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In a certain Kingdom, in a certain country there was an old man and woman, and they had three sons. The younger was called Ivan. They lived - not lazy, from morning till night worked: field plowed Yes bread planted.

Went out suddenly in the realm of state-bad news: going whangdoodle nasty on their ground attack, all the people to destroy all of the city-village fire to burn. He stuily the old man and the old woman had begun to grieve. And older sons comfort them:

- Do not grieve, father and mother! Do we go on the whangdoodle, will be with him to fight to the death! And to you one not to miss, let you Ivanushka will remain: he is still very young, in order for the fight to go.

"No, " said Ivan, " I home to stay Yes you wait, I'll go and I wonder-udom to beat!

Were not the old man with the old woman to keep him Yes to dissuade. Outfitted they all three sons in puttaraju. Took the brothers club heavy, took a jar with bread and salt, and sat down on good horses and went. Sooner or rode - they meet an old man.

- Great, good fellows!

"Hello, grandpa!

"Where are you going?

- We're going to frigging miracle-udom to fight, to fight, his native land to protect it!

"Good business! Only battle you need not batons, and swords damask.

- And where to get them, grandpa!

"I will teach you. Go-ka you, good fellows, all right. Will drive you to the high mountains. And in the mountain cave deep. The entrance is a large stone blocked. Take away the stone, enter the cave and find there swords damask.

Thanked the brethren of the passer-by and went straight as he taught. I saw a high mountain, on the one hand a large gray stone Prevalen. I rolled back the brothers that rock and entered the cave. And there weapons all and will not consider it! They chose themselves on the sword and drove on.

"Thank you, " they say, " a stranger man. With swords we much handier to beat!

They went, went, and came to some village. Look - around, not a living soul there. All Poliziano broken. There is one little house. Joined the brothers in the house. Lies on the stove the old woman Yes gasps.

"Hello, grandma! "say the brothers.

Hello, well done! Where you going?

- We go, grandma, on the river Currant, guelder rose bridge. Want with miracle-udom to fight on their land to prevent.

"Oh, well done, good thing came from! He, the villain, all ravaged, plundered! And before we got. I'm the only one here survived...

Spent the night brothers of the old woman, in the morning got up early and went back on the road.

Approaching the river Currant, guelder rose bridge. Around the coast are swords Yes Luke broken, lie the bones of men.

Found brothers empty house and decided to stop it.

"Well, mates, " said Ivan, came we chuzhedalnie side, it is necessary for us all to listen and to look. Let's take turns at watch to go to the whangdoodle through guelder rose bridge not to miss.

The first night went to watch big brother. He walked along the shore, looked over the river Currant - all quiet, no one to see, nothing to hear. Lay elder brother under rakitov Bush and fell asleep soundly, began to snore loudly.

And Ivan is at the house - he can not sleep, not drumlets. As time went past midnight, he took his sword damask and went to the river Currant.

Looking under Bush the elder brother sleeps, all be able to snore. Was not Ivan to Wake him up. Hid under guelder rose bridge worth crossing guard. Suddenly, the river water was alarmed at the oaks eagles screamed - rides whangdoodle about six heads. He went to the middle of the guelder rose bridge - horse stumbled under him, a black crow on his shoulder roused, behind black dog bristled.

Says the whangdoodle Shestopalova:

"What are you, my horse stumbled? Why you black crows started? Why are you, black dog jumped to their feet? Or you feel that Ivan the peasant's son here? So he was born, and when he was born, so the fight wouldn't work! I on one hand planted, another murder!

Came here Ivan the peasant's son from under the bridge and says:

"Don't brag, whangdoodle nasty! Didn't get a clear Falcon - early feathers to pluck! Didn't recognize the good fellow ' don't ignore it! You better try: who will prevail, and he will boast.

Here they all agreed, caught up, so hit that circle the earth roared.

The miracle here is not lucky: Ivan the peasant's son from one wave knocked him three heads.

"Stop, Ivan the peasant's son! - shouts the whangdoodle. "Give me a break!

- What a holiday! You, the whangdoodle, three heads, and I have one. Here is how you shall have one head, and then relax will become.

Again they came together again hit. Ivan the peasant's son was cut off miracle-Judah and the last three heads. After he cut the body into small pieces and threw into the river Currants, and six goals under guelder rose bridge folded. Himself in the hut came back and lay down to sleep.

Morning comes big brother. Asks him Ivan:

"Well, not seen anything?

"No, brothers, by me and not fly flew by!

Ivan him to never a word did not say. On another night went to watch the middle brother. Looked like he walked in, looked around and calmed down. Got back in the bushes and fell asleep.

Ivan and he had not hoped. As time went past midnight, he was immediately filled, took his sharp sword and went to the river Currant. Hid under guelder rose bridge and began to watch.

Suddenly, the river water was alarmed at the oaks eagles shout - rides whangdoodle defatigable. Only on guelder rose bridge, drove the horse stumbled under him, a black crow on his shoulder roused himself, behind the black dog jumped to their feet... the whangdoodle horse whip on the sides, crow - feathers, dog - ears!

"What are you, my horse stumbled? What are you, the black Raven started? Why are you, black dog, bristling? Or you feel that Ivan the peasant's son here? So he was born, and when he was born, so the fight wouldn't work: I do it with one finger will kill you!

Jumped Ivan the peasant's son from under Kalinov bridge:

- Wait, the whangdoodle, don't brag, first for the case primes! 'll see who would win!

As Ivan waved his damask sword once or twice, and blew the miracle-Juda six goals. And the whangdoodle hit on his knees Ivan in the dirt drove. Ivan the peasant's son, seized a handful of sand and threw his enemy straight in the eyes. While the whangdoodle eyes rubbed and cleaned, Ivan cut him and the rest of the head. Then cut the body into small pieces, threw into the river Currants, and nine goals under guelder rose bridge folded. Himself in the hut returned. They fell asleep, as if nothing had happened.

In the morning comes the middle brother.

"Well, " asked Ivan, not whether you per night for what?

"No, me neither fly is not passed, no mosquito squeaked.

- Well, if so, come with me, dear brothers, I am a mosquito and a fly will show.

Led Ivan brothers under guelder rose bridge, showed them the miracle udavi head.

"Here, " he said, " what here at night flies Yes mosquitoes fly. And you, brothers, not to fight, but at home on the stove to lie!

He zastupilis brothers.

- Sleep, " they say, " knocked...

On the third night going to watch Ivan himself.

I said, " a terrible fight going! And you, brothers, do not sleep all night, listen: as you hear my whistle - release my horse and themselves to help me in a hurry.

Came Ivan the peasant's son to the river Currant, stands under Kalinov bridge, waiting. Only matter time after midnight, damp earth shook, the water in the river became agitated, violent winds howled, the oaks eagles screamed. Leaves the whangdoodle dvenadtsatichasovoe. All twelve heads whistle, all twelve fire-flame full. The horse at the wonder of Judah about the twelve wings, coat the copper horse, tail and mane of iron. Only drove the whangdoodle on guelder rose bridge - horse stumbled under him, a black crow on his shoulder roused, black dog behind bristled. The whangdoodle horse whip on the sides, crow - feathers, dog - ears!

"What are you, my horse stumbled? Why, the black Raven started? Why, black dog, bristling? Or feel that Ivan the peasant's son here? So he was born, and when he was born, so the fight wouldn't work: only Dono and his ashes will not remain!

Came here from under Kalinov bridge Ivan the peasant's son:

- Wait, the whangdoodle, to boast, as if you don't make fools of ourselves!

"So it's you, Ivan the peasant's son? Why did I come here?

- You, the enemy force, see your courage to try!

"Where are you my courage to try! You fly in front of me!

Meet Ivan the peasant's son to wonder Judah:

- I came not tales to tell and not yours to listen to. I have come to fight to the death, you bastard, good people to deliver!

He then Ivan swung his sharp sword and cut the wonder Yuda three heads.

The whangdoodle picked up these heads, struck at him with their fiery fingers, necks made, and immediately every head was healed, though, and her shoulders fell.

Bad had Ivan: the whangdoodle whistle he was stunned, by the fire of the burning-hot sparks throwing on him, on his knees in the dirt it drives... And he chuckles:

- Do you want to relax, Ivan the peasant's son?

"What rest? In our Bay, ruby, take care of themselves not! - says Ivan.

He whistled, threw his right glove into the hut, where his brothers were waiting for. MITT all the glass in the Windows killed, and the brothers are asleep, I hear nothing.

Gathered Ivan strength, swung again, harder still, and cut down the wonder Yuda six goals. The whangdoodle picked up his head, struck by a fiery fingers, necks made - and again all heads. Ran it here at Ivan scored his waist-deep in the dirt.

Sees Ivan - it's bad. Took off the left glove, ran into the hut. MITT roof broke, and to take all asleep, I hear nothing.

The third time swung Ivan the peasant's son, cut the wonder Yuda nine goals. The whangdoodle grabbed them, struck by a fiery fingers, necks made head again increased. He rushed here at Ivan and drove it into the dirt on the shoulders... took Ivan his cap and threw it into the hut. From that blow the house shook a little on logs not hollowly. Here only the brothers woke up, hear Ivanov horse laughs loudly with chains broken. They have rushed to the stables, turned his horse, and followed him, and they had fled.

Ivanov horse rode, he started to beat the whangdoodle hooves. Flashed the whangdoodle, hissed, and began horse sparks to shower.

And Ivan the peasant's son, meanwhile, climbed from the ground, managed and compartment miracle-Yuda fiery finger. After let's cut his head. Knocked every one of them. The trunk is on the small side cut off and threw into the river Currants.

Use then the brothers.

"Ah, you! - says Ivan. Because of sleepiness I almost your head not paid!

Led his brothers to the house, washed, fed, watered and was put to sleep.

Early in the morning Ivan stood up, and began to dress-shoes.

- Where are you going so early in the morning rose? "say the brothers. - Rest after such a battle!

"No, " answered Ivan, - no rest for me: go to the river Currant your sash1 search - dropped there.

- Hunting for you! "say the brothers. - We will stop in the city - new buy.

"No, my need!

Went Ivan to the river Currant, Yes no sash began to search, and moved to the other side through the guelder rose bridge and crept quietly to the miracle udavum stone chambers. Went to the open window and began to listen - don't imagine there something?

Looks - sit in chambers of three the miracle-udovich wife, Yes, mother, old zmeyka. They sit Yes agreed. The first says:

- I will revenge Ivan the peasant's son for my husband! Looking ahead, when he with his brothers to go home, putting the heat, and she will turn out well. Will they want water to drink - and with the first SIP will fall down dead!

You are well come up with! says old zmeyka.

The second says:

And I run forward and turn into an Apple tree. Will they want the Apple to eat here them and tear into small pieces!

And well you got it! says old zmeyka.

"And I, " says the third, will let them sleep slumber, and she is looking ahead and turn into a soft carpet with silk pillows. Wants the brothers to lie down to rest - then they will burn with fire!

And well you got it! - said zmeyka. - Well, if you don't subite, I turn into a huge pig, will catch up with them and all three swallows!

Overheard Ivan the peasant's son this speech and went back to the brothers.

"Well, did you find your sash? ask brothers.

- Found.

And it was worth the time to spend on it!

- Cost, mates!

After the gathered brothers and went home. They go steppes, meadows drive. And such a hot day, so hot. Thirsty - no patience! Watch brothers is well, well silver dipper swims.

They say to Ivan:

"Come on, brother, stop, cold water drink and horses will drink!

- Unknown, what is the well of water, " replied Ivan. "Maybe rotten Yes dirty.

He jumped from his horse and began the sword Sich da hack this well. Howled well, roared bad voice. Then came the fog, heat sleeping - don't want to drink.

"You see, brother, how the water in the well was, " says Ivan.

They rode on. Sooner or went - saw the Apple. Hanging on her apples, large and rosy.

Jumped brothers horses, and wanted the apples to pick. And Ivan ran forward and give Apple the sword under the root hack. Howled Apple, cried...

"You see, brother, what is this Apple? Tasteless on her apples!

Brothers sat down on the horses and rode on. They went, went and got tired. Look, is spread on the field carpet, patterned, soft, and feather pillows.

- Lie down on the carpet, the rest will take a little NAP for an hour or so! "say the brothers.

"No, brother, not gently will be on the carpet to lie! - responsible Ivan.

Angry at his brothers:

"What are you for the mentor to us: that is impossible, the other not!

Ivan in response another word said. Took off his sash, on the carpet threw. Broke sash flame and burned.

- Here with you as it would be! says Ivan brothers.

He walked up to the carpet and let the sword carpet Yes pillows into small pieces to cut. Hacked, scattered in hand and says:

- In vain you, brothers, grumbled at me! As well, and Apple, and carpet - all it is a miracle udavi wives were. They wanted to destroy us, Yes failed them this: they all died!

Went brethren on.

Are there many, few if passed - suddenly the sky darkened, the wind roared, the earth roared: runs after them a great big pig. Opened their mouth to the ears - wants Ivan brothers to swallow. Here guys, don't be bad, pulled from their cocomac road for a peck of salt and threw the pig's mouth.

Happy pig is thought that Ivan the peasant's son with his brothers grabbed. Stopped and began to chew salt. And as tasted again rushed in pursuit.

Runs, bristles raised, subimage clicks. 's going to catch up...

Here Ivan ordered the brothers in different directions, jumping: one jumped right, the other to the left, and Ivan himself forward.

Ran the pig stopped't know who first to catch up.

While she was thinking Yes on different sides of the muzzle trochanter, Ivan jumped in front of her, lifted her up by the breadth of the earth hit. Crumbled pig dust, and the wind dust in all directions dispelled. Since all miracle-Judah Yes snakes in that region polyols - without fear of people living steel.

And Ivan the peasant's son with his brothers returned home, to the father, to the mother. And they live there happily ever, field plowing Yes wheat to sow.

1 Sash - belt from a wide long piece of cloth.

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