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There lived a Tsar Berendey, he had three sons, the youngest was called Ivan.

And was the king's garden is beautiful; grew in that garden an Apple-tree with Golden apples.

Was someone in the Royal gardens to visit, apples of gold to steal. King I feel pity for your garden. He sends down the sentries. No guards can not keep track of Pohanka.

The king stopped and drink and have longed. Sons of the father comforting:

- Our dear father, do not worry, we will become the garden to watch.

The older son says:

Today it's my turn, go to guard the garden from Pohanka.

Went to the eldest son. No matter how much went with the evening, no one lost, fell down on the soft grass and went to sleep.

In the morning the king asked him:

- Well, this will displease me: not whether you Pohanka?

"No, dear father, all night did not sleep, eyes closed, and no one had ever seen before.

On another night I went middle son to watch and also slept through the night and in the morning he said that he saw not Pohanka.

The time has come for a younger brother to go to guard. Went Ivan fathers to guard the garden, and even afraid to sit, not lie down. As his son sadalit1, he dew from the grass wash the sleep away from his eyes. Half the night had passed, he and interpretation: in the garden of light. Lighter and lighter. The whole garden is lit. He saw the Apple tree village Firebird and biting apples of gold.

Ivan Tsarevich quietly crept to the Apple tree and caught the bird by the tail. The Firebird perked up and flew away, leaving in his hand one feather from its tail. The next morning comes Ivan Tsarevich to the father.

"Well, my dear Vanya, not whether you Pohanka?

"Dear father, to catch not caught, and made sure who our garden ruins. Here's Pohanka memory you brought. This, sir, the Firebird.

The king took the pen, and from that time began to eat and drink and sorrow do not know. That's one fine time for him and rasgullas about this about the Firebird.

He called his sons and said to them:

"My dear children, saddled would you good horses, would have traveled about the world, the place was known, not attacked where the Firebird.

Children father bowed, ride good horses and hit the road-road: head to one side, medium to another, and Prince Ivan a third party. Drove Ivan Tsarevich sooner or later. The day was summer. He pristal Ivan-tsarevitch, dismounted, had confused him, and he fell to sleep.

How much, you never know time has passed, began to Ivan sees a horse no. Went to look for him, went, went and found his horse bones picked clean. Was miserable Ivan Tsarevich: where was the knight to go to such a distance?

"Well, " thinks - did - nothing to do". And went Hiking.

So she walked, tired to smerecki. Sat down on the soft grass and were downcast, sits.

Out of nowhere, flees grey wolf:

"What, Prince Ivan, sitting were downcast, his head hung?

- How can I not be sad, grey wolf? I am left without a good horse.

"It's me, Prince Ivan, your horse ate... I was Sorry for you! Tell us why in the distance went, whither?

- I sent my father to travel the wide world to find the Firebird.

Fu, fu, you're on his good horse in three years not to reach the Firebird. I'm one know where she lives. So be it - your horse has eaten, you'll be faith-righteousness. Sit down on me, yeah hold on tight.

The villages Ivan astride it, the gray wolf and galloped blue forest past the eye passes, lakes tail sweeps. Sooner or later, they run up to the high castle. Gray wolf says:

"Listen to me, Prince Ivan, remember: get through the wall, fear not - hour successful, all of the guard asleep. Will see in the tower window, the window is Golden cage, and the cage sits Firebird. You're a bird take, bosom lay, yeah see the cells do not touch it!

Prince Ivan climbed over the wall, saw the tower - on the box is a Golden cage, in the cage sits Firebird. He bird took bosom laid, yeah staring at the cage. His heart and broke out: "Oh, what is gold, precious! As such not to take!" And forgot that the wolf he was punished. Only touched the cage, took the fortress of sound: the trumpet sounded, the drums beat, the guard woke up, grabbed EventService and led him to Tsar Afron.

The Tsar Afron was angry and asks:

- Who are you, where?

I Tsar Berendey son, Ivan.

"Ah, a shame what! The Royal son fuck to steal.

- And what about when your bird has flown, our garden was ruined?

"You should have come to me, in good conscience asked, I would have gave her so, out of respect to your parents, Tsar Berendey. Now in all cities Pushcha bad glory about you... Well, okay, will serve me, I will forgive you. In a certain Kingdom of the king of Kusmana have the horse gold wool and mane. Bring him to me, then I will give you the fire-bird with the cage.

Zaharurile Ivan-tsarevitch, goes to the gray wolf. And the wolf to him:

"I told you not move your cage! Why not listened to my order?

"Well, forgive me, forgive me, the gray wolf.

- - So, sorry... Well, sit down on me. Once you pledge, don't hedge.

Again rode a gray wolf with Ivan Tsarevich. Sooner or later, they run up to the castle where the horse gold wool and mane.

- Get, Ivan Tsarevich, through the wall, the guard is asleep, go to the stables, take the horse, Yes see the bridle don't touch it!

Prince Ivan climbed to the fortress, where all the watchmen are asleep, went to the stables, caught gold wool and mane of a horse, Yes eye on the bridle - it gold, precious stones removed; it gold wool and mane of the horse to walk.

Prince Ivan touch the bridle, went the sound throughout the castle: the trumpet sounded, the drums beat, the guard woke up, grabbed Ivan Tsarevich and led to king Kusman.

- Who are you, where?

I am Ivan.

- ECA, for what stupidity took a horse to steal! This simple man would not agree. Well, we'll forgive you, Ivan, if you will serve me service. The Tsar Dalmat has a daughter, Helen. Pohit it get to me, will give you gold wool and mane of a horse with a bridle.

More were downcast Ivan Tsarevich went to the gray wolf.

"I told you, Ivan, don't touch the bridle! Hearkened not unto you my order.

"Well, forgive me, forgive me, the gray wolf.

- - So, sorry... Yeah, okay, get on my back.

Again rode a gray wolf with Ivan Tsarevich. They run up to the Tsar Dalmat. In his fortress in the garden walks Elena Fine with mamuski, nanoscale. Gray wolf says:

- This time I won't let himself go. And you can go back through " my dear, I'll soon catch up. Ivan Tsarevich went back to the by-road and the grey wolf leapt the wall and into the garden. He sat down behind a Bush and looks:

The Helen came out with their mamuski, nanoscale.

Walked, walked and only plotstyle from mamochek and hanushek, gray wolf grabbed Elena the Beautiful, slung it over his back and run away.

Ivan Tsarevich goes by-road, suddenly catches up with him the gray wolf, it sits Elena the Beautiful. Glad Ivan Tsarevich and the gray wolf to him:

Get at me quickly, as if we chase was not.

Rushed gray wolf with Ivan Tsarevich, Helen way back - blue forest past the eye passes, rivers, lakes tail sweeps. Sooner or later, they run up to the king of Kusmana. Gray wolf asks:

"What, Ivan, went silent, downcast?

Yes same as me, the gray wolf, not to be sad about? How will part with this beauty? As Helen on the horse going to change anything?

Gray wolf says:

- Do us part I love you with such beauty - hide it somewhere, and I will turn to Helen, and you lead me to the king.

Here they Helen hid in a forest hut. Gray wolf rolled over the head and became exactly Elena the Beautiful. Took him Ivan Tsarevich to king Kusman. The king was delighted, and began to thank him:

"Thank you, Ivan, that took me a bride. Get gold wool and mane of a horse with a bridle. Ivan Tsarevich sat on this horse and went for Helen. Took her, put her on the horse, and they go by road.

And the king Kusman arranged wedding, feasted all day till evening, and how he had to sleep, he took Elena is Beautiful in the bedroom, I laid her on the bed, looks wolf - like muzzle instead of a young wife! The king with fear fell from the bed and the wolf ran away away.

Catching the gray wolf Ivan Tsarevich and asks:

"What thought, Ivan Tsarevich?

- How can I not think? Sorry to leave such a treasure - gold wool and mane horse, to change it on the Firebird.

- Do not worry, I will help you. Here they drive to king Afron. Wolf says:

- This horse and Helen of you hide, and I will turn the horse gold wool and mane, me and lead to Tsar Afron.

Hid they are Helen and gold wool and mane of a horse in the forest. The gray wolf has spread across the back, turned gold wool and mane of the horse. Ivan Tsarevich took him to Tsar Afron. The king was delighted and gave him Ractice with a gold cage.

Ivan Tsarevich went back Hiking in the forest, planted Helen on gold wool and mane of a horse, took a Golden cage with a Firebird and went by road to my homeland.

And the Tsar Afron ordered to bring to his gift horse and just wanted to sit on him - the horse turned gray wolf. The king of fright where stood there and fell, and the grey wolf ran off and soon caught up with Ivan Tsarevich:

Now goodbye, I continue to not go. Ivan Tsarevich dismounted and three times bowed herself to the ground, sincerely thanked the gray wolf. And he says:

- Don't ever say goodbye to me, I still come in handy.

Ivan Tsarevich thinks: "Where do you still need? All my desires have been fulfilled. Sat on gold wool and mane of a horse, and again they went with Helen, with a Firebird. Drove it to its edges, it occurred to him to popolniat. He had a little bread. Well, they ate, drank spring water and lay down to rest.

Only Ivan fell asleep bump on his brothers. They moved on to other lands, was looking for Juctice, returned with empty hands. Ran and see Ivan Tsarevich all extracted. So they conspired:

- Let's kill brother, mining all will be ours.

Decided to kill Ivan Tsarevich. Sat on gold wool and mane of a horse, took the Firebird, put on a horse Elena is Beautiful and the horror of it:

Home don't affect anything!

Is Ivan dead, over it already crows fly.

Out of nowhere, came a grey wolf and grabbed the crow to crow:

- You fly me, Raven, living and dead water. Bring me alive and dead water, then let your little bird.

Crow, do nothing, flew, and the wolf keeps his crow. How long will the Raven flew, whether short, he brought the living and dead water. The gray wolf has Sprycel dead water wounds, Prince Ivan, the wounds healed; Sprycel his living water - Ivan-Tsarevich came to life.

- Oh, soundly I slept!..

- You slept soundly, " said the gray wolf. - If not, I just wouldn't Wake up. Brothers killed you and all the spoil of thy drove away. Get at me quick!

Have they galloped in pursuit and overtook the two brothers. Here they are, the gray wolf has been torn to pieces and the pieces scattered across the field.

Prince Ivan bowed to the gray wolf and said goodbye to him forever.

Returned Ivan Tsarevich home gold wool and mane on the horse, brought to his father, the Firebird, and the bride, Helen.

The Tsar Berendey rejoiced, was son to ask. Was Ivan to tell you how helpful the gray wolf to get loot, but as brothers killed him sleepy, but as the gray wolf they killed. We grieved the king Berendey and was soon comforted. And Ivan married Elena Beautiful, and they lived happy ever Yes burning not to know.

1 , Sodalite here: overpower, Smriti.

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