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(in processing A. N. Tolstoy)

Lived his grandfather and Granny. Grandfather says to the woman:

"You, Baba, bake pies, and I'll harness sleigh Yes going for the fish.

We caught fish and takes home a who. Here it goes and sees: the Fox curled up and lying on the road. Grandfather who got off, walked over to the Fox, and she will not worknets, floating like the dead.

- This will be a gift to his wife! said grandfather, took the Fox and put it on the who, and went ahead.

But Fox took the time and began to throw out little by little, from who all the fish and the fish, all the fish in the fish. He polibrasil all the fish itself was gone.

"Well, old woman, " said grandfather, " what kind of collar I brought you a fur coat!

- Where?

There on the cart and fish, and collar.

Approached Baba, who: no collar, no fish, and began to scold her husband:

"Oh, so-and-so! You have decided to cheat!

Then the father realized that Fox was not dead. We grieved, grieved, even to do nothing.

And Fox has gathered all the scattered fish in the bunch, sat down on the road and eats itself. It comes to the gray wolf:

"Hello, sister!

"Hello, brother!

"Give me a fish!

- Malawi himself and eat.

I don't know how.

"What, because I'm caught! You say go across the river, put the tail into the hole, Sidi Yes prigovarival: "Catching fish, and small and great! Catching fish, and small and great!" The fish itself to you on the tail will ncapisa. Yes smot-
ri sit a little longer, and you will not be cast.

The wolf and went to the river, dipped his tail into the hole and began to say:

- Catching, fish, and small and great!

Catching fish, and small and great!

After him, and the Fox was; walking around wolf Yes precative:

- Asni, Yasni the stars in the sky, Mersini, Mersini, wolf tail!

"What are you, the Fox sister, you say?

- I'll help.

And she, cheat, constantly repeats:

- Merani, Mersini, wolf tail!

Long sat the wolf at the hole, the whole night was going places, his tail and iced; I tried was to rise: there it was!

"ECA as the fish rolled and will not pull out!" - he thinks.

Looks, and women go to fetch water and scream, seeing gray:

- The wolf, the wolf! Beat him, beat him!

Ran and started pounding wolf - who's the rocker, who is a bucket, who with anything. The wolf jumped, jumped, pulled his tail and ran without looking to escape.

"Well, he thinks, ' I will reward you, sister!"

Meanwhile, until the wolf was doing his sides, the Fox sister wanted to try, will not do anything else to draw, abraes in one house where Baba was baked pancakes, Yes got your head in a tub with the dough, smeared and running. And the wolf meet her:

- So teach you? I just have isolately!

"Ah, Volcic-brother! says the Fox sister. Have you ever bled, and my brain, me more of your nailed: I hardly trudge.

"It's probably true, " says the wolf, " where are you, sister, to go and sit on me, I'll take.

Fox sat on his back, he took.

Here is the Fox sister sits yeah sly sings:

- Accidents Nebit lucky. Accidents Nebit luck!

"What are you, sister, you say?

"I, brother, saying: "Accidents broken luck".

"So, sister,!

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