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There was an old couple. The hour has come: the man died. Was left to him seven sons-twins that called seven Simeonov. Here they grow Yes grow, all in one single person and the article, and every morning I go out to plow the earth all seven.

What happened is that the party rode the king sees from the road that far in the field plowing the ground as the boon - so many people! and he knows that that is not the lords of the land.

Here is the king sends his squire hearkening attentively1 to see what kind of people are they, what kind and titles, aristocratic or Royal servants there any, or hired?

Comes to them groom, asks:

- What people you are there, what kind of title?

Answer him:

And we are the people, the mother gave birth to us seven Simeonov, and we are plowing the earth father and Dedino.

The return of the groom and told the king all that was heard. Surprised the king.

Such a miracle is not heard by me! - he says, and immediately sends to tell seven Simeona that he is waiting for them in his tower on services and packages.

All seven have gathered and come to the king's house, stand in a row.

"Well, " said the king, - answer: what skills who is capable, what craft you know?

There is a senior.

I said, " can bind iron column fathoms2 twenty feet high.

"And I, " says the second one, we can install it into the ground.

"And I, " says the third, " can vzlist on it and explore the range far all that white light is created.

"And I, " said the fourth, can cut down a ship that goes down to the sea, as on ground.

"And I, " says fifth - can trade different goods on foreign lands.

"And I, " said the sixth - can ship people and goods to dive into the sea, to swim under water and emerge where necessary.

- And I am a thief, " said the seventh - can get that will get accustomed or would love.

Such crafts I do not tolerate in his Kingdom-the state, " said the king angrily last, the seventh Simeon, and give you three days time to get out of my land where you wished; but all the other six Simeona order to stay here.

Seventh Simeon has become sad: don't know how to be and what to do.

And the king was at the heart of the beautiful Princess that lives beyond the mountains, across the seas. Here are the nobles, the magistrates of the Royal and remembered that the seventh Simeon, they say, will be useful and may be able to bring a wonderful Princess, and they began to ask the king to leave Simeon. Thought the king and allowed him to remain. That's for another day the king took the boyars and the Governor and all the people that ordered seven Simeona to show their ability.

Senior Simeon, long delay, crafted by the iron pillar in twenty fathoms high. The king ordered his men to fill an iron pole in the ground, but as the people fought, could not install it. Then the king bade the second Simeon to erect an iron pole in the ground. Simeon the second, without thinking, picked up and put his pole in the ground.

Then Simeon third got up in this post, sat on the top and began to look around far as what is happening in the wide world; and sees the blue of the sea on them, as spots, fly ships, sees the village, city, nation darkness, but not discerns the wonderful Princess that loved the king. And became Pushcha to look at all kinds and suddenly spotted: at the window at the distant tower sits the beautiful Princess, blush, white-faced and thin-skinned: shows how brains shimmer bones.

- See? calls him king.

- See.

"Get off as quickly downwards and get a Princess, as there you know that was me in whatever was!

Gathered all seven Simeonov, cut down the ship, loaded it with all goods, and all together have gone by sea to get the Princess is for gray mountains, blue seas.

Go, go between heaven and earth, stick to the mysterious island at the Marina.

And Simeon youngest took to himself in the path of the Siberian cat scientist that can chain to go, things to file, various German stuff to throw out.

And left his youngest Simeon with his cat with a Siberian, is on the island, the brothers asked not to come to the earth until he comes back.

Goes around the island, comes to the city, in the square before carenini the tower plays with the cat and Siberian: telling him things to submit, through the whip to jump, German throw things. At that time the Princess was sitting by the window and caught sight of an unknown beast, what they are not and were not found spawn. Immediately sends his servant to find out what kind of beast is this and Ali sales no. Listening Simeon red molodcu, carinio the servant, and said:

- My animal is the Siberian cat, and sell - sell for any money, and if strong to whom he will love, to give - give.

And told the servant to his Princess, and the Princess again send their molodcu to Simeon-thief.

Tight, supposedly your animal loved?

Went Simeon in the tower carevin and brought her a gift of his cat, Siberian; asks only for it to live in her house for three days and enjoy the Royal bread-salt, added:

- To teach you, a beautiful Princess, how to play, and play with an unknown animal, with the Siberian cat?

The Princess allowed, and Simeon remained to spend the night in the Royal tower.

Went news chambers that Princess got brave the unknown creature; he gathered all: the king and Queen, and the princes and the princesses, nobles, and magistrates, all staring, admiring won't admire on gay beast, scientific cat. They all want to get yourself and such and asked the Princess, but the Princess is not listening to anyone, does not give anyone your Siberian cat, pats him on wool, silk, toying with him day and night, and Simeon ordered to drink and to drink plenty, that he was good.

Thanks Simeon for bread and salt for food and affection and on the third day asks the Princess to him on the ship, to look at the device and on different animals that he brought with him.

The Princess has asked the priest-king, and in the evening with servants and nurses went to watch the ship Simeon and his animals, seen and unseen, the slave and the unknown.

Comes near the shore Simeon was waiting for her youngest and asks the Princess not to programatica and leave on earth nannies and servants, and most welcome on the ship:

- There are many different animals and beautiful; what you love, the one and yours! And all present, to whom that love, and nurses, and servants - can't.

The Princess agrees and orders to nurses and servants to wait for her on the shore, and she goes for Simeon on the ship to look diva wonderful, wonderful animals.

As rose - ship and sailed off, and went for a walk on the dark blue sea.

The king can't wait for the Princess. Come nannies and servants, cried, telling her grief. And inflamed the anger of the king, ordered to arrange a pursuit now.

Outfitted ship, and overtook the Imperial ship for the Princess. Just meet far - sailing ship Simeonov and knows that for him the Royal chase flies - not floats! That's really close!

Saw seven Simeonov that the chase was a long walk - about to catch up! - dived and the Princess and the ship. Long floated under the water and went upstairs then, as it became close to his native land. And the Imperial pursuit sailed three days, three nights; he found nothing, and returned.

Come seven Simeonov with the beautiful Princess home, lo and behold - on the banks poured out to the people that peas, pregnahoes many! The king himself waiting at the pier and welcomes visitors overseas, seven Simeonov with the beautiful Princess, with great joy. As they went down to the shore, the people began to shout and make noise, and the king kissed the Princess in the mouth of sugar, led in the house of white stone, planted the oak tables, tablecloths loom, were treated to all sorts of drinks honey and nadkami sugar and soon celebrated the wedding with soul-Princess - and it was fun and a great feast that the whole world baptized! And seven Simeona unleashed throughout the Kingdom-the state to live Yes to live freely, to trade duty-free, to own land granted harmless; all kinds of caresses caressed and home released by Treasury on rasivo.

Was I LACONCHA - wax placency, plitochki pea. See: burning man had his barn3; Klyachko I did, went to the barn to fill. As long as the barn was flooded, LACONCHA melted, Pitocco crows pasted. Traded brick, remained at anything; I had Shlyk, under Vorota sniff, Yes Kolechko hit, and now it hurts. That and a fairy tale ending!

1 Groom - the court in charge of the Royal stables and carriages.

2 Kilometers - old Russian measure of length, the distance of the swing arms from the fingertips of one hand to the tips of the fingers of the other.

3the Barn - structure, adapted for fire-cured loaves in the sheaves before threshing.

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