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In a certain Kingdom, in a certain country there lived a soldier; he served long and perfect, the service knew well, at shows, on the teachings come clean and healthy. Was the last year worked his way as for trouble, disliked by his superiors, not only large and small: and then under the sticks udovica. Seriously became a soldier, and he made up his mind to flee; the satchel over his shoulder, his gun on his shoulder and started to say goodbye to friends, and they ask him:

- Where are you going? Al battalion requires?

- Don't ask, mates! Tighten the pack stronger Yes spirited't remember!

And he went, my good fellow, aimlessly. How many, there was - was in another state, provided the time and asks:

- Is it possible where to stop and rest?

Time said the corporal, the corporal - officer, officer - General, General reported to the king. The king summoned slivovo before his bright eyes.

Here was a soldier - how, form, made a gun on the guard became as dead. Says the king:

"Tell me honestly, how and where are you going?

- Your Majesty, do not tell them to kill, have a word to say.

Confessed all the king's conscience and was at the service to ask.

"Good, " said the king, " Nimis I have a garden to watch. I have now in the garden troubled someone breaks my favourite trees - so you try, save it, and for work I will give you considerable cost.

The soldier agreed, was in the garden guard to keep. A year or two is all it regularly; that's the third year running, went to the garden to look around and sees:
half of that is the best trees broken.

"Oh my God! thinks to himself. - That's what the trouble priklyuchilas! As will be noticed that the king, now tells him to grab me and hang".

Took the gun in hand, leaned against a tree and I thought hard about it.

Suddenly there was a crack and the noise woke up my good fellow, lo and behold - arrived in the garden is huge and scary bird and well cut down trees! Soldiers fired at her from a gun, to kill not killed, only injured her right wing; dropped from the wing of three pen, and the bird on earth started off. The soldier behind her. The legs of the birds fast, soon I got back to provlima1 and disappeared from his eyes.

Soldiers were not afraid and after it ran in provide: fell in deep, deep abyss, otsib all the liver and the whole day lying without memory. After recovered, got up, looked around. What? and under the ground the same light.

"Therefore, thinks, and there are people here!" So she walked before him a large city, at the gate a guard house, when her time; was it to ask - hour silent, not moving; she took him by the hand and he just stone!

Became soldiers in the guard house. A lot of people and standing and sitting, only all petrified; began to wander the streets - everywhere the same: there is not a single living soul of man, all as there are stones! That Palace - painted, cut-out. March in there, looks - room rich, on the tables of snacks and drinks of all sorts, and there was quiet and empty.

Soldiers ate, drank, sat down to rest and I heard him, as if to the porch arrived; he grabbed his rifle and stood at the door.

Is in the house beautiful Princess with wet-nurses, by nurses. The soldier gave her honor, and she gently bowed.

"Hello, soldier! Tell me, " he said, " what the fates did you get here?

Soldiers began to tell:

- Hired-de I the Royal garden to guard, and went down the big bird to fly Yes the trees breaking. I caught her, shot from a gun and knocked it out of the wing three pen; he ran after her in pursuit and found myself here.

- This bird is me sister; she creates all evil and on my Kingdom a trouble sent - all my people petrified. Listen: here's your book, you come here and read it from evening till until the roosters will not sing. Whatever passion you kasalica, you know your read the book Yes hold her tighter, not pulled, not that alive will not! If you stay three nights, you'll marry you.

"Okay! "he answered.

Only it was dark, he took the book and began to read. Suddenly rattled, rattled - came to the Palace of the whole army, went up to the soldier to his former bosses and scolding him and threatening for escape death; and now the gun charge, aim. But the soldier it looks, a book from the hands of not issuing, know your own reads.

Cried cocks - and all at once vanished! On another night was scarier, and the third and the Pushcha: ran executioners with saws, axes, hammers, want his bones to break, tendons pull on the fire to burn, and they only think about the book from hand to grab. Such passions were that barely soldiers survived.

Singing males and delusion are gone! In the very hour the whole Kingdom came to life on the streets and in the homes of people hurried to the Palace was the Princess with the generals, with entourage, all thanks to the soldier and to call him by his sovereign.

The next day he married a beautiful Princess and lived with her in love and joy.

1 Provide - the entrance to the dungeon.

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