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There was an old man Yes the old woman. They had three sons - two senior smart had a reputation, and younger all the fool's name was. The old woman loved seniors - dressed purely, fed delicious. And the youngest in holey shirt went black crust chewed.

He, the fool, anyway: he didn't understand, didn't understand a thing!

Once reached the village tidings: who will build the king of the ship that and the seas went under the clouds flew, for the king will give out the daughter. Decided elder brothers trying to get lucky.

- Release us, the father and the mother! Maybe some of us the king's son-in-law will be!

Outfitted mother older sons, baked them cakes white, fry-prepared chicken, geese Yes:

"Go, son!

Brothers have gone into the forest and began to cut trees to cut. Many chopped-sawed. What to do next - I don't know. They began to argue and quarrel, that and look, each other hair will seize.

Came here to them the old man and asks:

What makes you, well done, dispute Yes abuse? Maybe you and I what's the word in favor will say?

Was attacked by both brothers on the old man to listen to his not that bad words have cursed and drove away. The old man has left.

Sworn brethren, ate all supplies that mother has given to them, and returned home with nothing... As they came, begged to youngest:

- Let go of me now!

Became mother and father to dissuade him Yes hold:

"Where are you, fool, you wolves on the road will eat!

And the simpleton repeated all the time:

"Let - go, and not let go - let go!

See the mother and father does with it will not cope. Gave him on the road a black hunk of dry bread and shoved out of the house.

Took the simpleton with an axe and went into the forest. We went walking through the woods and spotted a high pine: top in clouds this pine rests, to clasp her only fit three.

It has cut down a pine tree, was it from the twigs to clear. Approached the old man.

"Hello, " he said, " the baby!

"Hello, grandpa!

- What is it, baby, you do, on what is a large tree cut down?

"But, grandfather, the king promised to give his daughter, who he flying ship build, and I build.

- And how do you expect this ship to make? This case is tricky, perhaps, will not cope.

- Sophisticated not sophisticated, and it is necessary to try: look, and I will cope! So by the way you came: old people skilled, knowledgeable. Can you give me that and will privetely.

The old man says:

"If we are asking the Board to give you, listen: take you your axe and otesi this pine sides: like that!

And showed how it should be cut.

Listened to the simpleton of the old man - cut pine as he showed. Hewing he wonders: the axe and goes, and goes!

"Now, " said the old man, - abdelali pine with all: like this and like that!

The simpleton Starichkov words does not pass: as the old man shows, and so he does. He finished work, the old man praised him and said:

"Now, that's not a sin to rest and have a snack a little.

"Oh, grandfather, " said the simpleton, for me-the meal will be, this hunk of stale. And you than to treat? You probably will not prizes my treat?

"Come, my child, " said the old man, " give it here the hunk!

The simpleton gave him a hunk. The old man took it in his hands, looked, felt and says:

- Not so stale your hunk!

And gave it to the simpleton. Took the simpleton a hunk - my eyes don't believe: turned hunk in the Yes soft white loaf.

As they ate, the old man and says:

- Well, now we begin to fit sails!

And took from his bosom a piece of canvas. The old man shows, the simpleton trying to conscience all makes and sails ready, fitted.

"Sit down now in the ship, " said the old man, and fly where you want. Yes, look, remember my order: by the way put in the ship of any passer!

Here they parted. The old man went his way, and the simpleton on the flying ship sat down, the sails spread. Swelled the sails flew the ship into the sky, flew faster than the Falcon. Flying below the clouds walking, a little taller forests standing...

Flew-flew the simpleton, he saw lying on the road people - an ear to the crude earth has dropped. It has gone down and says:

"Hello, uncle!

- Great, well done!

- What are you doing?

- I listen to that on the other end of the earth is done.

That I done, uncle?

- Sing-filled there little birds vociferous one another better!

- Ecoi you what lehmannii! Sit down with me on the ship will depart together.

Was listen did not plead, boarded a ship, and they flew on.

Flew-flew, see walking along the road man walking on one leg and the other leg attached to the ear.

"Hello, uncle!

- Great, well done!

- What are you on one foot jump?

- Yes if I have the other leg will loose, so in three steps over the whole world will step!

- Oh fast! Sit down to us.

Skorokhod to refuse was not, climbed the ship, and they flew on.

Are there many, few if passed, lo and behold - there is a person with a gun, took aim. And in what aims is unknown.

"Hello, uncle! In whom it is you aim - neither beast nor bird circle is not visible.

- What you! But I'm not going to shoot close. Aim I taterka that sits on a tree miles per thousand here. This is shooting at me.

"Sit down with us, we will depart together!

Sat down and Shot, and all of them have departed further. They were flying, flying, and see: there is a man, is behind a great big bag of bread.

"Hello, uncle! Where are you going?

- Go to get bread for his lunch.

- What do you want more bread? You and so the bag is full!

- What! This bread in my mouth to put Yes to swallow. And to satiety to eat, I need one hundred times as much!

- See you what! Sit down to our ship, we will depart together.

Sat down and ate round on the ship, they have departed further. Flying over the woods, flying over the fields, over the rivers fly over villages and villages fly.

Lo and behold: a man walks near a large lake, head shakes.

"Hello, uncle! What are you looking for?

- Thirsty, so am looking for somewhere to drink.

- Yes, before you the whole lake. Drink in the pleasure!

- Yes this water to me just one SIP will become. Wondered fool marveled at his companions and says:

"Well, never mind, there will be water for you. Sit with us on the ship will fly far away, you will find a lot of water!

Was filing sat in the ship, and they flew on. How much flying is unknown, only to see: a man goes into the forest, and behind him a faggot.

"Hello, uncle! You tell us: why are you in the forest brushwood drag?

And this is not a simple brushwood. If to scatter it, immediately the whole army will appear.

"Sit down, uncle, with us!

And this sat to him. They flew on.

Flew-flew, lo and behold: there is an old man, bears a straw sack.

- Great grandfather, gray head! Where are you straw bear?

- In the village.

"Is in the village of little straw?

- A lot of straw, and such isn't present.

"What is it you have?

- And here's what: if I throw it in a hot summer - and will be at once cold: the snow, the frost will crack.

- If so, your truth: in the village this straw will not find. Sit down with us!

Cooled climbed with his sack in the ship, and they flew on.

Flew-flew and flew to the Royal Palace. The king at that time at dinner sat. He saw the flying ship and sent his servants:

- Go ask: who is on that ship has arrived - what overseas princes and the king's sons?

Servants ran to the ship and see - sit on the ship simple guys.

There were no Imperial servants and ask them: who are these, and whence have arrived. Came back and reported to the king:

- So and so! No ship no Prince, no king's son, and all black bone - simple men. What would you do with them?

"For a simple guy us subsidiary to issue a shame, thinks the king. - Need of such suitors get rid of".

He asked his courtiers, princes Yes boyars:

- What do we do now, what to do?

They recommended:

- You need the groom to set different difficult task, perhaps he will not solve. Then we turn him down and show!

The Tsar was delighted, he sent servants to fool with such order:

- Let the groom will get to us until our Royal dinner is over, live and dead water!

Thought the simpleton:

- What will I do now? Yes I per year and may all your age is not find such water.

"I what? says the messenger. - Instantly you will cope.

Removed the foot from your ear and ran far away in trilisate Kingdom. Got two jugs of water living and dead, and he thinks: "there's a lot left, give a little sit - in time for the deadline to come back!"

Sat down under a dense spreading oak, and dozed off...

Royal lunch approaches to the end, and the runner as there is.

Have begun to grieve all on the flying ship - I don't know what to do. But Listen pressed his ear against the damp earth, listened, and said:

- Acai drowsy Yes tremley! Sleeping under a tree, snoring wild!

- But I now Wake up! - speaks Shot. It "has seized his gun, took aim and fired at the oak under which the runner was asleep. Showered with oak acorns - right at the head of the Runner. That has woken up.

- Well, Yes, sir, I fell asleep!

He sprang up and at the same moment brought jugs of water:

- Get!

There was a Tsar from the table, looked at the jars and says:

- Maybe, this water is not present?

Caught cock, tore off his head and spicoli dead water. The head is suddenly increased. He spicoli living water - cock on legs jumped, wings clapped, "ku-ka-river!" he cried.

Shame became king.

- Well, - he says the fool, is this my problem you did. Ask now another! If you such clever, eat with their parents in one sitting twelve bulls fried Yes as many loaves as forty ovens baked!

Sad fool says to his companions:

"Yes, I am one bread for the whole day won't eat!

"I what? said ate round. I and bulls and with their corn one will cope. Little will!

Told the simpleton to say to the king:

- Drag the bulls and the loaves. Will be there!

Brought twelve bulls fried Yes as many loaves as forty ovens baked. Ate round allow bulls to eat one after the other. And the bread is so into his mouth and throws the loaf after loaf. All the carts were empty.

Let's have another! - shouts ate round. - Why are there so few have in store? I only have entered into taste!

And the king no bulls, no bread no.

"Now, " he says, " the order new to you: that it has been drunk infections forty barrels of beer each barrel on forty buckets.

"Yes, I am one of the buckets don't have it, " said the simpleton to the matchmakers.

- What a sadness! answers were Filing. - Yes I am one all of them drink beer, still not enough!

He arrived forty barrels of forties. Began to draw beer buckets Yes to submit opivale. He will take a SIP from the bucket and empty.

"What are you to me buckets hold? says was Sawdust. - Etak we will dawdle all the day!

He raised the barrel and the influx of her infections, without the rest. Picked up another barrel - and that was rolled away. So all forty barrels, and drank.

"No? " asks another beer? Not plenty I got drunk! Hasn't had a drink!

Sees the king: does the fool not to take. Decided to ruin it by cunning.

"Okay, " he said, " I will Give you my daughter, get ready for the crown! Just before the wedding, go to the bath, vymojsja-evaporate properly.

And ordered to heat a bath. And the bath was all cast iron.

Three days bath was heated, red-hot was heated. Fire-heat from it radiates, in five fathoms her not to come.

- How will wash? said the simpleton. - Will burn alive.

- Do not worry, - answers Cooled. "I'll go with you!

He ran to the king and asked:

- Whether will permit me to groom in a bath go? I told him the straw will spread it to the heel is not contaminated!

King of what? He was permitted: "That one will burn both!"

Led the simpleton with Halodrol in bath, locked there. And Chilling scattered in the bath straw - and it was cold, frost wall was covered in irons frozen water.

How much time has passed, opened the servant's door. Look, fool alive, and the old man too.

- Oh, you, " said the simpleton, Yes in your bath not to steam, and unless on a sled ride!

Ran servants to the king. Reported: so, they say, and so. The Tsar was swept up, don't know what to do, how from the fool to get rid of.

Thought-thought and ordered him:

- Put in the morning in front of my Palace a whole regiment of soldiers. Put up will give her to you as a daughter. Do not expose - I'll run!

And the mind: "How simple peasant army to get? So he can't execute. Tohto we will throw in the neck!"

Heard the simpleton Imperial order - speaks to the matchmakers:

- You helped me, brothers, out of trouble more than once or twice... And now what shall we do?

- Oh, you found something to grieve about it! - the old man speaks with brushwood. Yes I though seven regiments with the generals put up! Go to the king, tell him the army!

Come fool to the king.

- Will do, " he said, " your order, only in recent times. And if you will plead for himself expostulate!

Early in the morning the old man with sticks called the simpleton and left with him in the field. It has scattered a bundle, and there was an infinite army and foot, and horse, and with guns. Trumpeters in the trumpets and drummers drums beat, generals command submit, horses in the earth hoofs beat... the Simpleton ahead was to the Royal Palace, the army took. Stopped in front of the Palace, he ordered loudly trumpets to sound, the stronger the drums to beat.

Heard the king looked out of the window, from the fright whiter cloth was. He ordered the commanders of his army to withdraw, on the simpleton war to go.

Brought magistrates of the Royal army, were in the simpleton shoot yeah shoot. And Durnev soldiers wall go, the Royal army, crumple, as the grass. Scared
magistrates and ran back, and behind them followed and all of the tsarist army.

Got the king of the Palace, on his knees before the simpleton creeps, asks expensive gifts to take with Princess more likely to get married.

Says the fool to the king:

- Now you're not the mentor! We have our own mind!

Drove it of the king, and told never in that Kingdom to come. And himself on the Princess got married.

- Princess - maid young Yes good. It is no guilt there!

And was he in that Kingdom to live, all sorts of things to do.

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