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Wound up at the man in haystacks, rat and mouse. The mouse was caring and rat carefree all her sterdam jumping.

Only knew how to steal an egg or chick. And the mouse sharpen and sharpen the grain, preparing a meal for the entire year.

Here the snow was covered, and the rats to eat nothing. She comes to the mouse, borrows flour. Gave her the mouse flour.

Spring came. The mouse all the flour is displayed. Went mice rats duty to ask.

Caught rat mouse by the tail, a lot of grief that went: beat it the mouse in the dust.

Takes the mouse to the rat petition in the court. Gathered the animals and birds began to judge.

Rat cheated - all peripole: birds and Martens, bears and foxes.

Eagle chief justice was. Came the eagle, read the sentence: leave the petition mouse without consequences. And the mouse was brisk. Sees that incorrectly awarded eagle in krisina favor. He waited, and when the eagle drunk fell asleep, took and nibbled his wings. Went man early in the morning to cut the line to burn the stove. And, here, ran into a drunken surujin. Scared, turn the horses back. And the eagle said:

"Wait, man, wait a minute, come back, take me with you! Feed-POI until you recover, I'll thank you.

Man of the year eagle fed. Corrected the eagle wings. He says:

- Fly to me now!

Picked up the man, and they flew to the eagle. The guy at eagle year was. Drank, ate, walked like a year has passed, not seen.

Now he is going home. Gives him the eagle birch bark boxes.

"Here you go, " he said. "Just don't open up until not coming home.

Went-went a man thinks: "What are these boxes? Let me see what's in it".

He opened bolls. Poured out at home and barns, shops full of goods. No it will not close this bolls.

Wherever did the sorcerer. Says:

- Give me what house did not know and I'll help you.

The man thought: "All that I know at home. I've nothing to fear".

Well, agreed to pay what the house does. The sorcerer contract was written. Houses, barns and stalls in boxes folded.

Came the man home, looks - his wife gave birth to a son.

The man was depressed, cheerful since then have never been. Put the contract in the chest, at the bottom, and nobody cares about it not said.

They live, are you, son with mother know nothing. Boxes opened, barns built. And the muzhik all sad.

That's equal to Ivan twenty-two years. He climbed once in the chest and saw the contract.

- What is it? he asks her father. The man told him all.

"Ah, sir, " said Ivan, a long time ago if I had to say! Well, don't be angry! I will go your duty to pay.

Went, went, went into the forest primeval. There is a house primaluce, around the balusters human heads surrounded by human skin hung. Is Ivan the sorcerer. The sorcerer says:

- Long, long overdue, Ivan the peasant's son, fathers duty to pay me to serve! Go to the kitchen to relax. And tomorrow for work.

Ivan has gone to the kitchen. And the witch in the cooks beautiful girl was. And Ivan, a handsome man. Had they loved each other. Said Ivan, how and why he came. Beauty girl says:

Bad thy works Ivan the peasant's son! Wants the owner to destroy life to deprive. See in the middle of the courtyard deck? Tells it to you tomorrow its wallop, chop, stacking firewood fold.

For me an empty case! "replied Ivan. - The power of my father and mother didn't hurt.

"Don't brag earlier time, Ivan the peasant's son! The deck that is not simple. It's not strength, and dexterity are needed. The trees around the deck are, like you, lads were. Will become tomorrow the deck to cut, you will see on the ground a little Schock. Beat that bitch with an axe. Miss - yourself expostulate. Here's orders the next day the magician Ivan deck wallop, chop, stacking firewood fold. Takes Ivan in the hands of the axe. Swung in all shoulder and hit the deck.

Deck as lying, and lying. And he himself in the earth as if rooted.

Swung Ivan for the second time. Stronger still hit.

Deck as lying, and lying. And he waist oak bark dressed.

Here scared Ivan. Remembered that the cook told him. Noticed on the ground a little Schock. It was aimed at him, got the axe.

Rattled the deck, the wood fell apart. The logs themselves in the pile was formed. Slept with Ivan spell.

He comes to the sorcerer, reports that fulfilled the order.

Came the sorcerer into the yard. Looked to be the truth. Malice took it, but not showing.

- Well, says, " thank you for your service, Ivan the peasant's son. Go to the kitchen to relax. Tomorrow will be my neesiana horse to go around.

Comes Ivan into the kitchen, laughing.

It said, " for me it is empty, the horse to go around.

"Don't brag, Ivan, ahead of time, " says cook. - The owner wants you to destroy life to destroy. The horse-it is not a simple will. I'll give you three pounds of iron rods. When will be the horse to climb up, hit you with those rods between the ears, how much power do you have.

Here is summed up in the morning Ivan neutrinos stallion. This is the sorcerer horse turned around. Sat Ivan riding, rose horse above the forest, just below the clouds. Wants Ivan to the ground to reset. And Ivan to him tightly pressed, feet side presses, metal rods between the ears beats.

Beat up until the horse on the ground, not dropped. Tied Ivan horse at the entrance. Comes to the sorcerer. And he already turned into a man, lying in bed, moaning:

- Has served me well and this time, Ivan the peasant's son. Well, grant is still my order: bathe tomorrow morning in my bath.

Comes Ivan in the kitchen, talking to the maid, laughing.

"Did it work, " he said, " take a dip in the bath?

The answers:

Bad you tomorrow, Ivan the peasant's son!

Wants to host you alive roasted, skin rip off, head to the baluster to hang. Well, go to bed, sleep on it.

Baked it at night, the vaseline-Govorushko. Put in a bath. And she with Ivan to run.

Instructs the magician in the morning the servants bath flushing, red-hot to heat.

Comes asks:

As Ivan the Peasant's son, a good bath?

And vaseline-Govorukha Ivanov voice answers:

- Bath not skoblin,
Three years is not topline,
Teeth misses.

Angry sorcerer servants that bad bath stoked. Ordered more wood to enclose.

Comes again, asks:

As Ivan the peasant's son, my good bath?

And vaseline-Govorukha answers:

- Bath not skoblin, Three years is not topline, Tooth for tooth misses.

Did the sorcerer himself bath sink. All the wood burned. Asks:

Vaseline-Govorukha answers:

- Bath not skoblin,
Three years is not topline,
Teeth misses.

Opened the sorcerer door, and there's vaseline-Govorukha. Missed - cooks no.

Equips the sorcerer pursuit. Hear the beautiful girl that chase close, she turned the pig, and Ivan shepherd did. Runs the chase:

Here Ivan the peasant's son was not?

The shepherd answers:

- No, nobody was there.

Returned the chase with nothing. The sorcerer asks:

- No one saw?

- There is none. Only the shepherd with the pig met.

They are the most and were!

Hear the beautiful girl that catching up. She did Ivan's horse, and she turned replum. Returns the chase with nothing. The sorcerer asks:

"Well, no one saw?

"No, nobody. Only the knight moves, and behind him Bur.

"Ah, that they are the best!

Ran the sorcerer himself. Running - the earth trembles. Hear the beautiful damsel - catching. Turned it by sea, and Ivan Drake did. Became a witch to drink water, to the sea to drain. And the duck quacks:

- So you burst! So you burst!

So it happened: burst sorcerer died. Ran Ivan the peasant's son and his bride home to the father-mother. The wedding was held. Began to live-live.

All is well with them. The letters I write I have something those letters don't get.

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