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In a certain Kingdom served at the king's soldiers in the horse guards, he served for twenty-five years of faith and truth; for his faithful service ordered the king to let him go in the net retirement and give him as a reward the horse on which the regiment went with the saddle and with all the trappings.

Said goodbye soldier and his comrades and went home; day rides, and another, and the third... that's the whole week passed, and another, and the third lacks a soldier of money, have nothing to feed myself or the horse, and home far away! Sees that it hurt badly, very hungry; became parties to stare and saw the side of a large castle. "Well, he thinks, is not to go there; perhaps even for the time in service take - anything and earn".

He turned to the castle, drove into the yard, the horse to the stable set and asked her stern, and the house went. In chambers the table is covered, put food on the table, what the soul wants! Soldiers ate-drank. "Now, " thinks, " and to sleep!"

Suddenly enters bear:

- Do not fear me, my good fellow, you're welcome I got here: I am not a fierce she-bear, and the fair maiden - the bewitched Princess. If you can stand Yes will spend the night here three nights, the magic is failing, I shall be still a Princess and marry you.

The soldiers agreed; the bear was gone, and he was the only one. Here attacked him such anguish, that the light would not look, and the further - the more.

On the third day before realized that dared the soldiers to drop everything and flee from the castle; only as fought, no matter how he tried not found out. Nothing to do, necessarily had to stay.

Spent the night and the third night; in the morning is to him the Princess of beauty undescribed, thanks him for his service and orders to be equipped to a wreath. Immediately they wedding was celebrated, and began to live together, not to grieve.

After some time decided to soldier on his side, wanted to visit there; the Princess began to talk:

"Stay, friend, don't go; what you're missing?

No, could not dissuade. Farewell she and her husband, gives him a bag - full of the seed poured and says:

- Which way will you go, on both sides throw this seed: where it falls, there at the same moment the trees powerstat; the trees will be expensive to show off the fruits of different birds to sing, and overseas cats tales be told.

Sat good fellow for his distinguished horse and went to the road; wherever it is going, on both sides of the seed throws, followed by forest rise and creep of raw land!

Rides a day, two, three, and saw: the field caravan stands on the grass, on Moravce merchants sitting, playing cards, and near them the boiler hanging; although fire and not under the boiler and brew key boils. "Acoe miracle! "thought the soldier. - Fire not to see, and the broth in the pot and is in full swing; let take a closer look". He turned his horse aside, drove up to the merchants:

"Hello, gentlemen, honest!

And not that it is not the merchants, and all the devils.

- Your piece is good: boiler boils without fire! Yes I eat better.

Pulled out of the bag one seed and threw it to the ground - at the same moment grew old tree, on the tree, expensive fruits flaunt, different birds singing, overseas cats tales I tell.

He recognized his devils.

"Ah, " say among themselves, ' this is the one that the Princess was saved. Let us, brothers, will opoem him for the potion, and let it half asleep.

Began to drink and was given a magic potion. The soldier fell on the grass and fell into a sound, deep sleep, and merchants, caravan and boiler suddenly disappeared. Soon after came the Princess in the garden to take a walk; looking at all the tops of the trees began to dry. "Not to good! - thinks. Apparently, with her husband that skinny priklyuchilos! Three months have passed, it is time for him to come back, and it's not as gone!"

The Princess has gathered and went to find him. Goes on that road, and what the soldier the way he held it on both sides forests grow and the birds sing, and overseas cats tale purr.

Get to the point that trees did not become more road meanders on a clean field, and thinks: "Where has he gone? Not through the earth failed!" Was standing on the sidelines same wonderful tree and lays underneath her dear friend.

Ran up to him and well, push-to Wake up - no, not waking up; they began to pinch him, stabbing under side pins, chopped, chopped - and he does not feel pain, just dead lies, will not worknets. Angry Princess and Serdtsev curse said:

- That you, Sonja, unfit, violent wind has picked up, in unknown countries has brought!

Only had time to utter, as suddenly flashed-came rushing winds, and at one point grabbed the soldier a violent whirlwind and carried away from the eyes of the Princess.

Later changed his mind she said the word bad, wept bitter tears, came back home and went to live one adinegoro.

And the poor soldier brought a whirlwind far, far away, in trilisate state, and threw it on the spit between the two seas; he fell on the narrow wedge: right whether carotid gross turnover will, to the left if you turn around immediately in the sea will fall down, and remember what was the name!

Six months slept good fellow, not a finger did not move; and as I woke up, immediately jumped straight to his feet, looking on both sides of the waves rise, and the end can not see the sea is wide, is Yes in thought himself asks: "What miracle did I get here? Who has dragged me?" Went on a spit and went to the island; on that island - mountain high yeah cool, top up to the clouds enough, but the mountain lies a large stone. Coming to this mountain and sees three line fight, shreds and fly.

- Stand, damned! For what you fight?

- Yes, further, the third day he died our father, and left after three wonderful things; the carpet, boots Yes, the cap of invisibility, so we can't share.

"Hey you! From such trifles fight started. Want, I will divide you? Everyone will be happy, no one is hurt.

- Well, countryman, undressed, please!

"Okay, run quickly through the pine woods, type resin by STU pounds and bring it in.

Devils rushed through the pine forests, scored resin three hundred pounds, and brought to the soldier.

- Now from a scorching heat the large pot.

Devils have brought a great big kettle - drums forty will. and put them in all the resin.

The soldiers had kindled a fire, and as soon as the resin has melted, ordered the devils to drag the pot to the mountain and pour it from top to bottom. Devils instantly and did it.

"Well, " said the soldier, " push now that the stone; let him off the mountain slides, and you three for him priderite. Who first of all will catch up, that choose any of the three wonders; who the second will overtake that of the other two take, what will seem; and then the latest gimmick let them get to the third.

Devils have pushed the stone and rolled it from the mountain very much-very; ran all three after. That's one hell came up, grabbed the stone immediately turned sprained it and drove into the resin. Caught up with other shit, and then the third, and with them the same! Stuck tightly to the resin. The soldier took under his arm boots Yes, a cap of darkness, sat down on the carpet and went to seek his Kingdom.

Sooner or later - arrives to the house, and includes - sits in the hut of Baba Yaga - bone foot, old, toothless.

"Hello, grandma! Tell me, how would I find my beautiful Princess?

I don't know, my dear fellow! She has not seen, still it is not heard. Go you for so many seas, much of the land there lives my middle sister, she knows more than mine; maybe she'll tell you. The soldier sat down on the magic carpet and flew; long he had to wander in this world. Want him to eat and drink, I'll put on a cap of darkness, will go down in any town, go to the shops, trying to - what your soul desires, the magic carpet and flies farther.

Flying to another hut, is there sits Baba Yaga - bone foot, old, toothless.

"Hello, grandma! Don't know where to find me beautiful Princess?

"No, honey, I don't know! Go-ka you for so many seas, much of the land there lives my older sister, maybe she knows.

- Oh you, old! How many years do live in the world, all teeth polywells and good do not know anything.

Sat on a magic carpet and flew to her older sister. For a long time wandered, many lands and many seas saw, finally arrived at the edge of the world; hut, and then no-go no - one pitch darkness, can't see anything! "Well, " thinks, " if here will not get confused, more to fly nowhere!" Included in the house - there Baba Yaga - bone foot, gray-haired, toothless.

"Hello, grandma! Tell me where I can find my Princess?

"Wait a little; I will call all winds and they will ask. After all, they are all over the world blow, so need to know where she lives now.

An old woman came to the door, and cried with a loud voice, he whistled a valiant whistling; suddenly from all sides rose-perfumed wild winds, only the house is shaking!

- Hush, hush! - screaming Baba Yaga. And once assembled, the winds began to ask them:

- Winds my unruly, all over the world you blow, not seen where the beautiful Princess?

"No, haven't seen! - responsible winds in one voice.

- Yes all of you are there?

All, just South of there is no wind.

A little later arrives the South wind. The old woman asks him:

- Where have you been until now? Barely waited for you!

"I'm sorry, grandma! I went to a new Kingdom, where there was a great king's daughter; her husband went missing, so now Woo her various kings and princes, kings and the king's sons.

- And how far to a new Kingdom?

- Hiking thirty years to go on the wings ten years to rush; and I will blow in three hours will bring.

The soldier began to ask that the South wind took him and brought in a new Kingdom.

"Perhaps, " said the South wind, " I'll inform, if you will give me plenty to walk in your Kingdom for three days and three nights.

- Walk at least three weeks!

- Well; here I will rest a day or two or three, will gather strength, then Yes in a way.

Rest of the South wind gathered strength and said to the soldier:

"Well, brother get ready, now go, yeah don't worry, will be whole!

Suddenly rustled-blowed strong whirlwind, caught the soldier into the air and carried through the mountains and the sea under the cloud, and within three hours he was in the new Kingdom, where she lived with his beautiful Princess. Tells him the South wind:

"Farewell, good fellow! Aleyce you don't want to walk in your Kingdom.

Is that so?

"Because, if I zagula, any house in the city, no trees in the gardens will not: everything upside down will deliver!

"Well, good-bye! Thank you! "said the soldier, put on his cap of darkness and went to the white house. While it was not in the Kingdom, in the garden all the trees stood with dry tops, and as he appeared, immediately came to life and started will blossom.

It enters into the big room, and there sitting at the table different kings and princes, kings and the king's sons that came for the beautiful Princess in marriage, sit Yes sweet honey treated. What the groom will pour a glass, only to lips will bring soldiers immediately clutch your fist on the glass and will immediately be kicked out. All guests that are surprised, and the beautiful Princess that minute has guessed. "Right, " thinks, " my friend came back!" Looked out the window in the garden at the tops of trees came alive, and she became his guests to think of a riddle:

Was I a Golden thread with a gold needle, that I needle lost and found doted, and now the needle was found. Who can guess this riddle, will marry.

Kings and princes, kings and the king's sons for a long time over that riddle broke their wise heads, and to solve could not. Says she:

- Seem, my dear friend!

The soldier took off his cap of darkness, took her white hands and began to kiss on the lips sugar.

- Here is the answer! said the beautiful Princess. The Golden thread is I, and the gold needle is my faithful husband. Where a needle is down and the thread.

Had the men of the shaft to turn, they have parted on the street, and she was with her husband to live happily ever after.

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