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There were once a man and Granny, and began them at night seems like under the stove the fire is lit and someone moaning: "Oh, hot! Oh, stuffy!"

The man told them about the neighbors, and the neighbors had recommended him to go in the middle of the city: there is a de lives merchant Asón, master to solve any sleep.

Here's a guy got together and went into the city, walked, walked, and stopped on the road to spend the night in one of the poor widow. The widow had a son - a boy about five years old; he looked the boy in the man and says:

The old man! I know where you're going.

- But where?

- To the rich merchant Asón. Look, will you sleep to unravel and ask half of what lies beneath the stove, you give him half not come on, come one quarter. And if you ask who taught you, about me don't say a word.

The next day got up in the morning the man went on; coming to town, found Asonov the yard and came to the master.

- What do you want?

"Ah, Mr. merchant, seems to me at night, though in my hut under the stove the fire is lit and someone moans plaintively: "Oh, hot! Oh, stuffy!" Is it possible to solve my sleep?

To unravel, only wilt thou give me half of what you have under your stove?

"No, not half the ladies; will be with thee, and quarters.

Merchant argued, yea see that man holds her tightly, and agreed; called on the workers with axes, shovels and went with them to the old man in the house. Arrived and was told to break the oven; as soon as the oven was broken floorboards up, now, and was deep amisha - slash the number1 , and all-hammered silver Yes gold.

The old man was delighted, and began to divide the treasure into four parts. And the merchant and let him ask questions:

- Who taught you, old man, give me a quarter and not give half?

No one had taught himself to think of it.

"You're lying! Not with your mind to guess. Listen: if you admit to, who taught you, so all your money will not take with you, and fourths.

The man thought for a while, scratched his head and said:

"Well go home, will see on the road the house, in that house lives a poor widow, and she has a son-schoolboy - he is the most and taught me.

The merchant immediately into the wagon and drove the horses ambulance trot.

Came to a poor widow.

"Let me, " he said, " relax a little Yes a Cup of tea to drink.

- You are welcome!

And he sat down on a bench, began tea to drink, and all the boy glances. At that time, ran into the hut cock flapped his wings and cried: "Kukuriku!"

- Acai vociferous what! said the merchant. "I'd like to know about what do you scream?

"Alright, I'll tell you, " said the boy. - Cock wesuit that the time will come when you will be in poverty, and I will own your riches.

Drunk the tea merchant, was to go home and said to the widow:

"Give me thy son; he will live with me all ready, contentment, happiness and do not know what poverty is. Yes and you better - the extra burden with hands off!

The mother thought, and in fact the merchants life Privolnoe, blessed son, and gave him the Asón from hand to hand.

Asón brought the boy to his house and told him to go to the kitchen; then he called the cook and gave him this order: kill this boy. Cook was turned back on
the kitchen, took a knife and started on a whetstone to sharpen.

The boy burst into tears:

- Uncle! What do you sharpen a knife?

- I want lamb chop.

Isn't yours! You want me to cut it. The chef and the knife from his hands fell, pity it was to destroy the human soul.

- I am happy, " he said, " to let you go, Yes I'm afraid of the owner.

- Fear not!

Cook did the boy have hidden. Two months later, three dreamed thence to the king the dream that he had in the Palace three gold dishes, ran the dogs and started one of those meals intake.

Thought the king what the dream meant? Even asked, they could not judge. So he should have to send for the Asón; told him his dream and told him to unravel, and the deadline laid three days.

- If the term does not guess correctly, all your possessions will assume.

The return of the Asón from the king is not himself, walks cloudy Yes angry, even will meet every slap network; and, above all at the cook brought: why de the boy with the light SIL? It would now be useful to me. In the speech the cook take it and admit that the boy was then running. Asón immediately demanded to him.

"Well, " he said, " guess my dream; dreamed me today at night, if I have three dishes of gold and if one of those dishes dogs lapped.

Responding to his boy:

- It's not you svilosa, it svilosa the Emperor.

- Guessed, well done! What is the meaning of this dream?

- Know-you know, Yes you will not say; take me to the king, before him will conceal nothing.

Asón ordered to lay the stroller, the boy to put behind and went into the Palace; rolled up to the high porch, entered the white house and gave the king a bow.

"Hello, Asón! Guessed if my dream? "asked the king.

"Ah, sir! Your dream doesn't hurt tricky; not something that I, his small child to judge. If you want, call my boy, he you what the story will tell.

The king ordered to bring the boy and, once brought him into the Palace, began about the dream inquired.

Said the boy:

- Let beforehand Asón judge, and that further it is! Knowing nothing, someone else's mind wants to live.

"Well, Asón, tell you before.

Asón fell on his knees and confessed that he could not guess the Royal sleep. Then spoke the boy, and said to the king:

- Sir! Thy dream true: you have three unfaithful servants: the Keeper of the seal, Treasurer and chief ruler decided they will give you the power to deprive. The way it was.

As said five, and has happened: the king took the Asón all his estate and gave it to the boy.

1 Oblique sazhen - old Russian measure of length equal to the distance from the toes to the end of the fingers stretched up his hands diagonally, approximately 216 see

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