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The snow MAIDEN

There was a peasant Ivan, and he had a wife Mary. Lived Ivan da Marya in love and harmony, but they were not. And so they grew old alone. Much they about the trouble lamented and only looking at another child was comforted. And there is nothing! So, apparently, they were destined. Then one day, when winter came, Yes attacked young snow knee-deep, the kids came out to play, and our old men sat down by the window to look at them. The kids ran, played and began to mold the woman of the snow. Ivan and Maria stared silently, prizadumalas. Suddenly Ivan grinned and said:

- To go and to us, wife, Yes blind to itself the woman!

For Mary, it is clear, too, has found a fun hour.

"Well, " she says, " come, we will clear up on old age! Just what do you want the woman to mold: to be with you and me one. We blind better himself a child of the snow, if God has not given live!

- It's true that... " said Ivan, took his hat and went out into the garden with the old woman.

They really began to sculpt the doll out of the snow, rolled up the torso with arms and legs, put on top of a round lump of snow and obkladali of his head.

- God help you! - someone said in passing.

"Thank you, thank you! "answered Ivan.

"What are you all about?

- Yes, that's what I see! - says Ivan.

- The snow maiden... " said Mary, laughing.

Here they have molded spout, made two dimples in the forehead, and only that Ivan has drawn a mouth, it suddenly breathed warm spirit. Ivan hastily took his hand away, only looking dimples on his forehead became bulging, and it is from them glancing blue eyes, and now the sponge as crimson smile.

- What is it? Not obsession do what? - Ivan said, putting upon himself the sign of the cross.

And the doll inclines him head, as if alive, and has begun to move arms and legs in the snow, like a suckling babe in the cradle.

"Oh, Ivan, Ivan! cried Mary, zadroga joy. Is God a child gives! and rushed to embrace the snow maiden, and with the Maiden of the snow had fallen off, as the shell from the egg, and in the hands of Maria was already really active girl.

- Ah, my Snegurochka expensive! "said the old woman, hugging their desired and unexpected child, and ran with him into the house.

Ivan hardly recovered from this miracle, and Mary was without memory with joy.

And here's the snow maiden is growing by the day and by hour, and day, all the better. John and Mary are not happy with it. And the fun went on in their home. Girls from the village they desperate: amuse and clean grandma's daughter, like a doll, talk to her, sing songs, and play with it in all sorts of games and teach her everything, as what they are. Snow-white such clever: all notices and takes over.

And was it during the winter just a girl aged thirteen: all understands, everything says, and such a sweet voice that will be heard. And this she is kind, and obedient to all friendly. And him she is fair-haired, like snow; the eyes that Nezabudka, light blond braid to her waist, one blush not at all like living drop of blood was not in the body... and without that it was such a nice and good that lovely sight. And as he had been played out it, so this consoling and pleasant that the soul rejoices! And not all will admire the snow Maiden. Old as Mary's soul in her replies.

- Now, Ivan! "she used to say to her husband. - Granted us the God the joy of old age! Were past the same sadness my heart!

And Ivan told her:

- Thank The Lord! Here happiness is not eternal, and not infinite sadness...

Was winter. Joyfully played in the spring sky, the sun and warmed the earth. On the glades turned green glazes, and sang the lark. Already and fair maidens gathered in the dance village and sang:

- Spring red! On what has come, what has arrived?.

On sochacki, bronocice!

And the snow maiden something bored.

"What's wrong, child? - repeatedly said to her, Mary, prigotovleniya her. Not ill, are you? You're all such gloomy, just with a face slept. Has maleficiated are you a bad person?

And the maiden answered it every time:

"Nothing, grandma! I am healthy...

The last snow has been moved by the spring of their red days. Blossomed gardens and meadows, singing Nightingale and every bird, and all was hurry and fun. And the snow maiden, heart, even more entertainment became shy with friends and hides from the sun into the shade, like a Lily of the valley under a tree. Her only pleasure was that splashing around at the cold key under the green willow. The snow all the shade and chill, and even better - frequent rain. In the rain and twilight she became more cheerful. And as once approached the gray cloud Yes sprinkled large hail. Maiden he was so happy, how different would not be pleased and pearls rolling. When W is again warmed by the sun and hail come from water, snow maiden poplicies on it so much, as though she wanted to flood with tears, as sister crying for his brother.

I came in and the spring end; Ivanov has come the day. Girls from the village had gathered for a walk in the woods, went for snow white and stuck to grandmother Mary:

"Let go, yeah let go with our granddaughter!

Mary fear didn't want to let her, not wanted and snow to go with them; but they just could not plead. Besides, Mary thought, maybe it'll clear up her Snegurochka! And she has dressed up and kissed her and said:

- Come, my child, have fun with friends! And you, girls, look protect my snegurushku... Because I have it, you know, like powder in the eye!

"Okay, okay! they shouted cheerfully, picked up the snow maiden and went trooped into the grove. There they twisted themselves wreaths, tied bunches of flowers and singing their merry songs. The snow maiden was with them continually.

When set, the sun, the girls put the fire from the grass and the small twigs and lit it and all wreaths steel in a row one after the other; and the maiden put behind them all.

"Look, " said they, " we will run, and you also run after us, don't lag behind!

And that's all, tightening the song, jumped through the fire.

Suddenly something behind them rumbled and groaned plaintively:


They have looked back in terror: there is none. Look at each other and not see among them, the snow Maiden.

"That's right, hid, playful, " they said and ran to look for her, but could not find. Clicked, ayali - she never replied.

- Where would it be doing it? - told the girls.

"I ran home, " they said and then went to the village, but the snow Maiden in the village was not. Searched for it the other day, looking for the third. Proceeded all grove - the Bush for a Bush, a tree for a tree. Maiden never came, and the trace was gone.

Long John and Mary grieved and wept because of the snow Maiden. For a long time the poor old thing every day went into the woods to look for her, and everything clicked it, like a cuckoo miserable:

- Ay, ay, Snegurochka! Ay, ay, dear!..

And more than once she had heard, as if the voice of the Maiden spoke: "AU!" The snow maidens all not at all! Where did the snow maiden? Whether the fierce beast bore her into the dense forest, and whether the bird of prey was carried away to the blue sea?

"No, not a fierce beast bore her into the dense forest, and not a bird of prey had carried her to the dark blue sea; and when the maiden ran after her and jumped into the fire, suddenly pulled it up easy ferry departed into a thin cloud, melted... and flew at the altitude of the celestial Empire.

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