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Lived in a village farmer, widow. She lived long and his son Ivan was raised.

And now the time has come increased Ivan. Happy mother that he was great, Yes evil, that he was at her untalented increased. And the truth is: every deed Ivan losing, not as people; every deed he is not in favor and for the future, and all across. Go used, Ivan plow, his mother and says:

- Top the earth was at fault, on top of the bread she ate, her, son, a little deeper Pasha!

Ivan will plough the field is deeper, until the clay and get the clay out wrap; sow then the bread is born of nothing, and seeds of the recension. And another fact: wants Ivan to make good, as it is better, he has no luck and mind a little. And the old mother was working her unbearable. How to live? And they lived in poverty, nothing was lacking.

Here they ate the last crust of bread, ostatnio. Mother and thinks about his son how he should live, untalented! You would have to marry him: the intelligent wife, " look unto, and newdaily husband in the household of the employee and the gift of bread do not eat. Who, however, will take her husbands untalented son? Not only that the fair maiden, and the widow, come, do not take!

As long as the mother has scrutinies so, Ivan sat on the bench and nothing was broken.

He looks - there is an old man, himself old, basely, and the earth has entered him in the face, the wind came up.

"Son, " the old man said, " nurse me: I was starved for a long journey, in total there was nothing left.

Ivan replied to him:

- And we, the grandfather, the bread crumbs are none in the house. If only I had known that you would come, I would have had himself last krewski did not eat, you would leave. Go, I'll even wash and your shirt will be rinsed.

He estopel Ivan bath, washed in a bath of the passer-by the old man, all the dirt has washed away, the broom has popeil it and then the shirt and ports washed it clean and to sleep in the house put.

Here the old man rested, woke up and said:

- I'm your good to remember. If you will have bad, go into the forest. You reach the place where two roads parted, will see, there is a grey stone is lying down, push the stone shoulder and click: grandpa, they say, ' here I am and I will. Said the old man and left. And Ivan with his mother misery was all Pogrebishche from chest gathered, all crumb was eaten.

"Wait a minute, me, mother, " said Ivan. "Maybe I'll bring you bread.

- Yes where to you! "her mother replied. - Where are you, untalented, bread to take! He even sing, and I, apparently, been hungry will die... the bride to be syscal himself, " lo and behold, in front of the wife, if Razumnitsa will be always with bread will be.

Sighed Ivan and went into the forest. He comes to a place where the roads parted, touched the stone shoulder, stone and leaned. Was Ivan the grandfather.

"What?" says. - Al's guests come from?

Took grandpa Ivan in the forest. Sees Ivan - rich forest huts are. Grandpa and leads Ivan in one hut to know, he is the boss here.

Told the old man the kitchen done Yes grandmother-cook roasted in the first case the RAM. The owner began to entertain a guest.

Ate Ivan and another asks.

- Roast, " he said, " other sheep and a hunk of bread hand.

Grandpa is the master ordered the kitchen done another sheep roasted and submit a loaf of wheat bread.

'Very well, ' he says - over and feast as you have a soul to take. Al is not full?

"I hungry, " replied Ivan, " I'm deeply obliged to you, and let your man take a hunk of bread Yes RAM my mother, she's been hungry lives.

The original owner ordered the kitchen well done to demolish the mother of Ivan the two loaf of white bread and a sheep. And then says:

- Why you been hungry mother live? See, you grew large, look - marry than a family to feed?

Ivan replied to him:

- Use as grandpa! Yes no wife I have.

Eco mount what! "said the host. - And give me your daughter to you in marriage. I have Razumnitsa, her mind-then you two will get.

Called the old man for his daughter. Here is the house beautiful girl. Such beauty and nobody saw, and it was not known that she was there. He looked at her, Ivan, and heart in it stopped.

The old father looked at her daughter with severity and told her:

"Here's your husband, and you're his wife. Beautiful daughter only eyes cast down her lashes:

Is your will, father. Now they were married and began to live-live. They live full, rich, wife of Ivan the house rules, and the old owner seldom at home sometimes: he goes around the world, wisdom is there among the people looking for, but when you find her, returned to the court and in the book of records. And once the old man brought the magic round mirror. He brought his isdelete, from a master magician from the cold mountains, brought and hid. The mother of Ivan now lived full and happy, and she lived, as before, in his hut in the village. The son called her to come live with her, but the mother didn't want to not like her life was in the house of the wife of Ivan, daughter-in-law.

I'm afraid, son, " said Ivan. - Look at it, Elenochka, your wife, beautiful written what rich Yes noble, than you deserve? We with thy father lived in poverty, and you no destiny was born.

And remained the mother of Ivan in his old hut. And Ivan lives and thinks, the truth says mother; just as if quite at him, and affectionate wife, words across will not say, but feels Ivan, as always cold to him. And he lives with his young wife of politia-Wolbachia, and not to do well. Here comes one day the old man to Ivan and said:

- Will I go far away, further than ever before walked in, I will return soon. Take-to you, the key from me. Before I myself bore him, Yes now I'm afraid to lose: the way I far. You are the key and take care of the barn they don't Oteri. And it will go in the barn, so the wife there not lead. And if you do not endure and wife lead, colored dress she did not come. The time will come, I she would betray him, for her and the shore. Look to remember what I told you, and then his life in death you will lose!

The old man said and left. It was another time. Ivan and thinks:

"Why so! I'll go out in the barn, let see what is there, and the wife won't lead!"

Ivan has gone to the barn that always stood locked, opened it, looks - there's gold many pieces it is, and stones, as heat, burning, and even good was that Ivan did not know the name. And in the corner of the barn, even the closet was either a secret place, and the door led. Ivan opened the only door in the closet and step down did not, as already accidentally shouted:

- Alenushka, my wife, come here quickly!

In the closet that was hanging gemstone womens dress. It was as bright as the clear skies, and light as a living wind, walked in. Ivan was glad that I saw this dress; it is just fit to be his wife and have her liking.

Remembered it was Ivan that the old man had told him dress his wife to give, but what's with the dress will happen if he does it will only show! And Ivan loved his wife: where is she will smile at him and happiness.

Wife came. She saw this dress and flapped his hands.

"Ah, " he said, " what dress good!

She asks Ivan:

- Please dress me in this dress Yes pregled so well sat.

And Ivan tells her dress to dress. She then cries:

"You, " he said, " to know, not like me: good dress is for my wife regrets. Give me hands to pass, I your legs, what dress can not do. Ivan told her:

- Progeny, " he said, " try what you will.

Wife slipped her arms through the sleeves and again to her husband:

- You cannot see anything. Led head gate to shove. Ivan ordered. She head shoved and pulled the dress on yourself, Yes, abalones all in it. Felt it in the same pocket mirror lies, pulled it out and looked.

- See, " he said, " what a beauty, and untalented husband lives! Become me the bird would fly away I am here far away!

She cried in a high voice, threw up his hands, lo and behold - and do it. Turned it into a dove and flew away from the barn far away in the blue sky, where he wished. Know the dress she wore magic. Have begun to grieve here Ivan. Why would I mourn, once he was. Put it in a sack of bread, and went to seek a wife.

"Ah, " said he, " what the villain, father disobeyed, the parent of the court without the demand is gone! Sysu it will teach good sense!

He said so, but remembered that he lives untalented, and wept.

Here comes the way, goes the way, is the path that would take him, he grieves for his wife. Sees Ivan pike near the water lies, just dying, and the water can get.

"Look-Ko - Ivan thinks, " it's bad, and she's worse". He picked up the pike and shot her in the water. Pike now dived into the depths yeah, back up, stuck his head and says:

I welcome your will never forget. Will you become bitter and just say: "Pike, pike, remember Ivan!". Ate Ivan piece of bread and went on. He goes, goes, and the time at night.

Looks Ivan and sees: the kite Sparrow caught in the claws it holds and wants to peck.

Ah, looks Ivan, " I disaster, and the Sparrow death!"

He Pagnol Ivan kite, and he was released from the clutches of a Sparrow.

Sat Sparrow on a branch, he said to Ivan:

- You will need police me: "Hey, like, Sparrow, remember my good!"

Slept Ivan under the tree, and the next morning went on. And already he's far from his home was gone, all pristal and body was skinny, so the clothes on the arm supports. And go he was far away, and there was Ivan a year and six months. He walked the whole earth, came to the sea, one cannot go any further.

He asks the resident:

- Whose land here, who's the king and Queen?

The resident is responsible to Ivan:

- In our lives Queens Elena the wise: she knows everything - she's got a book there, where everything is written, and she sees her mirror is there. She now sees I suppose.

Indeed, Elena saw Ivan in his mirror. She was Daria, the Pew-opener. Here is Daria wiped with cloth dust from the mirror, she looked at him, first with a saw and then saw him as a strange man.

All, a strange man comes! said the servant Elena wise. From a distance, you see, is: thin Yes olosely whole, and sandals have stoptail.

Looked in the mirror Elena the wise.

And then, " he said, " stranger! This is my husband came. Ivan has approached to the Royal court. Sees - yard fence enclosed. And fence stakes, and the stakes human skulls; only one number is empty, there's nothing.

Asks Ivan resident - what say?

And a resident of him:

"And this, " he said, " grooms of our Queen, Helen wise, who was the wife to her. Queen-we - have you not seen her - beauty ineffable and mind witch. Here and propose her for marriage to her suitors, a noble but daring. And she needs a groom, so it failed, that's what! And who will not permutit, those it executes death. Now one number left: this is the one who has to her husbands will come.

- Yes here I am to her husbands go! - said Ivan.

- Began to be, and the number of empty thee, " said the resident, and went to where his hut had stood.

Came Ivan Elena wise. And Elena is sitting in his Royal chamber, and her dress is wearing his father's, in which she willingly and barn, abalones.

- What do you want? asked Elena the wise. - Why was that?

- To see you, " he tells her, - I'm missing.

- For me, and they missed out, " said Elena the wise and revealed to the fence outside the window, where were dead head.

Then asked Ivan:

Al you're not my wife?

Was I the wife, the Queen said to him, " but now I am not the same. You are my husband, poor man! And want me for a wife, so deserved me again! And does not deserve his head from his shoulders down with! Out the number of empty in the fence sticks out.

- #Empty for me not bored, " said Ivan. - Look, how would you for me not bored. Say what you want to do?

The Queen answered him:

- And do as I tell you! Hide from me wherever you want, even on the edge of the world, that I haven't found, and found, so wouldn't know. Then you'll be smarter than me, and I will be your wife. And will not be able to protect to be, I guess you, the head will lose.

- Permit me, " said Ivan, - till the morning on the straw to sleep and thy bread to eat, and in the morning I will fulfill your desire.

In the evening I made the servant Daria straw in the porch and brought a hunk of bread Yes jug of kvas. Lay Ivan and thinks, that in the morning? And sees he came Daria sat in the porch on the porch, spread out the light dress of the Queen and began to darn the hole. Darned-darned, sewn-sewn Daria hole, and then began to cry. Asks her Ivan:

"What are you, Daria, are you crying?

"How can I not cry, Daria says, " if tomorrow the death of my will! Told me the Queen of the tear in the dress to sew, the needle does not sew it, and only struts: dress-it really is gentle, from the needle rotates. And will not sew, executed by me in the morning, the Queen.

- Dai-Ko I sew I'll try, " said Ivan, " will you sew, and you die is not necessary.

- How you dress, what to give? Darya says. The Queen said: man you're untalented. However, try a little, but I will look.

Sat Ivan dress, took the needle and began to sew. Seeing - though not sewing needle, and tears: dress light as air, not could the needle be taken. Threw Ivan needle was hands every thread with another thread to link to. Saw Daria and reserche Ivan:

- No you skills! Yes as you hands all the threads in the hole will connect? There thousand great!

- And I have them with desire but with patience, look, and connects! "Ivan said. "You go and lie down to sleep, in the morning-I look, and get off.

Worked through the night to Ivan. Month from heaven shined him, And dress glowed in itself, as a living, and he saw every thread.

The morning dawn was ruled by Ivan. He looked at his work: no more tears, everywhere dress is now complete. He picked up the dress on hand and feels - it was like a heavy. He looked dress: in one pocket book lies in her old man, father of Helen, wrote down all the wisdom, and the other pocket is a round mirror, which the old man brought from a master magician from cold mountains. Looked Ivan in the mirror - you can see it, Yes vaguely; he revered the book - I didn't. Thought Ivan: "People say I'm mediocre, really is".

The next morning came Daria-servant, she took the finished gown, looked at it and said to Ivan:

"I'm deeply obliged to you. You got me saved from death, and I am your good to remember.

Now the sun rose over the earth, it is time for Ivan to go into a secret place, where the Queen Elena't find it. He went out into the yard, and saw the haystack is difficult; he lay in the hay, I thought that is hid, and the yard dogs found, and Daria from the porch shouting:

- Acai untalented! I see that you, not only that the Queen! Get out of there, hay shoes not Mary!

Got Ivan and thinks: where to go? Saw - the sea is close.

He went to the sea and remembered pike.

Pike said, " pike, remember Ivan!

Pike out of the water.

"Go, " he said, " I'm at the bottom of the sea will hide!

Rushed Ivan in the sea. Dragged his pike at the bottom, buried there in the sand, and the water tail muddied. Took Elena the wise his round mirror, brought him to the ground: no Ivan; brought to heaven: nope Ivan; brought on sea water: and there not to see Ivan, one the water is turbid. "I'm Heather, I'm smart, thinks the Queen, - and it is not easy, Ivan Mediocre!" He opened it his father's book of wisdom and reads there: "a Strong mind trick, and goodness is stronger than tricks, the good and the creature remembers". Read the Queen of these words first written to, and then unwritten, and the book said to her: lies de Ivan in the sand on the bottom of the sea; click pike, led her to Ivan from the bottom to get, and not what they say, I will catch you, pike, and eat lunch.

Sent the Queen Daria-servant, told her to click out of the sea pike, and pike let Ivan from the bottom of the leads.

Was Ivan Elena wise.

- Penalty to me, - said, - I do not deserve you.

Changed his mind Elena the wise: to execute will always do it, and they with Ivan are no strangers to each other, one family lived.

She said to Ivan:

Go hide again. Outsmarts me, is there not, then I will punish you any mercy.

Ivan has gone to find a secret place that the Queen was not found. And where will! The Queen Helena magic mirror there, it all sees and what is in the mirror is not visible, about her wise book will tell you. Called Ivan:

"Hey, Sparrow, remember if my property?

The Sparrow is already here.

- Fall to the ground, " he said, " become a seed!

Ivan fell to the ground, became the seed, and the Sparrow pecked him.

And Elena the wise brought the mirror to the earth, the sky, the water - no Ivan. All there in the mirror, and what you need, no. He sercal wise Elena threw the mirror on the floor, and it broke. Then came in the room Daria-servant, gathered together the shards from the mirror and took them to the black corner of the yard. Opened Elena the wise father's book. And reads there: "Ivan in the grain, and the grain in the Sparrow, and the Sparrow sitting on the fence".

Ordered then Elena Daria call from the fence Sparrow: the Sparrow will give the grain, and not what he himself the vulture will eat.

Went Daria to the Sparrow. Heard Daria Sparrow, scared and threw the beak of the seed. The grain fell to the ground and turned to Ivan. He began as he was.

Now Ivan is again before Elena wise.

- Penalty for me now, " he said, " see, I really mediocre, and you're wise.

Tomorrow behead, - he said the Queen. - Tomorrow I ostatni number of your head hang. Lies in the evening Ivan in the porch, and thinks him to be, when in the morning I must die. He remembered then his mother. Remembered, and easily he was - so he loved her.

Looks he is Daria and the pot of porridge he carries.

Ate Ivan porridge. Daria said:

"You're the Queen-our fear not. It is not very evil.

And Ivan s):

- The wife unto the husband is not terrible I would only have the brains to teach.

"You tomorrow on the penalty-don't rush - Daria said to him, " but do you have to work there, to die, they say, you can: visit the mother waiting.

Here's the next morning Ivan says Elena the wise:

- Permit me still a little to live: I my mom want to see, " she might be to come. He looked at his Queen.

- A gift you can't live like this, " he said. "You UTIs from me for the third time. Not sysu I you live, so be it.

Ivan has gone to find secret places and meet him Daria-servant.

- Wait, - says she, " I'll cover. I remember your good.

He breathed it in Ivan's face, and was gone Ivan, turned it in the warm breath of a woman. Breathed Daria and pulled him in the chest. Went then Daria in the upper room, took Tsaritsyn book from the table, wiped the dust from her, and opened it and breathed in her: and immediately her breathing turned into a new uppercase letter that book, and was Ivan letter. Folded Daria book and went out. Come soon Elena the wise, opened the book and looks at it: where Ivan. And the book says nothing. What can you say, it is not clear to the Queen; did not see the sense in the book. Didn't know that the Queen that a new title in the letters of all the words in the book have changed.

Slammed the book Elena the wise and hit her obsem. All the letters were scattered from the book, and the first capital letter, as struck, and turned to Ivan.

Looks Ivan Elena the Wise, his wife, looks and the eye cannot take. She looked here and the Queen of Ivan, and feasting smiled at him. And she was more beautiful than it was before.

"I thought, " she says, " my husband untalented man, and he and the magic mirror utilse, and the book of wisdom outwitted!

They began to live in peace and harmony and lived so from time to time. Yes asks once the Queen of Ivan:

"What your mother on a visit to us is not.

She answers Ivan:

"It's probably true! Yes indeed, and thy father's gone a long time! I'll go out in the morning for mother Yes, father.

The next morning at dawn, the mother of Ivan and the father of Elena the wise themselves to visit his children came. Father-Helena road near her Kingdom knew; they briefly went and not tired.

Ivan bowed to his mother and the old man at his feet fell.

- Bad, " he said, " father! I had not kept your ban. Forgive me, untalented!

Hugged his old man and forgave.

"Thank you, " he said, " son. In dress cherished charm was, in the book of wisdom, and in the mirror - all the visibility in the world. I thought as I gathered for my daughter's dowry, not only wanted to give him some time. All I've gathered, you don't put that in you was the main talent. Went I was far behind him, but he was close. See, don't put it and not given away, but the man himself is extracted.

Cried here Elena the wise, kissed Ivan, her husband, and asked him for forgiveness. Since then, they began to live gloriously and Elena Ivan, and their parents - and to this day live.

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