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In a certain Kingdom, in a state were impassable swamps, and around them there was a road roundabout; it will soon go that way : three years will be needed, and quiet ride - and five little! Near the road lived a miserable old man; he had three sons: the first name was Ivan, the second Basil, and third semen - small Unis.

Decided to clear seedy these swamps, to pave the way previouw-provisiou and namestiti bridges guelder rose to Hiking you could walk in three weeks, and equestrian three day pass. Went to work together with their children, and not the small-time all was fulfilled: namewee bridges guelder rose and cleared the road pramugara-pramoedya. Turned miserable at her house and said to the eldest son, Ivan:

- Podi you, beloved son, sit under the bridge and listen to what about us will be good people to say - good or evil?

By parent command Ivan went and sat in a hidden place under the bridge.

Go to the bridge kalinaw, two elders, and say to themselves:

"Who's this bridge was paved da way was cleared for what he fate asked, it would be his destiny and gave!

Ivan, as soon as he heard these words, immediately came out from under the bridge guelder rose.

- This bridge, " he said, " I were paved with the father and with his brothers.

"What do you want? ask the elders.

- Now if only I had money for a century!

- Well, go in the open field: in the field of eating raw oak, the oak deep cellar, cellar, plenty of gold, and silver, and precious stones. Take a shovel and Roy - you will have money for a century!

Ivan went in an open field, dug under the many oak and gold, and silver, and precious stones, and carried home.

"Well, son, " he asked, - did anyone that would have been Ali rode across the bridge, and what about us people say?

Ivan told his father that he had seen two of the elders and what they were awarded a century.

On another day send father's middle son, Basil. Went Basil, sat down under the bridge guelder rose and listens. Go over the bridge two elders, came up against the place where he hid himself, and say:

"Who's this bridge was a bridge - why would he have a destiny asked, if he was given!

As heard Vasily these words, went to the elders and said:

- This bridge was paved I father and brothers.

"Why are you at destiny ask?

- Now if only I had bread on age!

- Well, go home, wyroby your fallow ground : 1 and Posey: you will have bread for a whole century!

Vasily came home, told me stories about his father, cut down your fallow ground : and seeded bread.

On the third day father sends his youngest son. Semen - small Unis sat under the bridge and listens. Go over the bridge two elders; only caught up with him and say:

"Who's this bridge was a bridge - what would be the fate asked, it would be his destiny and gave!

Semen - small Unis heard these words, addressed to the elders and said:

- This bridge was paved I father and brothers.

"Well you have a destiny ask?

And I want to serve the great state soldiers.

- Ask another! The soldier's service heavy; will go to the soldiers - to the sea king in full you get, and many will shed your tears!

- Still want to serve!

"Well, if you wanted to go to the king's service - go! said the old Simon and drew him into a fleet-footed deer.

Ran the deer to his house; saw it from the window's father and brothers, jumped out of the hut and wanted to catch. The deer turned and back; resorted to two elders, the elders turned it into a rabbit.

The hare went to his house; saw his father and brothers, jumped out of the hut and wanted to catch, but he's back turned.

Ran the hare to the two elders, the elders turned it into a small bird, the Golden head. The bird flew to his home, sat down by the open window. Saw her father and brothers, rushed to catch; the bird fluttered and back.

Flew to the two elders, the elders made it still a man and say:

"Now, Simon - small UNIX, go to the Royal service. If you need to run somewhere quickly, you can apply a stag, a hare and a bird - Golden head: we taught you.

Semen - small Unis came home and became the father to ask for the king's service.

- You go, " replied the father, " you are too young and stupid!

"No, father, let go. The father was released, the semen - small Unis has Slagelse, with his father and brothers said goodbye and went on the road. Sooner or later - he came to the Royal court, directly to the king, and said:

- Your Highness! Don't tell them to kill, have a word to say.

"Tell me, Simon - small Unis!

- Your Majesty! Take me in military service.

"What are you! Because you're small and stupid; you go in the service?

"Even though I'm small and stupid, and I will serve no worse than others.

The king agreed, took him to the soldiers and told them to come with him.

It took some time, suddenly announced to the king a king of fierce war. The king began Hiking fight; in due time brought together all the troops in readiness.

Semen - small Unis took the war to ask; the king was unable to refuse him, took him with him, and made in the campaign.

For a long time there was a king with an army of many lands a left; and now the enemy close - in three days it is necessary and fight to conceive.

In those pores missed the king of their combat maces and his sword sharp - neither the one nor the other, and the Palace was forgotten; nothing it yourself defense to give the enemy forces to beat. He did cry throughout the army: do not take anyone to go to the Palace quickly and bring him fighting Mace and a sharp sword; who will benefit from this service, also promised to give in marriage his daughter Marya-the Princess's dowry, welcome to the half of the Kingdom, and after his death to give him all the Kingdom.

Started vyiskivala hunters; who says I can in the three years to come; some say two years, and who in one year; and semen - small Unis reported to the Emperor:

"I, your Majesty, you can go to the Palace and bring combat Mace and a sharp sword in three days. The king was delighted, and took his hand, kissed him on the mouth, and immediately wrote to Mary-the Princess gramado that it is the messenger that believed him and gave him the sword and Mace. Semen - small Unis received from the king gramado and went into the road.

Departing from a mile away, he turned into a deer footed, and ran like an arrow shot from a bow. Ran, ran, tired and turned from deer in rabbit sprinted across the entire rabbit agility. Ran, ran, all the feet nailed and turned from hare to a small bird - a Golden crown; faster still flew. We flew and flew and half days time in that Kingdom, where Mary is the Princess was.

Turned into a man, entered the Palace and gave the Princess gramado. Marja-Princess took it, opened, read, and says:

- How is it that you managed so much land and so soon to run?

"Well, " answered the messenger said in a fleet-footed deer, ran once on carenini the house, walked up to the Mare-the Princess and put her on her knees her head; she took the scissors and cut the deer head with tuft of wool.

The deer turned into a rabbit, a hare jumped a little at the bathroom and jumped to the Princess on her knees; she cut him a piece of fur.

The hare asked the little bird with the Golden head, the bird flew a little room and sat down at the Princess on his arm. Marja-Princess cut her head of Golden peryshkov, all reindeer wool and rabbit fur, and gold feathers tied in a cloth and hid it yourself.

The bird is the Golden head turned to the messenger. Princess fed him, gave, in a way outfitted, gave him battle Mace and a sharp sword; after they said goodbye, goodbye firmly kissed, and went semen - small Unis back to the king.

Again he ran a fleet-footed deer, rode slanting hare flew a little bird, and by the end of the third day saw the Imperial camp near. Not reaching the troops of the three hundred steps, he lay on the sea shore, near Rakitova Bush, to rest; Mace combat and sharp sword about yourself laid. From the great fatigue he soon fell asleep. At this time happened the same General pass by Rakitova Bush, saw out of the messenger, immediately pushed it into the sea, took a fighting Mace and a sharp sword, brought to the Emperor and said:

- Your Majesty! Here you battle Mace and a sharp sword, I'm behind them walked; and he ustohal, semen - small Unis, that's right, three years passes!

The king thanked the General, began to fight with the enemy and in a short time gained over him glorious victory.

And semen - small Unis, as it is said, fell into the sea. In that minute he picked up his sea king and claimed in the depths.

He lived the king of the whole year, he became bored, he was miserable and cried bitterly. Came to him the sea king:

"What, semen - small Unis, boring you here?

"Yes, your Majesty!

- Want Russian light?

"If you want, if your Royal grace will be. The sea king took him at midnight, left on the shore, and went into the sea. Semen - small Unis thought: "If only the sun would Shine!"

Before the rising of the red sun was the sea king, grabbed him again and took in the sea depth.

Lived there for semen - small Unis another year; became bored, and he bitterly wept bitterly. Asks the sea king:

"What, Ali you're bored?

- Boring! - said Semyon - small Unis.

- Want Russian light?

"If you want, your Majesty!

Sea king made it at midnight on the beach, went in the sea. Semen - small Unis thought again: "If the sun was shining!"

Just to dawn began, came the sea king, grabbed him and took in the sea depth. Lived semen - small Unis third year in the sea, have become bored, and he is bitter, implacable grief for her was crying.

"What, semen, boring you? asks the sea king. - Want Russian light?

"If you want, your Majesty!

Sea king brought it to shore, he went to sea. Semen - small UNIX and says:

- The sun, show, red, show!

And the sun shined its rays, and even the sea king was no longer able to take it in full.

Semen - small Unis went in their state; and they turned first deer, then a rabbit, then a little bird - a Golden crown; in a short time found himself at the king's Palace.

And as long as it all became the king had from the war to come back and saswata his daughter Mary-Princess for General deceiver.

Semen - small Unis is in the same room, where the table sat the bridegroom Yes the bride.

Saw him Marja-Princess and said to the king:

- The Tsar-father! Were not executed, let it speak.

"Tell me, my dear daughter! What do you want?

- The Tsar-father! Not that my fiance that sitting at the table, but he is now come! Show me the semen - small Unis, as at that time you hastily ran for combat Mace, sharp sword.

Semen - small Unis turned into a deer footed, ran once or twice across the room and stopped near the Princess. Marja-Princess took out handkerchief cut reindeer coat, shows the king, in any place she cut off, and says:

"Look, father! Here are my Primaticcio.

The deer turned into a rabbit. Bunny jumped-jumped across the room and came running to the Princess; Marja-Princess took out handkerchief rabbit fur.

Bunny turned into a little bird with a gold head. The bird flew-flew across the room and sat down at the Princess on her knees; Marja-Princess unleashed the third knot in the handkerchief and showed the Golden feathers. Then the king knew the truth true, ordered the General to execute, Marju-Princess gave Seeds - small UNISA and made him his heir.

1 Nowina - not yet Pahana earth; here: cut, cleared of trees.

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