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Lived an old couple. Now the old woman, the old man always quarrels, that day - that the broom, the stag will Atalay him; the old man from the old woman to live not at all. And he went into the field, took the detectives shadows1 and ruled them. And he has caught a crane and said to him:

- Be my son! I'll take her to the old woman, maybe she is not now for me to grumble.

Crane answered him:

- Father! Come with me into the house.

So he went to his house. Come; crane took over the walls of the bag and says: "two of Sumy!" Now got out of the Sumy two fellow, steel becoming the oak tables, lay the tablecloth silk, serve food and drink different. The old man sees such sweetness that I've never let never saw, and rejoiced ochenno. Crane and said to him:

"Take this bag myself and bring her to the old woman.

Here he took and went; was by far and went to Qom to sleep; Kuma had three daughters. Gathered him to dine than God sent. He is eating is not eating and says Cooma:

Bad your food!

"What is, sir? "said Kuma.

So he says:

- Gather your food.

And that was his scrip, that said, as was commanded by crane: two of Sumy! At the same moment two of Sumy came out, conceived becoming the oak tables, lay the tablecloth silk, serve food and drink different.

Kuma with his daughters was surprised, conceived Onesti the old man this bag and says daughters:

- Come antapite bath; maybe gossip bath in the bathhouse.

He's just got out the bath and Kuma now ordered his daughters to sew the exact same bag, which the old man; they sewed and put his money to the old man, and his knapsack he took. The old man came out of the bath, took exchanged much fun and went home to the old woman; comes to court and shouts in a loud voice:

- The old woman, old woman! Meet me with crane-son.

The old woman looks at him quickly and grumbling to themselves:

- Come here, you old dog! I'll ovalau the stag2.

The old man, his words says:

- The old woman! Meet me with crane-son.

Entered the hut the old man hung the bag on a hook and yells, two of Sumy! From Sumy no one. Here it is again: two of Sumy! From Sumy again there is none. The old woman sees that he says bosnet3 that caught pomelo wet and well the old man to Gvozdiy.

The old man was frightened and cried and went back in the box. Atkol neither did the old crane, sees his misfortune and says:

"Come, father, again to my house.

So he went. The crane again scrip hanging the same.

- Two of Sumy! - said crane.

Two of Sumy got out and put the same lunch as the former.

"Take this bag, " said crane to the old man.

Here he took the bag and went; went-went on the road, and wanted him to eat, and he says, as ordered crane: two of Sumy! Two of Sumy got such good fellows with large kalashami4 - and started beating him, saying:

- Do not go to Qom, don't worry in the bath! and until they beat the old man till he said something like: two in the bag! As soon as isovorin these words, two in the bag and hid.

The old man took the bag and went; came to the same Qom, hung the bag on the hook and says Cooma:

- I heated the bath.

She estophile.

The old man went to the bath: take it easy - take it easy, only time holds. Kuma called his daughters sat at the table - she wanted to eat - and says two of Sumy! Two of Sumy came out with large kalashami my bride-to beat, saying:

- Give presently the bag!

Beat-beat... so it says a great daughter:

"Come inside, click Kuma from baths; say two just me nailed.

I schA5 does not evaporate6, 'replies the old man.

And they are increasingly hitting her, saying:

- Give presently the bag!

Now Kuma sent another daughter:

Rather led to gossip to go into the house. He answers:

I schA never washed.

She sends a third.

I schA not bathed, " said the old man.

Patience no Cooma! Ordered Prinect stolen bag. The old man came out of the bath, he saw his old bag and says, two in the bag! Two in the bag with kalashami and left.

The old man took both scrip and cerdito and good - and went home. Suitable to the court and shouts to the old woman:

- Meet me with crane-son.

She quickly looks:

- Podi you home, I'll Atalay!

Went up to the hut the old man calls a woman:

"Sit down at the table, and says, " Two of Sumy!

Two of Sumy came out, nastanovich and to eat and drink. The old woman ate-drank and praised the old man:

"Well, old man, I beat you I will not.

The old man, after eating, went out into the yard, a good bag made in the crate, and angry hung on a hook; and he walks around the yard - do not go, only time holds.

I wanted her another drink, and she says Starikova words: two of Sumy! That's got two of Sumy with large kalashami and began to beat her; until then beat that her urine was not! Calling the old man:

- The old man, old man! Go into the house; my two nailed!

And he goes - no walks, only chuckles Yes pogovarivaut:

They'll ask!

Two more hit the old woman and sentenced:

- Don't hit an old man! Don't hit the old man!

Finally, the old man took pity on the old woman, came into the hut and said: two in the bag! Two in the bag and hid. Since then, the old man and the old woman began to live so well together that the old man everywhere it boasts, and the tale ends.

1 detectives shadows (net) - net for catching animals.

2 Rogach - tongs.

3 God knows.

4 Caldas - stick with a knob at one end.

5 Yet.

6 has Not evaporated.

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