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Lived in one village the old man Yes the old woman, poor prebudenie, and they had a son, Ivan. From an early age he loved to play a pipe. And so he played well, all listened - to naslushatsya could not. Will Ivanushka a sad song - all primarydata, all tears. Sparkle dance - all in the place I go, I cannot resist.

Ivanushka has grown up and speaks to the father Yes mother:

- I will go, father and mother, in workers to be employed. How much money you will bring.

Said goodbye and went. Came to one village - nobody hires. In other went - and there workers are not needed. Ivanushka has gone further. Went-went and came in a distant village. Walking from hut to hut, asks:

- Not whether whom the employee?

There was one hut the man and says:

- Whether you will be employed sheep to graze?

- Hired, it is not tricky!

- It is not tricky, it is. Only I have this condition: if a well's mouth will be double the salary pay. And if at least one sheep of my flock will lose nothing will get will run without money!

- Perhaps I will not lose! - responsible Ivanushka.

"There, look!

They were persuaded, and was Ivanushka the herd to graze. In the morning, a little light will go from the yard, and returns when the sun will set.

As he walks in from the pasture, the host and hostess are at the gates stand, sheep consider: One, two, three... ten... twenty... forty... fifty... All the sheep are safe!

So a month passed, and another, and the third. Soon need a shepherd to pay the salary to pay him.

"What is it? thinks the owner. As the shepherd of all the sheep saves? In the past years always sheep was lost: the wolf will lift up that which will come, will be lost... this Reason. We show that the shepherd to pasture does."

In the morning, when all were asleep, took the master's sheepskin coat, pulled his hair out, put it on and slipped into the barn. Became among the sheep on all fours. Worth waiting for when the shepherd would lead the sheep to pasture.

As the sun rose, Ivan got up and drove the sheep. Bleated the sheep and ran. And the owner even though it is difficult, not only behind - runs together with sheep, shouts:


And he thinks: "Now I know, will find out!"

He thought that Ivan won't notice it. And Ivanushka sharp was immediately saw him, only made no sign of it - drives sheep, and the no-no and will stagnet their whip. Yes all marks directly the owner on the back! Drove the sheep to the edge of the forest, sat down under custom and became a hunk of chewing.

Go sheep in the meadow, burn the grass. And Ivanushka behind them looks. As you will see that what sheep wants to run in wood, now on the pipe will play. All sheep to it run. As the owner of all walks on all fours, head into the ground because, if the grass eating.

Tired, tired, and seem ashamed: tell the shepherd neighbors to shame won't be too many!

As ate sheep, Ivan and said to them:

"Well, fed you, happy with you, now it is possible to dance!

Yes, and played the tune of the dance. Started sheep jumping and dancing, hooves tapping! And the owner there: though not satisfied and not satisfied, and jumped from the middle of the herd and started to dance squat jumps. Dancing, dancing, feet different pieces manufactures, it can not be kept!

Ivanushka faster Yes faster playing. Followed by sheep and master dance faster. The owner was exhausted. The sweat hailstones and slides. Red all the hair was in disarray... can't stand it, cried:

"Oh, farm laborer, cease to play you!. My urine no!

And Ivanushka she hadn't heard - plays Yes plays! He finally stopped and said:

"Oh, master! Is this you?

- I...

- How did you get here?

"Oh, come accidentally...

- And the sheepskin coat what put on?

Yes it is cold in the morning it seemed...

And himself behind the bushes and was gone. Problemsa home and said to his wife:

'Well, wife, we must hurry the laborer to get while the going's good, he needs to pay to give...

Is that so? Never gave, and he will give...

It is impossible not to give. He is so we'll shame that people can't seem.

And told her how the shepherd forced him to dance, a little before his death hasn't exhausted.

Listened to the hostess and said:

- The real you fool! It was necessary for you to dance! Me-it will not! How come, tell him to play. Will see what happens.

The owner began to ask the wife:

'If you put this thing started, plant me in the chest Yes tie in the attic over the crossbar, and to take me with you not to dance... Will be with me! Have I will visit a magnificent monument in the morning, little lives go.

The hostess did. Put husband in the big chest and tied in the attic over the crossbar. And she can't wait when I come back the labourer from the field. In the evening, only Ivan drove the herd, the owner and tells him:

Is it true that you have such a pipe is, under which all dance?

- The truth.

- Come play! If aches and I will give you the salary, and aches - so run.

- Well, - said Ivan, " so be it.

He drew out a pipe and began to dance music. And the hostess at this time, the dough is kneaded. Could not resist it and went to dance. Dancing, and she passes dough from hand to hand.

And Ivanushka faster Yes faster, louder Yes plays louder.

And the mistress of all dances faster faster Yes. Heard the tune and the owner in the attic. Was in his chest arms and legs to move, to passivate. Yes only closely to him there, all head on the cover of the Bob. Fumbled, fiddled and got off his crossbar along with a chest. We were hit head cover, jumped out from the chest and go through the attic squat jumps to dance! From the attic slipped into the hut burst. Was there together with his wife to dance, hands and feet to swing!

And Ivan went out on the porch, sat down on the step, all plays, not silent.

The host and hostess for him in the yard, jumped out and well dancing and jumping in front porch.

Both were tired, can barely breathe, and can't stop. And looking at them, and the chickens danced, and sheep, and cow, and the dog at the booth.

Then Ivan got up from the porch yeah, playing, went to the gate. And after him all stretched. Sees the mistress - it's bad. Began to beg Ivanushka:

"Oh, farm laborer, stop it, don't play anymore! Don't leave the yard! You're embarrassing in front of people! To be honest with you we will pay off! According to the agreement the salary will give!

"Oh no! - says Ivan. - Let you good people look, let them laugh!

He walked outside the door even louder hum. And the host and hostess with all the cows, sheep Yes chickens faster danced. And round, and round, and squat, and jump!

Came here the whole village and the old and small, laugh, show fingers...

Until the evening played Ivanushka. In the morning, got paid and went to the father, to the mother. And the owner with the mistress of the house and hid. Sit and see people's eyes do not dare.

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