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(in processing A. N. Tolstoy)

Lived an old couple. Once the old woman chopped cabbage and accidentally cut off a finger. Wrapped it in a cloth and put on the bench.

Suddenly I heard someone on the bench crying. Unfolded the cloth, and in it lies the boy growth thumb.

Surprised the old woman was frightened:

"You who is that?

- I am thy son, was born from your little.

Took it to the old woman, looking the boy tiny-tiny, barely seen from earth. And called him Tom thumb.

Was he they grow. Young boy has not grown, and mind smarter was great.

Here he is again and says:

"Where's my father?

- Went on farmland.

"I will go to help I will.

"Go, my child.

He came on the field:

"Hello, father!

Looked the old man range:

- What a miracle! The voice you hear and can't see anyone. Who is this talking to me?

- I am your son. Came to help you to plow. Sit down, sir, snacks da rest a bit!

Said the old man, sat down to dinner. And Tom thumb climbed up the horse's ear and began to plow, and the father punished:

- If someone will trade me, sell safely: probably - will not disappear, will come back home.

Here goes by a gentleman, looks and divulsa: the horse goes, plow shouts, and one not.

- Haven't seen, 've not heard that the horse itself was plowing!

The old man says barino:

"What you did was blind? Then my son plowing.

- Sell it to me!

- No, I will not sell: us only and joy with the old woman, and only joy that Tom thumb.

- Sell, grandpa!

"Well, give me one thousand roubles.

Is that so expensive?

- See: the boy is small but fine, the pace is swift, the parcel is easy!

Gentleman paid a thousand roubles, and took the child, put it in his pocket and went home.

And the Boy with the finger has ate a hole in my pocket and walked away from his master.

So she walked, and Priscilla his dark night.

Hid it under a blade of grass beside the road and fell asleep.

Ran up the hungry wolf and swallowed it.

Sitting Boy with the finger in the wolf's belly live, and grief was not enough for him!

Bad had gray wolf: he shall see a herd of sheep graze the shepherd sleeps, and only will creep sheep to carry - the Boy with the finger and scream at the top of his voice:

Shepherd, shepherd, sheep spirit! Sleep, and the wolf the sheep drags!

The shepherd will Wake up, rush to flee the wolf with the club Yes there will Petrovic his dogs, and the dogs well its tear - only shreds fly! Barely leave the gray wolf!

Quite the wolf was starved, had to disappear from hunger. He asks the Boy thumb:

- Get out!

- Take me home to the father, to the mother, so get out.

Nothing to do. He ran to the village, jumped straight to the old man in the hut.

Tom thumb immediately jumped out of the wolf's belly:

- Beat wolf, beat grey!

The old man grabbed the poker, the old woman heatproof and let's beat the wolf. Then he decided to do, took off his skin and his son a coat made.

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