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Lived an old couple, and there was his daughter. Now the old woman had died, and the old man waited for a bit and married the widow, which was his own daughter.

Bad life has come Starikova daughter. The stepmother was hated, the rest does not give the old man:

- Bring your daughter to the forest, in a hut, where she more following.

What to do! Listen man Baba took the daughter in the dugout, gave her a flint, flint Yes a bag of cereal and says:

Here's the spark, the flame does not translate, porridge cook, and she is not round - Sidi Yes strands.

The night came. The fair maiden has flooded the furnace, made the mess; out of nowhere, mouse and says:

- Damsel, maid. Give me a spoon of porridge!

"Oh, my Mashenka! Razgovori my boredom - I'll give you not one spoonful, and will generously feed.

Ate the mouse and left. Night broke the bear:

"Well, girl, ink lights Yes come in to play blindman's buff

The mouse climbed on his shoulder Starikova daughter and whispers in her ear:

"Don't be afraid, girl! Say "go"! The carcass of the fire and under the oven get, and I for you I will run and the bell to ring.

And it was so. Chasing the bear, the mouse is not caught. Became a roaring Yes logs to quit. Throwing-throwing, never got tired, and said:

- Mistress you, girl, singing a little play! For I will send thee in the morning, one hundred to horses Yes who silver.

In the morning, says Baba:

Come, old man, see me daughter that she spun in the night.

Left the old man and woman sitting Yes awaits: somehow it is a child's bones will bring. It's time the old man again, and the dog:

- Tap-tap-tap! With the old man's daughter goes, a herd of horses driving, who silver lucky.

"You're lying, filthy mutt! This body bones rattle!

Here's gate squeaked, horses in the yard and ran, and the daughter to her father, who sit, who is full of silver. And Baba greed's eyes flared.

- What a deal! - shouts. - Pavesi me my daughter in the woods; my daughter two herds of horses drives, two who silver drags.

Drove the man and woman's daughter in the dugout; gave her a flint, a flint, a bag of cereal and left alone. About the evening made it a mess.

Ran the mouse:

- Natasha! Natasha! Sweet eh your clover? Give them a spoon!

"What! cried Natasha, and threw it with a spoon.

The mouse ran away, and Natasha let opisyvaet one porridge. Ate a full jar, the lights blew out, lay in a corner and fell asleep. Come midnight, broke the bear and says:

"Hey, where are you, girl? Come on in to play blindman's buff.

The girl was frightened, silent, with only the fear of teeth knocking.

"Ah, you that's where! At the bell, flee, and I will be catching.

Took the bell, the hand trembles, bell bastarache rings, and mouse sentences:

- Evil girl living not to be!

The bear rushed to catch the woman's daughter, and as soon as he caught it, now strangled and ate.

The next morning sends the woman the old man in the forest:

"Go! My daughter two who will bring, two herds will bring.

The man left and the woman behind the gate waiting. Here come the dog:

- Tap-tap-tap! Not to be home old daughter, the old man on the empty who sits bones in the body rattles!

"You're lying, you filthy mutt! My daughter goes, herds drives, carts lucky. On, eat shit Yes say: woman's daughter in gold, in silver will bring, and Starikova won't take!

Dog ate a pancake and barked:

- Tap-tap-tap! Presently daughter in marriage to give and old in the back bone will bring.

What did the woman with the dog: and pancakes gave her, and beat her, " she repeated all the time... lo and behold, the old man at the gate, wife body submits; Baba body opened, looked at the bones and howled, and got so angry that grief and anger on another day he died. The old man gave his daughter to marry a good husband, and they live happily ever after.

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