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In a certain Kingdom there lived a merchant. For twelve years he lived in marriage and she had only one daughter, Vasilisa the Beautiful. When mother died, she was eight years old. Dying, the merchant's wife called his daughter, pulled out from under the blanket doll, gave it to her and said:

"Listen, Wasilewska! Remember and give my last words. I die and together with the parent blessing you leave this doll; take care of it always with them and don't show anyone; and when you get what you grief, give her to eat and ask her advice. Tried it will tell you how to help sufferers.

Then the mother kissed her daughter was dead. After his wife's death merchant potuzhyla, as they should, and then I began to think how he would have married again. He was a good man; bride was not long, but most of all like came to him one widow. She was in years, had two daughters, almost the same age Vasilisa, became to be, and the mistress and the mother experienced.

The merchant married the widow, but was deceived and did not find it good mother for his Vasilisa. Vasilisa was first on all the village beauty; the stepmother and sisters were jealous of her beauty, tormented her all kinds of work that she lost from work, and from the wind and the sun turned black; it is live!

Vasilisa all endured without a murmur and with every day more prettier and grew fat, and meanwhile the mother to the daughters of their lost weight and was durnel anger, despite the fact that they always sat idly by as ladies. How it was done? Vasilisa helped her doll. Without it, where would the girl to do all the work! But Vasilisa itself, did not eat, and so the doll will leave the tidbit, and in the evening, as the dust settles, it will lock in the hidden storage compartment covered, where she lived, and pathaway her, saying:

On, doll, dine, listen to my grief! I live in the house of the priest, I do not see any joy; the evil stepmother sends me with white light. Teach me how I should be and to live and what to do?

Chrysalis tried, Yes and then gives her advice and consolation in sorrow, and in the morning all the work celebrates for Vasilis; the only rest in kolodochka Yes tears the flowers, and she really torn with the roots and crests, and cabbage watered, and water is applied, and the furnace is melted. Pupa will indicate Vasilisa and the grass from the sun. It was good to live with her doll.

Several years passed; Vasilisa grew up and became a bride. All the young men in the city primatyvajutsja to Victoria; daughters outside and no one will look. The stepmother angry than ever, and all the men replies: "I will Not give the younger before the older ones!", and spending grooms, beating vent evil at Vasilisa. Once the merchant needed to leave home for a long time on business. The stepmother and went to live in another house, and near the house was a dense forest and in the forest in a clearing stood a hut, and lived in the hut of Baba Yaga: she to him did not admit and ate people like chickens. After arriving at the new home, the merchant's wife was sent for something in the forest she hated Vasilisa, but it always returned home safely: the little doll showed her the way and not come near to the hut of Baba-Yaga.

Autumn came. The stepmother gave all three girls evening: one made of lace weave, other stockings to knit, and Vasilisa to spin, and all the lessons. Put out the fire in the house, left one candle where the girls worked, and she went to sleep. The girls worked. Here nagrela on the candle, one of the outside daughters took up the tongs to straighten svetilny, Yes instead of by order of the mother, as if accidentally, and extinguished the candle.

- Now what do we do? - said the girl. - No fire in the whole house, and our lessons are over. Need to escape the fire to the Baba-Yaga!

I pins of light, " said the one that wove lace. - I will not go.

And I will not go, - she said that she knitted stockings. I spoke light!

- You for the fire to go, " cried both. - Go to the Baba-Yaga! and pushed Vasilisa the upper room. Vasilisa went into his closet and placed it in front doll cooked dinner, and said,

On, doll, have some Yes listen to my grief: I send the fire to the Baba-Yaga; Baba Yaga will eat me!

Pupa ate, and her eyes shone like two candles.

- Fear not, Wasilewska! - she said. - Go where I send, but I always keep to myself. With me nothing will happen to you from Baba Yaga. Vasilisa gathered, put the doll in his pocket, and, crossing himself, went into the dense forest. Is she trembles. Suddenly galloping past her rider: white, dressed in white, the horse under him white, and the harness on the horse is white, " it began to dawn. Is it a step further, as other rides rider: red, dressed in red and a red horse, became a rising sun.

Vasilisa took all night and all day, only to the next evening came to a clearing where stood the hut of Baba Yaga; the fence around the hut of human bones, on the fence sticking out of a human skull, with eyes; instead of værøy1 at the gate - legged human, instead of constipation - hand, instead of the lock - mouth with sharp teeth. Vasilisa was stunned with horror and became as dead.

Suddenly rides again rider: black, dressed in all black and a black horse; jumped to the gate babyage and vanished through the earth have failed, the night came. But the darkness did not last long: all skulls on the fence eyes lit up, and the whole meadow was bright as mid day. Vasilisa was shaking with fear, but not knowing where to go, remained in place.

Soon was heard in the forest a terrible noise: trees cracked, dry leaves crunched; left forest Babayaga in a mortar goes, pest whipping, mark broom sweeps up. Drove up to the gate, stopped and Obruchev around him, cried:

- Fu-fu! Russian spirit smells! Who's there?

Vasilisa walked over to the old woman with fear and bowed, said:

"It's me, grandma! Outside daughter sent me the fire to you.

"Good, " said Baba Yaga, " I know all about them, wait you in advance Yes work for me then and I will give thee the fire; and if not, I will eat you!

Then he turned to the gate and cried out:

"Hey, constipation my strong, be unlocked; my gate wide, otoritas!

The doors opened and the Baba Yaga rode in whistling for her went Vasilisa, and then again all was locked. Upon entering the room, Baba Yaga stretched and Vasilisa says:

- Give out here that there is in the oven: I'm hungry.

Vasilisa lit Luchino from three skulls that are on the fence, and began to pull from the oven and serve Yaga dish, and dishes nasarapan were ten; from the cellar brought it to kvass, honey, beer and wine. All ate, all drank the old woman; Vasilisa left only sets a little, a hunk of bread, a piece of paroxetine. Was Yaga-Baba lie down to sleep, and says:

- When tomorrow I leave, you see - yard clean, sweep over the house, lunch satrapi, linen dress, Yes go in the bin, take a quarter of wheat, and cleanse her from love2. Yes that was all done, and not just going to eat you!

After such order the Baba Yaga began to snore; and Vasilisa put the old woman's leftovers before the doll burst into tears and said:

On, doll, dine, listen to my grief! Heavy gave me Yaga-Baba work and threatens to eat me, if just will not do; help me!

Doll said:

- Fear not, Vasilisa! Poini, paolisa Yes to sleep Logica; morning Murena evening!

Woke up quite early Vasilisa and Baba Yaga stood up, looked out the window: the skulls eyes extinguished; that flashed white rider - and quite light. The Baba Yaga went to the yard, whistled in front of her was a mortar and a broom. Flashed red rider - the sun rose. The Baba Yaga sat down in a mortar and moved out of the yard, pest whipping, mark broom sweeps up.

Left Vasilisa one, visited the house of Baba-Yaga, marveled at the abundance around and hesitated: what kind of her first taken. Looks, and all the work is already done; the pupa is selected from wheat last seed black cumin.

"Oh, you isbasically my! said Vasilisa doll. "You from the trouble I was rescued.

"You were only lunch, Fudge, " said the doll-deep into a pocket Vasilisa. - Astrapi with God, and go to health!

In the evening Vasilisa gathered on the table and waits Babbage. It started getting dark, flashed behind the gates of black rider - and it was quite dark; the only light shone in the eyes of the skulls.

Cracked trees, crunching leaves - goes Babayaga. Vasilisa met her.

- If all is done? asks the witch.

'Very well show itself, grandmother! "said Vasilisa.

Baba Yaga looked everywhere, Podobedova that is not something to get angry, and said:

"Well, well!

Then he shouted:

- My faithful servants, heart friends, grind my wheat!

Was three pairs of hands grabbed wheat and carried out of the eyes. The Baba Yaga ate and began to go to sleep and again gave the order Vasilisa:

Tomorrow make you the same as now, Yes moreover take out the bins of the Mack da cleanse him from earth to seed further, someone wickedness of the earth in
it has offered!

Said the old woman, turned to the wall and began to snore, and Vasilisa began to feed your doll. Pupa ate and said it yesterday:

- Pray to God go to bed; tomorrow is a new day, everything will be done, Wasilewska!

In the morning Baba Yaga again went to the stupa from the yard, and Vasilisa the pupa of all the work was immediately corrected. The old woman came back, turned around and shouted:

- My faithful servants, heart friends, squeeze out the poppy oil!

Was three pairs of hands grabbed Mac and took away from the eye. The Baba Yaga sat down to dinner; she eats, and Vasilisa stands silently.

"Well you are not talking with me? said Baba Yaga. - Stand how dumb!

- Do not dare, " said Vasilisa, and if you allow, I would like to ask you some what.

- Ask; just not every question leads to good: many will know soon actreess!

I want to ask you, grandma, only what he had seen when I went to you, I was ahead of the rider on the white horse itself is white and white
clothing: who is he?

- This day, my clear, " said Baba Yaga.

Then overtook me another rider on a red horse, red color and dressed all in red; but who is he?

Is my red sun! "said Baba Yaga.

What does a black rider that overtook me at the most thy gates, grandma?

- This is the night my dark all my faithful servants!

Vasilisa remembered three pairs of hands and was silent.

What you have not asked? "said Baba Yaga.

- Will be with me this; why are you, grandmother, said that a lot of know - actreess.

"Good, " said Baba Yaga, " that you ask only about what lay behind the yard, not in the yard! I don't love you like me dirty linen endured, and too curious eat! Now I'll ask: how do you manage you to do the work that I ask you?

Helps me the blessing of my mother, " said Vasilisa.

- So what! Get you from me, blessed daughter! Don't need me blessed!

Pulled it Vasilisa the upper room and pushed through the gate, took off the fence one skull with glowing eyes and netknow on a stick, gave it to her and said:

Here's a fire outside daughters, take it; they're behind you here and sent.

He ran home Vasilisa in the light of the skull, which went out only when morning, and finally in the evening of another day reached his
home. Approaching the gate, she wanted to throw the skull. "That's right, home, thinks to himself, " it is more in the fire no need of you". But suddenly she heard a muffled voice from the skull:

I don't know, bring the stepmother!

She looked at the house stepmother and not seeing any window light, decided to go with the skull. He first met her tenderly and said that since then, as she went, they didn't have in the house fire: carve themselves could not, and the fire they brought from the neighbors - he went out as he entered the room.

- Maybe your fire will be kept! "said the stepmother.

Made the skull in the upper room; and the eyes of the skull and look at the stepmother and her daughters, and burn! Those could hide, but wherever I catch the eye everywhere for them and watch; by the morning just burned them in the coal; one Vasilisa was not touched.

In the morning Vasilisa buried the skull into the ground, locked the house of the castle, went into the city and asked for life to one of a humble old woman, lives to himself and waiting for his father. Once she says the old woman:

- Bored me to sit idly grandma! Go get me LNU the best; I'm going to spin. The old lady bought LNU good; Vasilisa the village for business, work and lit it, and the yarn goes smooth Yes thin as a hair. Got yarn lot; it's about time for a textile to be taken, such bird3 will not find that was suitable for Vasilishin yarn; no one dares to do something. Vasilisa begged his doll, and says:

"Bring me some old bird, Yes the old dropship, Yes a horse's mane; and I'll be able to make.

Vasilisa got everything you need, and went to sleep, and the doll for the night and prepared a nice mill. By the end of winter and the cloth woven so fine that through the needle instead of threads to run.

In the spring the cloth was whitening, and Vasilisa says the old woman:

- Sell, grandma, this canvas, and take money for himself.

The old woman looked at the goods and gasped:

"No, baby! Such cloth, except the king, wearing none; bear the Palace.

Went the old woman to the Royal chambers Yes all past Windows pokazivaet.

The king saw and asked:

Is that you, old woman want?

- Your Majesty, ' answered the old woman, ' I have brought exotic goods; nobody, except you, to show you don't want.

The king ordered to let in the old woman and saw the canvas was vzdelavaci.

- What do you want for it? asked the king.

He rates no, the king-father! I'm in the gift of his brought.

Thanked the king, and sent the old woman with gifts.

Become the king of the canvas shirts to sew; stroili, Yes nowhere couldn't find a seamstress that would take them to work. Searched for a long time; finally the king summoned the old woman and said:

- Could you napast and weave such linen, learn from it and knit shirts.

Not I, sir, spun and wove the cloth, " said the old woman, " this is the work of my adopted girls.

So and will sew it!

The return of the old home and told Vasilisa.

"I knew, " said she Vasilisa, - that the work of my hands is not passed.

He locked himself in his room, went to work; she sewed not prokladayuchi hands, and soon a dozen shirts was ready.

The old woman was carried to the king shirts, and Vasilisa washed, combed his hair, got dressed and sat down under the window. Sits back and waits for what will be. Sees: on the yard to the old woman runs the Royal servant; he walked into the house and says:

The king-Emperor wants to see the mistress, what worked his shirts and to reward her of his Royal hands. Went Vasilisa and appeared before the eyes of the king. As the king saw Vasilisa the Beautiful and fell in love with her.

"No, " he says, " my beauty! Will never part for I am with thee; thou shalt be my wife.

Then the king took the Vasilis for white hands, planted himself beside her, and there Noces played. Soon it was turned back and the father Vasilisa, I was glad about her life and left to live with her daughter. Old Vasilisa took to her, and the doll on the end of his life always carried in his pocket.

1 Vereya is one of the pillars, on which are hung sash at the gate.

2 Chernukha moss, genus field of wild peas.

3 Reed - accessory loom, the comb itself remarkably similarly to duck fabric.

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