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There was an elderly couple. They had three daughters. The two Narodniy, Satanica, and the third silent type. The older daughters colorful sundresses, chiseled heels, beads gilt. And, Masha dress is dark, Yes the eyes blonde. All beauty Masha blonde braid that falls to the ground, flowers touches. Older sisters - shirking rough work, leivici and Masha from morning to evening, all with the work, both at home and in the field, and in the garden. Rows flight, and Luchino tunic, milking cows, ducks feeding. Anyone that asks all Masha brings, no one says a word, everything to make ready. Older sisters it give the shaft, force myself to work. And Masha is silent.

And lived. That's just about the man to carry the hay to the fair. Promises daughters of Goodies to buy. One daughter asks:

- Buy me, sir, silk for the dress.

Another daughter asks:

"I buy red velvet.

And Masha is silent. Sorry was her man:

"What do you buy, Mamie?"

"I buy, dear father, self-leveling Yes Apple silver platter.

Laughed sisters, Boca jumped.

- Ah Yes Masha, Ah Yes stupid! Yes we have apples full garden, any take it, so what do you want a plate? Ducks to feed?

"No, sister. I start to roll the bullseye on the saucer Yes cherished words to sentence. I'm an old woman taught for what I told her roll filed.

"Okay, " says the man, " nothing over sister laugh! Each heart gift buy.

Close whether, how far is that you never know how long he was at the fair, hay sold, gifts bought. One daughter brought silk blue, the other red velvet, and Masha silver saucer Yes loading bullseye. Sisters happy-radestky. Steel sundresses sewing Yes on Mamie chuckle:

Sit with your Apple, fool...

Mamie sat in the corner of the room, pushed loading bullseye on the silver platter, sings sentences:

- Roll out, roll out, Apple liquid, the silver platter, show me the town and fields, show me the forest and the sea, show me the mountains of the height of heaven and the beauty, all darling Russia-mother.

Suddenly she heard the tinkling of silver. The whole room light burst: rolled bullseye on silver, liquid silver, on a silver platter all the cities are visible, all the meadows are visible, and the shelves in the fields, and the ships on the seas, and mountains height, and heaven beauty: clear sun for light by month rolls, stars in the dance going, swans on the backwaters singing. Was looking sisters, and themselves envy takes. They began to think and wonder how to entice, Masha silver platter with an Apple. Nothing Masha wants, takes nothing, every night with a saucer of plays. Began her sisters into the woods to lure:

- Dear-sister, picking berries in the woods come, the mother with the father of zemljanichka will bring.

Went to sisters in the forest. Nowhere berries nope, zemljanichka not see. Took Masha saucer, rode the bull's-eye, started to sing-sentence:

- Roll out, Apple, silver, liquid silver, show me where strawberries grow, show color azure blossoms.

Suddenly there was a ringing silver, rolled bullseye on silver, liquid silver, on a silver platter all forest places are visible. Where strawberries grow, where the color azure blossoms, where the mushrooms are hiding, where are the keys hit, where on the backwaters swans sing. Saw this evil sisters had to leave them in the eyes of envy. They have seized a stick knarry, killed Mamie, under the birch buried, a plate of Apple themselves have made. Come home only in the evening. Full Kuzovkov mushrooms-berries brought her father and mother say:

- Masha ran away from us. We all forest bypassed - not found; see, wolves often eat.

Said his father:

- Positite bullseye on the saucer, maybe Apple will show where our Mamie.

He papertole sisters, Yes we must obey. Rode the bull's-eye on the saucer - 't play saucer, not rolling an Apple, not visible on the saucer neither forests nor the fields, nor the mountains height, nor heaven shop.

At that time, at that time was looking for a shepherd in the forest sheep, sees white birch stands, under the birch hummock found, and range of flowers blooming Tulip. In the midst of the flower cane growing.

The young shepherd boy cut a stem, made the pipe. No sooner had the pipe to her lips to bring, and she plays flute, pronounces:

- Play, play flute, play, reed, patesi you are young shepherdess. Me, a poor, ruined, young killed, silver plate, liquid Apple.

Scared the boy, ran to the village, the people said. The multitude came together, gasps. Came here and malenkin father. He is the only pipe in hand picked, flute really sings herself-sentences:

- Play, play flute, play, reed, patesi birthmark father. Me, a poor, ruined, young killed, silver plate, liquid Apple.

Cried the father:

- Lead us, the young shepherd boy, where you to the tune of the cut.

Led by their shepherd in the woods on the ground. Under the birch flowers Tulip, birch bird titmouse singing.

Dug up the mound, and there Mashenka lies. Dead, yeah better living: on the cheeks blush lights up, if a girl sleeps.

While the flute plays-sentences:

- Play, play flute, play, reed. My sisters lured into the forest, me, poor, ruined, silver plate, liquid Apple. Play, play flute, play the reed. Get, the father, the crystal water of the well of the king.

Two sisters zavistic trembled, grew pale, fell on his knees, in a fault confessed.

Locked them under the iron locks to the Royal decree of the high command. And the old man in the way gathered in the Royal city for living water. Soon, long - he came into the city, to the Palace came. Here from the porch of the Golden king comes. The old man him the earth bows, all he says.

Says the king:

"Here you go, old man, my king's well of living water. But when her daughter is alive, imagine it with a saucer, with Apple, with ladycomi-sisters.

The old man rejoices in the earth bows, home carries slanica of living water.

Only Sprycel he Maryushka living water, immediately she was alive, fell down Goluboy on his father's neck. People came running, I was glad. The old man went with her daughters to the city. Brought him to the Palace chamber.

Came the king. Looked at the Maryushka. There is a girl as a spring color, his eyes are sunlight on the face of dawn, cheeks tears, like pearls, are falling.

Asks the king of Marewski:

- Where's your plate, liquid bullseye?

Took maryushka the silver Apple, rode the bull's-eye on silver, liquid silver. Suddenly she heard a chime-chime, and delivered one by one Russian cities are exhibited, they shelves are going with banners, in the line of battle become magistrates before tuning, heads before platoons, foremen before tens. Firing, and firing, the smoke cloud had built all of the eyes were veiled.

Roll the Apple in silver, liquid silver. And on the saucer troubled sea, ships, like swans, swim, flags flying, guns firing. And firing, and firing, the smoke cloud had built all of the eyes were veiled.

Roll the Apple in silver, liquid silver, on a silver platter all heaven stands; clear sun for light by month rolls, stars in the dance going, swans in the cloud singing. The king wonders on wonders and beauty tears poured, says to the king:

"Take my liquid bullseye, silver platter, just have mercy on my sisters, don't ruin them for me.

Raised her king and says:

- Your saucer silver, but the heart of gold. Do you want to be my dear wife, and the Kingdom of the good Queen? And thy sisters for the sake of your requests I will have mercy.

And they made a feast for the whole world: so he played that stars from heaven fell; danced so that the floors broke. That's all...

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