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(in processing A. N. Tolstoy)

There was an old man. He had three sons: two smart, third Emelya the fool. The brothers work, and Emelya the whole day lying on the stove, don't want that.

Once the brothers went to the Bazaar, and women, brides, let's send it:

- Go, Emelia, for water.

And he with the stove:

- Reluctant...

- Go, Emelya, and the brothers Bazaar orotate, gifts you will bring.

"Well, okay.

Tears Emelia from the stove, put on his shoes, got dressed, took a bucket Yes the axe and went to the river.

Cut through the ice, he dipped a bucket and put them, and he looks into the hole.

And saw Emelia in the hole pike. Managed and caught a pike in the hand:

- Here's ear will be sweet!

Suddenly pike him with a human voice:

- Emelia, let me go into the water, I will be useful.

And Emelya laughing:

- What I can use?.. No, will carry you home, I'll have the ear daughters-in-law to cook. Will ear sweet.

Pike cried out again:

- Emelia, Emelia, let me go into the water, I'll do whatever you want.

"Okay, just show first that does not deceive me, then let go.

Pike asks him:

- Emelia, Emelia, tell me - what do you want now?

- I want buckets went home and the water would not be spilled...

Pike says to him:

"Remember my words, when you want - you just say "a wave of the wand, I will".

Emelia says:

- A wave of the wand, I will go, buckets themselves home...

Only said buckets and went to the mountain. Emelia put a pike in the hole, and went for buckets.

Go buckets around the village, the people of marvels, and Emelya goes back, chuckles... Came buckets into the house and became on the bench, and Emelya climbed on the furnace.

It took many do, little time - daughters-in-law said to him:

- Emelia, what do you lie? Would wood chopped.

- Reluctant...

- Will not marubishi wood brothers Bazaar orotate, gifts you will bring.

The Emelya reluctant to get off the furnace. He remembered about pike and slowly says:

- A wave of the wand, by my will - come, axe, nacole firewood and firewood themselves in the house go and bake kladitis...

Axe jumped out from under the bench and on the court, and give the wood to chop, and firewood themselves in the house go and climb into the oven.

How much, you never know time has passed - daughter-in-law again say:

- Emelia, firewood we no longer have. Go into the forest, earn.

And he with the stove:

- Yes, you-what?

As we on that?.. Do our business in the wood go?

- I don't want...

"Well, you will not be gifts.

Nothing to do. Tears Emelia from the oven, put on his boots, put on his clothes. Took a rope and an axe, went out and sat in the sleigh:

Baba, otvorite gate!

Daughter-in-law said to him:

"Well, you simpleton, sat in the sledge, and the horse is not harnessed?

- I don't need horses.

Daughter-in-law opened the gate, and Emelya said slowly:

- A wave of the wand, I will go, sleigh, wood...

Sledges themselves and went to the gate so fast on a horse not to catch up.

But in the woods-you had to go through the city, and he's a lot of people squeezed, crushed. People shout: "Hold it! Catch it!" And he, you know, Sani whipping.

They came to the forest:

- A wave of the wand, by my will - axe, earn firewood drier, and you, firewood themselves go over the sleigh themselves Waites...

The axe began to cut, to chop dry wood, and the topics themselves in the sleigh fall and rope match.

Then Emelia ordered to the axe to cut himself a stick is such that hardly raise. Sat on the who:

- A wave of the wand, by my will - drive, sled, home...

The sledge drove home. Again passing Emelia in that city, where recently squeezed, crushed a lot of people, and there he is really waiting for. Grabbed the Emelya and dragging with the who, scolding and beating. He sees that this is a bad business, and sly:

- A wave of the wand, I will - well, bludgeon, oblama them side...

The club jumped out - and let's bash. The people ran away, and Emelia came home and got on the furnace.

Sooner or later he heard the king about Emeline tricks and sends him an officer to find him and bring him to the Palace.

An officer arrived at the village, enters the hut, where Emelia lives, and asks:

"You're a fool Emelia?

And he with the stove:

"You're what?

"Get dressed soon, and I'll take you to the king.

And I don't want...

Angry at the officer and struck him on the cheek.

And Emelya said slowly:

- A wave of the wand, by my will - stick, oblama his side...

The club jumped out - and let's bash officer, he hardly did get.

The king was surprised that his officer was not able to cope with Emelya, and sends his very greatest ruler:

"Bring me to the Palace of the fool Yemelya, and then his head from his shoulders will be removed.

Bought the most noble raisins, prunes, carrots, arrived in the village, went into the hut and began to ask the daughters-in-law that loves Emelia.

Our Emelia loves when he gently asks Yes red coat ought to be earning, then he will do whatever you ask.

The most noble gave the Emelya raisins, prunes, carrots and says:

- Emelia, Emelya that you lie on your furnace? Go to the king.

- Me and it's warm here...

- Emelia, Emelia, the king you will be well commitpoint - please go.

And I don't want...

- Emelia, Emelia, king you red coat will give, hat and boots.

Emelia thought:

"Well, okay, you go ahead, and I am behind you after going.

Went nobleman, and Emelya lay still and says:

- A wave of the wand, I will - well, bake, go to the king...

Here in the house corners cracked, the roof shook, wall off, and the furnace went on the street, on the road, directly to the king...

The king looked out the window, marvels:

Is that for a miracle?

Most of the dignitary answered him:

- And this is Emelia on the furnace goes to you.

The king went forth, on the porch:

Something, Emelia, you have a lot of complaints! You're a lot of people were suppressed.

- And why are they under the sledge lez?

At this time in the window stared at him a king's daughter - Mary-Princess. Emelia saw her through the window and said quietly:

- A wave of the wand, by my will - let Royal daughter will love me...

And said:

- Go, oven, home...

Oven turned around and went home, entered the house and was at the same place. Emelia again lies-polivet. And the king in the Palace scream Yes tears.

Marja-Princess on the Emelya bored, can't live without it, asks the father that he gave her for Emelya married. Here the king was saadaval, Samuil and says again nebolshomu ruler:

"Go, bring me Yemelya dead or alive, and then his head from his shoulders will be removed.

Bought the most noble sweet wines and snacks, went to the village, went into the hut and began Emelya to regale.

Emelia drank, ate, drunk and went to sleep. And the Lord put it into the cart and drove to the king.

The king immediately ordered to priotity a big barrel with iron hoops. It planted Emelya and Marju-Princess has samulili and barrel into the sea threw.

Sooner or later - woke up Emelya, and saw a dark, closely:

- Where am I?

And he answered:

- Boring and sickening, Maluska! Us barrel has samulili, threw in the blue sea.

"Who are you?

- I - Marja-Princess.

Emelia says:

- A wave of the wand, by my will - wild winds, roll a barrel on the dry shore, on the yellow sand.

Wild winds blew. The sea moved, the barrel is thrown on the dry shore, on the yellow sand. Emelia and Mary-the Princess came out of her.

- Maluska, where are we going to live? Build what neither is the hut.

And I don't want.

She became more than to ask, and he says:

- A wave of the wand, by my will - Bystraya stone Palace with Golden roof...

Only he said - there was a stone Palace with a Golden roof. Circle - green garden: flowers bloom and birds sing. Marja-Princess with Emelya entered the Palace, and sat down at the window.

- Maluska, and you become handsome?

Here Emelia not have long thought:

- A wave of the wand, I will become me a good stiff upper lip, written handsome...

And became Emelia so that no tale to tell, nor pen describe.

And at that time the king went hunting and there stood the Palace, where there was nothing before.

"What does this ignorant without my permission on my land Palace set?

And sent to learn is to ask: "Who are you?"

Ambassadors ran, steel window, ask.

Emelia replied,

- Ask the king to visit me, I'll tell him.

The king came to visit him. Emelia meets him, leads into the Palace, seats at the table. They started to feast. The king eats, drinks and will not nativida:

"Who are you, my good fellow?

"And do you remember the fool Yemelya - how did you come to thee in the furnace, and you told him his daughter in the butt to pitch in the sea to throw? I am the same Emelia. Want all your Kingdom will devour and destroy.

The king was frightened, was ask for forgiveness:

- Marry my daughter, Maluska, take my Kingdom, just do not destroy me!

Then made a feast for the whole world. Emelia married Mary-the Princess and began to rule the Kingdom.

Here the story ends, but who was listening - well done.

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