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There were once a man, his wife, and they had a daughter. His wife became ill and died. We grieved-we grieved a man and married another. Disliked the evil woman the girl, beat her, scolded, and only thought how
would be quite as lime, to destroy. Now time left father somewhere, and the stepmother and says to the girl:

- Go to my sister, your aunt, ask her for a needle so the thread - you sew a shirt.

And this aunt was Baba Yaga, the bony feet. Dared the girl to give up, she went, but first went to his aunt.

"Hello, Auntie!

- Hello, dear! Why have you come?

- I sent my wife to her sister to ask for a needle and thread - I want to sew a shirt.

"Well, niece, that you first came to me, " says the aunt. - Here's a ribbon, butter, meat loaf so the piece. Will be there for you birch eyes to whip you her ribbon bind; will be the gateway to creak Yes clap to keep you - you put them under the heels butter; will you dogs to tear you they throw bread; you will have cat eyes to tear him meat give.

Thanked the girl and went to his aunt. She walked, walked, and went into the forest. Standing in the woods behind a high fence hut on chicken legs, horns on the rams, and sits in the hut of Baba Yaga, the bony leg - the canvas weave.

"Hello, Auntie!

"Hello, niece! said Baba Yaga. - What do you want?

- My stepmother had sent to ask you a needle and thread - I sew a shirt.

- Well, plemyannika, I will give thee but needle thread, and as long as you sit down to work!

Here's a girl sat by the window and began to weave. And the Baba Yaga came out of the hut and said to his servant:

"I'll lie down to sleep, and you go, heated bath and wash your niece. Yes, look, a good wash: Wake up - eat it!

The girl heard these words - there is neither alive nor dead. I went Baba Yaga, she began to ask the worker:

- My dear, you're not so much wood in the stove podigy, how much water to fill up and the water sieve wear! And she gave the handkerchief.

An employee of a bath heats, and the Baba Yaga woke up, went to the window and asks:

- Do you weave plemyannika, weave Lee, sweetheart?

- Weave, aunt, weave, sweetheart!

Baba Yaga again went to bed, and the girl gave the cat meat and asks:

- Cat-brother, teach me how to escape from here. Cat says:

- Get out on the table so the towel comb, take them and run as soon as possible: not that Baba Yaga eats! It will be for you to chase the Baba Yaga-you put your ear to the ground. As you will hear that she is close, drop the scallops will grow a thick dense forest. While she will Wade through the woods, you're far from fleeing. And once you hear the chase - throw towel will spread so wide deep river.

"Thank you, kitty-brother! "says the girl.

She thanked the cat, took a towel and a comb and ran.

Rushed at her dog, wanted to tear, bite, she gave them bread. Dogs and missed it. The gate creaked like to slam - and the girl poured them under the heels butter. They missed.

The birch rustled, wanted her eyes to quilt - a girl of her ribbon tied. Birch and missed it. He ran to the girl and ran like mad. Runs and looks around.

And in the meantime the cat sat at the window and began to weave. Not so much weave as confusing!

Woke up Baba Yaga and asks:

- Woven Lee, plemyannika, weave Lee, sweetheart?

A cat in her response:

- Weave, aunt, weave, sweetheart.

Rushed Baba Yaga the hut and saw no girls, and the cat sits and weaves.

Began Baba Yaga to beat and scold the cat:

"Ah, you old rogue! Oh, you villain! Why let a girl? Why not she tore her eyes? Why not scratched face?..

A cat in her response:

"I told you so many years serve you I gnawed bones did not leave, but she told me the meat was given!

Ran Baba Yaga from the hut, pounced on the dog:

Why the girl did not tear, why not bite..

Dogs she said:

We serve you for many years, you're burning the crust did not give up, and she gave us some bread!

Ran Baba Yaga to the gate:

- Why did not creak, why not clapping? Why would a girl from the yard released?..

Gates said:

We serve you for many years, you are us and the water under the heels is not poured, and she us some butter not sorry!

Jumped Baba Yaga to the birch:

Why girl eyes quilted?

Birch replied:

"I told you so many years are you my thread is not tied, and she gave me a ribbon!

Was Baba Yaga worker abuse:

- What are you so-and-so, I have not woke up, did not call? Why is it released?..

The worker said:

"I serve you for many years - never a good word from you did not hear, and she gave me a handkerchief, well Yes kindly talked to me!

Shout Baba Yaga, a noise, then sat down in a mortar and rushed in pursuit. Pestle whipping, mark broom sweeps up...

A girl ran-ran, stopped, put his ear to the ground and hears the earth trembles, shakes - Baba Yaga chases, and very close...

She took the girl comb and threw it over his right shoulder. Then rose the forest, so dense is high: the roots of trees in three fathoms under ground go, the top of the cloud back.

Rushed Baba Yaga, gnawed to be breaking wood. She bites and smashes, and the girl next run. How much, you never know time has passed, the girl put her ear to the ground and hears the earth trembles, shakes - Baba Yaga chases, and really quite close.

She took the girl and threw a towel over his right shoulder. At the same moment was flooded river - wide-presiosa, deep-preglubokaya!

Jumped Baba Yaga to the river, his teeth with rage squeaked - can not move across the river. She came back home, gathered his cattle and drove to the river:

- Drink, my bulls! Drink the whole river to the bottom!

Began to drink the bulls, and the water in the river does not decrease. Angry Baba Yaga, lay on the beach, she began to drink water. Saw, saw, saw, saw, until the saw until it exploded.

And the girl in the meantime know running Yes running. In the evening father came home and asks his wife:

"Where's my daughter?

Baba says:

- She went to my aunt - but needle thread to ask, but I have delayed things.

Worried father wanted to go look for her daughter, and daughter, came running, out of breath, can not catch my breath.

- Where have you been, girl? asks the father.

"Oh, father! - responsible girl. - My stepmother had sent to his sister, and her sister - Baba Yaga, the bony feet. She wanted to eat me. With difficulty, I ran away from her!

He knew all of this father, he became angry and vicious woman threw her a dirty broom out of the house. And he began to live alone with my daughter, so good together. Here and the end of the story.

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