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The first tale

A shoemaker no fault of their own, had become so poor that he finally nothing was left but leather for one pair of shoes. So he cut out the evening these shoes and wanted them in the morning to put in the work, as well as conscience he was clean, and he lay quietly in bed, prayed to God and went to sleep.

The next morning, after praying to God, he was about to sit down to work, but it turned out that the shoes are quite ready on his Desk. He wondered, and knew not how it understand. He took the shoes in hand, to observe them closer, and saw that they were so clean out that not a single stitch is not in them wrong - I can see that master those shoes were made. And soon after appeared, and the buyer, and as the shoes pleased him, he paid more for them than usual, and the shoemaker money could buy leather for two pairs of shoes.

He made it the night before and thought in the morning with fresh forces to work, Yes it is entirely unnecessary, because in the morning the shoes were ready; and for buyers was not, and he got so much money that could buy leather for four pairs of shoes. The next morning the cobbler again found himself on the table, all four pairs of custom made and ready.

And the case went further: he evening will necroid, then by morning all custom made, so he soon began to make ends meet and finally became even wealthy man.

It happened one evening shortly before Christmas that he was before going to sleep I said to my wife: "what if we present the night I stayed here, Yes I would try to see who it renders us such assistance?" Wife was happy with this offer and lit a candle; and then they hid themselves in a corner of the room behind the dresses hanging on the wall, and began to listen and look.

At midnight were two young pretty man; very small, they sat behind the Desk of a shoemaker, took all nastroenie work and began his tiny fingers so nimbly and quickly to poke an awl to stitch pie there was a sound of hammers, that the shoemaker in amazement could from them and eyes avert. And they worked up until all the work is not altered and not put on the table ready shoes; then it really got going and disappeared in a flash.

The next morning the wife said to her husband: "These little men have made us rich, and we ought also to thank for it. They won some tiny, and, true, they must be cold. I know that I invented? Will sew me to each of them a shirt, kaftans, kasalica and trousers; Yes to everyone else, moreover, connects a pair of stockings, and you Stacy them pairs of shoes".

The husband, of course, agreed, and in the evening, when they had all finished, they put on the table their gifts and then hid in the corners, to see how people will accept gifts from them.

At midnight they were still and wanted immediately to work, but when instead necroanal skin found on the table pretty dresses, first surprised, and then was very happy. With the greatest speed they put on made for them dress, straightened up at all-all the pretty clothes and began to sing:

We now elegant - and let's walk!
Don't have more boots to stitch pie!

And began to whirl and to dance, and jump over chairs and benches. Finally they deplasare to the doors disappeared. And since that time they did not return; but the shoemaker drove continue throughout his life, and always was all over it good luck.

The second tale

Once there was a poor maid, clean and zealous service; every day she was cleaning the house and emptying the dirt.

One day when the maid was just going to work, she found the door the letter and, as I couldn't read, he put the broom in the corner and brought the letter to their masters; and in that letter was an invitation from the house of the spirits, which was the name of the girl to baptize their child.

The girl hesitated, how to do it; but finally, after much persuasion and after the Lord told her that such an invitation you can't refuse, she agreed. Then three elves came and took the girl inside the mountain, where they lived, these little men.

In their habitation everything was small, but so beautiful and cute, I can't describe it. The postpartum women lying on a bed made of ebony, decorated with zhemchuzhinami, blankets were embroidered with gold, the cradle is made of ivory, and the bath is made of pure gold.

Having dealt with the christening, she wanted to return home, but the little elves convincingly tried to persuade her to have visited three days. She had fulfilled their wish and had a great time of fun and joy, and the little house she was trying to please.

Finally she came home, and then her little owners stuffed her pockets full of gold, and brought her out of the mountains.

Returning home, the girl decided to take up my usual work, took up a broom, which, as before, stood in the same corner, and began sweeping. But the house took some strangers and asked the girl who she was and what she was doing.

It turned out that she had been in the mountain near the small house not three days, and seven years, and her former Lord, meanwhile, had to die.

The third tale

One mother's little elves spirits stole her baby from the cradle, and laid back, big-eyed and just knew that everyone was required but eat and drink.

In such times of trouble mother ran to her neighbor and began to ask her advice.

The neighbor advised to make werewolf in the kitchen, put on the fire, make a fire and two egg shells to boil in water: this should laugh werewolf, and even if you can make him laugh, so will be able to get rid of it.

The mother of all performed on the advice of a neighbor. When she put over the fire egg shells with water, headed werewolf said:

Even though I'm older
Centennial forests
And all I can't understand any of belleza!

And started to laugh. During his laughter suddenly came a lot of little goblins, who brought the mother abducted the child and his werewolf claimed.

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