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There was a merchant, he had two sons: Dmitri and Ivan. One evening he said to them, father:

"Well, children, what in the sleep will come, in the morning to tell me; and who will conceal the dream, that I order to execute.

Now the morning comes the eldest son, and said to his father:

- I was dreaming, sir, if brother Ivan highly flew through the skies on twelve eagles; and even if he had lost his favorite sheep.

- And you, Vanya, what you have seen?

- I will not say! "answered Ivan.

As the father forced him, he ran and all admonitions one repeated: "do Not say!" Yes "will Not tell!" The merchant was angry, called salesmen and ordered to take the disobedient son and link to the post on the high road.

Clerks grabbed Ivan and, as I said, tied him to a pole tightly. Bad had good fellow: the sun bakes it, hunger and thirst were exhausted.

Happened to go on the road to the young Prince; but when he saw the merchant's son, took pity and told him to release him, dressed in his clothes, brought to his Palace and began to ask:

- Who are you to post tied?

- His father was angry.

- What you have done?

- Didn't want to tell him that to me in a dream.

"Oh, how stupid is your father, for such trifle so cruel to punish... And what was your dream?

- I will not say, Prince!

As you will not tell? I'm from death delivered, and you I want to be rude? Speak now, not that bad!

The father did not say and don't say anything!

The Prince ordered to put him in prison; and straightway came the soldiers, and took him to a stone bag. A year has passed, wished the Prince to marry, went in chuzhedalnie the state in marriage to Elena the Beautiful. The Prince had a sister, and soon after his departure happened to her to walk near the dungeon.

Saw her at the window, Ivan the merchant's son, and cried with a loud voice:

"Have mercy, Princess, let me out of the will! Maybe I will be useful. Because I know that the Prince went to the fair Helen in marriage; but without me he does not marry, and unless you head to pay. The tea itself heard, what a cunning Helen and how many grooms on the light show out.

"And you are taken to help the Prince?

- Would have helped, but the wings of a Falcon linked.

The Princess immediately gave the order to release him from prison.

Ivan the merchant's son got their comrades, and was all of them and with Ivan twelve people, and similar to each other like brothers relatives growth in height, voice to voice, hair hair. Were they dressed in the same robes, one measure embroidered, sat down on good horses and went to the road. Went day, and two, and three; the fourth drive up to the woods, and I heard they are terrible cry.

"Stop, boys! - says Ivan. - Wait a bit, I'm on that noise will go.

Dismounted from his horse and ran into the forest, looking at glade three old men swear.

"Hello, old! Why do you dispute?

"Ah, the young young man! We have received from the father inherited three wonders: a cap of darkness, magic carpet and boots, and now seventy years as we argue and to share can't.

- You want, I will divide you?

- Pray!

Ivan the merchant's son pulled his cross-bow, put three arrows and shot in different directions; one old man tells a right to run, the other to the left, and the third sends directly:

Who of you will be the first to bring the arrow, sapranaviciute will get to that; who the second is, that the carpet will receive; and the latter may take the boots.

The old one ran for the arrows, and Ivan the merchant's son took away all the gimmicks and returned to his comrades.

"Brothers, " he said, " let their good horses yeah take me on a magic carpet. Vividly sat down on the magic carpet and flew into the Kingdom of Helen.

Flew to its capital city, fell at the gates and went to find the Prince. Come to his Court.

"What do you want? asked the Prince.

"Take us, good Molodtsov, to her service; will you take care and good wish from the heart. The Prince took them into his service and distributed: one in cooks who grooms whom where. The same day I dressed up as a Prince for a holiday and went to introduce himself to Elena the Beautiful. She met him tenderly, gave all sorts of food and expensive drinks and then began to ask:

- Tell me, Prince, to tell the truth, why we came?

- Yes I want, Helen, to you to Woo; will marry me?

- I agree; only carry forward three tasks. If you are performing - I will be yours and no - cook head under a sharp axe.

- Ask the task!

- Will I have tomorrow, and what not to say; whitrick, Prince, Yes bring to my dark under his couple.

The return of the Prince to his apartment in great sorrow and grief. Asks him Ivan the merchant's son:

"What, the Prince, sad? Ali than dosedel Elena Beautiful? Share your grief with me, you will be easier.

- And so, ' says the Prince asked me Helen of such a task, that any wise man in the world will not solve.

"Well, it's still a small problem! Go to bed; tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow business reason.
The Prince went to bed, and Ivan the merchant's son put on his cap of darkness yeah boots and March to the Palace to fair Helen; went straight into the bedroom and listens. Meanwhile, Helen gave such an order to his servant:

"Take this precious matter and carry them to the shoemaker; let the Shoe on my foot, Yes as soon as possible.

The maid ran where it is ordered, followed by Ivan went.

The master immediately work began, live has made a Shoe and put it on the window; Ivan the merchant's son took that Shoe and hid quietly in his pocket. Fidgeted a poor shoemaker from under his nose was gone; so he was looking for, looking for all the angles covered - all in vain! "That's a miracle! - thinks. - No, unclean joked with me!" Nothing to do, started again for the work, work the other Shoe, and carried to Elena the Beautiful.

- What are you baggy! said Helen. - How much time one Shoe I've lost!

She sat down for a working table, began to embroider Shoe gold, large pearls to unipivot, semiprecious stones to set.

And Ivan immediately stood and took his Shoe and he makes the same: it will take a pebble, and he chooses; where it will pritchet pearl, and there he skewer.

Finished work Helen, smiled and said:

- Something Prince tomorrow will seem!

"Wait, " Ivan thinks, is still unknown, who will outwit!"

Came back home and went to sleep; at dawn on the morning he arose, dressed, and went to Wake the Prince; woke up and gives him the Shoe.

- Go, - says Elena Beautiful and show the Shoe is its first task!

The Prince washed up, dressed up and went to the bride, and the guests gathered full bathroom - all the boyars and nobles, people Duma. How came the Prince, at once the music began, guests from the field jumped from our seats, the soldiers on guard did.

Elena Beautiful made slipper, large pearls covered, semi-precious stones lined; and she looked at the Prince, grins. Tells her Prince:

Good Shoe, but with no pair no suitable! Seen, you need to give you another same!

With this word he drew out from his pocket the other slipper and put it on the table. Here all guests in their hands, clapped, shouted:

- Ah Yes the Prince! Worthy to marry our Empress, Helen is Beautiful.

"We shall see! "answered Helen. - May perform another task.

Late in the evening came back the Prince home even pasmurna still.

"Come, Prince, sad! told him Ivan the merchant's son. "Get some sleep, tomorrow is a new day.

Put him in bed and put on his own boots Yes the cap of darkness and ran into the Palace to Elena the Beautiful. She at the same time gave orders to his servant:

- Go soon on a poultry yard and bring me a duck.

The maid ran in the poultry yard, and Ivan for it; the servant caught a duck, and Ivan Drake and the same path has come back.

The Helen sat down at the table, picked up the duck, put away her wings, strips, crest diamonds; Ivan the merchant's son looks Yes
the same works over Drake.

The next day Elena Wonderful guests again again music; it has let out the duck and asks the Prince:

- Guessed whether my task?

- Guessed, Elena Is Beautiful! Here's to your duck pair, and starts up immediately Drake...

Here all the boyars in one voice shouted:

- Well done Prince! Worthy to take for themselves the Beautiful Elena!

- Wait, let execute beforehand the third task. In the evening, the return of the Prince home so overcast that does not like to speak.

- Don't grieve, Prince, you had better go to sleep: sleep on it, " said Ivan the merchant's son. Himself quickly put on his cap of darkness yeah boots and ran to Elena the Beautiful. And it was going for blue sea to go down in the stroller and at full speed rushed; only Ivan is the son of a merchant not step behind.

Came to Helen to the sea and began to call his grandfather.

Wave sakalakala, and climbed out of the water the old man - he had a beard and gold, her hair silver. He went ashore:

"Hello, my granddaughter! Long time I didn't see you: all hair messed up - brush.

Lay it in her lap and dozed off into a sweet sleep. Elena the Beautiful cards grandfather, and Ivan the merchant's son from her shoulders costs.

She sees that the old man fell asleep, and snatched three silver hair; and Ivan the merchant's son, not three hair - the whole bunch snatched. Grandfather woke up and cried:

"What are you! Because it hurts!

"Sorry, grandpa! Long time you didn't scratch, all hair messed up.

Grandfather calmed down and after a while fell asleep again. The Helen snatched three Golden hair; and Ivan the merchant's son grabbed him by the beard and nearly all tore.

The grandfather has terribly screamed, jumped to his feet and rushed into the sea.

"Now the Prince was caught. thinks Elena is Beautiful. Such hair him not to get".

The next day was going to her guests; came, and the Prince. Elena Wonderful shows him three hair silver and three gold and asks:

- Whether you where sort of miracle?

- Found something to brag about! Want, I will present the whole bunch?

Took out and gave her a tuft of Golden hair and silver.

Angry Elena the Beautiful, ran into her bedroom and began to look in the magic book: the Prince guesses or who helps him? And sees the book that he is not cunning and cunning his servant, Ivan the merchant's son.

It was turned back to the guests and stick to the Prince:

- Came to me his favorite servant.

"I've got twelve.

- Send that call Ivan.

- Yes all of them name is Ivan!

"Well, " he said, " let everyone come! And keep in mind: "I'll find you guilty!"

He gave the Prince of the order, and soon came to the Palace twelve good Molodtsov, his faithful servants; all the same, the increase in growth, voice to voice, hair hair.

- Which one of you big? "asked Helen.

They all at once cried out:

- I'm great! I'm a big!

"Well, she thinks, is there a reason for nothing you know!" and ordered eleven simple cups, and twelfth gold, which always saw itself; poured the cups and became good lads to regale. None of them takes a simple Cup, all the gold reached out and let her pull each other; the only noise made Yes the wine is spilled! See Helen, what a joke its not udalasya; told these fellows to feed, drink and sleep in the Palace to believe.

Now at night as I fell asleep all sound asleep, she came to him with his magic book, looked in the book and immediately recognized guilty; took the scissors and cut his head. "By this sign I learn it tomorrow and I'll have to execute".

Awoke in the morning Ivan the merchant's son, put my hand behind his head - and the head-shaven; he jumped out of bed and go to sleep comrades:

- Full to sleep, trouble close! Take the scissors Yes cut whiskey.

One hour of time called them the Helen and began to find fault... What a miracle? On whom will look - all whisky are cut. With the disappointment it has seized the magic book and threw in the oven.

After that it was impossible for her to plead, it was necessary to marry the Prince. The wedding was fun; for three days the people were rejoicing.

As poginilis feasts, the Prince gathered his young wife to drive in their state, and twelve good lads forward released.

They went forth out of the city, spread a carpet, and sat down and climbed above the cloud walking; we flew and flew and fell as if in dense forests, where their good horses left.

Only managed to get off the carpet, was running towards him the old man with an arrow. Ivan the merchant's son gave him a cap of darkness.

After that came another man and got the carpet, and there, and a third that went to boots.

Ivan speaks to his comrades:

- Saddle, brothers, horses, it's time to go to a way.

They have immediately caught the horses, saddled them and went into his own country.

Arrived and went straight for the Princess was; that they are very happy, asked about his own brother; he got married and soon home eh?

- What are you - asked - for such a service award?

Meet Ivan the merchant's son:

- Put me in prison, at the old place. As his Princess nor persuaded, he still insisted; and he took his soldiers and was taken to prison.

A month later came the Prince with a young wife; the meeting was solemn music played in the gun fired, bells rang, people had gathered so many that even the heads go!

Come boyars and all ranks to be submitted to the Prince; he looked around and began to ask:

- Where Ivan is my faithful servant?

He says in the prison setting.

- Like in prison? Who has dared to plant?

Says the Princess:

- You, brother, he was burned1 and told him to hold in a strong prison. Remember you about some dream asked, and he didn't want to tell?

- Really it it?

- It; I at the time you released it.

The Prince gave orders to bring Ivan the merchant's son, rushed to him on the neck and asked not to popolnit old evil.

"You know, Prince, " said Ivan, - all that with you ~ is it ~ I was beforehand conducted, all this is me in a dream saw; because to you about the dream didn't affect.

The Prince gave him a General's rank, endowed with rich estates, and left the Palace to live. Ivan the merchant's son wrote to his father and older brother, and together they lived happy ever, kind to acquire.

1 to Palitsa - get angry, to punish.

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