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In a certain Kingdom, in a certain state there were two brother - hunter.

Once they went in for the kill. Golden hare saw. All followed him Yes they were. Lost in the deep woods he found himself.

And the rabbit jumped into the bushes and disappeared from sight. Nothing to do hunters have in the woods to spend the night.

Youngest brother took his gun and went to look for them - maybe what decina will fall, and the Sergeant left the porridge to cook.

Boiled porridge, waiting for his brother. Looks enters the clearing old man, he is not above the stump, hat in feet and beard in three fathoms.

"Hello, hunter! says.

- Great! replies the Sergeant brother.

- Can your cereal to eat?

And the oldest brother was greedy.

"No, " he said, " for us two little. Then took the old man with the ladle and struck the hunter's forehead. He fell asleep immediately.

And the old man sat down, ate porridge and went to the forest. Came youngest from hunting.

"What, brother, boiled porridge? - asks.

Not that I was ill, " replied the Sergeant. He felt ashamed to admit that he had failed to stand up for themselves.

"Well, never mind, " said the youngest brother. Prepared cereals. Had supper brothers, went to bed. The next morning the Sergeant brother went hunting, and youngest porridge cook left.

Here already it porridge, sits, waiting for his brother. Looks enters the clearing old man, he is not above the stump, hat with Arshin, beard in three fathoms.

- Great hunter!

"Hello, darling, " replies his youngest brother.

- Can your porridge to eat?

- Well, if hungry, sit down to eat.

Here the old man sat down, the entire porridge eaten.

- Thank you, hunter, " she said. Good your porridge. While farewell, and trouble will come, remember about me.

Wrapped in the bushes, and as if he wasn't. Came from hunting the oldest brother. They became home to gather.

Here they are walking through the woods. Lo and behold - towards the giant. The head is flush with oak legs - two decks instead of belly - sorocabana barrel.

- Great hunters! Far go?

- Yes, that's lost. Maybe you will show the way?

- It is empty. Let's go first to visit me. Leads the giant to his home. At the table, plants, wine and all sorts of food treats.

And at the table the cook serves. No, no and look at his youngest brother hunter, as if to say something he wants.

He asked her water to drink. Brings cook him some water, and she whispers:

"Look, hunter! You want the giant to kill and eat!

Pours them a giant glass of wine. The oldest brother is drinking and youngest pours over his shoulder. Serve watermelon. Giant watermelon on pieces cut at the knife in his mouth guests vanities.

"Ah, " thinks the hunter - that way he'll be slaughtered. Let him and I will".

He took a knife, as if he were a slice of watermelon cut Yes master to treat. Managed and put a giant knife to the throat.

Scared the giant watermelon choked on earth fell.

Got hunter the key and went home to watch. Opens one door, and saw a room all carpets cleaned. Opens the second room - the silver decorated. The third door is suitable.

While the cook said to him:

- Don't go there, the hunter, where your grief.

Did not listen to her hunter opened the door and the third door. In gold and the whole room shines. Sitting in that room the girl written beauty.

"Why, " asks, " are you here, my good fellow, went? The giant comes, you will eat me alive will not leave.

And he replied:

No giant alive. He wanted to eat me, Yes myself choked. Come on, beautiful, to me.

Told her how it was.

- And if so, " said the girl, then bring my personal handkerchief, he's a giant in my pocket.

Ran the hunter, took a personal handkerchief, brought it to the girl. Kissed hunter and she called his bride.

The oldest brother was drunk, slept all, nothing seen. Woke up they took a cook and went home.

Here's reached the river.

And the girl the sister of the giant was. It is the hunter feared, an orphan pretended to be, the very death he wanted. Hid it Blankie bosom and says:

- I'm in big trouble! Hastily inscribed handkerchief dropped.

Ran hunter handkerchief, and the girl waiting for him was not, sat in a boat with an older brother and moved to the other side.

Went-went the hunter in the forest, the handkerchief is not found. He ran back to the river - no brother, no one knows And over nothing.

Night comes. What to do? He remembered this is about a forest of old. Only thought about it, and saw a high fence, housing some. Knocked the hunter at the gate, comes to him the old man, he is not above the stump, hat with Arshin and beard in three fathoms.

"Hello, hunter! I was waiting for you.

Told him the hunter grief.

"I know, " says the old man. Blame you, the hunter himself. Why the third door unlocked? You now go home. There you ruin awaits. Decided the hunter to the old man for a year in karolyi barns to guard, and that it should crafty science to teach.

The owner of the barns has shown, the keys had been given to him and ordered:

"Look, the barn, the latter is not ATmega. And do not look at him.

Now the year is over. Curious hunter - what is there in that barn. Thinks: look, the host does not recognize. The lock opened, the door opened. And there's all sorts of creeping things, and beasts. Around the yard ran away.

Scared the hunter screamed. The owner came running, animals and reptiles in the barn drove.

- Failed to you our arrangement, " he said. "You'll have another year I have to work.

A year has passed. Guard service her properly fulfilled. The old man pleased with him was, artful science taught him.

Brought the hunter from the woods and the road indicated.

"Go, " he said, " to the people. From the truth don't back down, not lie".

Thanked the hunter of the old man and went home. Bride for his senior brother got married. And about him all thought his wolves ate. So his wife says to her husband:

- Buy you a horse.

Went to the Bazaar to buy a horse. The hunter turned around good horse.

Looked at the horse, the oldest brother, the horse he liked. He took it and buy. Brought home and says:

- Look, the wife what I bought you a horse!

She came out, looked, shook his head:

- It's not a stallion, and our destruction.

- What to do with it?

- Need to be taught.

And cook all their conversation was heard. She came to the horse and says:

- My dear colt, not for long you live, you want to be taught!

And he's a human voice answers:

- When will I be cut, will bounce you in the hem to the bone. You don't throw, and in the corner of bury. Here was the oldest brother and his evil wife horse hack. The cook stands, crying. Bone her skirt came off. She took it, and in the corner was buried. Grew up in the place yablonka, Yes, such a beauty! Apples on it all krasnenka.

Here is the oldest brother and says:

- Wife, podi look what our Apple tree with red apples!

Looked the same:

- This is not an Apple-tree, and our istrebitelnitsa.

- What to do with it?

- It is necessary to cut down.

The cook hears the whole conversation. She came to the Apple-tree, and cried:

"Dear Apple! I was sorry for you. Want you the owners to cut down.

And yablonka a human voice answers:

- When will I hack, splinter you in the Shoe will bounce. And you're a splinter, take - throw into the pond.

So she did. When the Apple was cut, splinter in her Shoe flew off. She lifted her up and into the pond took.

Became a hunter blue Drake. On the pond floats.

Went the Sergeant brother to swim. Saw Drake, started to catch. Caught-caught, was exhausted and drowned. The hunter turned his face comes into the house and says:

- Wife and wife! What I saw Drake good!

The answers:

- It's not Drake, but our destruction.

He Sagnol he whip and says:

- Did not want to be the wife of cute, so if grey Mare!

It became a gray Mare. He had obertal and plow harnessed. Until then, across the field chasing until six acres not plowed.

So it is now in his harness goes. Himself on the cook married. The wedding was operovali. Live-do you do, good make.

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