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In a certain Kingdom, in a certain country there lived an old couple. The old man hunting hunted, the old woman of the house kept the house.

Greedy old man and the old woman more than. That old man will whaaat, the old woman will devour.

Now get up early in the morning the old man and says:

"Get up, old woman! Razogreval the pan, I went on the hunt.

Walked-walked the old man in the woods, nor beast, nor bird is not found. And the old woman the pan was heated until blushed.

Is the old man home empty scrip. He sits on the nest the bird underneath twenty one testicle. Clap! Killed her.

Comes home.

"Well, old woman, I brought a snack!

- And what about you, old man, brought?

- Yes, that's killed on the nest the bird, took her twenty-one testicle.

- Oh, you old fool! 't have a bird to beat. Eggs-they, familiar, no good. Now sit down now, bring them to the case.

And poultry fry did not want. Not the old man started to argue, sat in the basket instead of the hen.

He sat twenty-one week. Have not sat out twenty juveniles, and twenty young men. One egg left.

The old woman is not appeased.

- Sidi, " he said, " to have someone to work cows graze, farm to observe.

He sat for another twenty-one week. The old woman with the hungry dead, and the old man brought forth a handsome young man and called him Ivan.

Lives the old man, happily, the good money. Named children from morning to evening work. And the old man pokazivaet, belly stroking, workers shouts. Made a fortune. The ground wheat was planted. It's time to clean up. Instructed brothers Skirrow visible-invisible.

The old man started to notice that the stacks disappear. Calls his Molodtsov:

- Need children to watch!

Appointed all turn on each night to guard. Ivan last night went.

Brothers guard slept, nothing seen. It was Ivanov's turn.

He went into the forge, otkoval hammer at twenty-five pounds, half a pound of iron bits. Of the PUD hemp leash had built.

Sat under Skirda, standing guard. Until midnight sat. Hears the clatter of horses ' hoofs: the Mare runs underneath the earth trembles, her twenty-one foal.

Has she stamped her foot, collapsed ricks, foals him instantly dispersed.

Hit Ivan the Mare with a hammer between the ears. She sat down on his knees. He obrotu1 it Ivan and led together with the colts to himself in the yard. The gate and bolted, and he went to bed.

Rises in the morning the old man.

"Are you asleep, Ivan, slacker?

"No, father, I'm not a bum, " replied Ivan. - I'm your order fulfilled.

Looked at the old man - the complete yard horses. Praised Ivan to the brothers:

- Now I have Ivan what! And what are you? Fools unsustainable...

They horses to share. The old man took the young Mare. Older brothers on the selection of the horses was chosen, and Ivan got the worst of grebenicek. Then, together, brothers on a hunt. Sit on fast horses.

Ivan your own baby tried to put a hand on his back. Bend grebenicek, on all four legs sits down. Hardest owner's hand. Let him Ivan for rent in meadows. The next day put the arm does not bend grebenicek. Put the leg is bent. Put another day in the meadows.

On the third day leads Ivan horse. Puts his foot does not bend. Itself sits bend the horse. Has started up again for a day in the meadows.

On the fourth day Ivan sits on his horse does not bend under him the horse.

While the brothers long gone hunting. Rides Ivan net field catches up with the brothers. Day passes, the second is not seen anyone in the open field. This is the third day ends, night begins. Looks Ivan - it seems that you can see the light. "Know, my brethren porridge cooked".

Closer pulls all know better Yes hotter fire. Jumped Ivan, and this gold feather lies. Sorry for Ivan to part with a gold pen. And the horse him in a human voice says:

- Do not lay, Ivan, gold pen, big trouble!

Not listened to Ivan horse, picked up the pen and bosom hid.

Come brothers home. Give them the old man ordered to clean the horses:

- I will now show to do. He gave the elder brethren of the brush Yes soap. Ivan gave nothing.

Depressed Ivan. And the horse says:

- Do not worry, master. Take the Golden feather, mahni here and there all will be as it should.

Here the brothers polymili, polycystine their horses, and Ivan only pen waved: 's horse was gold, the hair to the hair lies in the mane of scarlet ribbon woven on the forehead star shines.

Display older brothers to show their old horses. All the horses clean, all good.

And Ivan brought even better. Horse dancing gold.

"Hey you! says the old man. - What is inferior horse he went, and now better than your all. Took brothers jealousy:

- Come on, guys, let's figure out what Ivan is saying.

Come to the old man:

"You, sir, do not know what our Ivan sly. He's not even the boasted.

But what he boasted, guys?

I said, " not what you want. Want, get the cat-the game, goose-and there the Fox-cymbalta.

Believed the old man. Calls Ivan.

Here the guys about you say that you can get the cat-the game, goose-and there the Fox-cymbalta.

"No, father! I don't know about it.

"How do you not know? I don't list! Anything I kind of speech. Though they don't need me, and that took them certainly!

Have begun to grieve Ivan, went to his horse on the Board:

- Oh, my faithful horse, I'm in big trouble...

And the horse says:

- It is not trouble trouble, trouble ahead. Sit down on me, going to get ordered.

Send Ivan in another city. Stopped the horse at the high choir and says:

Lives here, a rich merchant. Go to him, ask to sell the cat-the game, goose-and there the Fox-cymbalta. Will he ask in return your horse. You agree. Now, when will I have to give, take off my leash.

Did Ivan had told the horse. The merchant had paid him the cat-the game, Husak-there, Fox-cymbalta, and Ivan - instead of his Golden horse.

The bridle was removed. Says:

- The lore I have a gift, nartana.

Came in a purely field, hears - the earth trembles. Runs up to him a faithful horse.

"Well, let's go home, master. Took I from the merchant.

Brought Ivan to man gifts. Escaped brothers to watch the miracle. Fox in cymbals beats, cat song plays, gander dancing.

"Hey you! says the old man brothers. - Will you no good. Here Ivan my head - all performed my business!

And those in the answer:

"Oh, father, Ivan else knows. Himself boasted.

"What? He knows guys?

We, father, saying, "I know where the harp-Savigny get it".

Calling the old man Ivan:

- Ivan, bring me the harp-Savigny!

"Oh, father, I must not have seen, to hear about them ever heard of it.

Angry old man.

- Tired, " he said, " do your Otpor! I don't list! Anything I kind of speech. To get the harp-Savigny!

Ivan has gone to the horse on the Board:

"Oh, my horse is faithful! Here come my problem!

The horse answered him:

- It is not trouble trouble, trouble ahead. Go to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.

Rises Ivan early Sedley Golden knight, is sent in a dense forest.

Rode-rode. See: the hut on chicken legs, dog heels.

Ivan Says:

Hut, hut, stand in front of me, on the West back.

Turned the house. Out of Baba Yaga, the bony feet on the stupa goes, broom sweeping, pest whipping.

- Ah, my good fellow! says. - Came here to do? Or you head is not a pity?

Ivan replied:

- Oh, Granny, you old woman! Not asked you, what is my grief-misfortune! Fed whether I drink or if I die of hunger? We in Russia road man evil word is not welcome, good welcome. First, feed, water, and then the conversation lead.

He was touched by the old woman to him.

"Go, " he said, " boy, here. My guest will be.

Peel off Ivan gold from his horse. Included in the hut on chicken legs, dog heels. Puts his old lady at the table. Fed, watered, about a mountain-trouble questioned.

"Oh, grandmother! Woe is my great, " says Ivan. - How can I be? Where can I harp-Savigny to get?

"I will, darling, you know where this gimmick.

"Oh, grandmother, tell me, my grief help!

- Guy-beauty, pity me. The difficult thing. I have a sister and her son of the dragon. So these harp from him. He hates the human spirit. I am so afraid he won't eat. Well I will try for you - sister will beg, you will help. Here is my yard, and in the middle of the yard - oak Nr. Adhere to him the horse for a silk occasion. And I'll give you the ball, hold it by the tip. He will roll, and you then go.

Here comes Ivan, and the ball rolls ahead. Comes to the court of the dragon. Locked gate at twelve chains and the twelve locks. Knocked Ivan. Came the old mother dragon.

"Oh, young man, why here went? My son will arrive hungry, he will eat you up!

She answers Ivan:

- Grandma you, old girl! Asked you have me, what is my problem. Hungry if I cold? We in Russia road man evil word is not welcome, good welcome. First, feed, water, and then the conversation lead.

He was touched by the old woman to him, took him into the house. Fed, watered, about trouble-mount questioned.

"Don't be sad, the guy is a beauty, " he said, " I am your grief will help.

Already midnight comes, soon the dragon will fly. Have Ivan to hide.

The old woman says:

"Lie down under the bench. I am son to meet you, boy, to protect.

Here at midnight came the dragon. Flies - the earth trembles, the trees swaying, the leaves fall off. Flew into the house, took a nose and says:

- Rus-bone smells.

And the woman answered him:

And and, my son! By Russ flew, Russia had accumulated, here is Russia, and smells.

- Collect, mother, to eat, " said the dragon.

Brings the woman out of the oven an ox delivers on the table bucket of wine.

Drank dragon wine, ate sweet bull. Cheered.

"Ah, mother, with whom I cards to play? says.

The old lady replied:

I would find dimenoc with whom you cards to play, but I'm afraid the hurt from you will be.

- I will respect you, mother, " said the dragon. - No harm to him will not do. Hurt me hunting in card play.

Called old Ivan. He climbs out from under the bench, sits down at the table.

"And what will we play? asks the dragon.

They made each other persuasion: who will beat that in and eat.

Started to play. Day played two he played on the third day beat the dragon.

Scared the dragon, on his knees becomes, asks:

- Don't eat me!

"Well, " said Ivan, " I want to stay alive, give me the harp-Savigny.

Happy Dragon.

- Take it! says. - Will I harp still three times better!

Dragon Ivan was awarded far spent. Comes home Ivan. Hung in the house of the harp-Savigny.

Sang, played the harp. Fox in cymbals struck. Cat song started. Gander went to dance. The fun began. Praises the old man Ivan, and scolds the brethren, with quora drives.

Thought brothers: how would Ivan tarnish?

The elder brother says:

You know what, guys? I have heard, is in the overseas Kingdom Marya Princess. So it is, Ivan not get it.

They went to the old man:

"You, sir, just don't know about the trick of Ivan. Boasted he us that Marya Princess can get.

Calling the old man Ivan.

- Then the brothers said that you Marju-she can get.

"Oh, father! I don't know anything about the Mare-Princess!

The old man does not wish to listen:

- I don't list! Anything I kind of speech. Go immediately. That introduced me to Marya Princess!

Cried then Ivan went to the horse:

"Oh, my faithful horse. Here's the problem I don't!

And the horse says:

- It is not trouble trouble, trouble ahead. Get ready, the master, on the road.

What Ivan to do? He takes with him his horse, harp-Savigny, Fox-cymbalta, Kota Igrunov, Husak's there. Landing on the ship.

Floated-floated. Come to that state where Marya Princess lives.

Father is the king of Pushcha Oka daughter saves. Mary-she even yard to walk ever one was not issued. Dissolved Ivan sails, stopped his ship against the Royal Palace. Played the gusli-Savigny. Hit the cymbals Fox-cymbalta. Sang-cat gambler. Went to dance gander-there. Scurried around the yard Marja-Princess:

"Oh, father! I'm the kind of music he ever heard! Let me go on Marina boat show, listen to music.

Well that is the king with his servants Yes hay girls2 her request to do? Begged it of my father.

Let it to the sea craft show, music to listen to. And hay girls ordered not to keep his eyes on Mary-the king's daughter to a trouble such as has not happened.

The ship at the pier stands. All Windows open, people can not see. Leaned king's daughter on the windowsill, listening to the wonderful music. Heard and hay girls.

Nobody has noticed, as picked up Ivan and Marya Princess on your ship. And carried them quickly sails. Took Ivan and Marya Princess. They arrived home. Said the old man, the dance began. Danced, as long as the cap is not lost.

- Now I will marry, " he said. Marya Princess says:

"No, wait! Managed me to take, try and box with my hats to carry.

- And where is your box?

- Is my box under the table, on which the priest-king dinner.

Calling the old man Ivan:

"Here's your task: bring me the casket of Maria-the king's daughter.

"Oh, father, can't I! "replied Ivan.

"You, Ivan, I do not contradict! Anything I kind of speech. To bring the box you have.

And talk no more. Ivan has gone to the horse on the Board:

"Oh, my horse is faithful! When I am in trouble!

- It is not trouble trouble, trouble ahead. Go to bed, sleep on it.

Getting up in the morning Ivan, Sedley horse goes in that Kingdom, where Marya Princess brought. Meet old papiroska. Bought Ivan clothes with a total value of over a hundred rubles. Dressed to the poor. Approaching the Royal Palace. Took a gold pen, waved them back and forth, was the Golden horse. Let him Ivan in the Royal court.

Ran the servants of the king and Queen. Steel Golden horse to catch, forgot in the house door shut.

And Ivan agile was. Ran into the Palace, seized from under the Royal table box and the bag put. Jumps out into the yard, shouting:

- Not if I can help?

Jumped on the horse, hit his feet in the stirrups. Rode and the casket was taken.

The old man more than ever glad.

We brought Ivan casket, " he said. Tomorrow the wedding to assign.

Marya Princess says:

- Wait a minute with the wedding. Not all you've done for me. There in the sea twelve mares, prigoni them to me here:

Calling the old man Ivan.

- Get me twelve marine mares!

Cried Ivan and went to the horse on the Board:

"Oh, my horse is faithful! Here's me in trouble!..

She listened to his horse and says:

Now the trouble. Well, what will be will be. Prepare twelve skins, twelve pounds of line, twelve pounds of resin and three pounds of iron rods. Let's go to the sea for the mares.

Prepared Ivan all this. Come they to the sea.

Spread Ivan the fire, put on his boiler with resin. The skin horse amative, bashevoy links, resin fills. When he was twelve leather wrapped, twelve poods resin is filled in, the horse says:

- Look at the place where I will jump into the sea. Go white water bubbles, you do not be troubled: I mares kicked out of the stall. But if bloody bubbles will see, take the iron bars and jump to my aid. Know that overcame me sea filly.

Jumped the horse in the sea, and Ivan sits on the shore, the place looks, where the horse had disappeared. Two hours went by water white bubbles. Three hours had passed, jumped on shore filly, followed by Ivanov horse.

Looks Ivan remained on horseback, only one skin neporvannye. Eleven skins of sea filly has nibbled, hoofs broke.

Drove Ivan marine mares home. Mary-the king's daughter said to him:

"Well, John, able now to milk pot milk.

"Oh, Mary-the king's daughter, " replied Ivan, - I don't know how to milk them.

The old man stands and orders:

- I don't list! Anything I kind of speech. DOI mares without failure!

Ivan has gone to the horse Council.

"Never mind, master, " says the horse. - It's not rocket science.

Took Ivan to work. He nadol from the sea mares milk boiler.

Tells him Marya Princess:

- We have now the milk to boil. As boils key, tell me.

Ivan has gone to the horse Council.

"Oh, my horse is faithful! What give me the order!

Ordered the milk to boil.

- Fear not, master, " says the horse. - Do as I say. Boil the milk and told you to jump into the boiler to swim. And you stop and listen: how will sarju I in the barn three times, then jump.

Boiled Ivan milk. From one end of the boil, the key beats.

Reported Mary-the king's daughter. Is it with the old man to The boiler and its step never let go.

She says the old man:

"You must in boiling milk to dip, then I'm behind you will marry.

Scared man:

- No, first let Ivan will try.

Says Marja-Princess:

"Well, Ivan, all you've done for me. Grant and this: bathe in boiling milk.

Boiler key is boiling, the milk splashed through the top. Took Ivan shirt. Stand near a boiler, a faithful friend waiting for news.

The horse nickered in the barn three times. Here Ivan in the boiler jumped. Three times from edge to edge swam. Came out alive, unharmed. And so good it was, and now quite handsome was blood with milk.

Says Marja-old daughter:

"Well, now jump you!

Jumped the old man in the boiler, and broke his bones. Ivanushka with Mary Princess married. I was, drank tea. They cared for me, I plagiari, and I tales were told.

1 to Obrotate - to wear on the muzzle of a horse halter - bridle without a bit, and one reason for the leash.

2 hay girl - maid on the parcels; was in the vestibule, entrance hall manor apartments.

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