not eat - choke.

Ivan has approached to the Princess grabbed a gold chain a powerful hand, broke like a rotten string. Then he lay down on the sand, put his head to the Mare-beauty on her knees and says:

- I sleep, a Princess, a short dream, and you see the sea. Only the cloud to Shine, the wind will rustle, the sea will be stirred up, immediately Wake me up!

Fell asleep Ivan powerful dream. And Marja-beauty looks at the sea. Suddenly the clouds broke, the wind rustled, the sea was stirred up from the blue waves of the three-headed serpent is.

Woke Marja-Princess Ivan. Only the feet, jumped up, and the Serpent is already here.

"You, Ivan, why did you come around? God's blessings with white light prostis Yes probably get himself into my throat, you also will be easier.

"Lies, damned dragon! You will not swallow! Will choke.

Grabbed Ivan sharp scythe was swung in all shoulder and squinted at the dragon all three heads. Raised stone grey, gathered three heads. Tongues cut out, in a bag hid their heads under a rock put a trunk in the sea pushed himself on the sand fell asleep a powerful dream. Is Marja-beauty - long spit neither alive nor dead. Do not know to cry or rejoice. Sat on the sand, looked up Ivan, on his knees himself has put, a silk handkerchief, wiped the sweat. Suddenly, he sees the cloud has approached, the wind rustled, the sea was stirred up.

Coming from the blue sea Snakes, brawler-mountain rises. Was the Princess Ivanushka Wake. And Ivan sleeps a powerful dream. Grabbed his daughter by the hair.

"Wake up! Wake Up, Ivan! Our death is coming!

Here jumped Ivan to his feet. Saw him seemigly Snakes, growled, with a snort.

"Pity me, my good fellow! You have taste you have. I will swallow you do not liquid.

"Nothing, " says Ivan, " maybe it'll choke!

Ivan has seized the sharp scythe, has swung widely hand, cut off a Snake with three heads. And three heads fire scorch, smoke, breathe, eyes burn out. Caught Marja-beauty of his long hair became gold braid Snake eyes lash. Turned into a Serpent in her direction. Ivan has jumped up here, has chopped off the Snake the remaining three heads. Tongues cut out, their heads under a rock hid the body in the sea pushed. Himself fell on the steep shore, buried in Golden sand and fell asleep powerful dream.

Raised Marja-beauty his head on her lap put, a silk handkerchief, wiped the sweat. Suddenly the clouds broke, the wind rustled, the sea was stirred up.

Emerging from the sea senior Serpent with nine heads, about nine trunks, about nine tails. Each tail in the party beats, each trunk the tune sings, each head clicks teeth.

Scared Marja-beauty more than ever, became Ivan's Wake.

- Get up, get up, Ivan! Senior Snakes goes, you and me will eat!

Sleeps Ivan the deep sleep. Crying over him the Princess, tears dropping.

- Wake up, Wake up, Ivan! Russian death lying doesn't meet before her feet!

Then woke up Ivan, Ivan started, grabbed the scythe is sharp.

Came here on it devicegray Snakes, cried, with a snort.

- You are fine, and handsome you are, my good fellow! Yes no you will be living. I will eat you, and with stones.

"Lies, damned reptile! Will choke.

They began to beat to death. The woods around the root is unsteady, the sand column rises, the blue sea waves go. The dragon radiates with fire, smoke choking. Ivan scythe mows. Spit in his hand were heated red-hot. The seven heads Ivan cut off two can't overcome. Grabbed it Snakes across, Yes spat. Nettle shirt has burned language.

Ran here Marja-Princess became Snake eyes oblique to whip.

Turned the Snakes in her direction, and then Ivan jumped the last two head Snake sec. Tongues cut out, their heads under a rock hid the body in the sea pushed. Fell Marja-Princess Ivan feet.

"Thank you, Ivan! I was released, the entire Russian land delivered.

Will you be my restriction, the assistant priest, my mother's favorite son.

She took a hand Golden Persenk, Ivan on the youngest finger slipped.

And Ivanushka legs shaking, bloody sweat on the person runs. Ivan fell on the damp sand, fell asleep a powerful dream, as if death had namala. The village of Mary-the Princess about it, the dream preserves, mosquito repel flies.

Rode past the Royal Governor on a white horse. Itself is terrible, the head of the pod, arms and legs with a rake. See, Marja-Princess sitting, sound sleep Ivan is sleeping under a head stone roll. Grabbed it Marju-Princess by the hair, put her on the horse with him next, brought into a thick dense forest and allow a knife to sharpen.

Asks him Marja-Princess:

"What are you, my good man, are going to do?

I sharpen a knife, you want to kill!

Cried the Princess.

- Don't cut me, good man! I did not do anything wrong.

"Tell father that I thee from death delivered, the Russian land from reptiles were released, promise that you will be my faithful wife, then I will have mercy.

Nothing can be done, had Mary-Princess consent to give.

Took her commander's Palace. Brought to the king, snake head showed.

"Here, " he said, " who are you from harm delivered!

The Tsar was delighted, embraced the Governor.

- Three days, " he said, " honest, percom Yes for the wedding!

Marja-beauty cries, and the word is afraid to tell. Only three days later in the evening woke up Ivan sees one he brawler-mount, no near Mary-Princess, not under the grey stone snake heads. Ivan has gone to the city, came to the grandmother. The grandmother was delighted. Pies on the table, pulls, hot bath sinks.

As Ivan says:

- Go, grandmother, in the city, listen to what people say.

Ran grandmother in the city, listened to what people say, turned back, says:

- Goes on the people a rumor that there will be today at the king of the great feast - fair wedding. Issues Marju king-Princess for Governor. And you thought Ivanushka it for the poor man go!

Ivanushka in the bath, washed himself, put on a clean shirt, became a fellow good-looking, don't bother! In the evening went to the Palace. There the feast goes. Guests drink-eat, all sorts of games are amused.

Walks Governor of the room, swaggers.

- Who are you, guys, saved from death? You me now words across don't say!

Marja-Princess sits as white as chalk, her eyes naplacena.

Took Ivan gold Cup, put some honey sweet, put in it a gold ring, called the maid-her sister and says:

- Bow to the Mare-Princess, let them drink to the bottom for the one who has rescued it from death.

Brought the sister Cup Mary-Princess. Drank Marja-glory to the bottom. Came rushing towards her lips Golden Persenk. Took it out Mary-Princess, was delighted.

"Father, " he said, " not the me from death delivered, who is sitting near me, swaggers, and that saved me that between visitors is, to whom I have given this ring, whom the promised call. Come here, Ivanushka!

Ivan appeared in the middle of the room. Mary-the Princess came to him. Guests rasoulis, look at each other. Jumped commander, swears:

- Ah, sort of! People who are honest to cheat! Who the Snake was killed, and the head cut off, that and in the Palace has brought.

And Ivan said:

If you Snake was killed, his head cut off, say, any defect in heads?

No the flaw in the minds of not - they are intact. I am not wounded, not chopped, one time head sec.

Raised head snake Ivan's mouth opened.

"Here, " he said, " any defect in heads! Languages in them no! I got them in the bag.

Here Marja-Princess walked up and said:

- And here's my silk handkerchief. It is the blood and sweat of Ivan.

Then the king was angry, ordered the Governor whips to drive, and Ivan was married with Mary-beauty - a long braid that evening.

Here the story ends, but who was listening - well done.

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