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The sea on the ocean, on the island of Buyan is bull roast. In one side of the bull knife sharpened, and the crushed garlic. Know slash, garlic quiet Yes plenty to eat. Bad?

It is not a fairy tale, but a prelude. The tale is all ahead. As hot pies to eat and drink beer, then the tale will lead.

In a certain Kingdom, in a certain country there lived a poor melodica, comely widow with a son.

The guy's name was Ivan, and on-street clicked Ivan - the widow's son.

Over the years Ivan - the widow's son was very small, and the growth Yes doradztwo such a freak like everyone marveled.

And was in that Kingdom merchant miser-prescool. First wife starved merchant hunger; the other married - and that is long lived.

Walked merchant again widowed, the bride looked after. Yes no marry him no go, all obewaut. Became the merchant to marry the widow.

- What do you want her to live? Go for me.

Thought, thought the widow: "Skinny about the groom's glory slides, and have to go. What you'll do if to live! 'll go. What is the most bitter you are, and though the son will podras".

The wedding took place. From the first days of the merchant disliked stepson: and got the guy wrong and has gone wrong... Each piece finds himself thinking: "as long As you grow up Yes work fine, but on his goodness will bring! That way it's completely ruined, light matter?".

Mother killed, working at seven: there is till the light goes past midnight and my husband to please not. Every day, something Pushcha merchant taken anything. "It is good and does, thinks, from stepson to get rid of".

It's time to go to the fair in a different city. Merchant says:

- Take Ivashka - let it actually gets used and for goods will zagladit. Though what to eat, and all will benefit.

And the mind holds: "Maybe just get rid of it in a strange way."

Sorry for the mother of the son, and does not dare to contradict. Cried, cried, outfitted Ivan in the way. Went over the fence to see. Waved Ivan cap good-bye and left.

Was coming sooner or later, close whether, how far it has gone in a strange forest and stopped to rest. Unharnessed the horses were allowed to graze, and the merchant began the goods to test. Walked around the carts, thought, and suddenly she heard saragusa:

- One box with gingerbread is not enough! Not another like you, Ivashka, ate!

- I mean, who didn't come!

Pushcha merchant has saragusa:

- Eaten gingerbread, unlocked, so you Goblin, such-each took!

Only managed to say, as at the same moment the spruce-Bereznik she heard a popping all around has zatemnila, and appeared out of the forest the old man, very-prestrategy head as hay hair, eyes like calisi, shoulders oblique sazhen himself flush with the wood.

- For what you gave me, hell, boy, get your own box!

Threw the old box, picked up Ivan and immediately zouhali noise, whistling Yes Trescothick on the forest went.

The merchant from fear under the cart fell. And as all was quiet, he looked out and saw the horses on the meadow came running and droma tremble, mane Colom stand, and a box with gingerbread lies.

Merchant gradually came to himself, he crawled out from under the cart, looked around - there's no stepson. Grinned.

That's okay: got rid of the hands of the parasite, and the goods are all intact.

Became horses to harness.

And Ivan - the widow's son, and no time to look back, as he found himself alone with the terrible old man.

The old man and says:

"Don't be afraid. You were Ivan's son, and now my servant for ever. Will listen - I'll drink to feed, drink, eat plenty, what the soul asks, and for disobedience to a cruel death betray.

"I have nothing to fear - all is worse than that of his stepfather, never will be. But the mother of pity. Absolutely it will svedese without me.

Here the old man whistled so loudly that the leaves on the trees trembled, flowers to land crouched and grass faded.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, stood a horse. Transagency tail waving, and he is huge, enormous, like a mountain.

Picked up the Goblin Ivan, leaped into the saddle, and rushed like a whirlwind.

- Wait, wait, " cried Ivan, my hat fell off!

"Well, where will your hat look! As you said, we're five hundred miles have passed, and now that place is already a thousand.

Through the fens, swamps, through forests, across the lake, the horse jumped, only whistling in the ears stood.

In the evening rode in mesachie Kingdom.

Sees Ivan: on the lawn of the high chamber, and around the fence enclosed from a drill forest. In the sky the fence rests, and the gates of nowhere no.

Lunged the horse, flew under the clouds and jumped over the fence.

The Goblin horse has Russell, desnusdas, poured wheat belozerovoy1] and led Ivan into the chamber:

Today the dinner will cook, and you rest. Tomorrow at work will be accepted.

With those words furnace flooded, semimodular bull completely fried, rolled sorokavattnoy wine barrel:

- Sit down to dinner!

Ivan piece ate, drank spring water and an old man just bull covered, all the wine one drank and went to sleep.

The next day rose Ivan early, washed Belenko, frequent scallop've combed your hair. All chambers were cleaned, oven flooded and asks:

- What to do?

"Get the horses, cows and sheep feed, water, then pick a dozen sheep are fatter and Sagar for Breakfast.

Ivan for the cause began with hunting, and so he sporo work went - it was a pleasure to watch! Soon all had finished, the table was laid, calling the old man:

- Sit down to Breakfast!

The Goblin guy nahvalivat:

- Well, well done! Do you have the skill and hands must be the gold, only the power of childish. Yes it is easily remedied.

Took the pitcher from the shelf:

"Drink three SIPS.

Ivan drank and feels - the power he had tripled.

- Now you will be easier managing.

Ate, drank. Climbed the old man behind the Desk:

"Come on, I'll give you everything here will show.

Took a bunch of keys and led by Ivan the room and storerooms.

- Here in this mill the gold, and that on the contrary, silver.

In the third pantry went there semi-precious stones and pearls pitched2 and fourth - expensive fur: Fox, marten Yes black sable. After that went down. Here, wines, honey and different drinks twelve basements barrels exhibited. Then came upstairs. Opened the old door. Ivan across the threshold was crossed and gasped. The walls are covered with powerful armor and harness. All pure gold and precious stones adorned, as the fire burns, shimmers in the sun.

Looks Ivan on swords, spears, swords Yes harness and unable to break away.

"That's like, thinks, - I that armor Yes trusty steed!"

Took him the Goblin to the most distant structure. Filed keychain:

"Here's the keys to all the doors. Here you are welcome. Go everywhere freely and remember: everything about everything with you will ask you the answer to be.

Pointed to the iron door:

- Here without me don't go, and will not hearken unto - themselves expostulate: for you not to be alive.

Was Ivan to serve their business link. Lived-lived, the old man says:

- Leave tomorrow for three years, you alone will remain. Live Yes remember my order, and I am guilty - not expect any mercy.

The next morning at the crack of dawn, the horse was saddled, over the fence and strode across only the old man and it was obvious. Left Ivan all alone. Words can not say with whom.

A year has passed and another boring was Ivan: "if only one man's word to hear, everything would be easier".

And then he remembered: "it's the Goblin didn't iron door to open? Perhaps there are people languishing in captivity? Let me go look, nothing man does not know".

Took the keys, opened the door. Behind the door steps all steps overgrown with moss. Ivan went down into the dungeon. There's a great big horse standing, leg chains chained to the floor, his head lifted up, the beam is drawn. And it can be seen before was starved horse - one skin and bones.

Have pity on him Ivan. The reason untied, wheat, water brought.

The next day came, and saw the horse became more cheerful. Again brought wheat and water. Ad libitum fed, watered the horse. On the third day descended Ivan in the dungeon and suddenly hears:

"Well, my good man, have pity on me, age will not forget your kindness!

Surprised Ivan, looked around, and the horse says:

- POI, feed me another nine weeks, from the underground every morning inferences. I need thirty dews go - then still in force will be included.

Was Ivan the horse to water, feed, every morning on the green grass-the ant output. A day later, the horse in the protected meadow dew ridden.

Nine weeks watered and fed Halil horse. Thirty morning dew the horse ride and this was fed Yes smooth, as if poured.

"Well, Ivan, now I can smell the old force. Sit on me, yeah hold on tight.

And the horse is big-very big - with great difficulty villages Ivan riding.

At the moment all around was dark and, as a cloud, Goblin-like.

- Have not listened to me, he brought the horse out of the dungeon!

Hit Ivan whip.

The guy seven yards from his horse flew and fell without memory.

Here's the science! Will survive - your happiness, will not survive will kick magpies Yes the ravens for lunch!

Then ran the Goblin behind the horse. Caught up, hit a backhand whip; the horse fell on his knees.

Started the Goblin horse to beat.

- Soul of you will kick it outta ye, wolf syt!

Beat, beat, dungeon, led, leg chains tied, head to the beam drew:

- Still will not escape from me, you will obey!

How many, whether a little time has passed, Ivan came to himself, got up.

"Well, if you survived your happiness, " the Goblin said. In the first fault forgive. Go, his business rule!

The next day flew over the houses of the crows three times croaked: CRC, colorectal cancer, colorectal cancer!

The Goblin soon-soon gathered in the road:

"Oh, see, the trouble has happened! No wonder brother dragon the crow with the message sent.

Goodbye Ivan said:

- Long absence will not. If we are guilty in another time - the living not to be!

And drove away. Left Ivan and one thinks: "I sort of Goblin killed, but doth horse? Whatever - go find out."

Descended into the dungeon, and saw a horse there, was delighted:

- Oh, konicek dear, never thought you live to find!

Soon refills for reason untied. Horse mane shook, his head was cocked:

"Well, Ivan, did not think, did not expect I that dare once again to come here, but now I see: though the years, you and Mal, but by daring took. Not afraid of hell, came to me. And now it is impossible for us to stay here.

Meanwhile, Ivan and the horse got out of the dungeon.

Stopped the horse in the meadow and says:

- Take a spade and dig a grave for me under the front legs.

Ivan dug, dug, leaned over and looks into the pit.

- What do you see?

- See - gold in hole key boils.

- Opuskay in his arms at the elbow.

Ivan obeyed, and were he to his elbows gold.

Now Zara Tu dig a hole and the other under my hind legs.

Ivan pit has been dug.

"Well, whatever you want to see?

- See - the silver key is boiling.

- Silver grades legs at the knee.

Ivan was silvered feet.

- Bury the pit, and let about this miracle Goblin doesn't know.

Only Ivan pit buried, as the horse started:

Oh, Vanya, you need to hurry - I feel that the Goblin back going! Go rather to the pantry, where heroic gear is stored, bring the third to the left harness.

Left Ivan and returned with empty hands.


Ivan is silent, with his feet peremenitsja and head lowered.

Horse guessed:

"Ah, John, I forgot - you are still not in full force, and my harness heavy - hundred pounds. Well, never mind, all is correct. In the pantry right in the corner of the trunk, and it has three crystal pitcher. One green, the other red, and the third white drink. You each pitcher drink in three gulps and no longer drink, but I can't carry you.

Ivan ran. Lo and behold - already returned harness carries.

"Well? Added you have the force?

'I smell a great power!

Horse again started:

- Hurry up, Vanya, Goblin leaves home.

Ivan soon-hastily horse saddled.

- Now go in the house, pozymis in summer the house, get in the trunk, soap, comb and towel. All that we with you will be useful.

Ivan soap, towel and comb brought:

"Well, shall we go?

"No, Vanya, run in the garden. There in the far corner there is a strange Apple with Golden ripening apples. One day the Apple tree grows, naked the other day blossoms, and on the third day the apples ripen. Near Apple well of living water. Draw the water pitcher-another. Yes don't wait: the Goblin already halfway passed.

Ivan ran to the garden, poured a pitcher of the water of life, looked at the Apple tree and the Apple tree full of Golden ripe apples.

"If these apples home to take! Would all people are gardens to plant, Golden apples grow so enjoy. On the day Apple trees grow, the next day bloom, and on the third day the apples ripen. Whatever will be will be and apples I these Narva". Three bags of gold apples narwhal Ivan and ran from the garden, running, and horse hoof beats, ears spins:

"Quickly, quickly! Drink of the living water and give me to drink, the rest'll take with me.

Ivan bags of apples to the saddle was pretracheal, gave the horse the living water and he drank.

At that time the earth was shaking, all around shake came, my good fellow barely on his feet resist.

- Hurry! the horse says. - The Goblin close!

Jumped Ivan in the saddle. Lunged the horse forward and leapt the fence.

The Goblin came to his Kingdom on the other hand, the fence jumped and screamed:

"Hey, servant, take the horse!

I waited and waited - no Ivan. Looked around and saw a gate in the dungeon open.

"Oh, so and so, run away! Oh well, still catches up.

Asks the horse:

- Can fugitives to catch up?

- Catch up-catch up, Yes I feel that the master, trouble-the misery over your head and over!

Angry Goblin, saragusa:

- Ah, the wolf syt, grass bag, you do me grief-misfortune to scare you!

And began to beat with a whip horse steep thighs, cut up the meat to the bone:

- Will not catch up with the fugitives - death you will score!

Rose horse under the clouds, he vaulted over the fence.

Like a whirlwind, rushed Goblin in pursuit. Sooner or Ivan in the road was, are there many, few if passed, suddenly the horse says:

The race is close. Get more the crest. Will the Goblin run into da fire arrows throw - throw the comb behind us.

Soon he heard the noise, the hiss and clatter of horses ' hoofs. Closer and closer. Hears Ivan - the Goblin shouts:

No, I was not able to escape, and you and certainly not to leave! - And began to shoot fire arrows. - Live as burn!

Ivan managed, threw the comb - and in this moment before the demon wall got a thick forest: no not go Hiking or equestrian not to pass, a wild animal not Parisot, the bird not to fly.

The Goblin here and there stuck - there's no travel, teeth squeaked:

Anyway will catch up, but the axe-samoset will bring.

Brought the axe-samoset was the trees to fell, pentacosane to Coronati, clearing to clear.

Fought, fought, clearing cut, burst into the open. Rode for Ivan:

- The hour will not, as will be in my hands!

At that time the horse under Ivan started.

"Take, Vanya, soap, " she said. As soon as the Goblin will come along and fire arrows will fly, throw the soap behind us.

Only had time to utter, as the earth roared, the wind got up, the noise went.

Heard he Saragossa Goblin:

- Took my magic comb, well, still can not get away from me!

And fell down, a rain of fire arrows. Dress for Ivan in seven places on fire. Threw it soap and up to the clouds climbed stone mountain behind the horse.

Stopped the Goblin in front of the mountain:

- Oh, and magic soap was taken! What to do now? If a circle to go around, much time will be needed. The best stone mountain to break, to shatter it to go.

Turned his horse, went home, brought picks, hoes. Became stone mountain to beat-gouging. Stone fragments at a hundred miles fly, and a rumbling is - birds and beasts fall dead.

Day to evening, the stone was broken, the night broke through the mountain and rushed in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Ivan horse fed himself and rested. Go, the path continues. The third time was the Goblin to overtake, was the fire arrows to shoot. Ivanovo dress was burnt, and he and the horse were scorched. Asks the horse:

- Do not delay, Vanyushka, rather get a towel and throw it behind us.

Ivan towel tossed and leaked them a river of fire. No water in the river running, and the fire is lit above the forest flame burns, and this range of heat that they hardly did get, just not burned alive. The Goblin with full speed bumped, no sooner had the horse to stop - and it caught fire.

And the towel was taken! Well, nothing, just on the other side of the cross, now nothing im going to hold me back.

He struck the horse with his whip hard skacel horse across the river, but couldn't jump: flame blinded, heat annealed. Fallen horse with the demon in the fiery river, and both were burned.

At that time, Ivanov horse stopped:

"Well, Ivan, we got rid of the Goblin and all the people delivered from it: burnt Goblin with his horse in the river of fire!

Ivan horse has Russell, desnusdas, anointed burns living water. Pain subsided and the wound healed. Himself down to rest and fell asleep strong, powerful dream. Sleeps all day, another and a third. On the fourth morning, woke up, got up, looked around and said:

- Familiar places is our Kingdom is.

At that time the horse ran:

"Well, Ivan, full to sleep, chill out, it's time for it to take. Go in search of their share, and let me in green meadows. When you are ready, come into the open field, in a wide expanse, whistle whistling valiant, garki powerful voice: "Sivka-burka, prophetic kaurka, stand in front of me, like a leaf before the grass!" - I'm here and I will.

Ivan knight was released, and he thinks: "Where am I going? As people in the eyes to seem? All the clothing I was burned."

Thought-thought and saw just a herd of bulls grazing. Grabbed Ivan one bull by the horns, lifted and fell obsem that in the hands of one's skin remained bullish carcass, like peas out of the bag, shook. "We need something to cover the nakedness!" Wrapped Ivan from head to toe in bull's hide, took gold ripening apples and walked aimlessly.

Sooner or walked, he came to the gate.

At the gates of the people gathered. Listen to the king's messenger:

- Looking for a king such gardeners to the first day of the garden planted, another day has grown and that on the third day in that garden, the apples are ripe.

Hearing PAL: somewhere there are early-ripening apples. Who is the hunter king to entertain?

Nobody Royal messenger provides no answer. Everyone is silent. Ivan thinks: "let me try!"

Went to the messenger:

- When the matter is to be taken?

All look - wonder: where did this come from? Stands like monster what, in bull's hide wrapped, and tail dragging on the ground.

The Royal messenger taunts:

- Come back tomorrow at noon at the Royal court, will hire you, Yes the Scarecrow in the garden put - no bird will not fly, but none of the beasts close will not run.

"Wait, what ahead of time low? How would after to repent had not! - Ivan said and walked away.

The next day came Ivan at the Royal court, but there are already many gardeners gathered. The king went forth, on the porch and asks:

- Who of you is taken to console me, our state is to glorify? Who will grow up in three days Golden apples, to him will I give all what he wants.

Went one old gardener, the king bowed:

I nearly forty years, the gardens grow, 've never heard a kind of miracle: in three days the garden to plant the Apple trees to grow and ripe apples to collect. If you will allow pores time three years, I am the cause will be accepted. Another asks term of two years. Third - year. Other taken, and in six months the whole thing to celebrate. Then came forward Ivan:

- In three days I garden plant, Apple trees will grow and ripe Golden apples will gather.

And again, all to him I look amazed. The king stares, eyes with Ivan doesn't, he thinks: "Where did that come from?".

Then he said:

- Well, look, take the plow - don't tell, don't hedge. Will bring three days of ripe apples from new garden - ask what they want, and deceit - expostulate: I'll have your head cut off.

And your nearest Lord commanded:

- Take the gardener land for new gardens and give him everything you will need.

- I don't need anything, " says Ivan. - Indicate only where the garden to plant.

The other night Ivan appeared in the open field, in a wide expanse, whistled whistling dashing, said a powerful voice:

- Sivka-burka, prophetic kaurka, stand in front of me, like a leaf before the grass!

The horse runs - the earth trembles, ears, a pillar of smoke belching from nostrils the flame radiates, mane in the wind a-blowing. Ran was dead:

- What, Ivan, do you want?

- I spring garden plant and in three days to collect apples.

- Well that is simple enough. Take apples, sit down on me Yes pull in iskopati3 on Apple.

Walking horse, a furnace clods hooves turns, and Ivan in those pits apples lowers. All apples are planted. Ivan knight was released and in each of mortar drop of living water sniggered. Then walked along the rows earth ruffled, has loosened. And soon began to break shoots. Turned green garden. By morning, light, rose trees in polchlopek, and by the evening began Apple quite large and blossomed. Throughout the Kingdom went Apple spirit, this sweet - all the people with joy.

Ivan two days and two nights eyes were closed, his hands did not dokladal, garden kept it watered. In labour Yes to the care of tired, sat under a tree, took a NAP, then on the grass leaned and fell asleep.

And the king had three daughters. Calling Junior Princess:

"Come, sister, look at new garden. Today there Apple bloom.

Older Yes average to argue. Come into the garden, and the garden all in bloom, though Kipen white.

Ìlook, look, Apple bloom!

- Who is this garden planted so soon raised?

Just look at this man!

Searched and searched for the gardener - not found. Then saw someone lying under the tree, man is not man, the beast is not a beast. Older sister came
closer. Came back and said:

- Lies some kind of monster, go away. And the middle sister looked up and said:

"Oh, sister, and look something nasty such a freak! So isn't this monster garden set Yes raised?

- Well here's another, which was invented! said the eldest Princess.

And younger sister, Natalia-the Princess asks:

- Don't go away, and I want to see who's there.

Came, looked, walked around the tree. Then lifted the bull's hide and saw a sleeping man this handsome - neither put nor shadat, nor pen describe, only tale to tell, elbow in good hands in gold, knee-legs in silver. Looks Princess will not nagladetsa, her heart stops. I shot my personal Persenk and quietly put Ivan on the little finger.

Sisters aboutsa, shouting:

- Where are you, sister? Let's go home!

Runs Natalia-the Princess and sisters go towards:

- What there was, what the freak has found? If scare crow! And who is he?

And Natalia is the Princess in the answer:

For that person hurt, what is it you evil done? Look how wonderful he garden grew, the priest comforted and all our Kingdom is glorified. At that time, and the king awoke. Went to the window, and saw a garden in bloom, was delighted: "that's good, don't be deceived by the gardener! Have something for the guests to brag. Come today grooms - his three sons, three of a foreign Prince; and his princes, boyars eminent on the feast will call - let the daughter sweethearts choose." In the evening guests arrived, and the next day he made a great feast-stosowanie. The guests are sitting at the feast, feasting, drinking, eating and having fun.

Slept Ivan, slept, woke up, saw on the little finger ring gold, wondered: "Where did the ring come from?".

Shot with hands and saw the inscription on the ring the name of the youngest Princess marked. "I'd like to see what it is!" And on the Apple trees had grown, ripe Golden apples, burn-shimmer, as amber in the sun. Narwhal Ivan most ripe apples full cart and brought to the Palace, right in the dining room. Only after the threshold is crossed, all guests of Apple spirit and threw like a garden in the upper room.

Gave the king a basket. All guests on the apples look, eyes can't take. And the king sits, not himself, fingering the Golden apples and silent. Sooner or sat, was a surprise, come to their senses:

"Well thank you, comforted me! Kind of apples anywhere in the world could not be found. And if you could in three days the garden to plant and grow apples of gold you shall be the head gardener in my Kingdom!

As long as the king with Ivan said, all three Princess became guests wine enclose, steel your brides to choose.

Older sister chose Prince, average chose the king's son, and smaller Princess once around the table bypassed - no one chose another time around - no one chose. Third time I went and stood against Ivan. Low good man bowed:

- If Luba I tell you, be my intended!

Brought him Chara green wine.

Ivan Chara took on the Princess looked - so pretty, the age would be admired! Joy doesn't know what to say.

And everyone who was at the feast, as heard carenini words, drink, have stopped, stared at Ivan Yes less a king's daughter, staring, silent.

King of the table popped up:

- A century that will not happen!

"And do you remember whether, Majesty, " he said, " when I'm at work wears, we have an arrangement was: if you do not have to cope with the fact my head from his shoulders, and if you grow apples in three days - promised you to me everything I want. Apples I grew and one only reward I ask, give me Natalia-Princess!

The king waved his hands, feet stomped:

- Ah, ignorant, rootless dog! How do you tongue turned a kind word to say!

Here is the Princess to the father, the mother bowed:

"I am the good fellow has chosen and for anybody else to marry will not go.

King Pushcha radiated noise:

- Were you I beloved daughter, and after your stupid speeches I know you don't know! Go away with your freak out of my Kingdom where I know that my eyes have never seen!

The Queen burst into tears:

"Oh, cut us head! From sneaking shame and in the grave will not whoreness!

Cried, pobrecita, and then began to persuade the king:

The king-Emperor, change the temper justice with mercy! After all, though a fool, Yes a daughter, what would do. Not banish from the Kingdom. Allocate somewhere, mestechko. Let them live there. They are your Royal eyes don't dare to appear, and I know I always will, whether she is alive!

The king of the tears heeded, have mercy:

- So in the old hut where our protected forest live... in the capital city and not shown!

Drove the king Natalia-Princess Yes Ivan, and senior and middle daughter was married honor of honor. The wedding was celebrated, and after the wedding feasts and food intake the king wrote to elder sons-in-law of my Kingdom. Prince Yes the Prince with his wives in the Royal towers settled. Live happily ever after, in feasts Yes fun time lead.

And Ivan forest hut was fixed, and the small plot were felled, singing, roots uprooted and bread sowed. Live with his young wife, his hands and feed, the city is not displayed.

How much, you never know time has passed, - nezhdanovaya trouble happened: befell the Kingdom of great misery. Rode the messenger, the sad news brought:

The king-Emperor, the foreign king I have crossed the border, and the troops he apparently invisible! Three cities with a castle borough and there are many villages with proselkami burned, burned up the charred log started: all of our Outpost beat-they fought.

The king sat on the couch and as he heard those words, and measurement. Fidgets on the bricks, and with places to go can't. Then I woke up:

- Submit your crown and schlichte sons-in-law Yes neighbors boyars!

Come-in-law with the boyars, bowed. King crown trimmed, straightened:

- King Guidon with countless troops on us is. Collect army-force, go to meet the enemy, my Kingdom to protect.

The son-in-law Prince Yes son-in-law Prince boast:

- Do not harass yourself, the king-Emperor, we're not going to leave! Guidikova army will break and the Guidon in the stocks for you here.

Gathered shelves, the hike went. The king ordered the six best horses in the carriage harness and went after the army:

- Even from afar will see what the military actually my heirs.

Sooner or went, he left the carriage on the hill, and has been seen in the telescope: the enemy troops away stand. Froze the heart of the king: the eye not to look Guidikova army, the Falcon in three days not to fly.

No matter where you look - everywhere Quidnovi hordes, black-black in the desert.

Looks the king in the telescope and sees: travels of an enemy hero, boasts, calling themselves paedisca over carevue troops mocking. No it provides no answer. The Prince with Prince for the boyars are buried, and the boyars away Yes flinching away. Behind the bushes Yes hid in the woods, some soldiers left on the field.

At that time, came to Ivan news: troops in the campaign has gone. Ran it in an open field, in a wide expanse, whistled whistling dashing, said a powerful voice:

- Sivka-burka, prophetic kaurka, stand in front of me, like a leaf before the grass!

The Creek runs the horse with all the armour athletic. From the horse's mouth the fire-flame radiates from the ears is a lot of smoke belching from its nostrils sparks; the tail in three fathoms spread, mane to hoof came down. Ivan horse was saddled. Put first horse sweater, horse sweater laid felts, felts Seelze Cossack; silk rope tightly delayed, gold buckle hooked. All not for the sake of beauty, but for the sake of the fortress: because as silk-it is not torn, Bulat does not bend, and red gold does not rust.

Themselves put on the armor of the giant, jumped into the saddle and hit the horse on the steep hips. His good horse went to ride. From under the hooves of clods with oven fly, escopeta underground keys boil.

Like a Falcon, flew Ivan Guidikova army and saw an open field mighty warrior alien. Cried with a loud voice, as of a trumpet played. From this the cry of the young trees in the forest swayed the tops to the ground inclined.

Laughed a strange hero:

- Nothing to say, find paedisca! On the palm of the Poklad, and another murder - and will remain from you only dirt Yes water!

Nothing Ivan in reply said. Snatched his pounds of Mace and galloped towards bahalika. Came they, like two mountains fell. Hit by a Mace and knocked Ivan suprotivniki from the saddle. Fell on the wet ground, so many lives have been. Saw Quidnovi troops that was not the main hero, ran away.

And the king with the king's son with the boyars from the bushes jumped out, swords waving, led their warriors in pursuit. Ivan horse turned, bird Falcon is flying towards. No one knew him not. Only when by the king rode, said the king: hands up to the elbow from fellow gold, and his legs at the knee - silver. Cried the king:

"Whose are you, my good fellow, will be, from what genera, from which cities? What's your name-call and who you help us sent?

Nothing Ivan king did not respond, he disappeared from view. Went to an open field, Russell, desnusdas horse, was released. Took off his armour athletic. All tidied up, and he was wrapped in a skin and went home. Climbed up on the stove, and fell to sleep. Time passed day or two, the return of the Prince but the Prince of troops. In the Palace went feasts Yes fun - celebrate the victory.

Sends Ivan wife:

- Come, Natalia-the Princess ask father and mother Chara green wine Yes ham for a snack.

Went to the Palace Natalia-Princess uninvited, the uninvited. The father, the mother bowed, with guests greeted:

- Send my Ivan Chara green wine Yes ham for a snack.

The king to her and said:

Under lying stone water will not leak. Your husband to the war did not go. At home on the stove lay, and now wanted to feast!

The Queen asks:

"Well, the king-Emperor, for the sake of such a holiday change the temper justice with mercy!

"Okay, okay, " he waved his hand to the king, " so be it, send Ivan, after the guests left. Natalia-the Princess was offended:

- Let the elder sons-in-law drink, walk yeah enjoy. They are on the war went and heard from the bushes Guidikova army saw. And my husband to bluetoothsocket enough thing!

He turned and walked away. No sooner had the king with guests to ocherovat, as has ridden the messenger:

- Trouble, the king-Emperor! Guidon with the army again, I have crossed the border, and with him is the middle brother of the hero. The hero requires: "If not will the king of man, who my brother was killed, all the Kingdom let us destroy, will not leave anyone alive."

The king from the lead piece in the throat was, hands, legs trembling.

And drunken sons-in-law - Prince da Prince - scream, boasting:

- We have you, the parent, God, is in trouble - the faithful are helping, we hope!

The army gathered, horses saddled, went Hiking. The king with fear fell ill, lies moaning.

Met the king's regiments with the enemy. Guidenew hero with incalculable force attacked, and began a bloody battle.

Fighting warriors with alien hordes: one - ten, two of them with thousands.

The Royal sons-in-law as he saw the giant warrior Yes innumerable army, and all their military ardor was gone. For boyar back are buried, and the boyars behind bushes, behind the bushes, away away back.

At that time ran out Ivan in the open field, in a wide expanse. Whistle whistling dashing, said a powerful voice:

- Sivka-burka, prophetic kaurka, stand in front of me, like a leaf before the grass!

The scream-whistle a good horse runs underneath the earth trembles, from the mouth of a fire-flame blazing, nostrils, sparks, ears, smoke martagon pole knocks. Ivan horse stopped, saddled himself in battle armor dressed. He leapt into the saddle, rode up to the carnage, Ran on Guidikova army and began to beat as grass mowing, alien force.

Where will pass - there's a street, and the sword will travel - pereulok.

Jump Guidenew hero Ivan. On a horse, like a mountain, sits, ready Ivan live to swallow. Gathered, algomarine spears hit - spears they promiles, nekotorye ntotoroso not hurt. He shibles horses chest to chest, snatched riders sharp swords. Hit Ivan with a sword in suprotivniki. Tore, shook him apart, to the saddle bags. Fell from the saddle hero, like oat sheaf.

Here Quidnovi troops were horrified, equipment martial threw and ran from the battlefield away. And his warriors cheered: were pressing Yes beaten, chased the enemy force.

Ivan horse turned:

Now without me cope!

To meet him, go senior Royal sons-in-law with the boyars, hurry their shelves to catch up, waving their swords, "ur" scream. By rode, the good fellow and has not looked.

Left it in the open field, the horse let go, took off his battle armor. And himself in the hide wrapped and went to my isbank.

Climbed up on the stove. Lies at rest. Ran home Natalia-Princess:

Oh, Vanya, you again somewhere in hiding, as long as our troops from the enemy hordes fought!

Ivan is silent. Cried Natalia-Princess:

- It's a shame the good people in the eye look!

The next day I came back to the capital city of the troops to victory. All their joy meet. The Prince from the Prince to the king to tell us how they Guidikova army broke.

The king of all magistrates generously rewarded. Ordered to roll out barrels of wine and beer - the warriors meal. Ordered the cannons to shoot, bell ring. The king in the capital celebrate the victory, and the elder brother of the two dead heroes - Ruslana - persuaded the king Guidon for the third time in the war to keep himself and his shelves were exposed.

Guidon has collected a multitude greater than the former Yes Saltan, of his father-in-law, was hit in the campaign to go. Troops were recruited visible-invisible.

Go, sing songs, the drums beat. Ahead of going Saracen rider, followed by the strongest, most courageous in Guidikova Kingdom hero of Ruslana.

Outpost on the border broke, they fought and wrote a letter to the king: "Give us of his rider, which our two heroes won, and pay tribute-buy-forward a hundred years, and not all of your Kingdom let us destroy and you will send the cows to graze".

King letter was read from his face changed. Called the sons-in-law, princes Yes boyars:

"What will we do?

Son-in-law Prince says:

"If we would of course Yes vedana who was heroes Vidanovic killed, it would be better to give than to fight. And the son-in-law Prince has recommended:

Than again to fight, better to pay tribute. How long do I have, only with men but with tradespeople and will gather the Royal Treasury will not diminish. And agreed, wrote the Guidon and the Sultan: "our Land is not Zorita, will become a tribute to pay. And the abuser will find Yes to you here - let the period of three months".

Guidon with the Sultan replied: "Give a deadline three weeks".

The king and sons-in-law with the boyars in a hurry. He sent messengers through all the towns, in all villages:

- Collect the Treasury with the peasants and townspeople Yes looking Guidikova abuser!

Remembered king features:

Ìlook, whose hands are stained Golden and legs knee-deep silver, in my name, " in iron forge and bring here.

Visited about Natalia-the Princess and guessed: "it cannot be otherwise, my husband heroes won! No wonder, when the fight was, it was not at home".

Easy she was, happily, and as I remembered that told him to find the Yes in the chain to fetter was alarmed. Ran home, ran to her husband on the neck:

"Forgive me, Ivan! I shouldn't hurt you. Know now: you won both heroes. And talked to him about his Royal decree. - Phoronis away - as if here the servants didn't mess with.

- Do not cry, do not cry, little wife, I am the king's servants are not afraid. Now the first thing the Guidon with the Sultan to teach, to admonish, to age remembered in our land for the tribute to go.

Then Ivan and his young wife said goodbye and ran into the open field, in a wide expanse. Whistle whistling valiant, shouted " he yelled in a voice powerful:

- Sivka-burka, prophetic kaurka, stand in front of me, like a leaf before the grass!

The horse came running and said:

"Oh, Ivan, I feel I will be hot today, the battle will spill blood and yours and mine!

Ivan then said:

- Better than the Cup of death to drink than a disgrace to live so fierce Puerta tribute to pay!

Saddled his horse himself in battle armor has been filled and went to the capital city, in their own ends. Cried then with a loud voice:

- Podimatas all who honor the road! Stand up for women, for children, for elderly parents will not give their land to the Guidon with the Sultan in outrage!

The cry arose, trades people, rose men in all parishes.

Three days of Ivan the army was collected on the fourth day on the shelves broke on the fifth led shelves on enemies. And from distant cities and townships warriors shaft knocked, and this army is the power accumulated by the eye not to look!

Agreed warriors with foreign hordes closer. Went ahead Saracen rider:

Don't want good tribute pay, the army sent! Still, the army will break and tribute will take!

Hurled at him Ivan spear and pierced through bahalika. Fell to the Saracens out of the saddle, though skewed.

Here's a tribute, get, bazerman4!

In that time went from the enemy camp is the strongest hero of Ruslana. Sitting on a horse, as translated haystack. The horse under him Gora mountain. The horse brush into the ground falls from under the hooves so much land that it turns the lake at that place are poured. Calling for a hero yourself paedisca.

Went out to meet Ivan. Laughed alien warrior-giant:

- Eco, poedinok up! The nipple would you suck, not the heroes force Shou!

Shouted Ivan:

"Wait, damn monster, before it is time to brag - not you will be a memorial service to sing!

With those words he left the heroes of twelve miles, turned the horses began to move. Not two thunder clouds rolled, not two mountains facing two powerful, strong warrior to fight to the death came. Gathered, stopudovo maces hit. Mace bent into an arc, and they nekotorye ntotoroso not hurt.

Another time came, steel spears algomarine to beat. Until then fought until the spears they didn't psilomelane, and again nekotorye ntotoroso not hurt. The third time came, snatched sharp swords. Horse Ivan only had time to say:

- Beware! How can duck below!

Himself head bent down.

Ruslana first sword hit. Whistling Roseneau sword flew. Touched Ivan left hand Yes the ear of the horse compartment. Straightened Ivan swung and knocked the sword out of the hands of Ruslana, did not give the other time to strike. Here shibles horses heroic chest to chest. Ivan Rosenheim dismounted and grabbed hand to hand. They fought from noon until evening. Ruslana knee Ivan to the ground, trampled. Wound Ivan hurts, and feels it is his strength becomes less. Took my good fellow minute and screaming Rosenau:

"Look here, what's behind you is going on!

Could not resist the temptation of Ruslana, looked around, and Ivan gathered all his strength, managed and struck so hard suprotivniki that he staggered. Here Ivan did not linger, hurled at Ruslania your damask knife and forever nailed him to the damp earth.

Meanwhile, Ivanov horse knocked down, trampled down Roseneau horse.

And at that time, Ivanovo army rushed on the enemy hordes, Ivan with his horse and break. Jumped a good man in the saddle and rode into battle. Fought from evening until dawn. By morning the entire field planted Guidanoe Yes Saracen troops. Sultan with Guidon was horrified and rushed with the remnants of regiments to run away. Ivan with his warriors they were chased and beaten hard. In the end overtook the Guidon with the Sultan and took them prisoner.

- Do comes to us for a tribute to come? asks Ivan.

"Oh, my good fellow, let us save one's bacon home, and we not only do you war not come, and to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will punish you in the world to live and you forever-powici to pay tribute!

"Well, look, let's break the word evil you will be! Then all your land will destroy and root your not going to leave!

Then let them go Ivan on all four sides. Then all his regiments gathered and brought home. Meanwhile got to lead up to the king that trades people and village men broke Quidnovi Yes Sultanova troops and the mighty warrior of Ruslana won.

Gathered the king of princes Yes boyars, he called his older sons-in-law and says:

Our military people all Guidanoe and Sultanova shelf broke, they fought, and the Governor of our warriors was the fellow who has got the elbow of the hand in gold, knee-legs in silver. He gathered the men and tradespeople, made in the campaign unauthorized and the I, the king, and you, my neighbour princes Yes boyars, brought a great disgrace. What will become with samovarnikom to do?

- To forward such samovolstvo anyone temptation was not necessary Tsarev the disobedient to execute! princes, nobles shouted.

There stood up one of the old boyar, low to the king bowed:

Is not conducted, the king-hope, to execute, were say a word!

- Say a word, my Lord, man; the king commands.

- As long as trades people Yes guys all together and as long as they have their own Governor, it is our intention to show. Have them gently to meet Yes I greet. We need to roll out from all the wine cellars, what is, but a lot of awards to give out - there is nothing to regret Golden Treasury. Let the warriors drink, walk, have fun. How will perepelytsya in different directions, here alone with them easier to handle. Then the king's enemy, serfs Governor, easy to iron fetter, and there, the king-Emperor, do the above it is his will! King the speech disposition occurred, and all the old boyar agreed.

Ivan at the time quietly moved away from his warriors away in an open field, in a wide expanse. The horse has Russell, desnusdas.

"Thank you, knight expensive! Has served me faithfully, and I age your service to remember will.

The horse said:

"You, Vanya, above all beware of the Royal mercy Yes boyar affection. And I'm forward and will serve you when you fulfill my request.

"Tell me, my trusty steed, all I can do for you is ready, whatever you asked!

"Remember, Ivan, her promise!

"Tell me, will do all that.

- Berry, Ivan, in the hands of his sharp sword and cuts my head, it asks for a horse.

"What are you saying! Quite do the thing that I his faithful horse itself your head chopped off! What I want ask about this and say nothing. Forever my hand on sort of thing will not rise.

Horse head lowered:

- If so, forever you leave me miserable.

And wept horse bitter tears. Is Ivan, looks at friend-friend, does not know what to do.

And the horse relentlessly asks:

- Do not fear! Bran head and then see what happens.

Thought, thought Ivan, grabbed the sword, swung and cut off the horse's head.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, instead of the horse was in front of him a good man:

"Oh, Ivan, dear friend, thank you, listened to me, delivered from witchcraft! But as it did not fulfill my request, century me a horse to be. I come from this Kingdom - Basil, a peasant's son. The power in me great. And in that time have offended the Royal servant my father and mother. Caused I the offender to a duel and defeated him in a fistfight. King me angry. Caught the servants of me and sleepy hands, feet bound, was taken in dull, dark woods, left there by wild beasts to be torn apart.

Past went the Goblin, he took in his Kingdom. I didn't want his slave to serve. For this Goblin knight me wrapped, hunger starved and tortured, as long as you did not rescue me? We're together from the Goblin got together for their land stood, with fierce oragami fought, bled. And no one but you could not relieve me from Leshcheva witchcraft.

Looks Ivan and couldn't believe: was the horse, and now is a good fellow.

Here Basil, a peasant's son, Ivan bowed:

- Be called me brother!

Ivan was delighted, named brother's hands picked, hard-to-heart pressed.

And they went to his troops. And as steel shelves to the capital to come, the king ordered the guns to shoot, drums beating himself with the boyars came out to meet warriors:

"Thank you, lads, for faithful service! The age I am at your services will not forget, all will be rewarded! Now relax, drink, walk - treats all enough!

Here Ivan Vasili, the son of farmer, came forward.

"Now you're gentle on the promises do not skimp, and remember, all our land Yes you boyars the Guidon with Salad agreed forever in bondage to give?

Now is the time for the answer to keep. The Tsar and the boyars are neither alive nor dead standing, arms, legs trembling and face changed.

Called them brothers and say:

- Go to and out of here!

And all the military people shouted:

- Thin grass of the field!

King Yes boyars did not linger, ran off in different directions, only saw them.

And Ivan - the widow's son with his sworn brother to have a Kingdom to rule. All leachii wealth and wonders brought. All trades people and village men have since become famously Yes trouble to get rid of, kind to acquire.

Here the story ends, but who was listening - well done.

1 Belozerova wheat - corn.

2 Pearl pitched relatively large, round and smooth, like rolled up.

3 Iskopati earth from under the hooves of a running horse.

4 Baarman - Gentile

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