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In a certain Kingdom, in a certain country there lived a king. And it was the king's many servants. But not just servants, and different craftsmen: carpenters, potters, and tailors. Loved the king, and to dress him better than the others, was made, and utensils trickier painted, and the Palace is decorated with carvings. Masters in the Royal Palace visible-invisible was. They are all in the morning was going to the Royal exit and waited, who cares king today will appoint. Now it so happened once that was faced in the king's threshold, the goldsmith and the carpenter. Faced and debated among them their craft better know and whose work harder.

Goldsmith says:

- Your skill is low, you're above the tree sit, wooden things cut. But my job: I'm all out of pure gold make - pleasure to watch.

As carpenter says:

Not cleverly expensive thing to do, if gold itself in the price. You're here from a simple tree do such a thing, to all around diva was given. That's when I'll believe that you are the master.

They argued, argued, just before the fight never came, but this time the king comes out. He heard this conversation, smiled and ordered:

- Do you me both wonder: one of gold, the other of wood. I will look at them and decide who is the best master.

With the king will not argue, if the life of the road. Go master of the Palace, each to itself, both strong Duma think like each other to surpass in skill. Gave them the king of the week. Next week come both masters in the Palace, Be in line with the other, waiting for the king's release. And every convolution in his hands.

The king went forth, and said:

- Well, well done, show your art, and he in his beard grins.

He ordered to call in the chamber and the Queen, and a young son-Prince.

Let them on your work will look. Sat the king and Queen on the bench, and the king stood near. Stepped forward goldsmith:

- Tell, the king's father, a big VAT of water to bring.

Brought a big VAT, water poured. Unleashed master his bundle, took out a Golden duck and put it in the water. Swam duck, like: head twirls, quacks, spout feathers to clean out.

Opened the king's mouth in surprise, and the Queen shouts:

Yes it is a live duck, not gold! He shows, live duck gold plated!

Offended wizard:

"What is she alive? Tell me disassemble the parts and again on the cogs to collect.

He drew out the duck from Chan, first her wings unscrewed, then the head, and then all the pieces was dismantled. Laid on the table, and come again to screw. He unscrewed, turned on the water. And duck swam better than before.

Clapped all the courtiers in their hands:

"Well, master! Well, the miracle did! Century never seen!

Turned the king to joiner:

"Now you're his art show.

Bowed carpenter:

- Command, your Highness, the window in this room to open.

Opened the window. Launched the carpenter his bag, takes out his wooden eagle. So this eagle is well done was that the living cannot be distinguished. As carpenter says:

- Duck-Golden only water swims, and my eagle in clouds rising.

Sat carpenter on eagle and turned the nut. Raised his eagle and instantly flew through the air from the Royal chamber. Ran all of the Windows, watching, mouths opened, and the joiner over the Royal court in air of different circles makes. The left will turn the nut eagle flies down, right turn - down. The king surprised the crown on my head moved down, he looks at the window, unable to break away. And everything stands still. Such a skill no one was there.

He circled the joiner through the air and back to the chamber flew. Put the eagle in the back and to the king:

"Well, the king-father, are you satisfied with my art?

Words not found so pleased, " the king replies. - Yes as that way you managed? How can you give him this nut was attached?

Started the joiner king to explain, and at this time the Queen as ahnet, shouted:

"Where are you? Where? Ah, catch, stop!

Turned everything on her voice and see until the king carpenter questioned, the young Prince jumped on the eagle, turned the nut and flew out of the window into the yard.

"Come back soon! Where are you? Will get killed! - cry to him the king and Queen.

And the king waved his hand, and flew over the fence silver, which the Palace was fenced. It has turned the screw to the right rose the eagle behind the clouds and disappeared from his eyes.

The Queen had no memory of lies, and the king on the joiner is angry.

"This, " says, " you purposely such a joke invented that our son only to kill. Hey guards! Grab it and throw them in prison. And if after two weeks the Prince will not come back, hitch carpenter on the gallows.

Grabbed the guards carpenter and threw in a dark dungeon.

And the king on a wooden eagle farther and farther away flies.

Any Prince. Traveling freely around. In my ears the wind whistles, curls waving, underfoot clouds rush, and the Prince is like a winged bird. Wherever it wants, up there in the sky and turns. The evening came he into the unknown realm, knelt on the edge of the city. There stood a little hut.

Knocked the Prince in the door. Looked old.

"Let go, grandmother, to spend the night. I was a stranger, don't know anyone, to stop someone.

'Why can't you start, son. Come in, place a lot. I am one live.

He RusVinyl Prince eagle, tied in a bundle, is the old lady in the hut.

Was the woman of his dinner to feed, and the king asks: what is the city who live in it, but what in the city of wonders.

So said the old lady:

Got it, son, miracle in the state. Standing in the midst of the city, the Imperial Palace, and near the Palace of the high tower. Locked in the tower thirty castles, and guard its gate thirty guards. Anyone in the tower are not allowed. And living there is the king's daughter. As she was born, so her nurse in the tower and locked, so that no one saw. Afraid of the king and Queen that will love Princess someone and have her married to his side to give. But they will have to part with it sorry: it was their last. Here lives the girl in the tower, as if in prison.

"What, and true good Princess? asked the Prince.

I don't know, son, I don't think so, but people were saying - so much beauty in the world is not unprecedented. Wanted Prince in the forbidden tower to get.

He lay down to sleep, and he ponders all, as if his Princess to see.

On another day, as it got dark, he sat down on his wooden eagle, soared into the clouds and flew to the tower from the side where the window in the tower was. Flew up and knocks on the glass. Surprised Princess. Saw a fellow beauty indescribable.

"Who are you, my good fellow? - asks.

- Open the window. Now tell you all about it.

Has a girl opened the window, flew wooden eagle in the room. Tears with his Prince, said Hello, and told the girl who he was and how I got here.

They sit, each other look - can't get enough of.

Asked the Prince whether she is his wife to be.

"I agree, " said the Princess, " Yes I'm afraid the father with the mother will not let go.

But the evil nurse, which the Princess watched all hunted down. She has run to the Palace and told that so, they say, and so, for the Princess who had arrived, and now this fellow in the house of the old woman disappears.

Came here for the guard grabbed the Prince and dragged him into the Palace.

And there the king seated on the throne, his anger baton on the floor knocking.

- Like you, so-and-so, the thief, dare my Royal prohibition to violate? Tomorrow executed you will order!

Took the Prince in prison, threw one and strong locks locked.

In the morning all the people on the square was cleared. Announced was that the execution will become impudent fellow, who in the tower for the Princess entered.

And now the executioner came, and the gallows was set, and the king and Queen to death of looking arrived. Brought him into the area. And he turned to the king and says:

"Your Majesty, please allow me one last request to make.

Frowned the king, and to refuse it is impossible.

"Well, say it.

- Instruct the messenger to run in the house, the old lady where I lived, my bundle to bring.

Could not refuse the king sent a messenger. Brought a bundle.

And the Prince at this time already to the gallows summed up on the ladder set. Gave him the messenger of folds. Launched his Prince, jumped up on the wooden eagle - and was gone. Hoisted it over the gallows, over the king, over the entire crowd.

Gasped the king:

- Catch it! Hold! Fly away!

And the king sent an eagle to the tower, flew to the familiar window, the Princess picked up and in front of him on the eagle landed.

"Well, " he said, " now we have no pursuit is not terrible.

And bore their eagle in the state of the Prince. And there's a poor carpenter in a dungeon setting, eyes in the sky are not driving not flying if the Prince back? Tomorrow is two weeks out, hanging joiner on the rope, if a king's son will not return.

And suddenly he flies through the sky eagle wood, and on it the Prince, Yes not one, but the girl is beautiful. Dropped the eagle in the middle of the Royal court. Took the Prince with his bride, her father and mother took. Told them where he'd been gone two weeks. The joy his anxiety he forgave, and carpenter from the underground released.

A great feast the king arranged. Three months of the wedding was celebrated.

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