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In a certain Kingdom, in a certain country there lived an old couple, and they had a son Martynka. All life was engaged in man hunt, bill bird and beast, and himself fed and the family fed. It's time - sick old man and died. Remained Martynka with his mother, potuzhyla-cried, Yes to do nothing: dead ago can not be undone. Lived for a week and Priuli all the bread that the stock was. Sees the old woman that there is nothing more, it is necessary for money to be made, and the old man left them two hundred rubles. Hurt didn't want her to start a jug, but no matter how much was attached, and you should begin not with the same hunger to die! He counted out a hundred rubles and says to the son:

"Well, Martinka, here's a hundred cerkovnikov, go ask the neighbors horse, go to the city Yes Zakupy bread. Maybe some winter premack, and in the spring will be to find a job.

Martynka begged the cart with the horse and went into town. It goes past the butcher shops - noise, swearing, a crowd of people. What is it? And the butchers had caught hunting dog, tied to a pole and beat her with sticks - dog tears, screams, snarls... Martynka ran to the butchers and asks:

"Brothers, what are you poor dog so unmerciful beating?

Yes as its not beat, I answered the butchers - when it is a whole carcass beef spoiled!

"That's enough, boys! Don't hit it, you better sell me.

- Please buy it, " says one man jokingly. "Let a hundred rubles.

Martynka drew from his bosom a hundred, he gave the butcher and the dog untied and took with him. The dog started to him to caress, tail and wagging: understands, then, who has rescued from death.

Here comes Martynka home, the mother immediately began to ask:

- What is bought, son?

- Bought the first happiness.

"What are you Savarese! What happiness there?

- And here it is, Jurka! and shows her dog.

- Nothing bought?

- If I hadn money left, can, and would buy only whole hundred for the dog went.

The old woman was narwhals.

"We said, " have nothing to eat, now the last pogremushki on bins collected Yes the cake was baked, and tomorrow, and that will not happen!

The next day pulled the old woman a hundred rubles, gives Martinka and punishes:

On, son! Go into town, buy bread, and free money stay.

Came Martynka in the city, began to walk the streets and look, and caught his eye evil boy: caught a cat, caught a rope by the neck and started to drag the river.

"Wait a minute! - cried Martinka, Where vasiku pulling?

- I want to drown it, damn!

For what offense?

- From the Desk pie pulled.

- Not bog it better sell me.

Perhaps buy. Let a hundred rubles.

Martynka didn't have to think, reached for his shirt, pulled out the money and gave it to the boy and the cat was put in a bag and drove home.

- What is bought, son? asks his woman.

- Cat Vasiku.

- Nothing bought?

- If I hadn money left, maybe would have bought something else.

- Oh, you fool such! - yelled at him the old woman. - Go out of the house out, find bread on strangers!

Went Martynka in the neighboring village to seek work. Goes the way, and behind him Jurka with Mr. cat run. Meet him pop:

- Where the light go?

- Go to the laborers to be employed.

- Go to me. I only workers without series1 take: anyone I served three years, and so will not offend.

Martynka agreed and tirelessly three summers and three winters at the priest worked. Came time to pay, calling his master:

"Well, Martinka, go - get for their service. Led him into a barn, shows two full bags says:

"What I want, and the berry. Looking Martynka - in one bag silver, and the other sand, and thought:

"This one's not for nothing prepared! Let my work will be lost, and I will try, I will take the sand - what will be?"

He says to the owner:

- Father, I choose a bag of fine sand.

"Well, the light, your good will. Take it, if silver squeamish about.

Martynka hoisted the bag on his back and went to look for another place. So she walked and wandered into the dark, dense forest. Among the forest glade, glade fire burning in the fire maiden sits, so beautiful, that neither put nor usadate only tale to tell. Says the fair maiden:

- Martyn, Vdovin son! If you want to get yourself happiness, deliver me: pour this flame sand, for which you served three years.

"Really, " thought Martynka than to carry with them a kind of heaviness, the best person to help. Low wealth - sand, there is a lot of this stuff!" Took the bag, untied and started to pour. The fire was immediately extinguished, the fair maiden hit the ground, turned into a snake, jumped a good fellow on his chest and wrapped ring around his neck. Martynka scared.

- Fear not! - told him the snake. - Now go to distant lands, in trilisate the state, to the underworld, where my father reigns. As will come to his yard, he will give you a lot of gold, and silver, and semi-precious stones - you don't take it, and ask him the youngest finger ring. The ring is not easy: if you throw it from one hand to immediately twelve lads will come, and that he was not to be ordered, all for a single night will do.

Went good fellow in his way. Close whether, how far it soon, whether short - coming to tridesjatom Kingdom and sees a huge stone. Then jumped down from his neck snake, hit the wet ground and became still red girl.

- Go for me! says the fair maiden and led him under the stone.

For a long time they went down the tunnel, suddenly a glimmer of light - everything is brighter Yes brighter, and they went out on a wide field, under a clear sky. On that field the magnificent Palace built, and in the Palace lived the father of the red girl, the king of the underground party.

Are strangers in the house of white stone, meets their king affectionately.

"Hello, " he said, " my dear daughter! Where you so many years of hiding?

The light you are my father! I would be completely lost if not for this man: he called me from evil, imminent death has been released and here, in their homes, led.

"Thank you, my good fellow! "the king said. For your goodness to reward you need. Get yourself and gold, and silver, and semiprecious stones, how your soul wants.

Answers Martyn, Vdovin son:

- Your Highness! Don't you want me neither gold, nor silver, nor semi-precious stones. If you wish to donate, give me a ring with my Royal hands with the youngest finger. I'm a man idle, going to ring more often to glance, going about the bride over the their boredom to disperse.

The king immediately took the ring, gave Martyn:

- Without control over health! Yes see anyone about the ring not tell, not he himself in more trouble pulls!

Martyn, Vdovin son, thanked the king took the ring Yes a small fraction of the money on the road, and went back the same way as previously discussed. Close whether, how far it soon, whether short - came back home, found his mother is an old woman, and together they lived happy ever unnecessarily and sadness. I wanted Martinke to marry; he stuck to the mother sends her matchmaker.

"Go, " he said, " to the king, Siswati for me the beautiful Princess.

"Hey, son, " replied the old woman, " would you cut the tree on its own, it would be better left! And further that invented! Why am I the king will go! Naturally, he will serdtsa and me you and tells penalty to betray.

"Nothing, mother! I suppose, if I send, so fearlessly. What will be the response from the king, about the things I say, and without the answer and not return home.

Gathered the old woman and went to the Royal Palace. Came to the yard Stubbornly on the Grand staircase, and rushing without any report. Got ahold of her time:

"Stop, you old witch! Where you devils are? Here even the generals dare not walk without the report...

- Oh, you so and so! - cried the old woman. "I came to the king with a good deed, I want to viswanath his daughter-the Princess for my son, and you grab my floors!

Such noise is picked up! The king heard the screams, looked in the window and told him to admit to his old lady. Here she came into the room and bowed to the king.

- What do you say, old girl? - asked the king.

"Yes now come to thy mercy. Not in anger say: I have a merchant, you got the goods. Merchant-then - my son Martinka, big girl, and your daughter, the beautiful Princess. Will not do it married my Martinko? That pair will be!

"What are you! Or crazy? - shouted at her king.

"No, your Majesty! Kindly answer.

The king in the same hour gathered unto him all the lords of, and they began to judge Yes raditi what the answer would be to give the old woman. And awarded: let de Martynka for a single day will build a rich Palace, and that from the Palace to the Royal was made crystal bridge, and on both sides of the bridge would grow trees with Golden and silver apples on the same tree would sing different birds. Yes, let's build a five-domed Cathedral: it would be where the crown to take, it would be where to celebrate a wedding. If the old woman son it's all done, then it is possible for him and the Princess to give; so painfully tricky. And if you don't, you and the woman, and he cut down the fault of the head.

With such a response by releasing the old woman. Is she home - shaking, bitter tears poured. Saw Martinko. Rushed to him.

"Well, " he said, " have I told you, son, not sativi too much, and you all their! Now and lost our poor golovushkin, to be executed tomorrow.

"There, mother! Maybe will stay alive. Lie down to rest for the morning, I think, tomorrow is a new day in the evening.

At midnight rose Martyn out of bed, went into the wide yard, threw the ring with his hands on the arm and immediately appeared before him twelve lads, all on one face, hair hair, voice to voice.

What you needed. Martyn, Vdovin son?

- What: take me to the light in this place rich Palace, and to my Palace to the Royal was the crystal bridge, on both sides of the bridge would grow trees with Golden and silver apples on the same tree would sing different birds. Yes, line up the five-domed Cathedral: it would be where the crown to take, it would be where to celebrate a wedding.

Answered twelve Molodtsov:

- Zavtra everything will be ready!

They have rushed to different places, were driven from all sides craftsmen and carpenters, and went to work: they help to quickly deal is done. Next morning woke Martynka not in a simple hut and noble, luxury apartments, and left on a high porch, watching everything as it is finished: and the Palace, and the Cathedral, and the crystal bridge, and trees with Golden and silver apples. At that time, and the king spoke to the balcony, looked in the glass tube and the question was: all the orders done! Calls to a beautiful Princess and wants to be equipped to a wreath.

"Well, " he said, " I did not think, did not expect to give you marry Muzhichi son, but now cannot be avoided.

So, while she was washing, took possession, in expensive dresses wears.

Martyn, Vdovin son, went into a wide courtyard and threw his ring with his hands on the hand suddenly twelve lads like from the ground rose:

Is there anything you need?

"And now, brothers, put me in the boyar caftan Yes prepare painted carriage and six horses.

- Now ready!

No sooner had Martynka to blink three times, and then brought him back; he put the coat - fit like a custom made-to-measure. Looked back at the entrance of the stroller is in a wheelchair wonderful horses harnessed one strand of wool silver and the other gold. He sat in the stroller and went to the Cathedral. There has long been to mass calling, and people rolled visible-invisible. After the bridegroom arrived and the bride with her nurse and mother, and the king with his Ministers. Defended mass, and then, as it should, took Martyn, Vdovin son, the beautiful Princess by the hand and took the law with her. The king gave his daughter a rich dowry, was awarded the son-in-law great rite and asked a feast for the whole world. Live young month, and two, and three. Martinka, every day, all new builds palaces Yes gardens breeds.

Only the king's daughter not hurt the heart that married her not for the Prince, not the Prince, but for a simple guy. Began to think, how would it with the light to get rid of. Pretended to be such a Fox, and on the go! In every way her husband treats every way he uslugowe Yes everything about his wisdom wants to know. Martynka attached, says nothing.

Once was Martynka the king's house, returned home late and went to rest. Here the Princess and stuck to it, let him kissing-mercy, tender words to deceive - and the same has to be diverted: could not bear it anymore, Martinka, told her about his Ciudadano ring.

"Well, " thinks the Princess, " now I'll get even with you!"

Only he fell asleep sound asleep, the Princess shake his hand, took the youngest finger ring, appeared on a wide yard and threw the ring with his hands on the hand.

Immediately appeared before her twelve fellows:

- Anything that you need, a beautiful Princess?

"Listen guys! So by the morning there was no Palace, no Cathedral, no crystal bridge, and stood still the old hut. Let my husband in poverty remains, and take me to distant lands, in trilisate Kingdom, Michie state. From one of shame don't want to live here!

- Glad to try, it shall be done!

At the same moment took her by the wind and carried in trilisate Kingdom, Michie state. Woke up in the morning the king went to the balcony to look in the glass tube is no Palace of the crystal bridge, no five-domed Cathedral, and only stands the old house.

"What does that mean? "thought the king. - Where did he go?"

And he sends his aide to find out on the spot: what happened? Adjutant galloped on horseback and when comes back, reported to the Emperor:

- Your Majesty! Where was the richest Palace, there is still thin hut, the hut is your son-in-law with her mother's, and the beautiful, the Princess and the spirit no, and unknown, where she now resides.

The king summoned a great Council, and commanded him to judge his son-in-law: why de deceived his magic and ruined the beautiful Princess. Condemned Martinko to put in a high stone pillar and not to give him neither eat nor drink with them, let them die of hunger. Were masons, took the pole and was bricked up Martinko tightly, only a small window for light left. He sits, poor, in conclusion, not eating, not drinking day, and another, and the third Yes tears pours.

Learned about the attack dog Jurka, ran into the hut, and Vaska the cat on the stove lies purrs. He snarled at him Jurka:

- Oh, you bastard, Vaska! Only know on the stove to lie down and stretch, and not know that the owner of our stone column ground. See, forgot the old good, as he has a hundred rubles paid Yes you of death was released. If not him, would you, cursed, worms have pierced. Get up, get up! We should help them by all means.

Here Vaska jumped off the stove and together with Zurkow ran to find the owner.

Resorted to a pole, climbed up and climbed in the window:

"Hello, master! Art thou alive?

Barely alive, ' says Martynka. - Just was starved without food, you have to die of starvation.

"Wait, don't grieve! We'll eat and drink, ' said Vaska, jumped out the window and down to earth.

"Well, brother Jurka, because the owner dies of hunger! How would we manage to help him?

"You are a fool, Vaska! And this you can imagine. Come with me around the city. As soon as you meet the Baker with the tray, I vividly drove up under his feet and sob his tray with the head. Here you see not forget! Grab quickly the rolls but bread and drag to the owner.

They went out into the big street, and to meet them a man with a tray. Gurka threw herself at his feet, the man staggered, dropped the tray spilled all bread with fright, ran away, afraid of him that the dog, perhaps, mad - how long is in trouble! And Vaska the cat DAC for bread and dragged him to Martinke; gave one ran after the other, gave the other ran for a third.

After that decided the cat Vaska Yes dog Jurka to go in trilisate Kingdom, mysie the state to get Ciudadano ring Road far, a lot of time will go down the drain...

They brought Martinke crackers, cakes and stuff for the whole year and say:

- Look, master! Eat, drink, yeah look that you have enough inventory to our return.

Said goodbye and went on our way.

Close whether, how far it soon, shortly they came to the dark blue sea. Says Gorka VAS'ka the cat:

I hope to cross to the other side. What do you think?

Responsible Vaska:

I swim't do, now will sink.

"Well, sit down with me on his back!

- Vaska the cat sat the dog on his back, hands clenched claws for wool, in order not to fall, and they swam in the sea. Moved to the other side and came in trilisate Kingdom, Michie state. In that state there will be no human soul, but so many mice that cannot count: wherever sunisa, flocks and go! Says Gorka VAS'ka the cat:

"Well, brother, you start hunting, you begin these mice strangle-to push and I'll be raking in the Yes pile to fold.

Vaska to the usual hunting: as he went to deal with mice in their own way, whatever you CapNet and spirit out! Gurka hardly reaches into a pile to pile and took a dump in a week most Skardu.

On the whole Kingdom leaned a great sorrow. Sees the mouse king that his people shortcoming is that many of the subjects of the evil of death given, climbed out of holes, and prayed before Zurkow and Mr. cat:

- Beat a man you selenamarie heroes! Have pity on my Narodism, do not destroy until the end. Better tell me what you want? I'll do anything for you.

Replies Jurka:

- Standing in your state Palace, in the Palace lived a beautiful Princess. Took it our master Ciudadano ring. If you're not going to get us in the ring, and then he will disappear and your Kingdom will disappear: all as there are apostosis!

- Wait, - said the mouse king, " I will bring upon his subjects and ask them.

Immediately he gathered mice, and large and small, and began to inquire, will not take anyone of them to sneak into the Palace to the king's daughter and get Ciudadano ring? Volunteered one mouse.

I said, " in the Palace often: during the day she wears a ring on the youngest finger, and at night, when sleep goes, puts it in her mouth.

- Well, try to extract it. If you serve this service, not stingy, will reward you royally.

He waited for the night, snuck into the Palace and climbed slowly into the bedroom. Looks - she is fast asleep. He climbed on the bed, popped the Royal nose his tail and started to tickle the nostrils. She sneezed - ring mouth popped out and fell on the carpet. Mouse jump from the bed, grabbed the ring in his teeth and carried it to his king. The mouse king gave his ring selenological heroes - VAS'ka the cat Yes the dog Gurke. They that the king had blagodarstvui and steel with one another to advise: who has the better ring will save?

Vaska the cat says:

"Let me, I will never lose!

"Okay, " says Gorka. - Look, keep it Pushcha his eyes.

The cat took the ring in her mouth, and they set out on the return path.

Here and came to the blue sea. Vaska jumped Gurke on his back, hands clenched paws tight as you can, and Jurka into the water and swam across the sea.

Floating hours, swims to the other. Suddenly, where she does, flew the black Raven landed on the VAS'ka and started to peck him on the head. Poor cat doesn't know what to do, how from the enemy to defend. If you invest paws - they will tip over in the sea and on the bottom will go; if the show Raven teeth - perhaps the ring will drop. The trouble, Yes. Endured it, Yes finally became unbearable - chiselled through him Raven violent head up the blood. Wroth Vaska, became the teeth to defend and dropped the ring into the blue sea. Black crows rose up and flew away into the dark forest. And Jurka as swam ashore, immediately about the ring asked. Vaska is the head hanging down.

"Sorry, " he said, " I'm sorry, brother, before thee: for I the ring dropped into the sea!

He snarled at him Jurka:

- Oh, you nitwit! Happy are you that before I found out I would be you, Razin, drowned in the sea! Well we are now the master will appear? Now get in the water: or ring to get, or lost!

- What profit, if I disappear? Better come to power: as before mice were caught, and now going for cancers of the hunt; perhaps, for our happiness, they will help us a ring to find.

Gurka agreed; they began to walk along the sea shore, began to catch crayfish Yes pile to fold. A large pile of nakali! At that time, got out of the sea a huge cancer, wanted to take a walk in the fresh air. Jurka with Mr. cat now he was Kapali and well awake it on all sides!

Not suffocating me, selenamarie heroes! I am the king of all cancers. Whatever you order, you will.

We dropped the ring into the sea, you find him and take, if you want mercy, without which the Kingdom until the end let us destroy!

The Tsar cancer at the same moment called his subjects and was about the ring to ask. Volunteered one small cancer.

I said, " you know where it is. As soon as he dropped the ring into the blue sea, immediately picked up his fish-Belugin and swallowed my eyes.

Here all cancers rushed across the sea to find fish Belugin, he shoved her, the poor, and let's tweak mites; they drove-drove it, just at a single moment of rest does not give. Fish here and there, spun-spun and jumped ashore.

King-cancer got out of the water and said to the cat VAS'ka Yes the dog Gurke:

"Here, selenamarie heroes, fish-Belugin, do her dishonesty: it is your ring swallowed.

Gurka rushed to Belugin and began her tail to be. "Well, " he thinks, - fill now let's eat!" And thou rascal-the cat knows where soon the ring was made for Beluga belly and vividly on the ring attacked. Caught in the teeth and let the God of my feet - that have the power to run, and he this thought: "I seek refuge in the master, give him the ring, and boast that one was satisfied with everything. My master and be seated more than Gurko!"

Meanwhile, Jurka ate their fill, looks - where Vaska? And guessed that his fellow in his mind: he wants a lie from the owner to gain favor.

So lie, cheat Vaska! I'll catch up in small pieces will break off!

Ran Gurka in pursuit; sooner or later - he catches up cat vasiku and threatens him with the inevitable trouble. Vaska saw in the field a birch tree, climbed aboard and sat down on the top.

"Okay! says Gorka. - Life will not sit on the tree, ever want to get off, and I'm not a step from here will not do.

Three days sat Vaska the cat on the birch, for three days he lay in wait for Jurka, never taking his eyes; hungry and both agreed on the world. Reconciled and
went to his master. He ran to the post. Vaska jumped up at the window, and asks:

- Doth, master?

"Hello, Vaska! I thought you did not return. Three days, without the bread sitting.

The cat gave him Ciudadano ring. Martynka waited deaf midnight, threw the ring with his hands on the hand immediately was twelve good fellows:

Is there anything you need?

- Put guys, my former Palace, and the crystal bridge, and the five-domed Cathedral and move here my unfaithful wife. So by the morning everything was ready.

No sooner said than done. Awoke in the morning the king went to the balcony, looked in the glass tube: where the hut stood, there is a high Palace was built, from the Palace to the Royal crystal bridge stretches on both sides of the bridge trees with Golden and silver apples. The king ordered to build a wheelchair and go to explore, indeed, whether all was still, or only it was real. Martynka meets him at the gate.

- And so, - reports, - that with me she did!

The king was condemned to be punished. And Martynka and now lives, bread chews.

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