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In one city there lived a merchant with a merchant's wife, was born to them a son is a very smart, called him Basil.

Once once ate three of them; and over the table hung a Nightingale in a cage and sang so plaintively that the merchant had lost my temper and said:

"If you had found a man who guessed me that the Nightingale sings and what is the fate of the heralds, - I think, if life would give him half of the estate, and upon the death refused a lot of good. And the boy - he was about six years then looked to his father with his mother in the eye and said:

I know that the Nightingale sings, Yes afraid to say.

"Speak without reserve! - stuck to him by his father and mother.

And Bob, with tears said:

- Nightingale foretells that will come in time, you shall be to me to be: the father will be to supply water, and the mother towel - face, hand wipe.

These words hurt upset merchant with the merchant's wife, and they decided to sell their offspring; he built a small boat, in the dark night put in her sleepy boy and shot into the open sea. At that time, flew out of the cage Nightingale veshchun, flew into the boat and sat the boy on the shoulder.

Here's a boat on the sea, and towards her ship in full sail flying. Saw the sailor boy, pity he was, took him to himself, questioned about everything and promised to hold and to love him as his own son. The next day says the boy to the new father:

- The Nightingale sings that the storm will break the mast will break through the sail, should turn into the encampment.

But the sailor did not listen. Indeed, a storm arose, broke the mast, cut sails.

Nothing to do, the past can not be undone; set new mast, trimmed the sails and sailed on. And Bob again says:

- The Nightingale sings that go towards twelve ships, all predatory, in full will take us!

At that time the sailor obeyed, prioroty to the island and saw those twelve ships, all robbers, ran past. Waited sailor how much must and swam.

Neither little nor a lot of time passed, landed the ship to the town of Khvalynsk; and the king of those places for several years before the Palace Windows, flying and screaming crows with waronyou and crow, day or night to anyone Pomona not give.

Neither did any tricks can't do it from Windows to extinction. And was ordered from the king to beat at all intersections and wharves Takovo letter: if somebody can die out from the Palace Windows crow with waronyou, the king will give a reward of their kingdoms and smaller king's daughter to wife; and who will take such a case, and will not work, that will be severed head.

There were many hunters to intermarry with the king, Yes, all their heads under the axe laid.

Learned about Bob, began to ask the sailor:

"Let me go to the king to banish crow by waronyou.

No matter how much I tried to persuade him sailor, could not hold.

- Well, go, " he said, " Yes, if something bad happens on yourself expostulate!

Came John's Palace, said the king, and told him to open the window, near which the crow flew. Listened to the bird's cry, and said to the king:

"Your Majesty, you see that fly here are three: Raven, his wife Veronica and the son of their old crow; Raven with waronyou argue, who is the son of the father or mother, and asked to judge them. Your Majesty! Tell me, who is the son?

King says:

- Father.

Only the king said this word, crows and crow flew to the right, and Veronica left. After the king took the boy to him, and he lived with him in great favor and honor; grew up and became the man you were married the Princess, and took her dowry kingdoms.

It occurred to him to go to different places, on another's land, people to see and be seen; went to wander.

In one town he stopped to spend the night; spent the night, got up in the morning and tells him that gave him to wash.

The owner brought him water, and the hostess filed towel; parisgouaille with them the king's son and learned that they were his father and mother, burst into tears and fell to their feet parent; then he took them with him to the city of Khvalynsk, and all of them began to live together happily ever after.

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