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Lived his grandfather and Granny, they had a son. The old man was poor; he wanted to send his son to the science that was too young for parents to joy, in old age to change, Yes what you'll do if no income! Drove it, drove through the cities - maybe it'll take someone to learn; no, no one undertook to teach without money.

Came back the old man home, cried-cried Baba, potuzhyla-we grieved about their poverty and again led his son to the city. Only when they came into the city, comes to meet them man and asked his grandfather:

"What, old boy, were downcast?

- How can I not prigornitsky! "said grandfather. - Now drove, drove son, no one takes no money in science and money, natute!

"Well, give it to me, " says the counter, " I have three years to learn all the tricks. And three years later, this very day, this very hour, come for the son; Yes, look: if buyer is late, will come in time, Yes you know his son will take it back, and if not, to stay him from me.

Grandfather was so pleased and asked: who is the counter, where he lives and what to teach will be small? Gave him a son and went home. Came home with joy; told the woman; but the counter was a sorcerer. Now, three years later, the old man had forgotten what day gave the son to the science, and don't know how to be. And the son the day before the period came to him a small bird, slumped on the bench and went into the house a good man, bowed to his father and said:-tomorrow will de sravnyatsya just three years, it is necessary for him to come; and told where for him to come and how to recognize it.

- The owner of my I am not alone in science. There, " he said, " eleven more workers, forever if it remained - because parents were unable to accept them; and you're the only one I don't recognize, and I will remain with him the twelfth. Tomorrow, as you will come after me, the master of us all twelve will release white doves - the pen in the pen, tail to tail and head-to-head smooth. So you see: everything will become high to fly, but I do and will take above all. The host will ask: did your son? You show that dove, that above all.

After bring it to you twelve stallions - all of the same suit, the mane on one side and a smooth; as will be passing those stallions, good primacy: I no no Yes right leg will stomp their. The owner will again ask, learned of his son? You show me.

After bring to you twelve good lads - the increase in the growth of hair in the hair, voice to voice, all on one face and clothing level. As will be passing those guys, primacy-ka: on the right cheek to me no-no and will sit a small fly. The owner will again ask: did your son? You show me.

Said all this, took his leave with his father and went out of the house, knocked on the bench, he became a bird and flew to the owner.

In the morning the grandfather got up, Packed up and went after his son. He comes to the sorcerer.

"Well, old man, " said the sorcerer, he learned of your son all the tricks. Only if you do not acknowledge it, remain with me forever.

After he released twelve white doves feather to feather, tail to tail, head-to-head straight - and says:

- Get the old man, his son!

- How to learn something, look at all smooth!

Looked, looked, and rose one dove above all, pointed out that dove:

- I think, it's mine!

- Learned, learned, grandpa! - said the sorcerer. Another time he released twelve stallions - all as one, and mane to one side.

Became a grandfather to walk around stallions Yes you look, and the owner asks:

"Well, grandpa! Learned of his son?

"Not yet, wait a bit.

Yes I saw that one stallion stomped her right foot, now showed him:

- I think, it's mine!

- Learned, learned, grandpa!

The third time out twelve good lads - the increase in the growth of hair in the hair, voice to voice, all on one person, as one mother gave birth.

My grandfather once walked past guys - nothing has observed in another passed - youre nothing, and as he passed and third time I saw one fellow on the right cheek fly and says:

- I think, it's mine!

- Learned, learned, grandpa!

Now, nothing to do, gave the sorcerer old son, and they went home.

Went, went and saw going down the road some gentleman.

"Father, " said the son, " I'll become a dog. Gentleman is going to buy me, and you got something to sell, and the collar does not sell; not that I'm back will not return!

Said so and in that minute he hit the ground and turned the dog.

The master saw that the old man leads the dog, began to trade: not him so the dog seemed like a good collar.

The master gives her a hundred rubles, and the grandfather asks three hundred; traded, traded, and bought master dog for two hundred rubles.

Only started grandfather to remove the collar, " where! - master and hear about it does not want, is limited.

- I collar didn't sell, " said grandfather, " I sold one of the dogs.

And the gentleman:

"No, you're lying! Who bought the dog, he bought and collar.

Grandfather thought (because really without a collar you cannot buy a dog!) and gave it to her with the collar. Gentleman took and put the dog to himself, and grandfather
took the money and went home.

Here is the master itself goes goes Yes, suddenly, out of nowhere, runs towards the hare.

"What, thinks sir, Ali to release the dog for a hare Yes show her agility?"

Just released, looks: the hare runs in one direction, the dog in the other and ran away into the forest. Waited, waited for her master, and did not wait and went at anything.

But the dog turned good lad. The grandfather goes way is broad, and thinks, as home eye to show how the old woman to say, where my son Deval! But the son I caught up with him.

"Ah, father! says. Why, with the collar sold? Well, not povstrechal we hare, I would not have turned back, it would have gone for nothing!

They were turned back home and go little by little. How many, whether a little time has passed, one Sunday said the son to the father:

- Father, I will turn into a bird, carry me to the Bazaar and sell it; only cells do not sell, not the home will not return!

Hit the ground, became a bird; the old man put her in a cage and carried to sell.

Was surrounded by old people, vying started trading bird: so it all seemed!

Come and sorcerer, immediately recognized his grandfather and guessed that he had a bird in a cage sits. The network is expensive, the other gives expensive, and expensive it all; he sold the old bird, and the cells does not give; the sorcerer and fro, fought him, fought, takes nothing!

Took one bird, wrapped in a handkerchief and carried home!

"Well, daughter, " said the house - I bought our rascal!

"Where is he?

The sorcerer opened the handkerchief, and the birds are long gone: fled, serdechny!

It was again Sunday. Says the son to the father:

- Father! I will now turn the horse; see also, sell the horse, and bridle were not to sell; not the home will not return.

Slumped on raw land and became a horse; took her grandfather to the market to sell.

Stand around the old trading people, all horses: the network is expensive, the other gives expensive, and the sorcerer is better than all.

Grandfather sold him a son, and bridles not give.

- How I will lead the horse? asked the sorcerer. "Give it to court to bring, and there, perhaps, take his bridle: to me it is not greed!

Here all horses on grandfather fell: so de is not usual! Sold the horse is sold and the bridle. What can you do with them? He gave my grandfather the bridle.

The sorcerer brought the horse in your yard, put in the stable, firmly tied to the ring and high pulled his head: is the horse on hind legs, front to ground is not enough.

"Well, daughter, - said again the sorcerer, when I bought smoked our rascal!

"Where is he?

- In the stable stands.

The daughter ran to watch, pity she felt good fellow, wanted padlina to let go of reason, began to unravel Yes to loose, and the horse had escaped and walked miles to count.

Rushed her daughter to the father.

"Father, " he said, " I'm sorry! The horse ran away!

The witch doctor knocked on the raw earth, became gray wolf and started to give chase: that's close, you'll catch up... the Horse ran to the river, hit the ground, turned round brush - and plop into the water, and the wolf behind him pike... Ruff fled, fled water got to the raft, where fair maidens linen is washed, spread a Golden ring and rolled merchant's daughter under his feet. Merchant's daughter picked up the ring and hid. And the sorcerer became still human.

- Give, - stick to it - my gold ring.

- Take it! "says the girl and threw the ring to the ground. Both hit it at the same moment scattered small grains. The sorcerer turned the cock and started to peck; while pecking, one grain turned into a hawk, and bad had the chicken: pulled up his hawk. So the story ends, and I honey Korets.

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