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Lived a man Baba. They had a daughter Yes the little boy.

"My child, " said mother, " we'll go to work, take care brother! Don't go from the yard, be good - we'll get you a handkerchief.

Mother and father left, and her daughter had forgotten that she was ordered: planted brother on the grass under the window, she ran into the street to play, they went off. Bumped geese, swans, picked up the boy, carried on the wings.

Returned the girl, lo and behold - brother no! Gasped, ran here and there - no! It clicked, tears poured, pacitive that evil will of the father with the mother, the brother did not respond.

Ran it in an open field and only saw darted away geese, swans and disappeared behind a dark forest. She guessed that they had carried her brother: about geese-swans been ill fame is that they were Pasalimani, small children were carried away.

Rushed the girl to catch up. Ran, ran, saw standing oven.

Stove, oven, tell me, where geese and swans flew?

The stove she replied:

"Eat my rye pie would say.

- I'm a rye cake! My father and wheat not to be eaten...

The stove didn't tell her. Ran the girl next - is Apple.

- Apple, Apple, tell me, where geese and swans flew?

Eat my forest bullseye would say.

- My father and garden are not to be eaten...

Apple didn't tell her. Ran the girl next. Flowing milk river in honey.

- Milk river, honey, where geese and swans flew?

- Sing my simple kiselica with milk - say.

- My father and skim milk are not to be eaten...

Long she ran across the fields and woods. It's towards the evening, nothing to do - we should go home. Suddenly, there stood a hut on Curley leg, one window, round turns. In the old hut of Baba Yaga spinning tow. And sitting on the bench brother, plays the silver apples. The girl went into the house:

"Hello, grandma!

"Hello, girl! Why the eye was?

I am mosses, marshes went dress ismacil, come warm up.

- Sit down as long as the tow to spin.

Baba Yaga gave her the spindle, and went away. The girl spins suddenly from under the stove runs out the arm and said to her:

- Girl, girl, give me clover, I'm very kind to say.

The girl gave her clover, the mouse said to her:

- Baba Yaga went to bath to heat. She'll wash, is evaporated in an oven plant, will be roasted and eaten itself on your bones will ride.

Girl sitting neither alive nor dead, cries, and mouse to it again:

- No waiting, take brother, flee, and I for you to tow Poprad.

The girl took her brother and ran. And Baba Yaga will come to the window and asks:

- Maiden, spin?

The mouse replied:

- Spin, grandmother...

Baba Yaga bath was heated and followed the girl. And in the hut there is none. Baba Yaga cried:

- Geese-swans! Fly in pursuit! Sister brother killed!..

Sister with brother ran to the milk river. Sees - flying geese-swans.

- River, mother, hide me!

- Sing my simple kiselica.

The girl ate and said thank you. The river hid it under kiselnyh the shore.

Geese and swans do not saw, flew past. The girl with him again ran. And geese and swans were turned back forward, so will see. What to do? The trouble! Is Apple...

- Apple, mother, hide me!

Eat my forest bullseye.

The girl quickly ate it and said thank you. Apple its overshadowed by the branches covered with leaves.

Geese and swans do not saw, flew past. The girl again ran. Runs, runs, too far left. Here geese-swans saw her, cackled - flies, wings beating, that look, brother of the hand will pull out. Got the girl to the stove:

Stove, mother, hide me!

Eat my rye pie.

Girl most likely - pie in her mouth, and she with him in the oven, sat down in the stoma1.

Geese and swans flew-flew, shout-shout and flew to the Baba-Yaga.

The girl said furnace thank you and together with brother ran home.

Then the father and mother came.

1Mouth, the stoma - the outer hole in the Russian oven.

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