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In a certain Kingdom there lived an old couple in great poverty. Much time has passed - the old woman died. The winter was fierce, frosty.

Went to the old man's neighbors and acquaintances, asking them to posibile him to dig for the old woman's grave: only and neighbors and acquaintances, sauci his great poverty, all flatly refused. Went to the old man to the parson, as they have in the village was pop kuzia greedy, nezavistlivu.

- Intercede, " he said, " father, the old woman to bury.

- And do you have the money than for the funeral to pay? Go light, go!

In front of you, I must be honest: I don't have in the house a single penny! Wait a little, earn - more than pay, the right word - to cry!

Pop didn't want and speeches starikovych listen:

- If there is no money, and don't you dare to go here!

"What to do, thinks the old man will go to the cemetery, dug somehow the grave and bury himself to the woman".

Here he seized the axe Yes shovel and went to the cemetery; come and conceived the tomb to prepare: cut the top of the frozen ground with his axe, and then to the shovel came from, dig-dug and dug up the pot, he looked - and he polphonic coins poured as fever Shine! Hard the old man rejoiced: "Glory to thee o Lord! 'll have something to bury and remember the old woman".

No more grave to dig, took the pot of gold, and carried home.

Well, with the money Samoa thing - everything went like clockwork! Immediately there were good people: and the grave has been dug and the coffin was made; the old man sent his wife to buy wine and Kosarev snacks and different - just as it should be at the funeral, and he took a piece of gold in his hand and trudged back to the ass. Only at the door, and pop on it:

"I told you plainly, old, that without money does not come, and you again the climb!

Not cerci, father! - the old man asks him. - Here's a Golden - bury my old woman, age is not forgotten your mercy!

Pop took the money and did not know how old prinetto, where to plant, what words pricked:

"Well, old man, whether in the hope that everything will be done. The old man bowed and went home, and pop with the widow began to talk about it:

- Further, the old devil! Say, poor, poor! And he rolled gold. Many in my lifetime I buried eminent dead, and so neither of whom had not received...

Was going to pop with all priceton1 and buried the old woman.

After the funeral the old man asks him to himself to remember the deceased. Here come into the house, sat down at the table, and where that was - and wine, and meals and snacks are different, just enough! Guest sitting for three ubiraetsa on someone else's good zairese.

Dinner guests and steel in their houses to go, so pop rose. Went to the old man to see his home, and only came to the yard - pop sees that no one else was gone, and the old man began to question:

- Look, light! Repent me, don't leave on the soul single sin - still before God and before me: why so soon you managed to recover? Were you a poor man, and now we know where that came from! Repent me the light! Whose ruined you soul who robbed?

"What are you, father! True true I confess to you: I did not steal, do not Rob, didn't kill anyone; the treasure in the hands dalas!

And told how it was. As he heard these words pop, it is important shook greed; he has come back home, do nothing and day and night thinks: "This ledisi MagicISO, and got kind of force money. As if now power, Yes utility his pot of gold?" Said the widow; steel together to advise and suggested he try.

"Look, mother! We have a goat?

- Have.

"Well, okay! Wait for the night and will treat the matter as necessary.

Late in the evening brought pop into the house of the goat, slaughtered and stripped him of his clothing, with everything, and with horns and a beard; immediately pulled a goatskin on himself and says to the widow:

- Take, uterus, needle and thread; fasten around the skin, so as not collapsed.

His wife took the thick needle Yes severe thread and sheathed his goatskin.

Here in the dead of midnight went pop straight to Starikova hut, came under the window and well knock Yes scratch. The old man heard the noise, jumped up and asks:

"Who's there?


Our place is sacred! - yelled the man and started to cross to do Yes prayer is read.

"Hey, old man! says pop. From me pray, be baptized, though, could not get rid of; give me better my pot of money; I'll get even with you! Look, I'm over your grief took pity treasure you showed - thought, a little at a funeral, and you're still together and Zagrebel!

Looked the old man in the window protruding horns of goat with a beard: as is unclean! "Well it does with the money! thinks the old man. - In advance of that without money lived, and then live without them!" Got a pot of gold, made in the street, throwing her to the ground, and himself into the house as soon as possible. Pop picked up the cauldron with the money and sprinted home. It was turned back.

"Well, " he said, " the money is in our hands! On, uterus, hide away yea take a sharp knife, cut the thread Yes shoot me a goatskin, while no one has seen.

The widow took the knife, started along the seam line to cut - as will pour blood, he yelled:

- Uterus! Hurt, don't cut! Uterus! Hurt, don't cut!

Will she whip in another place - the same thing!

Around the body grew goat skin. So whatever they did, whatever I tried, and money to the old man back took - no, nothing helped; it remained on the Pope goat skin. Of course, the Lord has punished you for this great greed!

1 Price (clergy) - Ministers of any Church.

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