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(in processing A. N. Tolstoy)

In old years, one of the king had three sons. Now, when the sons began to age, the king took them and said:

- Sons of my kind, as long as I am not old yet, I'm hunting you marry, look at your children, my grandchildren.

The sons of the father answered:

'Well, father, bless. Who to you it is advisable for us to marry?

That, sons, take the jib sail off into the open field and shoot: where the arrows fall, there is your destiny.

The sons bowed to his father, took the arrow out in the open field, put bows and fired.

The older son's arrow fell on Boyarsky Dvor, raised arrow boyar's daughter. The middle son fell down arrow on the broad merchant yard, picked it up a merchant's daughter. And the youngest son, Ivan Tsarevich, the arrow went up and flew himself does not know where. There he went, went, went to the swamp, he sits the frog down, picked up his arrow. Ivan Tsarevich said to her:

- Frog, frog, give me back my arrow.

And the frog answered him:

"Take me!

"What are you, as I will take for their wives a frog?

- Take, you know your fate is.

He scrutinise Ivan Tsarevich. Nothing to do, took the frog brought it home.

The king had three weddings: the eldest son got married on the boyar's daughter, middle - merchant, and the unfortunate Ivan Tsarevich on the frog.

Behold, the king called his sons:

- Want to see which of your wives best needlewoman. Let them sew me to Zavtra on the shirt.

The sons bowed to his father and went.

Prince Ivan comes home, sat down and hung his head.

The frog on the floor jump, asks him:

"What, Ivan, hung his head? Or what mountain?

- Father told you to Zavtra sew a shirt.

The frog says:

- Don't grieve, Ivan, you had better go to sleep, tomorrow is a new day.

Ivan Tsarevich went to bed, and the frog jumped onto the porch, took off her frog skin and turned into Vasilisa the wise, so beautiful, as in the tale will tell.

Vasilisa the wise hit in their hands, and shouted:

- Nurses, nannies, gather, sneezies! Sew me by the morning of this shirt, which I saw in my native priest.

Prince Ivan woke up in the morning, the frog again rides on the floor, but the shirt is on the table, wrapped in a towel. Glad Ivan Tsarevich took the shirt and carried him to the father. The king was received gifts from the big sons. The eldest son was deployed shirt, the king took it and said:

- This shirt in black hut to wear.

Middle son unwrapped the shirt, the king said:

Is it only in a bath to go.

Ivan Tsarevich deployed shirt, jeweled gold-silver, Heather patterns. The king just looked:

"Well, that's the shirt in celebration wearing it.

Went brethren home - those two - and judge between them:

"No, see, we tried in vain to laugh at the wife of Ivan Tsarevich: she's not a frog, and some cunning...

The king again summoned the sons:

- Let your wife will bake me to Zavtra bread. Want to know which is better cooks.

Ivan Tsarevich hung his head, came home.

The frog asks him:

What was scrutinise?

He says:

- It is necessary to Zavtra bake king bread.

- Don't grieve, Ivan, better go to bed, sleep on it.

And those daughters-in-law first, then laughed at the frog, and now sent a grandmother-Sidorenko to see how the frog will bake bread.

Frog cunning, she realized. Kneaded kwasny, stove top broke Yes right there, in the hole, all kvasny and knocked. Grandmother Sidorenko resorted to the king's daughters-in-law, all told, and they just started to do.

And the frog jumped onto the porch, turned into Vasilisa the wise, hit their hands:

- Nurses, nannies, gather, sneezies! Bake me by the morning of soft white bread, which I have in my native father ate.

Prince Ivan woke up in the morning, and even on the table is bread, jeweled different tricks, on the sides of the patterns printed on top of the city gates.

Ivan Tsarevich was delighted, wrapped the bread in the fly, suffered to the father. And the king at that time took the loaves from the big sons. Their wives had podpuskali the dough in the oven as they babeskatharine said,
and came at them one burnt dirt. The king took the bread from his eldest son, looked up and sent in humans. Adopted from the average of the son, and there sent. And filed as Prince Ivan, the Tsar said:

"Here's the bread, only in the celebration it is.

And the king commanded three sons, to-morrow came to him at the feast together with their wives.

Again the return of Ivan Tsarevich home sad, below the shoulders hung his head.

The frog on the floor bounces:

- Kwa-kwa, Ivan, what have scrutinise? Or heard from the priest the word unfriendly?

- Frog, frog, how can I not grieve! Father punished me to come with you to the feast, and as I love you people will show?

The frog says:

- Don't grieve, Ivan, go to pier one and I will follow you I will.

As you hear a knock da thunder, don't be scared. Ask thee, say: "This is my frog in Korobchenko coming."

Ivan Tsarevich and walked one. That's older brothers came with their wives, resumetime, returnname, rouged, asurmendi. Are Yes over Ivan Tsarevich laugh:

"What are you without wives come from? Though in her handkerchief brought. Where are you such a beauty, had sought? Tea, all bogs originated.

The king with his sons, daughters-in-law, with guests sitting at tables oak, tablecloths loom - junket. Suddenly rose knock da thunder, the whole Palace shook. Guests were scared, sprang up from the ground, and Ivan says:

- Fear not, fair guests: it is my frog in Korobchenko arrived.

Flew to the Royal porch gilded coach with six white horses, and goes on from there Vasilisa the wise: on azure dress is a frequent star on his head - month clear, this beauty is neither put nor usadate only tale to tell. Does she take the Ivan by the hand and leads for oak tables, tablecloths loom.

Were guests eat, drink, be merry. Vasilisa the wise drank from a glass Yes posledni his left sleeve poured. Ate a Swan Yes seed for the right sleeve threw.

Wife big-princes saw her tricks and give the same to do. Drank, ate, it was time to dance. Vasilisa the wise picked up Ivan Tsarevich and went. She danced, danced, spun, spun - all, surprisingly. She waved her left sleeve - and suddenly there was a lake, waved his right sleeve - swam across the lake white swans. The king and guests diva was given.

And the older daughter went to dance: waved his sleeve - only offers splattered, waved to the others - only the bones shattered, one bone to the king in the eye hit. The king became angry and drove both daughters-in-law.

At that time, Ivan was away slowly, ran home, I found a frog skin and threw it into the furnace, he burnt with fire.

Vasilisa the wise returns home, have missed - no frog skin. She sat down on the bench, was miserable, depressed and says Ivan-Tsarevich:

"Ah, Prince Ivan, what have you done! If you have only three days waited, I would be eternally yours was. And now good-bye. Look for me to distant lands, in the fairy Kingdom, Kashchey the Immortal...

Turned into Vasilisa the wise gray cuckoo and flew out the window.

Prince Ivan cried, cried, bowed to the four directions and walked aimlessly - in search of a wife, Vasilisa the Wise. He went close whether, how far will, sooner or boots have passed, the caftan Easter, little hat, rain Issac.

And there came to him an old man.

"Hello, my good fellow! What you are looking for, whither?

Prince Ivan told him about my unhappiness. The old man said to him:

"Ah, Prince Ivan, why are you frog skin burned? Don't you put on, it's not you it was to shoot. Vasilisa the wise trickier, adrena his father was born. He has sercal at her and told her three years to be a frog. Well, nothing to do, here's tangle: where he would roll back and you go after him boldly.

Prince Ivan thanked the old man and followed up. The ball is rolling, he followed. In the open field catches him bear. Prince Ivan took aim, wants to kill the beast.

And the bear said to him in a human voice:

- Not kill me, Prince Ivan, someday you'll need it.

Ivan Tsarevich took pity bear, did not shoot went on. Lo and behold, flying above it Drake. He took aim, and Drake says to him in a human voice:

- Not kill me, Prince Ivan! I will be useful.

He wished Drake and went on. Runs oblique hare. Ivan Tsarevich again stopped suddenly want to shoot, and the hare said in a human voice:

- Do not kill me, Prince Ivan, I will be useful.

Pity he hare went on. Coming to the blue sea and sees on the shore, on the sand, lies pike, barely breathes and speaks to him:

"Ah, Prince Ivan, have pity on me, throw me to the blue sea!

He threw the fish in the sea, went on shore.

Long, short, prokatilsa clew to the forest.

There is a hut on chicken legs, round turns.

Hut, hut, become old, as my mother put: to the forest, in front of me.

The hut turned to him before, back to the forest. Ivan Tsarevich went up to her and sees - on the stove, on the ninth brick, lies Baba Yaga bony feet, teeth - on the shelf, and the nose at the ceiling rooted.

"Why, my good fellow, come to me? "said Baba Yaga. - It tortured or things will lytell?

Prince Ivan replied:

"Ah, you old hrachovy, you would have me first watered, fed, in the bath boiled away, then asked.

Baba Yaga him in the bath boiled away, watered, fed, bed laid, and Prince Ivan told her that he is looking for his wife, Vasilisa the Wise.

- I know, I know, " said Baba Yaga, " your wife now Kashchey the Immortal. Difficult it is to get, not easy with Kaseem to do: his death at the end of the needle, the needle in the egg, egg in a duck, a duck in a hare, the hare sits in a stone chest, and the chest is on a high oak, and the oak Kashchey the Immortal, as his eyes start to add up.

Ivan Tsarevich Baba-Yaga spent the night, and next morning he pointed out where growing high oak. Sooner or later, came back Ivan, stood, roaring high oak, it is a stone chest, and to get it hard.

Suddenly, it was not started, ran the bear and turned oak by the roots. The chest has fallen and shattered. From the trunk popped the hare and run away at full speed. Followed by another hare being chased, caught up in pieces broke. And the hare flew a duck, rose high under the sky. Lo and behold, her Drake rushed, as it hit her - duck egg dropped, dropped the egg in the blue sea...

Then Prince Ivan wept bitter tears - where in the sea egg to find!

Suddenly swims to shore pike and holding the egg in his mouth. Prince Ivan broke the egg, took out the needle and let it end breaking. It breaks, and Koschey Immortal beats, rashes. No matter how much they fought, neither rushed Koschey, broke Ivan Tsarevich at the needle end, Koschei had to die.

Ivan Tsarevich went to Was the house of white stone. Ran to him Vasilisa the wise, kissed his sugar lips. Ivan Tsarevich with Vasilisa the wise came back home and lived happily to a ripe old age.

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